Born Free Bliss Nursing Scarf

Born Free Bliss Nursing Scarf

The Born Free Nursing Shawl allows mom to be stylish and discreet when nursing in public. So many styles to wear throughout the day. Soft comfortable fabric for mom and baby.

Main features

  • Full coverage scarf with neck opening to wear when nursing
  • Soft breathable fabric
  • Available in black

Verified reviews



Breastfeeding is an intensely controversial topic. Most people know the health benefits for the baby to consume its mother’s milk, but social constraints often do not allow women to feel free to feed their baby in public. Using a scarf is not only an acceptable practice, but also makes a lot of sense for issues of propriety as well as comfort.This nursing scarf is pure cotton — soft and comfortable. The fabric is somewhat breathable, but it is a very dark black color — which means it’ll match your wardrobe, but will also attract the heat in the summer.It is one size fits all and is quite large. It washes well in the washer.It is more of a shawl than a nursing cover; I suppose it can be used as a shawl when the children grow up!

Velma Battle Creek, NE

Can be worn as a scarf until needed as a nursing cover

This shawl/scarf is made of cotton fabric – like a lightweight soft tee shirt material. I would have liked a choice of lighter colors rather than just black especially for the hot, summer months but the black does cover well.This shawl is made to be worn as a scarf and the box shows different ways that you can wear the scarf until you are ready to use it as a nursing shawl. Then the scarf can be taken off and the shawl can be placed over the head (there is a hole for your head to go through) and then the material can be used to cover the baby while nursing.It is machine washable and dryable.There is plenty of material for extra discreet coverage.

Jennifer Johnstown, NY

A T-shirt material scarf with a hole cut in there for your head

This is basically a thick, slub knit T-shirt material, and is a large, generously sized piece of fabric with a slit about a foot long so if desired, you can keep it from moving around by putting your head through and wearing it as sort of a scarf and shawl hybrid.I would not wear this as a cover-up over baby’s head necessarily, because baby won’t be able to breathe very well under there and would get sweaty, but I found it was great for snuggling the baby up and making him feel comfortable while nursing, and it is also good for tucking around the baby and covering any skin that might be showing while he is nursing, though I wouldn’t like to cover his head with any kind of nursing cover.I love my born free bliss nursing pillow, and this nursing scarf is a great accessory for new moms who are in that stage of having to nurse constantly for the first couple months to establish supply and a good nursing relationship. It’s stylish enough that even nine months out, I’m still choosing to wear this as a scarf or wrap when baby wearing because it is so easy to put over my head and then tuck the ends around baby to keep him snuggled up and cozy on my chest.

Bridgett Stevenson Ranch, CA

Spacious and comfortable

This Born Free nursing shawl is like an oversized scarf/cardigan that can be wrapped in several different ways. The fabric is a nice, light cotton and a vintagey looking black color. Very fashionable and modest and definitely covers everything. Highly recommended.

Kay Sturgis, KY

Neat idea, poor quality

This is a neat idea, and I really liked having something that was "plain" and suitable for the office.Unfortunately, I was really disappointed in the cheap feel of the material. It was not soft or comfortable, and would not be something I would consider wearing as a scarf.Improve the softness and feel of the material, and this could be a great product. In the meantime, I’ll be looking for something else.

Elise Finleyville, PA

Perfect for nursing, not a great scarf

This has worked great as a nursing cover! During the newborn stage when I had to nurse more frequently and sometimes in public, it was nice to have something this discreet. Sometimes the other styles and patterns on the market almost draw attention to the fact that you are nursing, but the average person would have to look twice to notice that you’re nursing with this product. My baby was able to breathe just fine with this, and at normal room temperature did not sweat or get overly warm while underneath the scarf. This would also make a great, unique gift for a baby shower. The packaging shows you several ways to wear this product as a scarf, but I found that there was just too much fabric, at least for my body type. I would definitely still recommend the product, though.

