Boppy Two-Sided Breastfeeding Pillow, Pinwheels

Boppy Two-Sided Breastfeeding Pillow, Pinwheels

Developed with a Lactation Consultant, the Boppy Two-Sided Breastfeeding Pillow was designed specifically for nursing moms. Two distinct feeding surfaces means you can choose the support you need while you’re breastfeeding and bonding with baby: the firm surface features a soft minky fabric and provides a stable platform for breastfeeding, while the softer fiber-fill side offers a more snuggly surface as baby grows. The firm surface features a contoured foam edge design that helps baby turn toward mom for an easier latch and more comfortable nursing. The wide arm design fits most moms and the removable belt keeps baby snug against your body during breastfeeding. Best of all, the Boppy Two-Sided Breastfeeding Pillow is washable – simply remove the foam insert and belt and toss the pillow into the wash!

Main features

  • Designed with a lactation consultant specifically for breastfeeding
  • Two distinct surfaces so you can choose the support you need firm or soft
  • Wide arm design fits all moms
  • Removable belt keeps baby snug against your body during breastfeeding
  • Machine washable for easy care

Verified reviews


I’m still baffled by the apparent necessity of this product…

Despite the raves, I totally understand the detractors here and the buying public should be made aware that a Boppy is not as essential to parenthood as so many try and make you believe it is. In fact, we’ve had one since the birth of our first child and have never used it for the intended purpose; to feed. The pillow itself, while designed for comfort, is at times more of a nuisance. It really needs a specific body type to work as intended, and even then it really doesn’t do anything special. The pillow is what it is, a pillow that wraps around your waist for you to set your baby on while you either nurse or bottle feed. The most use we got out of this thing was as a stable pillow to set our daughters in while we did others things in the house. It’s great for naps too; a place to set your child down after you’ve rocked them to sleep but are afraid that lying flat in the crib will jolt them awake. But, for a product that screams “NECESSITY!”, this product just isn’t all that pertinent.You can still be a great parent without one.That being said, this one is slightly updated and so it has some extra features that make it slightly more accommodating than the previous version of the same product. The strap is a nice touch and made it easier for my wife to use this go around. Our son took to this easier than the girls did, for he preferred the firm side and thus made feeding easier with his cooperation. Still, I fail to see any necessity here since it really isn’t used that often by my wife, at least not for the intended purpose. I like that this is washer safe, so yay for that. I don’t know. I still give this thing a bit of a shrug. For a product that really doesn’t save lives, there are certainly a thousand different variations of it. You’d think it was something special.

Elvia Jacks Creek, TN

Best nursing pillow for me!!!

I’d like to start off by saying that I have My Breast Friend, as well as the Boppy Travel pillow and this is by far my favorite one! I originally bought the MBF (still hate the name) because of great reviews online, and I’m finding myself the minority in terms of how much I like it.. as in I don’t love it. Now everyone is shaped differently and every baby is different, so the best thing to do, if you have the option (ie. friends that have different pillows for you to test drive, or a place that will let you try in store before you buy) then do try different ones out that will work for you and your baby. For reference, I’m 5’2" and about a size 2 to 4 currently with still a bit of baby belly as I’m writing this review. So here are the main differences/usefulness I can think of between the three:My Breast Friend: This worked well when my baby was smaller (less than 2 months) and I was able to position her on it, and use the little head bumps for support. Unfortunately she got a little too long, so her feet are hanging off it, and she has a funny posture/postion now that prevents her from using the bumps and her head keeps falling back off the bumps and unlatching during feedings. I also found the thickness of this pillow not useful enough and had to get an extra blanket to prop baby up higher. Please keep in mind I do not have a long torso at all, so I’m not sure why it sits so low for me. I didn’t mind using it when I was sitting on the bed or couch, but if I wanted to sit at my computer and do stuff it was awkward and annoying. I have a rather large computer chair with arms, if that helps. Some people like the thick foam back support, I didn’t find it worked for me. I washed the cover several times and it no longer fits the pillow anymore, it’s off all over the place, but doesn’t affect the way you use it. I just don’t like that all the seams are off. I wouldn’t recommend this pillow, nor would I buy it again, with what I know now. But that’s just me.The Boppy Travel Pillow (in mama dot/green): the PROS: Love this for travel since it zips up like a bag and doesn’t scream "I’m a nursing mommy! And there’s a little side zippered compartment that you can put a few small things in. Like the original Boppy, it doubles as a sitter, so it helps keep baby a little propped up whenever needed. I’ve taken it on outings in case I need to feed in the car or at relatives homes, and I look forward to taking it on the plane when we travel with baby in a couple of months. Now, the CONS: It’s a little flatter than the regular boppy, and smaller from what I gather, and keeping it zipped up makes the middle a little flatter since it pushes the stuffing to the sides. The zipper isn’t that sturdy, I’ve already seen a small seam start coming out. The straps and extra fabric flap can be cumbersome and perhaps a little annoying if you’re the type who doesn’t want to fuss with extra things. I don’t mind it. The only thing I don’t like is the positioning of the velcro on the flap – if you’re not careful and you’re wearing something nice you risk snagging it. I don’t regret this purchase, as it does come in handy.Now for the review on the actual pillow this review was meant for! The Boppy Nursing Pillow in Thimbleberry:The reason I like this, is the thickness (I’d say about 7") and depth of it is perfect for my little one! The option to use the soft or foam side is nice, as well as the strap. So far I’ve been using the soft side and it hasn’t gone flat yet, she sits comfortably on it without rolling off or into me or between me and the pillow like other reviewers stated. I like that there’s a strap option, which unlike the MBF, is just a small single strap so I don’t feel like I’m selling popcorn, or wearing a table (as my husband laughed at me the first time I strapped that one on), and it doesn’t get in the way when I sit in my computer chair, since all the bulk is in the front, nothing in the back. You can remove the foam part and throw it in the wash. The color is nice and neutral, and although there aren’t cover options yet (it’s relatively new) I’ve taken to using a folded towel and receiving blanket over each pillow whenever I feed, to catch the extra milk, spitup or vomit (the joys of parenthood!). This would be my first choice for a feeding pillow, it’s perfect for us! Baby is actually napping on my lap as I write this, and she looks like she’s having wonderful milk dreams! ;)As a first time mom, I’ve been buying and trying all sorts of new products for my little girl, and I hope this review helps other people in the process of selecting the perfect nursing pillow, as it can get expensive! But as I said, everyone is different so if you can…… try before you buy!

