Boppy Water Resistant Protective Cover

Boppy Water Resistant Protective Cover

The Boppy Protective Slipcover keeps the Original Boppy Infant Feeding and Positioner (sold separately) safe from spills and unexpected messes. This breathable, hypoallergenic, water-resistant cover fits snugly between the Boppy Pillow and the fashion slipcover. The Pillow Protector ensures your Boppy Pillow is always protected and never out of commission. The Original Boppy Pillow is a versatile nursing pillow that lifts baby to a more ergonomic position for comfortable breastfeeding and bottle feeding, giving relief to your arms and back. Bond with your new baby by using the Boppy Nursing Pillow while you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding. In addition to breastfeeding and bottle feeding, the Boppy Pillow transitions to the perfect support pillow for different stages of development including propping, tummy time and learning to sit. The Boppy Pillow supports baby as they grow and develop and this multi-use pillow can be used up to one year old. The award-winning Boppy pillow has brought comfort and support to millions of moms — make sure yours is always fresh and clean by having a few Boppy covers on hand.

Main features

  • 100% Micro Polyester
  • Imported
  • Water resistant
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fits all boppy bare naked pillows

Verified reviews


Good Product for Price

I bought this so that I don’t have to wash my boppy so often and it does protect the boppy well. I was afraid the cover may not be very soft since it was meant to be under another cover but it’s very soft and can be used by itself. It’s a great cover for the price!

Juliette New Virginia, IA

Water resistant?? Uhm, No.

I purchased the Boppy Water Resistant Protective Cover for the same reason that everyone does. I was happy about the idea of having a cover that would protect the pillow from the little leaks and spills that happen with a newborn/infant…untilI was recently given the opportunity to test out this ‘water resistance’ feature, by my almost 2 month old. Much to my irritation this is not water resistant at all. The spit up was immediately attended to but it had already soaked through the top cover (which was expected) and soaked through the water resistant cover right down to the pillow. There is nothing water resistant about this. I’m convinced the people that are rating it as a marvelous product have never actually been given the chance to test it out.Here’s the break down:Pros:- inexpensive as a regular cover- washes up well- goes on and off very easily- fits nicely under a decorative coverCons:- NOT water resistant in the least- will make you very frustrated when you discover this factThis gets two stars because I do not hate it, it works fine as a regular cover and is cheaper than some of the Boppy covers out there. It does not get more stars because it does not do what it claims.There is a possibility that Boppy company did not intend this item to go under a decorative cover. Having a decorative cover over this one may change the way this cover is designed to resist wicking moisture into the fabric and subsequently into the pillow itself. Then again, who wants a WHITE cover on a pillow they are using with their newborn or infant??

Megan Centerpoint, IN

OK not Great

This is soft enough to use on it’s own as a cover. As such it’s one of the most inexpensive covers you can buy for the Boppy. Unfortunately it only provides slightly more protection then a regular Boppy cover. It takes a little bit longer for the pee/poop/spit-up to get through but it will still get through unless you change the cover within a few minutes of the time your baby pees/poops/spits-up on it.If you really want to stop liquid from getting through to your Boppy I would recommend putting a large waterproof lap pad over the Boppy. This is much more effective at stopping liquid and it also makes clean-up a lot easier because you don’t have to hassle with getting the cover on/off the Boppy.

Valerie Fordville, ND

I like this cover

I personally like this boppy cover, i don’t use it under another cover and it works well for us and our needs

Nancy Kenwood, CA

Great Find!

It fits and does what it is supposed to do! I have only been using it for a week so I can’t comment on durability but it is exactly what I thought it would be. Recommended no question!

Augusta Eagleville, TN

Pretty good

Product is definately water resistant. I only purchased this slipcover for my boppy as I found it was not necissary to buy an additional cotton cover. I’d say this was a pretty wise purchase for the price.

Freda Flint, TX

Why not!

As you can imagine babies are messy, so in order to save our boppy we invested in a protective cover & boy am I glad we did.

Queen White Plains, NY

must have

Must have with the boppy. My daughter can produce some epic-spit ups and with this cover on + the pretty cover on top, nothing has made it through to the actual pillow, and it has been in the line of fire many times. Washes well and looks like new.

Anastasia Linton, IN

love it

fits my boppy well, easy to spot clean or wash in the washer and put back on. replacement covers fit even with this cover already on

Leticia Howard, GA

Soft Protection

Not 100% effective, but definitely better than no barrier at all. I like the feel of it- soft and smooth- and fits perfectly on the boppy. No complaints here.

Glenda Covington, KY

Very soft and durable

I bought two of these. They fit perfectly and are very soft. In the event you don’t have a cover over it for some time, this is definitely soft enough to use on it’s own.

Eliza Willamina, OR

Nice material

I bought these for my two boppy pillows (I am about to have twins), and this is my fourth pregnancy. I went through three pregnancies without a waterproof slipcover, and wonder how I ever did it (I washed the pillow constantly, that’s how!). These are so much nicer b/c they are machine washable, and they protect your pillow – just put it underneath the pretty slipcover. I was also extremely happy to see that the material is not plasticy or vinyl at all (I thought it would be) – it’s actually material that is waterproof, much like a microfiber or some sort. Highly recommended!

