Born Free 5 oz. BPA-Free Decorated Bottle, 3-Pack

Born Free 5 oz. BPA-Free Decorated Bottle, 3-Pack

Born Free BPA-Free 5 oz. Decorated Bottle with ActiveFlow Venting Technology The Born Free Deco Bottle features patented ActiveFlow Venting Technology that reduces air pressure and vacuum buildup, resulting in reduced gas and colic symptoms. The leak-free vent allows your baby to control the flow of milk, and helps to prevent nipple confusion. Because Born Free provides an experience closer to breastfeeding, your baby can easily switch between breast and bottle-feeding, allowing you to breastfeed longer. The easy-to-use bottles are top rack dishwasher safe, and free from BPA and PVC. Born Free bottles have been shown to reduce gas and colic symptoms. View larger Baby can easily switch back and forth between breast and bottle feeding. View larger Patented ActiveFlow Venting Technology The Born Free Deco Bottle features patented ActiveFlow Venting Technology to reduce air pressure and vacuum buildup – resulting in less air ingested by baby during bottle feeding. The leak-free vent allows your baby to control the flow of milk, providing a feeding experience that’s closer to breastfeeding. The ActiveFlow Venting Technology in each Born Free Deco Bottle has been shown to reduce colic symptoms such as gas pain and fussiness. Born Free is the most natural way to support breast and bottle feeding. Bottle Caps And Sealing Discs Prevent Leaks The Deco Bottle is durable enough carry in your diaper bag for on-the-go feedings, and each includes a bottle cap and sealing disc to prevent leaks when you’re traveling. Easy To Clean And Safe For Your Baby These BPA-free and PVC-free bottles can be washed on the top rack of your dishwasher or can be safely sterilized by boiling or with a steam sterilizer. Complete Feeding System: Interchangeable Bottles And Transition Cups Born Free has a complete line of bottles and transition cups to fit baby’s needs. Born Free Deco Bottles are available in 5 oz. and 9 oz. All nipples, collars, valves, sippy cup spouts, and handles are interchangeable on Born Free bottles and transition cups (7 oz. Training Cup and 9 oz. Drinking Cup). About Born Free: Natural Feeding for Babies Born Free provides a feeding system that mimics breastfeeding by allowing your baby to control milk flow and helps prevent nipple confusion so you can breastfeed longer. All Born Free bottles feature the ActiveFlow Venting Technology to reduce colic and gas, and provide a calm, natural feeding experience. The range of Born Free products includes a variety of bottles (Classic, Glass, and Deco, all of which use the patented ActiveFlow Venting Technology), transition cups, feeding accessories, electronics, and pacifiers. All Born Free products are designed with safety in mind, and do not contain any BPA or PVC materials. Flow Rate Chart Replacement nipples are available in five different flow rates – one for every stage of your baby’s development. Level Flow Rate Age Range Level 1 Slow 0-3 Months* Level 2 Medium 3-6 Months* Level 3 Fast 6+ Months* Y-Cut Fast 6+ Months* Variable Slow, Medium, and Fast 0+ Months *Age ranges are approximate; your baby’s needs may vary. Helpful Tips: To ensure correct function of vent, gently tighten lid – over tightening can cause leaks When traveling, use sealing disc to help prevent spills Sterilize by boiling for 5 minutes Accessories and extra parts are available, including 5 Stages of Replacement Nipples, Venting System, and Breast Pump Adapter (adapts to most standard breast pumps including Medela, Ameda, Lansinoh, and Playtex) For easy cleaning, try our Tru-Clean Steam Sterilizer, Microwave Sterilizer, Twister Bottle Brush, Nipple Washing Rack, and Dishwasher Basket

Main features

  • Natural milk flow for an experience similar to breastfeeding, allows baby to control the flow and helps prevent nipple confusion; Naturally fuss free, clinically designed to reduce colic and gas with the leak-free ActiveFlow venting technology and preferred by moms with colicky babies; Naturally safe, durable bottles are free from BPA and PVC
  • Nipples, collars, valves, and sippy cup spouts and handles are interchangeable on all Born Free bottles and transition cups
  • Bottle is top-rack dishwasher safe and can be boiled for 5 minutes to sterilize
  • Soft silicone nipple available in 5 flow rates: Level 1 (slow flow), Level 2 (medium flow), Level 3 (fast flow), Y-Cut (fast flow – suitable for baby cereal), Variable Flow (3-stages in 1)
  • Bottles available in 5 oz. (includes level 1, slow flow, nipple) or 9 oz. (includes level 2, medium flow, nipple)

Verified reviews


Would recommend these bottles based on our experience!

