Born Free 5 oz. BPA-Free Premium Glass Bottle with Bonus Silicone Sleeve, 3-Pack

Born Free 5 oz. BPA-Free Premium Glass Bottle with Bonus Silicone Sleeve, 3-Pack

Born Free Premium Glass Bottles are designed to meet the feeding needs of all babies. The patented ActiveFlow venting system allows baby to control milk flow for the most natural feeding experience, making it easier to switch between bottle and breast. Clinically designed to reduce colic and gas, the BPA-free Born Free Glass Bottle is the natural choice for safe and calm feeding.

Main features

  • Glass
  • Imported
  • Natural Milk Flow: for an experience similar to breastfeeding, allows baby to control the flow and helps prevent nipple confusion
  • Naturally Fuss Free: clinically designed to reduce colic and gas with the leak-free ActiveFlow venting system; preferred by moms with colicky babies
  • Naturally Safe: BPA-free and PVC-free glass is long lasting, eco-friendly, and easy to clean
  • Nipples, collars, valves, and sippy cup spouts and handles are interchangeable on all Born Free bottles and transition cups
  • Soft silicone nipples are available in 5 flow rates: 5 oz. bottle includes Level 1, Slow Flow and 9 oz. includes Level 2, Medium Flow

Verified reviews


Made in China

Just bought the product in US web site, and finally found out the original is China, what a joking for me!

Shelly Fredericksburg, TX

great bottles, need more availability in silicone covers

These are great bottles, glass is just cleaner than plastic despite claims of plastic bottles being bpa-free. I do wish they came with more sleeves and in different colors. I also like how you can use any wide-base nipples (unlike the Avent Natural glass). My twins didn’t like the BF nipples that came with the bottles, so I stuck a MAM nipple and voila, happy feeding for parents and baby. I don’t use the valve pieces as I have not found it necessary, just more things to wash.In regards to the cover, I’ve found the Dr Brown silicone covers for wide-mouth bottles work perfectly with these Born Free glass bottles. Just get the glass wet and work the cover on carefully.

Guadalupe Cambridge, VT

Fantastic Bottles – makes a great sippy too!

These bottles are great! Durable, easy to clean and vented. We love the glass option, no plastic or BPA to deal with, and much nicer for baby, and they hold up very nicely to washing. No fading of the printing, or old scratchy look like you get with plastic bottles. The other reviewer should have looked more carefully at the picture. It clearly shows one silicone sleeve in the picture (and says bonus sleeve, not sleeves….) I do agree, they should include three sleeves with the bottle set or at least sell the sleeves separately so you could have one for each bottle (who wants to remove it with washing!). But considering these bottles used to come without any silicone sleeves at all for the same price, it’s still an improvement. As far as I have found, no one sells the sleeves separately, unfortunately. That aside, the bottles are great. For the record, the Dr Brown’s wide mouth travel caps fit these bottles with the vent removed, if you want a screw on cap option for storing in the diaper bag (which I do). That leaks less than the little plastic insert and makes it nice for fridge or diaper bag storage. You can also easily convert these into a wonderful sippy cup by adding the green to grow sippy trainer spouts ([…]). It’s hard to find non-plastic sippys, and have tried them all, all the different spouts, cups etc. This combo was one of the only ones that didn’t leak and actually worked!Update: The green to grow sippy tops seem to be hard to find these days. The think baby ones also work with these bottles.

Janie Progreso, TX

I would use these bottles again

I was looking for a glass bottle and my daughter was solely breastfed for the first 6 months so finding a bottle she would take and a glass bottle at that was difficult! She loved these though. The glass is very thick too and the silicone sleeve I find more useful now that we are using it as a sippy cup! The avent toddler spout is compatible!!

Michelle Madison, ME

Love these bottles

Love these bottles – love the venting system – love the silicone sleeve. We went with glass for a lot of reasons – very happy with that. Cleans up well, goes through the dishwasher well, and heats well too. Great product!

Alta Kunkletown, PA

Best Bottles

I think these are the best bottles out there. They are easy to clean, light weight, durable, and don’t leak. I have used them with my LO since he was 4 months old for Breast milk feeding. He has never been fussy, never had nipple confusion, and he can hold the bottle on his own. At 7 months of age, I have continued to use these bottles and nipples. I like the slower flow nipples since we r still breast feeding. He is eating solids now, this is still enough milk for a feeding. We recently bought a born free sippy cup, to convet our bottles to cups and all parts fit. I do recommend these bottles.

