Born Free ComfortFit Body Pillow Slip Cover, Diamonds

Born Free ComfortFit Body Pillow Slip Cover, Diamonds

Soft premium cotton slip cover designed especially for the Born Free ComfortFit Body Pillow (sold separately). Available in a variety of designs for additional style options.

Main features

  • 100% cotton
  • Easy to put on, closes with ties
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


Love the pattern

The cotton is of a nice quality. It is a little “crisp”, but will soften up with washings. As with all cotton, it is absorbent, which will be wonderful as the nights are getting warmer and more humid. The ties mean the coverage isn’t perfect, but on the up-side, it’s easy-on and easy-off.

Thelma Vredenburgh, AL

Fits Standard Body Pillow

I have used body pillows with all 4 pregnancies and this fits right on just like the last. At first I wasn’t sure the how tie strings would look, but actually they cover up the pillow nicely and make it easy to put on. Material is soft as well.

Cassie Twin Brooks, SD

Comfortable and thick this should last.

Born Free makes quality baby products. The Fabric on this is sturdy almost like canvas. The fabric design has an organic feel to it. It’s not the easiest to put on, but once it’s on it’s snug and comfortable. The cover ties closed, so you don’t have to worry about zippers, especially with little ones.This body pillow can convert into a feeding pillow as well as into a toddler pillow. You, the baby and the toddler will be comfortable sleeping, reclining or playing with this. This is a quality product that I highly recommend.

Cecile Garland, KS

Perfect for my body pillow

This was great, fit my born free body pillow perfectly. It was easy to take on and off to wash, can’t ask for much more than that.

Leila Hubert, NC

Fits Well, Washes Well, 100% Cotton

I’m happy with the fabric on this cover because:It appears to be substantial enough to take some wear and tear over time.It’s 100 % cotton and that’s a big plus for me. (no off gassing for one)It washed well. A bit stiff at first but it got softer after washing and I anticipate it will become softer over time since it’s all cotton.I like the ties verses a zipper style because you can stitch a loose tie back on but it would be difficult to replace the broken zipper.I see no problem with the case staying on the pillow.Getting it on the pillow:One reviewer complained that the case was difficult to place on the pillow after washing, and based on my similar experiences with pillow covers I decided to remove the cover from the dryer while it was still damp and placed it on the pillow. This helps the fabric give a little more so that it’s not so much of a struggle. (also helps with wrinkles…) Once it dried completely on the top side I just flipped the pillow over and let the other side of the cover dry. Worked for me!It stands to reason that any pillow that is shaped in this fashion with turns and curves, that it might be a bit of a challenge to get the slip cover on.Overall I’m very pleased with the cover and think it will hold up over time. Since it’s probably the only cover that fits this pillow, I would say if you have the pillow you probably need it!

Beth Keslers Cross Lanes, WV

A good slipcover but I’d prefer a zipper

Zippers on body pillows can be scratchy and difficult to maneuver. That being said, I think I’d prefer one with a zipper in this case because it is more secure. The ties are a great concept, but I find them a tad loose to be completely secure. The fabric is a tad scratchy for my taste initially but will soften up over time and washes. Overall, this fits the born free comfortfit well.

Sandy Polk City, FL

Nice Slip Cover

This fits easily over the Comfortfit Body Pillow. The ties hold it in place. The color is nice and it washes well.Some pillow covers can be hard to put on. This is easy to put on over the body pillow. The ties hold it in place and it feels snug. The color is nice and relaxing and good for a bedroom.It is made of cotton and washes well. I would not call it soft but it is not stiff either. I think washing will make it softer. It looks like it will hold up well for many washes.

Emily Mountain City, TN

fully functional. great alternative to the expensive body pillow.

It’s hard to “love” a product like this, but it fully deserves 4 stars.I understand the other reviewers’ apprehension about the closure type. They’re just knots, not buttons or toggles or zippers. But knots can be very secure. The standard shoelace knot works just fine. If they become undone overnight, you can retie them in the morning. In our use, we’ve noticed that the shoelace knot is pretty stable. You can use a stronger knot if you’d like, but that will make it more challenging to remove the cover for washing. A granny knot would be pretty easy to undo and is stronger than a shoelace knot.The fabric is a bit thin and starchy at first, but does get softer with subsequent washes. Though, in our opinion, the starchiness is actually good for a pillow because it feels cooler to the touch. We don’t like warm pillows.The pattern was pretty ugly, but that wasn’t the point. It keeps the pricy body pillow clean.BOTTOM LINE: It has one job to do, and it does it well. It loses a star because it’s a bit pricy for what it is. But 4 stars is pretty good too.SAVE MONEY by rolling up a blanket and stuffing it inside this cover. Spares you the cost of the pillow. And honestly, what will you do with such an oddly shaped pillow after you deliver? Try a big fleece blanket for maximum plushness.

Kerry Tribes Hill, NY