Born Free BPA-Free 7 oz. Training Cup, Blue

Born Free BPA-Free 7 oz. Training Cup, Blue

Born Free BPA-Free Training Cups are designed to help baby smoothly transition from bottle to cup.  The cups are completely compatible and interchangeable with Born Free bottles. Mix and match cup handles, bottle nipples, and soft spouts to help baby make an easier transition.  The patented ActiveFlow Venting Technology is clinically designed to help reduce colic symptoms such as gas and fussiness and can help extend breastfeeding by mimicking mother’s natural flow which is controlled by baby while nursing.

Main features

  • Natural transition from bottle to cup with a teething friendly durable, soft spout
  • Natural flow with ActiveFlow Venting Technology
  • Naturally free from BPA and PVC
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • All handles, collars, nipples and spouts are completely interchangeable between any Born Free bottle or transition cup

Verified reviews


Teething baby damaged the spout

After my baby started teething hard, the spout was damaged and it spills the drink everywhere. It makes a hig mess.

Consuelo Brandon, IA

Highly recommend!!!

My son is special needs and at the age of 3 years old is having a hard time kicking the bottle.I bought these for his little sister whom is 11 months younger then him and has already kicked the bottle to the curb hoping he would like them and success, he does. However, we still have a long road to go down before he kicks the bottle completely but these are by far his favorite and in return my favorite training cup purchase thus far.Would highly recommend!

Tracie Willow River, MN

Very happy with the Born Free line

I could not train my son to use a sippy cup until we found these. The soft rubber spout he immediately wanted to chew on allowing the contents to flow easily, and he was almost instantly sippy cup trained (finally!). We bought a couple to have backups on hand. The detachable handle does have some slight give because its not welded onto the cup itself. But that hasn’t bothered him one bit. Overall I can’t recommend these highly enough to friends.

Wilda Wapato, WA

Not spill-proof

The training cup I bought from a store a year ago had a different, Y-cut soft spout, and I needed another spout to replace the now-worn spout that was starting to leak. This new one leaks just as bad as the worn out spout. I guess they changed it.Pros:The old bottles were good.The valve system works.No leaking anywhere other than the spout.Parts are interchangeable with the bottles (which I have).Cons:Spout leaks horribly, especially the new horizontal cut. Turn the bottle upside down and it pours out.It’s near impossible to find replacement spouts. The set of two I found on amazon is only slightly cheaper than buying two of these training cups.Handles are never tight on the training cup, even with the ring as tight as possible.It’s only 7 ounces, as opposed to the 9 ounce bottles (maybe this is a plus for some, but my daughter loves to drink a lot and cries when it’s empty)I’m trying the Nuk active cup with silicone spout to replace these. So far so good (I’ll rate when I’ve gotten some use out of it). They’re valveless (less parts to wash) and the spout doesn’t leak. Plus it’s a bigger bottle.

Inez North Greece, NY

Probably works for some

In general, I don’t fault a company for a child not liking a sippy cup because so much of it is preference. This cup was just a bit irritating due to the number of parts, the need for sterilizing, etc. Especially given that my daughter refused to drink from it. Some of the kids in my child’s class really like this cup though so clearly it works for some.

Juliana Franklin, NH

Great for chewing

My daughter hated this cup and the only thing she did like were the handles and chewing on the nipple. It’s too long and hard to make the switch easily.

Marcella Clarksburg, TN


I couldn’t get my baby girl to take any bottles (she’s been breastfed) This is the first thing she would take. She’s 8 months old and loves it and it gives me a break.

Eileen Barnard, KS

Easy to use

This was an easy to grip, no leak cup that our son loved. It was one of the first and only things he would use besides a bottle.Great transition from bottle to sippy. The parts are interchangeable with other born free bottle parts which was also convenient. Several parts to clean, but that’s no change from the bottles.

Julianne Georgetown, MS

Great started sippy

I think the flow was slow enough that my baby could get the hang of sippy cups. I had bought a nuk before and it just was too much for her. However, this one has lots of parts to clean. Now that she is comfortable with it, she actually likes drinking from the nuk ones too which only have three parts to clean.

Connie Conran, MO

If there is a sippy cup that doesn’t leak- please let me know!

I love this sippy cup. Lots of other reviewers compalined about this leaking but I personally have spent way too much time and money trying to find the ever-elusive non-leaking sippy cup. Sure, this leaks a bit, but the positives out weigh the leaking. I LOVE that you can use all the Born Free parts on all of their products. We are using this cup with a level 3 nipple as a first trainer for my son. We had been using the glass bottles and they are just too heavy for his 8-month old arms. I also love that the venting system can be used with this cup. Great product, I use have used born free exculsively with both of my children.