Soon after my son was born, it became clear that breast feeding was not going to work out, so I started researching formula and bottles when he was around a week old. I decided to try the Avent bottles first after my lactation consultant recommended them. From day one, we had issues with spit up, gulping/choking, leaking, and gas but I really wanted to give them a shot (after all, he was completely new to the bottle and I figured there’d be a learning curve for both of us) and at least get my money’s worth. We used them from the time he was one week old until he turned five weeks old. For a short while it seemed like things were getting better, but we were still dealing with a lot of spit up, gas, and wasted formula.After reading some great reviews about the Born Free bottles, I decided to try them next. We’ve been using them for several days now, and so far I’m pleased with them. My son seems to be able to latch on better, which means he’s squirting less formula out of the corners of his mouth. He doesn’t choke anymore and he generally gulps less (which means he’s taking in less air). Lastly, he went from spitting up at every single feeding (and we’re not talking little dribbles here and there – he would expel large amounts of his meals forcefully, very similar to vomiting) virtually no spit up. He seems to burp just as much, but with much less effort and, like I said before, MUCH less spit up. Not perfect, but definitely better. I took off a star because the bottles are bulkier than the Avent bottles, and it makes feeding awkward (I like to cuddle him close during feedings). Also, cleaning takes a bit longer because of the more complicated system.Overall, we’re happy with the transition and I think we’ve found the bottle that works for us!

Fran Baker, WV

Much slower heating than the Classic Bottle

We are on our second baby with the Born Free bottle system. We had no complaints the first time and still had a lot of bottle so it made sense to use it for the second kid. All the bottles we had were the Classic version, this is the original amber colored polycarbonate bottle. When I needed a few extra bottles the Deco bottles seemed like an good choice at 30% less than the Classic bottles. After a month of use I can say the Deco bottle would be a good choice except for one significant flaw.The key point here is the ONLY difference between the Classic and Deco bottles is the bottle materials, the valve parts, caps, nipples, etc are 100% the same. After a month of use the Deco bottles are wearing just as well as the Classic bottles also.The Classic bottle itself is polycarbonate (PC) and the Deco bottle is polypropylene (PP). The only published difference is that the PC bottle can be heat sterilized (autoclave) and the PP bottle cannot. This makes sense as can PC handle much higher temps than PP.The unadvertised difference is that the Deco PP bottle heats much slower than the Classic PC bottle. The first few times we used the Deco bottle I just thought i was judging time poorly. After a few uses though it was obvious that the Deco bottles were heating much more slowly.So I did a little experiment to see how different it was. I took one Classic and one Deco bottle, filled them with 8oz of water and placed them in the fridge until cooled. The water measured 44.4F at the start of heating. They each went into their own identical room temperature ceramic bowl and the bowl was then filled to the brim with 210F water (about 16oz). This is our standard bottle heating method. Then I measured the temperature of the water in the bottle as they heated to 98.6F.End results the Classic bottle took 5m45s to heat to 98.6F and the Deco PP bottle took 11m14s. Any parent will tell you five and half minutes is an eternity with a hungry baby.In conclusion if you don’t need to heat cold bottles for feeding or you plan far enough ahead that 11 minutes seems OK to you then the Deco bottles are an excellent choice. But I think saving over 5 minutes everytime I heat a bottle is worth the extra money spent on the Classic bottles.Notes:Here is the data from the test: […]I wish I had a good idea for the cause of this difference. If you look at the thermal conductivity of the materials I should be seeing the opposite effect. PC has an average thermal conductivity of 0.184 W/m-K and PP is 0.245W/m-K. So the PP bottle should be transfering heat faster than the PC bottle.[…][…]

Jeanette New Concord, KY

Perfect for Our Daughter

Like with any baby product, different ones work for different babies. These bottles work fantastically for our second daughter. For the first couple of months, we used the same bottles that worked really well for our first (Avent). But, for #2, this are significantly better at reducing gas. She still burps like a grown person, and the air seems to release easier with burping rather than getting retained. Happy baby and mom!

Bobbie Johnstown, NE

very good

Very nice. The baby has to buy the brand since the birth of the bottle to use. But the glass bottle is easily broken. Easily oxidized plastics. Because our 5-6 months will give the baby to replace the plastic bottle. Businesses can give me some additional concessions? Thank you.

Rebekah Goodridge, MN

Not as good as other Born Free products

I really like the other Born Free bottles better. These have a sort of cloudy plastic and we’ve experienced them leaking more than other Born Free bottles.

