Born Free BPA-Free 14 oz. Twist’n Pop Straw Cup, Purple

Born Free BPA-Free 14 oz. Twist’n Pop Straw Cup, Purple

Easy to clean and maintain with a soft silicone straw to protect baby’s mouth. Easy drinking vent prevents hard sucking.

Main features

  • Soft, silicone straw helps protect baby’s mouth
  • Twisting closure keeps straw clean
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Naturally Free from BPA and PVC
  • Ergonomic easy-grip shape

Verified reviews


Leaks and difficult to put together

This is a good concept but doesn’t work very well. The straw has two parts, the harder part for inside the cup and a soft part that bends for the outside. It also has two tops, one on the bottom and a clear plastic piece that is supposed to turn and lock. They are not easy to put together and I have to force them into place … hopefully you’re not in a rush when you have to put it together. Taking all of it apart is nice for cleaning purposes but since that has to be done quite often, it just is a hassle.Also, this cup leaks terribly. Somehow liquid gets in between the two tops and slowly leaks out, this happens even when you rinse the top (for the straw) with water and there’s no easy way to get it out, you either have to take apart the lids again or just let it drip.I wouldn’t recommend it at all.

Ilene Leesburg, AL

Recommend to my friends

My son drinks very well from this straw cup, and did so almost immediately after introducing it to him. The straw tip is made out of a soft plastic or silicon, so it cannot scratch the inside of his mouth. The ‘twist to close’ design is great; there’s no fear of losing a lid and it cuts down on liquid spilled. The twist top does stick a little sometimes. But overall we love these straw cups and recommend them to friends with young kids.

Geri Shinhopple, NY


Sorry. I hate to leave bad reviews, but this was my first born free product that really bummed me out.I gave it 2 stars (instead of 1) because I can use the larger cup to fit my other Born free sippy tops.This cup was not designed by anyone who has kids, or anyone who has to do dishes. It is a pain to clean. Impossible to close, and just plain silly. You can’t disassemble the top and there is a compartment when you close it, that holds liquid… I tried soaking it, scrubbing, but couldn’t get old milk out of that compartment. so gross.. I just tossed it… (but kept the big born free cup part because it fits with other born free stuff)

Monique Bylas, AZ

Narrow straw doesn’t do well in dishwasher

Good cup once it’s assembled. Its big flaw is that the straw is so narrow it’s very inconvenient to wash in the dishwasher – it slips through the holes in any basket and it’s too narrow to fit over a spoke.

Jaclyn Spurlockville, WV

Great sipper

Great straw cup for easy sipping. Doesn’t leak because of the twistable top. However, the clear plastic top, even if you take it apart, tends to discolor over time in the dishwasher. Not thrilled about that so switched to buying the Thermos cups (which I love!)

Ethel Eden, SD

It leaks!

It doesn’t matter if you close it tightly or not. Or if you put the straw right or not. It leaks, it leaks, it spills.Nuk used to have a straw active cup that does not leak! I know because I have one. That nuk straw cup does not leak or spill. Too bad it’s so hard to find it anymore.

Jeanne Dumas, MS

Leaks a lot!!

Being a person who has to learn things the hard way. I read the reviews of this straw cup on line about it leaking but thought what the hell i’ll try it. Well it DOES leak a lot actually. Originally got this for my DD for her milk but now just put water in it. She shakes it and the liquid just leaks out. Nice idea but no bueno!!

Sheree New Salem, IL

Good concept but water gathers under clear plastic cover

This is a great concept and has lots of pros, such as large size, a valve-free straw that goes to the very bottom of the bottle. However, I am afraid the cons outweigh the pros. The biggest problem is the clear plastic second top that twists to close and open the silicone straw. not only is it hard to twist it and almost impossible to clean underneath it, but the liquid the child is drinking from the bottle gets trapped between the bottle and the clear plastic top and then leaks from the hole in the clear plastic top. Therefore, you cannot use this bottle for anything other than water. I like the idea of a valve-free straw and have been looking for one on the market for a long time (the only other one like it was the Green Sprouts aqua bottle but the plastic it is made of cracks the second it is dropped) and was happy to find this one, but it has proven not a very good design after all.

Hattie Cleveland, MN

Best sippy cup

Although the cup is huge, but the soft straw and the grib is great. This is our go to cup!!!

Vera Deepwater, MO

Didn’t work for us

This is not a good sippy cup. I mean, I guess you can use it if you have to. So I give it 2 stars. But it has one too many flaws. It has to be filled by least 1/2 way so toddler can drink from it, in a slightly tilted position. It leaks a lot. It’s too big and bulky. My biggest complaint, however, is the cap. It’s a pain to put it in and take it out. Apart from all my complaints, my son also doesn’t care for this bottle. He tried a few times but never grew attached to it. I’m guessing it’s not practical for him because of the size or shape. I’m not sure. I used this bottle only a few times and then decided to put it away.

Miriam West Terre Haute, IN

Fabulous cup! Great company!

Love this cup! It’s the perfect size with a soft straw for learning the won’t poke your mouth and covers the straw for cleanliness for travel. This product was easily used by my one year old and would be perfect for a toddler as well. We just love this cup!!

Carla Hidalgo, TX

best straw cup ever would recommend

wasted so much money in expensive cups that my lil’ one wouldn’t enjoy drinking from. i love how they don’t have characters also. just plain and clear

Christy Blue Mountain, MS

No spill proof

Within a few days of using this sippy cup my 15 month old found a way to open it, tip it over and dump the contents on the couch. It has a lid that you turn and it pinches the straw but that didn’t stop my kid… This is one that has to stay with him in his high chair now…

Beatriz Alpena, MI

One of the best sippy cups so far

I bought two of these, one leaks and one doesn’t. I suspect it’s because on one of them, the straw doesn’t fold perfectly flat when closed, thus some liquid comes up. It’s not a whole lot, I just know with that particular bottle not to leave it sideways or anything like that. In the grand scheme, these are fantastic…since I keep them in the side pocket of my diaper bag they’re never upside down anyways.They hold more liquid than any other straw bottle (for kids) and they’re a breeze to clean. For me, I needed something that could hold a LOT of liquid for a day out with my son.I also own the Thermos Foogo straw cup, which is equally as good except it holds so much less liquid.

Taylor Willow Creek, MT

great item

bought this for my nephew, so he could learn how to drink from a straw, really easy to wash, and loved the color.

Dora Remington, IN

good size for travel

Love this!!! leak proof, good size if you go out. easy to clean. and it doesn’t need so much energy to suck it

Rhonda Opelika, AL