Cleo Nebo, IL

great price but not right for me

Long but narrow piece of fabric and the slit is very large. I am 5’4″ with a slim build and when my son wiggles while eating it’s hard to stay covered. I used a clip to close the slit up a bit and that has helped but it would be nice if it were a little wider too

Emilie Morrowville, KS

Stylish and Comfortably Basic

This is a simple and versatile scarf/shawl which is a stylish basic whether you need privacy for breast feeding or not. The fabric is a striated and lightweight jersey knit which is soft with a gentle texture. It would be as cozy to wear around inside during cooler months as it is comfortable in these warmer months. I’ve washed mine once and it softened a bit more. It is of decent quality and I look forward to seeing if it holds up without pilling after more trips through the washer and dryer. Only drawback so far is that it’s produced by yet another American company that chooses to manufacture in China.

Alexandria Alameda, CA

Waste of money

I would give zero stats if that was an option! It says you can wear this as a scarf but it’s a huge amount of unwieldy material! It’s also very hot! I used it in our house when the a/c was set to 72 and we had company. My baby was sweating profusely and I could not see him or what was going on. I highly recommend the covers that are designed to allow fior eye contact between mother and baby not this one. This was a waste of money but since I did use it I did not feel I could return it.

Nettie Glen Rogers, WV

Soft Shawl

The shawl doesn’t seem to be much different than a regular shawl that could be used for nursing. Nothing overly special about the scarf. It’s light weight but would be would not be something for very cold or very hot conditions. It’s more of a spring/fall item. The fabric is similar to the newer thin blankets I get on the airplanes. It shrunk a bit after the first drying, which was to be expected since it’s cotton. I would hang dry the item and then quick tumble for softening.Measures: 76" x 60"Fabric: 100% cottonCare: machine wash warm with mild detergent, gentle cycle; tumble dry low heat.Origin: China

Teri Chatham, NY

Decent shawl; definitely practice beforehand

This particular cover can be worn different ways as a shawl and then when ready to feed, there’s a hole that your head goes through and then it’s suppose to cover things up. The material is all right. It’s not very thick so it’s semi-breathable but it doesn’t feel all that durable either. I feel like after excessive use and a lot of tugging by the baby, that it can be torn easily.I also wish this came in different colors. I guess black is good because it goes with anything but also it’s a bit too hot to use in the summer time. I took this out in 70 degree weather and after a bit of the sun already felt like it was too hot.Now, the most important part: using it as a cover to feed baby. Let me preference this by saying do a lot of practice with this inside the comfort of your own home before taking it out. My son usually hates to be covered up when feeding but tolerated this one all right. The hole does allow you to look down at your kid but when you have a screaming baby, the last thing you’re trying to figure out is how it goes on and it took me initially some time to figure out… making sure the tag is on the right place. The problem is that it’s not exactly completely even. It seems like one side has more length than the other. Parts of it felt like it really didn’t cover up properly. This is why I say to make sure to practice so you know how it goes on.I actually ended up not really using this anymore because of the time it took to get ready and usually if we’re in a restaurant, I hide in the corner of the booth to feed where no one can see. It’s easy to give baby access to milk this way than trying to get the shawl all ready.

Flossie Lyndon, IL

Works well as a nursing cover

My daughter is nursing her baby girl and she tried this out. The pros are that its color will match everything. Also, the fabric is lightweight, so it’s not too hot, but it’s thick enough so you can’t see through, and it’s very breathable for baby. The box that it comes in gives you several ideas of how to wear the scarf when you’re not nursing.However, for a small person, the amount of fabric is just too much for it to be worn as a scarf. If you’re a bigger woman, then it would probably work great for you.

Camilla Copeland, KS

Convertible Coverage

From my wife: The different styles shown on the box of how to wear the shawl were appealing. Maybe I’m visually challenged or perhaps it’s the lack of sleep from the little one, but an insert with step-by-step instructions would be helpful to be sure that I got the style ‘right’. I was worried that any milk drips would show white against the dark color, but they seem to get absorbed better than expected.The 100% cotton fabric is mid-weight and would not be my first choice for the heat of summer, but would be great for cooler months. Overall, I’m utilizing my Bebe Au Lait ‘hoop’ style nursing cover more frequently as I prefer a clear view with what’s happening. The slit for the head ensures more fabric coverage in the front than trying to repurpose a non-nursing shawl.This shawl, although minus any bells and whistles, does the job and is an item I see myself using after I’m done nursing.

Louella Cameron, WI