Loretta Mc Caysville, GA

Great Nursing Pillow

Before getting the Boppy Nursing Pillow, I used a regular Boppy and a My Breast Friend to nurse my son. I really dislike the regular Boppy for nursing; it doesn’t seem to fit me well and is always sliding away from me. I much prefer the MBF. Like the Boppy Nursing Pillow, the MBF has a strap that tightens around your body to hold it in place. Nursing with the MBF is a lot easier, but as my son got bigger it was harder to fit him onto it and I needed extra pillows underneath it for added support. I ended up having to switch to using a stack of bed pillows to support him and get him into a good position.After using a few different products and methods for nursing, I know what things I’m looking for in a nursing pillow. There is a lot to like about this nursing pillow. When using it with the pillow on the bottom, I found that this pillow places the baby higher up that the MBF does, which makes it easier to get your baby into the correct nursing position without having to add extra pillows underneath. On the firm side, there is also an indentation that follows along the length of the pillow. This helps keep the baby in the correct position. My son likes to roll onto his back, so this is very helpful for me. The fabric on both sides is soft (the green/firm side is pretty much the same fabric as the fabric on my MBF) and is washable. The foam insert needs to be removed before washing, but it is very easy to pull out and put back in. The adjustable strap has ample length to fit all body types and clips closed on either side making it easy for lefties or righties. I also found that this pillow is easier to adjust when changing nursing holds or when switching sides.I do have to say that I don’t like using the pillow with the firm side down. It just isn’t all that comfortable for me. Also, if you are looking for a product that has a lot of versatility, like the original Boppy, this isn’t what you want. This product only works as a nursing pillow.Overall, I think I might use this pillow over the MBF, although I would definitely miss the pocket that’s attached to the MBF. It’s great for stashing nipple cream and a wash cloth so you have them when you need them. Maybe the next version of the Boppy Nursing Pillow will have one.

Heidi Hildreth, NE

Good for keeping baby snug and comfy

I really like this nursing pillow, it helps me keep he little guy snuggly close at the right angle for easy breastfeeding.I use the soft side and my little guy is very comfy and feels secure.It can clip around you from either side, this is a very nice feature since you get to use which ever side is easiest for you.The strap is huge and fit around me easily with room to spare and I wear a size 18. The clips can be done with one hand.The pattern and design are lovely with the perfect balance of gender neutrality; the surface fabric is very smooth and soft.It feels just a bit over stuffed, which is great so it won’t be flat in a month once it is really settled in.One star off for being a bit overpriced in my opinion, but I highly recommend the pillow!!!

