Boppy Tummy Time Pillow, Honeybee 123

Boppy Tummy Time Pillow, Honeybee 123

Pediatricians recommend 30 minutes of tummy time each day. keep it comfy and fun with the Boppy tummy time. Part of the new Boppy sideline collection, the tummy time features the sideline toy adjustment system so toys can be perfectly placed and moved to encourage tummy time fun. The mini Boppy pillow is the perfect size for tummy propping and includes two developmental toys.

Main features

  • Mini boppy pillow is the perfect size for tummy propping
  • Includes two developmental toys
  • Features the SlideLine toy adjustment system so toys can be perfectly placed and moved

Verified reviews


If you are having a hard time getting your baby to enjoy tummy time, you’ll love this

If you are having a hard time getting your baby to enjoy tummy time, you’ll love this. Especially for younger babies who will lift their heads and then drop them suddenly. It’s nice to know they won’t accidentally bang their heads on the floor. Plus, when the baby is older, it makes a great little pillow.

Randi Caney, OK

Developmentally appropriate

I really like this Tummy Time pillow. Kids need to spend time on their stomach’s so that their muscles develop more quickly. When babies are born their head is roughly a third of their body size and body weight. Tummy time is helpful (when it is age appropriate) because it helps the child develop the muscles needed to balance their head and hold it up. Tummy time can also help lead to crawling as it is a natural extension of the muscles being used. The developmental toys included in this are attached to the pillow, so that the child can’t bat them away accidentally. While I might not pay be apt to pay $30 for a skill that will develop naturally, just think of it as using floaties to teach your kid to swim. Yes of course they can learn to swim without them, but it’s easier when they’re utilized. I sort of view the Tummy Time Pillow from that perspective. This is something I’d willingly recommend.

Gussie Bonita, CA

Fun on our tummies…

Tummy time is an essential part of a baby’s development, and it is also a fun break from the constant holding a parent has to do in those early stages of rearing a child. So, when you need a break and just want to put that little guy (or girl) down, it’s nice to have something that will occupy them so that they aren’t screaming for you to swoop them back up again. This Tummy Time Boppy actually gives you that. Instead of having to keep your baby amused, you could actually get a few things done around the house! The cushiony surface of the Boppy is perfect for your baby, and I love the gender neutral design. They fit nice and snug in the center and they have two toys to play with. The teething toy is great. It has a hard edge and then a softer side (shaped like a leaf) and then there is a small book with numbers 1, 2 and 3 as well as cute pictures to accompany it and contrasting textures (a rougher side and a very soft, baby blanket like side). That’s about it. It isn’t a fussy product, but it works.

Kelly York Harbor, ME

Elevation makes tummy time more fun

I am a big fan of Boppy pillows and this is my first tummy time pillow from them. I find they have good products and hold up well. Our big pillow for example is still in use as a pillow for my daughter. This was is my first tummy time pillow from Boppy and its a good product. I found with regular tummy time on a blanket, the child just plants his or her face downward and cant see anything, leading to shortened times on the tummy. This pillow we found to actually be fun and our son never cries or acts like he wants to quit, which is great for his development. Just put babys arms over the edge and you have an ideal elevation as well as side stability that you wouldnt have with a rolled up blanket, etc.If you are familiar with the other Boppy pillows, this is of the same density and feel as a big one. They compress over time but not much, and remain comfortable. This one has a perfectly unisex and colorful print and has an attached, non-detachable crinkle toy. It is the exact size as one of those adult neck support pillows, except heavier and more dense. I suppose that would be a great way to repurpose this if needed.My only disappointment with this pillow is that the cover is not washable. I think for this price it really should be, especially as its inevitable that spit up will get on it. I would also like it if the toys were detachable. Other than that this is a fine product and I think it is a very worthwhile product for child development.

Janna Cat Spring, TX

Great way to do tummy time.

Tummy time. Every infant needs it and most do not like it. This Bobby Tummy Time Pillow is a nice tool to help parents encourage their child to spend more content time on their tummies. It is about half the size of a regular Boppy (used for feeding) and has two toys attached to the front (my daughter really likes the crinkle fabric book).If you are looking for some tummy time help but not enthusiastic about another piece of baby equipment in your house, you can use your regular Bobby for the same purpose. Just prop your child up on their elbows on the Bobby with some toys (or your face) in front and you can achieve similar results (I got this tip from our daughter’s physical therapist).

Polly Winchendon Springs, MA

Toys keep baby on tummy longer, but pillow inhibits some movement

This pillow is basically a mini version of the Boppy pillow, about the size of a large neck pillow. My baby does like tummy time in this pillow a bit more than using the regular Boppy for tummy-time, thanks to the toys. So for that I’m definitely in favor. And the pillow is small enough not to contribute too much to the mounting pile of baby crap everywhere. The color scheme is bright and interesting to baby without being obnoxious, another plus. The baby can pull and move the toys while keeping them attached. There’s a nice variety to keep her interested (crinkly pages, fuzzy, rigid leaves, hard ring, soft fuzzy knot). It’s also small enough for travel.Having a tummy time pillow is especially good if you use cloth diapers, as the extra bulk can make tummy-time even more awkward, especially if you’re using one-size diapers on a small baby–the giant diaper can put the poor thing pretty much face down thanks to the extra couple of inches of elevation on the diaper area. But since a small bolster or regular boppy does the trick as well, whether you have the mental/physical space for another piece of gear is another question.Using a pillow does interfere with baby lifting up on straight arms (though she can still do the 90 degree elbow thing), so I need to knock off on star for that. I’ve been using this to extend the length of tummy time before a meltdown, but giving her some pillow-free tummy time as well.Bottom line, while it’s quite a nice prop for tummy time, unless you plan to use it on the go, if you already have a nursing Boppy, you can probably just use that with few toys you already have and save the extra money/clutter.

