Born Free Bliss Nursing Pillow

Born Free Bliss Nursing Pillow

The mom preferred Bliss Nursing Pillow lifts baby to provide an ideal height for feeding, creating a better breastfeeding experience. It was designed with lactation consultants for ergonomic positioning to improve latch and eliminate stress on mom’s back and neck. The innovative, 3-stage pillow is perfect for feeding both newborns and older babies.

Main features

  • Ergonomic Design: Helps reduce the amount of stress on your back and is ideal for moms recovering from c-section delivery
  • Right Height Mat: Firm newborn mat keeps little ones awake
  • Contoured Pillow: Keeps baby from falling between mom and pillow (slip covers sold separately for different design options)
  • Nurture Pillow Boost: Position baby at an incline for better digestion – Works well for bottle feeding too!
  • Works with different size moms and babies

Verified reviews


A great design!

I gave this to my sister as a gift, and she loves it. The design supports her daughter well, and doesn’t put too much pressure on my sister’s legs. The design is quite ergonomic. It’s also nice that the pillow can be adjusted to match Zoey’s growth. It’s three pillows in one. She highly recommends it to other moms who are nursing.

Elva Driftwood, PA

Buy Extra Covers

First: I haven’t used this pillow yet but I did play around with it and set my 1 year old daughter on it as if I was still breast feeding. I love the extra support cushion to raise the head area. When my daughter was a newborn I had to shove a folded blanket or small pillow under the breast feeding pillow I used.I also like the harder top section to help support the newborn. It is important so that the newborn doesn’t sink to far into the pillow and end up not feeding effectively.If you are looking for a breast feeding pillow, I don’t think you could go wrong with this one. The only thing this lacks that I LOVE about the pillow I have, is the back strap. I have the breastfriend pillow that was recommended by my lactation specialist and I love it. This pillow doesn’t strap on to you and that I would see as a failing. Also, I found this pillow quite thick so if you have a short torso that pillow might not work as well for you. I know for me, without have my daughter to compress this pillow, it was almost a little awkward to have on my lap…and honestly, I worried about it sliding away because I’m so use to the pillow I have.My only other recommendation is to make sure you buy extra covers. Your baby will spit up on this pillow and you will want additional covers.

Adrian Calliham, TX

Doesn’t improve on what is already available

I can’t review a nursing pillow without mentioning Boppy which has been around for 25 years and always worked for me. They are comfortable, with easy to remove and clean covers and grow with your baby. That being said the Born Free Bliss Nursing Pillow lacks almost all of those features. It’s design is actually a bit uncomfortable especially if you are a petite person, the cover while easy to clean isn’t the easiest to remove or put on and it really isn’t a pillow that will grow with your child as it’s meant solely as a nursing pillow. Overall I can’t recommend this over what is already available, but if you aren’t a fan of Boppy Pillows then maybe this is for you.

Aisha Bethania, NC

Great nursing pillow, just not a great price

From my wife’s perspective:I really like this nursing pillow. You get the nursing pillow, newborn mat, and a boost pillow. What you don’t get is a cover. I like that the Born Free Bliss nursing pillow is three separate parts. That way once you no longer need the newborn mat you simply remove it. The pillow is high, which I love. I’ve seen some people complain about the height of this pillow. Everyone’s body is different, so it might be too high if you have a short torso. I’m 5’4 and this pillow raises my baby up the perfect height for breastfeeding. The weight of your child (my son is heavy) will also alter the height of your pillow. My Boppy is not that high (some of the height may have got pressed down from use) and I find myself sticking my pregnancy wedge pillow under it to help with height. That is also why the additional boost pillow Born Free Bliss gives you is great. I can tuck it under the side if I need additional height depending on the chair I’m sitting on.I had been using a Boppy nursing pillow (around $45 price range). Which is different than a regular Boppy because it has infant surface on the underside (similar to newborn mat provided by Born Free Bliss) and a strap to wrap around your body. I never use the strap, so I’m not bothered at all by the Born Free Bliss pillow not having one. It doesn’t have a cover, just a colorful fabric on top & the whole thing goes in the washing machine.With the Born Free Bliss nursing pillow, you have to purchase a cover separately. That cover is about an additional $20. Bringing the cost of the pillow to around $80, if you purchase a cover. They do this so that you can choose your own design. They probably could just attach a non removable cover like the Boppy nursing pillow and let people choose that way. I say that because the covers aren’t waterproof. When your child drools or spits up on the pillow you have to wash the pillow along with the case. So have a detachable cover doesn’t really make a difference in my opinion. Saying that, the pillow is cotton so you do have the choice of just using the pillow without a cover and washing it as needed. The newborn mat is foam and needs to be wiped off. I have the cover for it so I didn’t find cleaning it separately to be a problem.I love this pillow. The only reason for the four star rating was the price and the fact the cover was not included. It’s a perfect height for me and the boost pillow works great. Breast feeding takes up a large portion of a new mother’s day, so we use a nursing pillow a lot. I would recommend to any new mom to get a pillow that is going to make the process easier and more comfortable. For me that would be this pillow.

