Born Free BPA-Free Fast Flow Silicone Nipples, 6+ Month

Born Free BPA-Free Fast Flow Silicone Nipples, 6+ Month

Born Free Level 3 Nipples provide a faster flow, making them ideal for older babies. The BPA-free silicone nipples work with all Born Free bottles and transition cups and come in 5 different flow rates to meet baby’s stage of development.

Main features

  • BPA-Free fast flow silicone nipples are ideal for infants 6 months plus
  • Designed to work with all Born Free bottles and toddler cups
  • 5 different flow rates available
  • Vented bottle system allows baby to control the flow, so nipples will not collapse
  • Twin pack
  • Designed to work with all Born Free bottles (Classic, Deco, and Glass) and toddler cups (7 oz. Training, 9 oz. Drinking, 14 oz. Straw)
  • 5 different flow rates available, one for every stage of baby’s development: (1) Slow Flow, 0-3 months (2) Medium Flow, 3-6 months (3) Fast Flow, 6+ months (4) Y Cut Fast flow, ideal for thicker liquids, 6+ months (5) Variable Flow, 3 stages in 1

Verified reviews



I bought 3 pairs of Born Free Y-cut nipples outside Amazon. These nipples are garbage. They keep ripping. I though it was user error with aggressive cleaning and bought a couple more after three days. They were still ripping with gentle scrubbing within a week of purchase. I then purchased another couple of nipples and washed them without scrubbing the inside of the nipple. It takes longer to rip but, is yet again unusable in less than a couple of weeks.Most of Born Free products are great, durable and wonderful. We are fed up with this delicate nipple and are upgrading early to the sippy.

Robyn Fertile, MN

Although I bought, is very good, but with the bottles I bought doesn’t fit

Although I bought, is very good, but with the bottles I bought doesn’t fit,I think I need to buy the right

Gretchen Burrows, IN

Gr8 Nipples

Gr8 bottles. But< wish they would not always come with newborn nipples. Need to be able to choose my nipples. Instead of being forced to buy the nipples seperately

Tracie Tillman, SC

like it

Seems soft enough for baby use and harmless so that could use together with the glass botton for safe feeding.

Jeri La Grande, OR


The concept of these variable flow nipples is a good one. You get, in essence, a "3-in-1" product. But you have to hold the bottle (and thus, the nipple) a certain way so the hole in the nipple is the correct direction to make it slow flow, or medium flow, etc. Who is going to take the time to figure it out each time they give their baby a bottle? I would suggest just getting the nipples you need, slow-flow or whichever. Also, if you buy Born Free bottles (which you probably are if you are buying these nipple), a pack of bottles comes with nipples anyway, and these will usually work for your baby unless they need a flow that is different than that suggested for their age.

Greta Durham, PA

Good flow, durable.

Both my toddlers used this nipple way beyond 6 months and it provided adequate flow, even up to 18 months! They are also durable because my younger one likes chewing on them and I only had to replace them once.

Wendi Oxford, NY


I already bought so many replacement nipples…. No complaint… ;)I don’t know what else I need to write more.

Nichole Barney, ND


I love the quality of the Born Free bottles and nipples! I use to have playtex for my son but once he turned 4 months, I switched all his bottles to Born Free. Easy to clean, easier for my son to hold and I was able to attach a handle from one of the Born Free sippy cups since they are made to fit one another… now, my son can hold his bottles with ease on his own… My son now is 7 months.

Cecelia Rose Lodge, OR

you determine the flow rate

Baby does not control the flow. You have to position the bottle/nipple according to the flow icons. I wish amazon included these instructions with their description. Can’t use these when the baby stays with my mom. She needs her reading glasses ti see the icons.

Ines Lewiston, NE

Flows a bit fast

Flows a bit fast for level 2’s granted it might be that my daughter cant handle the faster flow since she is still breastfed. Ill update this post later on when we try again to move her up to level 2 nipples

Adele Pocahontas, VA

Only nipples we use

Our baby loves these. Level 2 is just right (she’s almost 8 months now). We used level 1 when she was younger.

Aileen Lawrenceville, IL


Slow flow is great to start babies out with so they don’t get choked. Baby is 8 months old and still using slow flow.

Selina Lyoth, CA

Good for feeding baby whole milk

Wifey’s review: My baby started using these when he was 10 months old. I tried them earlier at 8 months, but the flow turned out to be way too fast for him. Once he turned one, he would finish up a bottle with 8z milk in a matter of minutes.One big advantage I see from these nipples is since whole milk tends to be thick, nipples from other brands tend to get clogged if there is any cream particle, making it difficult for the baby to suck. these one didn’t’ seem to face that.

Malinda Crockett, CA


Excellent… My baby is happy with these nipples… I can recommend them a lot… If you buy them, you will be happy…

Dorthy Tisch Mills, WI

Great product

Great for our baby. The "Y" cut was way too fast. We mix in cereal due to reflux. He’s able to eat without any issues. We should have used the level 3 all along.

Eula Kearsarge, NH

Not for one year old baby

I bought it and thought it could fit the Born Free learning cup, but it does not work very well. And the flow is so slow for one year old baby.

Tina Sheffield, IA

excellent product

bought this for my first child three years ago. my babies loves these bottles. never got collic and just stocking up for my five month old when ever hes ready for fast flow.

Virgie Clinton Corners, NY

Good bottle

Good bottle. Somehow misplaced the nipples to some of the bottle, these fit perfectly. Works well and baby will take the.

Odessa Galva, KS

Very good, baby love it

Very good, again after the will. Like baby, my family and I are very happy. Thank you for such a good commodity. But why do I also bought Born Free Nipples, Level 3, 2-Count but not in the package, Is it right? No delivery.

Lois Lucerne Valley, CA

Five Stars

good nipples

Fanny Knickerbocker, TX