Brandi Jolo, WV

Nice but not quite perfect

We own 4 different Boppy pillow products, and generally like all of them. This one is no exception, as it is “baby-sized” for tummy time.My major objection is that there is no removable cover, so it is spot-clean only. No matter how much I spot clean, I don’t feel like it is getting clean. Short of having grandma sew us a cover (which she has done for other things), I’m constantly cleaning spit up off the pillow.Also, I really wasn’t impressed with the “educational toys” permanently attached to the pillow. (Well, they’re “permanently attached” until you take the scissors to them…) The little one didn’t seem too thrilled either.Useful pillow for months of tummy time. But, due to the difficulty in cleaning the pillow, I’ll be hard pressed to store it for a couple of years in anticipation of the next little one.

Lucinda Inwood, NY

Great helper for “tummy time”

Like many babies, my little one doesn’t care for tummy time. She would much rather be reclining in herFisher-Price Infant-To-Toddler Rocker, Blue/Greenor better yet, having someone hold her. However, like 99.9% of all doctors, our doctor has stated that she needs at least 30 minutes of “tummy time” per day. Since “Muffin” is still quite small, she needs some help propping up on her arms, and this little boppy does the trick wonderfully. “Muffin” does not cry anymore during tummy time, and she actually seems to enjoy herself. She is raised up enough to be able to look around the room, and she is able to swat at the attached toys. Like many people, I have used Boppys with all of my children, and I have always been pleased wtih the quality of the products.My only complaint with this items (and what keeps this from being a five star product) is that the Bobby is not washable, it is spot clean only. My daughter is a spitter, and I have had to spot clean the boppy several times, with no ill effects. However, it would be nice if the cover zipped off.As a side note, my two year old daughter loves this boppy more than her baby sister does. A day or so after receiving this Boppy, I was nursing my new baby using a “regular” Boppy pillow, my two year old got this Boppy from the nursery, put it around her waist, and sat by me, with her baby doll on it. It was quite a sight, and she (with the little Boppy, and her doll) has continued to join us at our nursing sessions.All in all, this is a great product….for both its intended purpose, and for role playing.

Dina Oakdale, WI

must have for tummy time.

I bought this for a friend whose baby hated tummy time. No more tummy time haters with this. He loves it and is now on track for rolling over etc. It is the perfect size being about 60% of a regular boppy size, which I found too big even for my own baby at 2 months old. This size is perfect.

Paula Mc Lemoresville, TN

This Boppy Tummy Time Pillow is an excellent way to achieve baby’s 30-minute tummy time each day …

I’m a definite fan of anything Boppy and when this grandma goes to a baby shower, she’s usually carrying something from the Boppy line. Yes, some of their products can be quite pricey, but with the range there is always something new moms will love. Starting out with theBoppy Newborn Loungerand adding the Boppy Tummy time would be a perfect shower gift. Pediatricians do recommend thirty minutes of tummy time a day and using this Boppy Tummy Time cushion is an excellent way to achieve it.Your pediatrician is likely to discuss the importance of tummy time and will let you know when to start. When I reviewed theBoppy Garden Patch Play GymI had a few suggestions which I’ll adapt to the Boppy Tummy Time:
• Take off your baby’s socks so he or she will be able to push and reach for the toys on the directly in front of them. Babies start to reach for objects beginning at two months.
• Start slowly and put your baby on the Tummy Time for only a few minutes at a time, gradually increasing the time. If you start early enough it will seem like a natural position.
• Don’t put the baby down on with a full tummy as it can be very uncomfortable.
• Rotate toys to prevent baby boredom. There are a couple of attached toys, but putting favorites in front can help make tummy time more fun.
• Every baby is different so watch carefully to see what is liked and not liked about tummy time and work with your baby so the time can be a happy one.The only drawback is that you can’t throw this in the washer and can only spot clean it. The Boppy Garden Play Gym had a similar tummy time pillow included, but purchasing the one separately is a plus if you don’t want or need the gym. It’s quite easy to take with you and would definitely be a welcome, affordable gift for any new mom.

Eula Manhattan, KS

Great for tummytime!

Like many babies, my son did not love tummy time in his first few months. This product made him last much longer than he would otherwise and it is very important for them to strengthen their muscles. We also use this with us on the go to have a place to put the baby down (with a receiving blanket) at other people’s homes who don’t have kids. It was also great for the beach!

Selena Cimarron, CO

Makes tummy time easier, and its very washable

Our 5 week old seems to like this pillow for tummy time. He really likes to hold his head up and look around, and without any support this poor little kid was really at the mercy of gravity. Propping him up on the pillow makes it much easier for him, and he is able to last a lot longer before he gets tired or frustrated. He isn’t yet at the point where he can enjoy the colors or play with the crinkly toys, but I’m sure that will add to the usefulness of this pillow soon. This particular Boppy product seems to be very reasonably priced too, which is nice. He spits up quite a bit and I’ce already had to wash the pillow a few times. So far it has held up well, crinkly toys included.

Angie Manderson, WY

The right amount of padding

I like the larger size of this pillow compared to smaller ones I have seen. I like that I can hook it onto the side of the crib for easy access. The toys that are attached actually slide from side to side. My granddaughter is only six weeks old – I can’t comment on how sturdy this will be but I suppose that by the time a child could rip it off, the child would be old enough not to use it. The fabric pattern is pleasant. I like the colors with birds, frogs, trees, bumble bees, etc. I also like the thickness of the polyester filling.Soft and yet firm. It arrived with no unpleasant smell. I would buy again.

Aurelia Velarde, NM