Kelli Afton, VA

I wouldn’t buy again, but not awful.

So, on the amazon listing it doesn’t say that this pillow contains polyurethane. This is not 100% cotton. The pad on top is made of polyurethane, which requires flame retardant. If you google both of those, you can see the potential side effects. It just doesn’t seem like a good idea to have baby on that so frequently. So I won’t use it anymore because of that. But, there are other not ideal issues aside from that.Second, the top pad is not machine washable. You can only wipe it down. With the range of messes associated with newborns and nursing, that is not ideal.If I was going to buy a nursing pillow that had polyurethane in it, I would suggest to go for the Brest Friend, which has a back strap which I found super-helpful while nursing. A boppy also does not have polyurethane in it, but no back strap. That can sometimes be helpful for nursing but I could never really get it at just the right angle. And, if you want something more this shape without polyurethane, I would consider the The Nesting Pillow – Organic Nursing Pillow with Washable Slip Cover.In short, the lack of washability, the lack of back strap, and polyurethane make this a not ideal option, when there are other good options out there without these issues. I’m sure it is fine in some circumstances, but I think there are better options.

Viola Walkersville, WV

Not as good as I hoped given the price

I had really high hopes for this nursing pillow, given how expensive it was and all of the different features it has. However, I find that I use my generic Boppy style pillow so much more, and don’t really enjoy the born free pillow.There are a couple problems.First, for the price I would expect it to have a cover. Obviously, it doesn’t come with a cover.Second, the harder newborn mat on top is angled in such a way that my newborn rolls down and gets wedged in between the pillow in my tummy, and I have to continually adjust him because of the angle. It also has a higher edge around it so he doesn’t fall off, however I don’t think it would actually keep him from rolling off, but it does keep me from getting up close to my desk if I am nursing while working. If I try to wedge the edge of the newborn mat under my desk as I can with my generic Boppy, it makes the whole thing awkward and unstable. While perhaps this would be helpful if you’re just sitting there on a couch or something, because of the way it angles downwards and encourages my newborn to flop off the pillow and onto my belly, I don’t find I prefer it even on the couch.Third, for the price I would expect the stitching and construction to be impeccable. However, as soon as I purchased it, the Velcro tab holding the little angled pillow at the very bottom started coming off. I’m finding that the Velcro tabs which hold the three pillows together are sewn on very poorly, and are all coming loose, even though my baby is only six weeks old and we haven’t even used this pillow as the primary nursing pillow.I also thought that I would like the little angled pillow at the bottom which helps you get the baby’s head to the right height for feeding, but unfortunately when switching sides, it just feels awkward and difficult to do with baby in my arms, so I haven’t appreciated that feature as much as I thought I would. I really love using it on the first side, but then I’m forced into an awkward maneuver to switch sides, and since my baby often likes to move from side to side during a feeding, it just became more trouble than it was worth and I took it off.What I do like about this pillow is the shape, and the height. With my other pillow, I have to use a combination of intricately folded blankets on top of the pillow so that I don’t hunch over. Even so, I still find myself inclined to hunch and have to readjust at least once during feeding. I am hoping that this pillow will feel more graceful to use as my baby gets older, and that I will be able to make it work, because I do like some elements of it. Unfortunately, the problems I’ve had with the newborn mat not working for me have made it a distant second choice for these first weeks.