Darlene South Walpole, MA

no use no evaluation

no use no evaluation,i buy this for my little baby,but I never use it by now ,so ,no use no evaluation,

Geneva Anderson, MO

Great training cup

My son was breastfed but had to take a bottle at daycare. He took well to the Born Free bottles. The Born Free training cup was an easy transtition for him. We tried five different training cups and this was the only one he took to for quite some time.

Cecelia Bradfordsville, KY

Leaks and drips all over

I bought this cup as our first transition from bottle to sippy.It works great for my daughter to be able to drink out of it, but if it’s tilted at all there’s almost a constant stream of liquid dripping from the spout. It’s not "operator error" – yes the cap is on correctly, we followed the instructions etc. The problem is that the hole in the spout is just too big so that it doesn’t really contain the liquid other than to keep it from completely pouring out.We gave up on this cup after a couple of uses when our daycare requested that we not bring the cup anymore because it was making too much of a mess that they were having to clean up.We tried a couple more options before finding the Tommee Tippee explora series straw cup (straws are recommended over a sippy by dentists anyway). It’s a little difficult to clean and be sure it gets put together to make a good seal, but once you get the hang of it there are NO leaks…at least not in the 3-4 weeks we’ve been using it.

Alissa Grafton, ND


They are just as good as the Borne Free products we purchased before. Our daughter loves the handles to hold onto the cup with.

Toni Townsend, MT

my daughter is hooked on these sippy cups but they have rings:-(

my daughter loves these sippy cups so i wont even bother changing.keep in mind tho that they must be used with a ring that they come with. i find bottles with rings to be so annoying!!!

Judi Williston, NC

Good, not great

I bought this because I use born free bottles and loved that the pieces are all interchangeable. Also love that the cup (and bottles) are made in Israel and not china. However, my 8 month old doesn’t seem to be able to get much from it. Maybe he’s not sucking hard enough but I feel like it should be easier. As of now, he uses it as a teething toy. It also leaks a bit, not a ton but i’ts definitely not leak proof. Guess it’d be even harder for my baby to drink from if it was. It’s definitely better than the tomy tippee sippy cup which has a whole bunch of annoying problems including the spout smells and tastes like rubber – awful taste. Might upgrade my rating for the born free cup in the future if my baby’s able to use it well.

Melba Sharon, KS

Great sippy cup

Bought this product before for my first child. Can’t go wrong for my second child. They have nicer colors, doesn’t spill, handles fit born free bottles, and the sprout is soft for baby gums.

Cortney Cobb, CA

Leaky cup my baby loves

Easy for baby to hold…cute colors. Soft spout, cleans thoroughly…lots of pieces though and it drips badly. Only to be used while supervised unless you want a puddle.

Vivian Clarion, PA

Nipple ripped easily.

I loved this cup at first but after a few days, the slit in the nipple part ripped wide and now it leaks like crazy. I only use it for water now since I know it is going to make a mess. There are also several parts that must be put in perfectly if you don’t want it to dump all over as soon as your toddler turns it upside down. The nipple part also collapses very easily and has to be fixed repeatedly in order for it to funciton properly. I think it is overpriced for what it is.

Pauline Ben Franklin, TX

They use to be great but now they leak

I purchased these training cups about a year ago when the spout had a “Y” shaped cut to allow the flow of liquid to pass through. They were the best cups for transitioning my son from a bottle to a sippy because of the soft spout and the slow flow of liquid. Recently the spouts on the 2 cups that I own became really worn out with one yellow spout turning black (at first i thought this was mold but I could not scrub/boil it off and realized it was the material itself changing color) and the blue spout finally being bitten through. I purchased replacement spouts only to find that the cut in the tip was now a horizontal slit instead of the Y cut. The material also seemed to be a lot firmer making the slit stay open instead of closing immediately once my son stopped sucking. This allowed for liquids to spill out easily and also for too much liquid to flow out while my son was drinking. After failing to find suitable replacement spouts I decided to call the manufacturer to see if they still made the Y cut spouts. I was told they do not make them any longer and that they had changed manufacturers for the spouts. When I asked if the materials were the same I was told they were. However I doubt this to be true since the old spouts were much more pliable. Overall the cup USE TO BE amazing but now with the new horizontal slitted spouts they are totally disappointing. They leak everywhere!

Lydia Sharon Springs, NY