Nora Sugar City, CO

I Bop, You Bop a They Bop

I have an old schoolBoppythat I adore. I was thrilled to try out this fancy new Boppy. The biggest difference between this and the original would be usage. The original is great for nursing, but it can also be used to prop baby up when she starts to sit but is still a little wobbly or as a kind of body pillow for the baby. This new Boppy really isn’t useful in those respects. It is designed solely for nursing, and in that aspect outperforms its predecessor handily.The Boppy has a hard side and a soft side. The hard side is provided by a foam insert that can be removed for machine washing or as a matter of personal preference. The rest of the Boppy is machine washable. I am a little annoyed that the entire cover isn’t removable for easy washing. While is has stood up very well to its first trip through the wash cycle, there isn’t any product that will remain exactly the same after multiple washes. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that the entire Boppy is machine washable because sometimes a cover just won’t completely protect it from what my darling daughter has to offer out of either end. I just wish washing the entire thing wasn’t my only option when a more superficial cover wash would do the trick. The soft side is a very billowy soft, much softer than the original Boppy. This helps it conform to your body when you have the baby laying on the harder side. This is the way I prefer to use it. When I have tried it with the hard side down, I find it less comfortable against my leg and she tends to sink down too much when she is on the soft side. The other kind of strange feature is the strap. I originally thought it was totally pointless, and I actually didn’t use it for about a week. I mean, where is your baby going where you need to strap the Boppy to you? But, I figured I would try it out before I did my review. I was surprised by how much difference it actually made with keeping the baby and the Boppy in position. Still, to be honest, even though it does help, I’m not sure it helps enough to counter the annoyance of having to buckle and unbuckle before and after a feeding.I’m kind of torn between a four and five star review. I would say 4.5 if I could. This version of the Boppy is really incredible for nursing, but it isn’t as versatile as the original. But where I really want to deduct is for the inability to remove the cover. It may be because this is a fairly new Boppy design, but at the time of this review I haven’t been able to purchase an additional cover, which would solve my problem completely.

Noelle Millbury, OH

Many perks, though I found it to be a learning curve

I was blessed to somehow wind up with both theBoppy Bare Naked Pillow(your basic boppy) as well as this nursing specific little item. Due to several silly recommendations, I did not include either Boppy for the hospital trip and wound up doing my initial nursing with hospital pillows as support. I came home and decided to compare and contrast the two. Reviews and heresay seemed to suggest many women prefer an edgy nursing pillow to the glorified donut, but… I think I may prefer the plain Boppy.Why? Well, perhaps it mas making due with hospital pillows, but I found the original Boppy so much simpler. It’s big, round, and soft; it fits well around my middle.The nursing pillow, on the other hand, is a bit more complicated. I’m favoring the football hold, and the nursing pillow’s squarish nature isn’t set up for that. Even when trying out other holds I found myself shifting this giant lug of fabric and stuffing around trying to get myself comfortable and prepared to nurse. With the pillowesque side up, I found Baby slipping down towards me in the most awkward of ways–and I was hoping that would be the more Boppy-like side.But, like I said, there’s something of a learning curve.The stiffer side is so far preferable as I scramble about trying to figure out this whole nursing this. Aside from the football hold, the other traditional holds were eventually made quite easy on the stiff side. It’s sturdy, and the other side lends this side to laying quite flat so you can adjust the pillow, yourself, and Baby as needed.I even started finding the big soft side quite nice when the other Boppy wasn’t around.So I’m thinking, this pillow isn’t so bad, rather quite nice. In fact, I think a lot of mommies will like it. It has the option of the more traditional big fat puffy side as well as that awesome stiff side that helps for getting down baby-holding and latching.Though as of now, I think I still prefer the original Boppy.

Lillian Atwater, IL

Just okay

It works fine, but overall would not say it has any advantages over a regular pillow for support. That said, it’s not particularly a "must have" product. I use the soft side, and my baby has a tendency to gradually fall in between the space between by body and the pillow during feeds, despite strapping it tightly. The harder surface works well as a laptop pillow!

Nona Jacob, IL

Better than the rest, but not for every baby

This is a great nursing pillow. It is hands down 100% better than the original Boppy for nursing. It’s also an improvement on the My Brest Friend for several reasons. The foam side is nice and firm, and has a lip and indentations along the back to keep baby from rolling backwards, especially nice for older babies. The foam insert has a wipeable cover so if your baby spits up and it soaks through the pillow cover it doesn’t also soak the foam. There is no annoying back rest, and you can even take the strap off completely if you don’t want to use it. The pillow side is very plush and really gets the baby up high so you don’t have to slouch.I decided to try this pillow after becoming frustrated with MBF. Even with all of these improvements I decided to return it. I found that it was difficult to get the baby close enough to me without her rolling off the edge, which meant I was leaning forward to get her to my breast. I also found that the pillow was a little too plush and put the baby up almost too high for me, and I’m an average 5 foot 6. And it’s not easy to get the pillow in place one handed (or take it off for that matter). I didn’t feel like spending another $40 on a pillow that still didn’t position her where I need her to be. But I think this will really give MBF a run for their money and I wouldn’t be surprised if they make a redesign in the near future to compete with this pillow.Update: I ended up trying the JJ Cole Paisley Pillow and loved it.JJ Cole Paisley Feeding and Nursing Pillow, Ash Woodland