Randi Sledge, MS

heavy and milk flow is too fast for our newborn

These bottles are super heavy compared to evenflow and drbrowns glass bottles. I returned these as the flow for our new born is too fast. Dr.Browns level 1 nipple worked for us.

Antionette Manorville, NY

Interchangeable with dr browns wide neck (even the parts)

Fun fact, these bottles are completely interchangable with the dr browns wide neck bottles – nipples, screw on cap, and even the parts inside. This really is of no use except I got these for my shower (I registered for acouple different kinds) and since we now only use dr browns and this saved me buying acouple extra bottles!I did try these as their regular system and the venting system totally didn’t work for us. Like someone else mentioned the nipple kept depressing almost immediately when our son drank – which doesn’t happen at all with the same nipples when using the dr browns system. But every kid is a bit different so what is great for one is terrible for another.

Ernestine Firth, NE

Fantastic bottles, honestly!

I do not like to drink out of plastic so I did not want my kids to drink out of it either. I ABSOLUTLY love these bottles. My son has never ever ever has gas problems when using these bottles (but they are the only ones I have ever used.) The bottles are not for people who are lazy. Because they are glass, they require more attention to detail such as being sure the temperature is correct before feeding baby and washing the valves well. I would recommend these bottles to everyone who has/wants kids.

Felecia Ollie, IA

Has plastic in it

This product is a glass bottle and the purpose of that is to not use plastic, but in the neck of the bottle there is a plastic piece and a silicone piece. I am not happy about that. I buy glass baby bottles to avoid plastic coming in contact with the formula. This bottle completely defeats the purpose. Also the nipple sinks in when my son drinks for a while. I have to take it out of his mouth and let it return to normal.

Anne Ball, LA

Great bottles!

We have no complaints. Not too many parts to clean, and while I hand wash, I think the glass would hold up just fine in the dishwasher.

Christi Sea Cliff, NY


I really wanted to like these bottles, but we had problems with leaking. It didn’t matter which bottle it was or how tight we put the lid on, they leaked every time so we stopped using them. We rarely use bottles anyway, but we use the2 Piece Wide Glass Baby Bottles with Silicone Grips Set.

Gabrielle Janesville, CA

BPA-Free Glass Bottle with ActiveFlow Venting Technology

These are very easy to hold when I’m feeding my grandbabies. I also like that they’re glass. I needed Level 2 nipples recently and accidentally ordered the Dr. Brown wide level 2 nipples, and they fit just fine. These bottles also fit in the Dr. Brown’s warmer. I clean all the parts in the dishwasher and they still look like new. They were a good choice.

Margret Asbury, WV

Greta bottles, but nipples had no holes :S

I love those bottles. These are the only ones I use for my son and they are amazing. I have plastic ones too, since those are MUCH lighter.I have ordered to packs of these ones , and they are great, but the reason why I took off two starts because 4 out of 6 bottles did not have holes. And it was a big disappointment when in the middle of the night I was trying to feed my baby and couldnt get why he kept crying and did nit want to eat. After couple minutes I understood it, and then I had to …you know the whole story.So in the morning I made holes myself, but then I was not sure if the holes were big enough or small enough…I kind of just made them… SO like 2 of them leak too fast now :SA little disappointed with that.Other than that it is a great product!

Marissa Elk City, ID

Love these

I had to use these from the beginning with my baby that the whole born Free line is really good qualityI will tell you that the glass bottles are a little bit heavy but they’re really nice. Easy to clean too!

Cara Barker, TX

Grandson loves umm

Gr8 bottles. But, I wish they would not always come with newborn nipples. Need to be able to choose my nipples. Instead of being forced to buy the nipples seperately

Michell Kennedy, MN

Tough but we recently broke one

I love these bottles and even though they are glass have held up well. I did recently drop one at daycare though and it shattered. I felt terrible since it was dangerous for the babies. I still recommend them because what else would I expect from glass. My son took the born free system from just a fee days old because he wasn’t nursing well but within a couple weeks he had learned to accept both breasted and bottle. These are the only glass bottles I could find and I am so glad I did because they have worked great!

Fern Bullville, NY

The Best Bottles

These are the best bottles to get.They take a little getting used to, but once you figure out how to tighten the top the right way you will never go back to plastic.

Melissa Benedict, ND

Nipples are way, way too fast!

