Born Free BPA-Free Twister Bottle Brush Set

Born Free BPA-Free Twister Bottle Brush Set

The Born Free Twister Bottle Brush Set is specially designed to fit all wide neck bottles and nipples. The large sponge cleans the inside of the bottle without scratching, while the easy twist handle makes cleaning fast and simple. A separate nipple sponge fits inside the bottle nipple for easier cleaning.

Main features

  • Large sponge head reaches all internal surfaces of the bottle
  • Variable softness sponge maximizes cleaning power without scratching
  • Separate nipple brush with specially designed sponge tip fits inside the nipple
  • Simple, one twist cleaning is safer and more effective than nylon brush
  • BPA-free

Verified reviews


Read the description: WIDE bottles only

Unfortunately, the brush does not fit into our bottles, which are medium (Platex Ventaire). After just one day of pushing it into the bottles, the foam is torn and loose. Very disappointed. Looks like it is back to the Simba Baby Rotary Spinning Bottle and Nipple Brush set (BPA Free). I suspect this is actually a decent bottle brush for wide bottles, though I think the foam might be short lived, even with the bigger bottles. Hopefully There is a replacement kit available.

Viola Arnett, WV

CRAP! Not like they used to be

Don’t bother with these. I used to like these a lot but then they discontinued them and then came out with these ones that like exactly the same but the quality is crap now!! The large sponge tore after 3 uses. (FYI, I have the Medela bottles.) And the little nipple sponge is not as resilient any more; it’s a cheap sponge. If you want something similar, I llike this one:

Lucile Carbon, TX

Doesn’t fit in any of my bottles

It didn’t occur to me when I ordered something called a bottle brush that it wouldn’t actually fit into any of my bottles. I use Dr. Brown’s.I do like the separate nipple brush a lot, but the larger brush was a waste of money. I’ve been using it to clean glasses and jars instead, and even then the little plastic fastener that holds the sponge to the handle keeps popping open every time.

Marcie Omega, OK

All Sponge..Does the job right and makes those silicone bottle nipples clear!

I like the fact that the born free bottle brush is all sponge. While a majority of the bottle brushes out there are sponges on top and "soft" bristles on bottom, I feel that the traditional sponge does a better job of applying dish soap and soaking up any breastmilk residue. I own this brush set as well as the Dr Browns natural flow brush. I currently use the Dr Browns brush for the narrow mouth glass bottles but wish the born free one could work with narrow mouth bottles. The nipple sponge is the best…I am OCD about getting milk residue out of the nipples and this along with dapple dish soap fits the bill. You can buy the sponge nipple brush solo by other manufacturers.

Carla Boonville, NY

not so great

These were different than what came with my bottle starter package and I hate these. The sponge comes off after first use. I bought them twice thinking maybe the first one was defective but had same problem.

Ida Macon, GA

Works great

It is a bottle brush… what you would expect.The nipple brush is great, the bottle brush is a bit wider than it needs to be (and I have wide bottles) but its good.

Shelia Lynnwood, WA

Love the smaller brush

The smaller brush is perfect for washing pump parts and smaller bottles (4-5oz). I just wish they sold replacement sponges for the smaller brush, or just sold the smaller brush separately.

Amalia Beach Lake, PA

good brush

so big ,haha ,this is a good brush,i have not used it,but i believe this born free bush is good

Jerry Monclova, OH

Best bottle cleaners

How we do it:1. after each feeding, rinse bottle and nipple (if you leave for later and accumulate a few like we do)2. turn on hot water, add a bit of soap (your baby-bottle-soap preference)3. scrub bottle with big one4. twist and clean nipple with small onePerfect combo gets entire bottle (and sippy cups) clean! Squeaky clean!Better than scratchy brushes that don’t have good surface area to clean like sponges.Put in microwave to get rid of germs.Stays cleaner if you rinse bottles after each use with hot water first.Excellent product, we haven’t had it show any signs of ware for months of daily use.

Mona Sedalia, NC