Meredith Delmar, MD

born free bottles

My EBF baby needed a bottle three times a week while I work. I chose these based on reviews, and he takes them without any problems. The only reason these are getting 4 stars is due to the work it takes to clean all the pieces. If you get a dishwasher basket it makes it much easier, but I prefer to hand wash.

Nancy Stafford Springs, CT

Love them

I love Born Free bottles, and these have been just as good as the ones I have had previously! As a bonus, they’re cute!

Jennifer Gumberry, NC

Cute, practical, good for you!

I love Born Free bottles. I’ve used Similac (2nd favorite), Avent, Dr.Browns, and Playtex.. Born Free are awesome. The filter really does work for formula foam. The parts are easy to clean, the nipples have never worn or broke and mine originally came with 1’s and 2’s and I purchased size 3 nipples when my daughter was 8-8 1/2 months. Oh, and bonus? They are so cute!

Peggy Askov, MN

Great deal for great bottles!

Born Free are the only bottles my son will use.All of the pieces wash easily and are super durable!

Heidi Boones Mill, VA

Great for breastfed baby

My mother-in-law picked up a 5 oz version of this bottle to have on hand for my now 6 month old. He liked it so much that my husband requested I get the larger ones for home. He is mostly breastfed and tends to gag on bottles with too fast a flow. These ones work great, keep the flow under control and keep him from getting too gassy/fussy.

Deanna Holland, IN

Nice Bottles

These are really nice bottles, they clean so easily and really help with our baby’s gassiness. They are a little bit messier I think than other bottles as far as milk around the bottle nipple, but not too bad, and he seems to prefer this nipple over other bottles because it is larger. They are cute bottles too, fun to use!

Rosalia Maramec, OK

He likes it!

My son hates most bottles but he loves this one. I have just the plain eco bottle, no pictures on it.

Sierra Pahrump, NV

Love these

I really don’t have much to compare to however when you are researching an trying to save money.. It’s a few dollars more for this brand however you are buying bottles once! I am not sure why the deco are cheaper but these work great! Lots of parts but all bottles have a million parts. We put them in the dish washer every night and never had a problem.. Other then..2x in one week in 2 different dish washers, pieces have fallen on the heating element and melted! (Really?!? After 10 months!) user error

Ava Laveen, AZ

Good bottles, great price

I really like these bottles so I bought another set. It would have gotten five stars but the baby appears to leak more milk out of the side of her mouth with this bottle during feeding than with her other bottles.

Bobby Larue, TX

Only bottles I’d use next time

Pro:1. Beautiful to look at2. Not too many pieces3. Reduces gas by SO much! My daughter couldn’t take 2 sips without whincing when she was a newborn – due to gas. But after using these and Tommy Tippy (for colic & sensitive tummies) – my baby had NO PROBLEM drinking milk.4. Easy & fast to assemble5. Holding up perfectly after 9 months of use! So, going strong.Cons: NONE

Ericka Bouckville, NY

Great bottles

I love these bottles. I used this for my first child and now I’m using this for my second child. Not too many pieces to clean and they’re easy to clean without the need for special tools.

Geraldine Long Barn, CA

Good option but not the best bottle for us

These bottles do a decent job of reducing air ingested while also being easier to clean than say, the Dr. Brown’s bottles. The bottles have a plastic disc and silicone membrane that fit over the rim of the bottle before the nipple is screwed on. These two pieces are a bit difficult to get apart for cleaning, as the fit is snug. For my daughter I did not see any difference in air ingestion between these bottles and those with an easier to use/clean venting system (Avent, Tommee Tippee). I like that the markings on the side are easy to see and read, although I would prefer they had the 1 ounce level marked in some way – they only have 2,3,4, and 5 ounces marked.The nipple flow on these bottles always seemed to be a bit of an issue – as a newborn my daughter would leak milk out the sides of her mouth (she did this with all bottles I tried, but the Born Free were the worst), and now at 3 months, she is making a clicking noise when she swallows, which I think means we need to move to a higher flow. I feel like these nipples went from being to fast for her to too slow, with nothing in between.In regards to the two type of bottles offered – I have a set of the classic bottles and a set of the deco bottles. The pieces are fully interchangeable between the two. I was surprised to find the deco bottles are significantly larger than the classic bottles, although both hold 5 ounces. I find because of the large size the deco bottles are harder to comfortable hold while feeding a newborn. It is more difficult to cuddle the baby in close to you for feeding when the bottle is as large as her chest. I can’t see any reason why the deco would be larger than the classic, and if I were to order another set I would definitely get the classic.

Marietta Harveysburg, OH