Connie Wyoming, RI

Uncomfortable and toxic!

Once you take this pillow out of the plastic bag the smell will knock you over. Surprising as it says 100% cotton on the front of the bag. Turns out the pillow is 100% cotton, but not the newborn mat. The newborn mat is 100% polyurethane foam and extremely toxic. I find it very deceptive that they don’t mention this anywhere but in the fine print on the newborn mat tag itself. Do a basic search for information about polyurethane foam and then decide if you want your baby spend 8 hours a day nursing on that material.They also advertise “machine washable” but that also only applies to the larger pillow, not the newborn mat. The newborn mat can only be wiped clean. Newborns tend to have a lot of diaper accidents and spit up that wouldn’t wipe clean from an off white fabric. Plus, don’t you want to be able to wash it if they do poop on it? Well you can if you buy the slipcover for an additional $20. The fabric itself is horrible quality. It feels rough to the touch and reminds me of the cheapest sheets you will find for sale. Check out my pictures in photo gallery to see it up close. You really have to buy the slipcover with this pillow making it an $80 investment. Yikes.As far as positioning goes, they have claims that the pillow is “award winning” and developed with lactation consultants. I sat down, put the pillow in my lap and it was nearly touching my chin ( I am 5’6). It is absolutely enormous. Even after I squashed it down as much as I could, I still had to lift my breast onto the pillow to nurse her resulting in a horrible latch and a lot of pain. I took both the “optional” mat and small pillow off and while she was at a better height then, she still couldn’t latch properly on this pillow. OUCH. Back to the Boppy and she latched perfectly and I was back to two hands free again.Bottom line is this pillow is awkward, uncomfortable to use and toxic. Save a lot of money and invest in a different pillow.

Vanessa Kampsville, IL


My youngest sister just had her first baby. She had registered for a Boppy and when I saw this I thought it looked like a good alternative! I used a Boppy with my now 6 year old, possibly even with my 15 year old, too, but I could never seem to get just the right angle for feeding with it. I thought this one seemed like it would be easier so I took it over to her house the first time I went over after the baby was born. She decided to nurse the baby and when I got there she was trying to nurse using the Boppy under the baby and was having a hard time. (lots of memories came back to me! LOL) I had already taken this out of the package, washed the cover and it was all put together. I gave it to her and she put it on her lap in place of the Boppy.It seemed like it was much easier for her to nurse without having to hunch over. She’s tall, 5’9", and it put the baby right up at the same level as her breast so that she didn’t have to put stress on her back. She said she didn’t like the newborn mat because it was just too hard of a surface so we took that off after she was done. On the next feeding she said it felt much better without the newborn mat.I live out of state so I stayed with her for a couple of days. I got to feed the baby with a bottle and used the Born Free as well. She’s taller than I am so it felt a little high for me but we took the bottom part off and then it was at the perfect height for me.I definitely like this better than a Boppy for feeding and so does she. It would be perfect if it weren’t so expensive and came with a cover!

Maura Cove City, NC


I really, REALLY wanted to love this pillow. The concept is ingenious and being primarily a Boppy user, I was thrilled with the design of the top layer, which is basically flat and has a lip on the outer edge. My two month old son is just now starting to figure out how to roll over and I’m always nervous about the possibility that he could potentially roll right off of my Boppy so the idea of there being a lip there to help prevent an accidental roll had me excited. Unfortunately this pillow left a lot to be desired.Let me start by saying that I’m not a small woman. I’m nearly 6′ tall and have a long torso. With that said, this pillow is massive. Granted the weight of the baby sinks it down some but not nearly enough for a comfortable breastfeeding position. The pillow and right height mat stand about 11" tall off the lap. With the pillow boost it’s more like 15". I’m used to using a Boppy pillow which stands about 6" tall so in comparison this thing is just massive to me. Perhaps if I hadn’t already been used to the Boppy I would have been more receptive to its size but it is what it is. With the Boppy being the most popular breastfeeding pillow out there I’m sure I’m not alone in my opinion.The product is well made and for that I give it 3 stars but the size is a deal breaker for me and I cannot recommend it. It’s really a shame as it has so much potential.