Kate Kipling, NC


This does a great job protecting the pillow. So much easier to throw in the wash than the whole pillow. Boppies are treated w/ a flame resistant material that can create a mold after several exposures to moisture & not being washed. Its a good idea to wash them regularly or protect w/ a waterproof cover.

Christian Henagar, AL

Boppys should just come with these

After a blowout nearly ruined my Boppy, I purchased this to put under my decorative Boppy cover. It does the trick and protects the Boppy from messes. Boppys are not easy to wash, so I highly recommend buying this.

Suzette Glenallen, MO

Must Have

I ended up with 2 reflux babies who projectile vomit…so this cover is exactly what I need to preserve the boppy underneath during tummy time, feeding, and even just laying around. We have one of these on both of our boppy’s.

Margie Jeromesville, OH

boppy slipcover

great product, pretty self explanatory. It’s quite thin and fits the boppy very snugly, doesn’t bulk it up at all which is great. I recommend this product!

Monique Bloomfield, NY

Nice to have.

It’s nice to have this because our baby slobbered and spit up a lot until she was about 8 months old. So, it’s nice not to have to worry about shielding the pillow from her because of this cover.

Denice Fredericksburg, IA


Protective Cover?? My son just leaked through the side of his diaper. I immediately cleaned him and the Boppy up, but by the time I even got the first cover AND the “protective” cover off, the poo had leaked through BOTH and is on my Boppy pillow. How can this be called “protective” and “water resistant” if things leak through within seconds!??Super soft cover and loved the idea prior to this event!!

Ida Littleton, MA

It does work

I use my boppy pillow every day. Is great for nursing and holding my newborn. This cover is very soft, great for baby’s delicate skin. Works wonders to keep your pillow stain free and all stains are gone after you put it in the washer.

Mary Nachusa, IL

Not totally waterproof

Today my three month old had a major blowout on the boppy. My boppy has a slipcover in addition to the waterproof cover and the pillow itself still became soiled so this is not 100% waterproof. However, I am so glad I had it because it did absorb some of the mess. Instead of having a ruined pillow I was able to clean the little bit that did soak through and save the pillow.

Amparo Hewitt, TX

Have not needed it.

So far we have not had the mess that would necessitate this protective cover. The regular slip cover is very think and sturdy and frankly does a great job. It is easy enough to just wipe off any little dribble. that being said I can easily see a scenario where all of a sudden you wish you had the cover. If you have the extra $10 go ahead and buy it. It may be worth the piece of mind.

Vonda Ipava, IL

tight fit

It fits very snuggly. I used it underneath another cover and the topcover then becomes loose. I haven’t spilled anything on it yet, so don’t know if it’ll work as a "waterproof" protection.

Mabel Fairhaven, MA

Works great

So I didn’t initally buy this for my Boppy but I feed my baby using the pillow and realized that some of the formula/ spit up/ etc was dripping on the pillow. It’s a lot easier to wash this cover than the whole pillow!

Margret Craig, CO

Must have!

If you buy/receive a Boppy, this is a must have as your Boppy is destined to get soiled with formula/breast milk, spit-up, urine, and who knows what else). Whether you get the bare naked Boppy and decorative cover or you get a Boppy that comes with a cover, it does not come with one of these. So, you will need to purchase a protective cover separately regardless.

Karina Saltillo, PA

Why didn’t they make these with my first?

These weren’t around when my first son was born, so when I would let down or my son would spit up, into the washing machine the Boppy had to go. These covers are the best and I just keep an extra on hand so I can switch it for the one in the wash. So glad they make these now! Feel free to cover with a cute, printed one, but first put this on. (Think of it like a mattress pad cover with sheets over it.)

Darla Hutchinson, PA

You only need this cover for your boppy

This cover works really well, it’s soft like bed sheets and is really the only cover you need for your Boppy. It helps minimize spit-up from soaking into the pillow. It washes very easily. I’d skip buying the other Boppy slipcovers (I got one as a gift and it’s really cute) since they are really just for looks and not so much for protecting the pricey pillow.

Ronda Colona, IL

You’ll want this…

You’ll want this the first time a diaper leaks while baby is on the Boppy. Rather than having to wash the Boppy pillow, just peel the protective cover and throw that in the wash. Much easier! Easy to put on, easy to take off. Great as a layer beneath the colorful selection of Boppy covers available on the market.

Samantha Carlsbad, TX

Makes feeding easier.

Cannot live without this pillow. It fits around your waist for perfect height for feeding. Whomever designed this deserves an award.

Jayne Youngstown, PA

better than regular boppy cover

This cover is a super soft white fabric that feels nice against baby’s delicate skin. I got the most adorable cover for my son, but it started looking junky after some spit up, etc. The water resistant look fine after more wear, and they also wash well.

Paige Allendale, MO

Great to protect your boppy

I bought this to put under my boppy cover so when there was spit-up, spilled formula, or drool on my boppy cover I would not have to worry about cleaning my the whole boppy, too. It did exactly what I bought it for. I would definitely recommend it.

Olive Sykeston, ND