The bottles themselves are great and I really like that they’re glass. The lids and top half of the bottle are a little confusing and time consuming to put together but it’s all because these bottles claim to reduce spit-up and gas and colic. That’s definitely true as you can see how the bottle works as you’re feeding the baby. With all this said, the nipples are way, way too fast and the baby ends up gagging and choking because so much milk is coming out. These bottles come with the slow flow, 0-3 mo. nipple but there standards of "slow flow" aren’t what a parent of a newborn’s would be. I don’t recommend these bottles for any baby until they’re at least 5 months old. I wound up returning these and went for the Medela bottles.

Mamie Wells, ME

Very nice !

The design is very uesful for feeding a baby .

Gretchen Durango, IA

I love this bottle

We bought MANY bottles to try to find one our son would take to. The bottle we started him at birth he outgrew and was taking to much air and slurping. He is breast fed and only takes a bottle on the occasion the weather is to bad to take him with me to the grocery store or the like. It was important to me he could feed from one in my absence or heaven forbid I could not nurse.Anyway, I fed him water from this. I loved it and more importantly he could feed from it properly.I’ve had no issue with the glass. In fact I love that too. Easy to clean. Does not leak. Easy to warm breast milk in it speedy fast. ( place milk from freezer in bottle. Place bottle in a bowl of tap hot water. Stand by it’s fast. Couple minutes.

Barbara Alta Vista, IA

Love the bottles, not a fan of the nipples.

The glass is great, warms up very quickly. However, the nipples have a wide base, which I like, but there is no slope to it – it’s almost like a flat wall so my little one has a hard time getting his lips around the wide base and ends up having sucking issues and making a mess due to a poor seal.

Alisha Philo, IL

would buy again

2 out of 3 of my bottles ended up breaking by one year but I would definitely buy these again. My baby took all kinds of bottles but these were our favorite.

Letha Seaton, IL

Like the glass

I used Born Free with first baby and had to try the glass ones this time around. I love them. And I prefer them to the plastic as they feel nice in the hand and I feel glass is safer than any plastic.

Cleo Peridot, AZ

So-so product

Eeeh I really can’t say that I love this product, but I don’t hate it either.Pros: I really like the idea of using glass bottles, because warming up formula in plastic bottles really freaks me out, even if it’s promised to be BPA free. The glass itself is pretty strong. Some of the other reviews say that they’ve had bottles split open, but that hasn’t happened to me. I put them in a steam sterilizer after each use, and they’ve held up strong.Cons: I stopped using them because it got to be SO annoying to wash and clean all of the tiny little parts on the bottle. It’s time consuming to break it down, time consuming to wash everything, time consuming to sterilize everything, and equally time consuming to put everything back together for use. I finally gave up and went back to our Como Tomo bottles, because there’s just two pieces: the nipple and the ring. I’m already lacking in enough sleep as it is, I do’nt need to add more time to my baby related chores. =)The baby liked the nipple well enough. But it was inconclusive as to whether or not it reduced air better, because he ate just as well with the Como Tomo bottles.

Gail Port Orford, OR

love born free

Love our born free bottles. Never use the silicone cover and have dropped them on tile floor with no breaks or even chips. The glass warms quicker than the plastic and I think they clean better as well. We have both glass and plastic and I prefer the glass.

Kathrine Pollock, LA

Great bottles!

We didn’t want to feed our baby with plastic bottles because we don’t eat out of plastic containers everyday, so why should our baby? These are very nice quality bottles. A little more work to clean the extra pieces, but we don’t mind. We’ve never had to use the silicone sleeve. The bottle is never really too hot to touch or we wouldn’t serve the baby if so.

Claire Greenbush, MN

Much better than plastic

We really like these glass bottles but I will say that we do own a few of the other Born bottles in the BPA-free plastic for traveling purposes. I like the silicone sleeve that came with this set – just wish you could buy a set where they all come with a sleeve- or at least a way to buy them separately! Overall though, we love the Born system – and these glass bottles are fantastic. If you fill them to the very top they fit about 6.5-7 ounces.

Carly Humphrey, AR

Good, but not for an infant

The nipples on these are way to flowy for an infant. When we handed one to our daughter, she pounded her milk like an Irish Car Bomb. This being said, if you want your kid to put down their milk in no time, this product might be ideal. Once she’s older and ingesting larger volumes this will be our go to.

Norma La Rose, IL

Love these bottles

I have been using these bottles for about 10 days and they are great!Easy to clean and the parts that keep it vented are also easy to take apart and keep clean.I highly recommend these bottles.

Danielle Troy, ID