Mallory San Angelo, TX

Helpful with Limitations

*Updated review:This Born Free Bliss Nursing Pillow is the first nursing pillow I’ve ever tried (nursed my first two without any assistance other than a queen-sized pillow, on occasion). I appreciate that it attempts to provide a variety of options to support baby during feeding. At 5ft.5in it seemed to be a good fit.When the Newborn Mat is attached to the rest of the pillow, “the football hold” (with entire pillow at your side) is ideal. You have to be vigilant to ensure proper positioning when using the classic “cradle hold” with the mat attached to the pillow. The baby’s weight on mat has the tendency to cause it to tilt into you when used this way. For this reason, I prefer using just the body of this pillow for conventional nursing rather than adding the mat (for a more relaxing experience).I also prefer holding the smallest piece between my legs (when attached to the bottom of the pillow) for more control of my positioning.This item can grow with your child to become a fluffy toddler pillow. I have a cute patterned cover for it (Fun Dot). Be aware there are at least two types of slip covers for this-one type is quilted. I have to cover each piece of the pillow with a (tall/white kitchen) trash bag before putting them into slipcovers (for the two major pieces) to waterproof the Bliss Nursing Pillow. Though you can hardly tell the bags are on beneath the slipcovers, time has revealed a better route for me to take…If you are in love with the football hold, this is a decent option, but you may have some issues with it re. the cradle hold (as I did). This also takes up a noticeably larger amount of space in my apartment compared to another nursing pillow I’ve recently tried (that has proven to be more versatile).

Regina Albertville, AL

2 stars = 2 expensive; 2 bulky; 2 much trouble without the (not-included!) cover

All of the other reviewers are correct. In reverse order: First, you can’t wash the infant pad, so you’ll need to fork out another $20 if you expect your infant to poop or spit up (duh). This is not acceptable to me in terms of value, and it makes it awkward if you want to give it as a gift because you have to buy the cover separately or the mom has to buy her own.It’s too bulky. BY FAR. Unless you are a super-tall women with breasts pointing at the ceiling (lucky you), this is going to come up too high against your chest to allow you to have baby latch on.Along the same lines, where the heck are you supposed to store this monster? Remember, you have to treat it with kid gloves, because there’s no cover unless you pay extra.Buy a boppy instead. It will help you nurse, it’s inexpensive, it’s not too bulky to store, and when baby is older, you can prop the baby in it on the floor, too.Wanted to like the Born Free Bliss Nursing Pillow but simply can’t.

Cherie Waukena, CA

Very odd. Too large. And where’s the slip cover?

This is such a strange nursing pillow. For some women this is not going to work. I’m 5′ 4″ and this pillow feels much too large and bulky. And why doesn’t it come with a slip cover ? I get that Boppy nursing pillows don’t all come with one, but the Born Free Bliss Nursing Pillow costs way (too much) more and should at least come with a basic plain design. That being said, I do like that the attachments are removable and you can use it to prop yourself up when needing to rest. However, I really recommend theLuna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow, Ivory Dot. My older boys were able to convert theirs into a sleeping pillow. The slip cover is so soft, and the design is more preferable for me. I also like to sleep with it, but I can never get it free from them.

Joann Redwater, TX

It’s ok if you know what you are getting

This comes in 3 parts.The top part is very firm (for newborns).Then after a few months, stop using the top but and it’s soft.The little thing at the bottom is to make it lean left or right…It’s not a bad product.I looked up washable covers for it thought and realized the covers cost about as much as other complete nursing pillows that come with washable covers insluded. And some reviews of those covers say it’s too small for the pillow.So if you want to get this I’d say look at the complete cost.I’m just getting tired of all the hidden cost of things, especially baby products…

Jenifer Dresden, TN