Lourdes Cavendish, VT

Great improvement over the previous boppy version

I am a peer counselor who often complains about how the Boppy encourages moms to hunch forward over their babies, but this version’s firm side seems to help encourage proper positioning much more. I still find that moms don’t need a Boppy or other special nursing pillow in general, and a laid-back position is better. However, I am impressed with the improvements and when a mom is struggling, it’s nice to have this on hand to help.

Melanie Morris, AL

Wonderfully thick and supportive!

I was having difficulties BFing our second son and needed more support than our Original Boppy provided. I did some online research and decided to try this Boppy Nursing Pillow and I really like it! It is the thickest nursing pillow I found, which is helpful because I have a long torso and small chest, so this raised the baby up nice and high. I like that one side is a soft pillow and the dark brown side has a solid foam insert (I use the foam side up). I like that it has a belt to attach snugly around my waist, but I hate the slippery material the strap is made out of because it doesn’t hold it’s size well between feedings. I agree with other reviewers that I wish the pillow came with a completely removable cover so that I could wash it without having to wash the pillow every time too. But all in all, I recommend this pillow!I purchased this pillow when our second son was five days old, and I am still exclusively BFing our son at five months old. I now use this pillow downstairs and our original boppy upstairs. I like the original boppy, but I think this nursing pillow is much better!

Angelica Genesee Depot, WI

This fixes all of my complaints about the original Boppy!

I love this new Boppy! It has a soft and a firm side so you can use whichever one is more comfortable for you and baby. I love that it is taller than the regular Boppy. I used to slouch and slump to be able to reach my baby, but this allows me to nurse comfortably sitting upright. I also love the strap. My original Boppy was always sliding away from my body and the baby would fall into the crevice between my body and the pillow. This pillow stays snug up against my body. I definitely think this pillow is the way to go for a nursing pillow! My only complaint is that it does not have removable/replacement covers, so you have to wash the entire pillow if it gets soiled.

Sheena Troup, TX

Not advised for smaller chested women.

I am a small breasted woman. Before pregnant or nursing I was a 34A. During Nursing I’m a 36C. I found this NEW bobby harder to use than the original. It didn’t sit high enough for me. I always felt hunched over while feeding. This one doesn’t wrap around my body as far as the other one did. I am going back to the Original Boppy.

Jenifer Augusta, GA

super comfy

Super comfy and pretty too. Love that it has a harder side and a softer side. Better than the breast friend.

Tricia Crumpler, NC

Just ok

I had high hopes for this pillow. I have an original Boppy pillow but after 6 weeks of nursing I was looking for something with a little more support. While the harder side of this pillow provides good support at a better hight for nursing their are a few things I don’t like about the design. I can’t stand the flimsy clip on belt. It’s a pain to use however without it the pillow doesn’t stay put….also you have to wash the WHOLE pillow sans an insert on the “hard” side of the pillow, it doesn’t fit well (read: not at all) in a top loader… Design fail…so despite my high hopes I have gone back to my original Boppy for primary use, it’s just easier and more comfortable. This pillow is now my back up to use in the living room… Disappointing.

Carrie Shamrock, OK

A success in breastfeeding

I was never a good breastfeeding mom. I always had trouble in every way. I didn’t know how to hold the baby, always uncomfortable and in pain. The old boppy that i have did not have the support that I needed. This new nursing pillow from boppy have been a Godsend. It allowed me to have both of my hands to properly latch my baby unto me. Therefore, the good posture and latch quickly helped me to relieve the nipple pain that I got in the early days after giving birth. I am able to sit straight and be comfortable while nursing my baby.I feel so proud of myself to finally able to nurse my youngest, and allowed me enjoy the benefits of nursing. Thank you boppy for redesigning the nursing pillow 🙂 thimbleberry pattern is beautiful, the brown contrasts nicely with the blue. I’m kind of glad that they don’t have a girl pattern otherwise I would be really tempted to by that instead of the neutral colored ones haha.I gave it a 4 star because the firm side (my favorite side to nurse my baby with) smelled too much like plastic when I first bought it and I had to wash it twice to remove the smell. Other than that, I love this pillow.

Carissa Mayking, KY