Born Free Drinking Cup, Colors May Vary

Born Free Drinking Cup, Colors May Vary

Our special drinking cup combine a hard spout and a low vacuum valve, it allows a free flow of liquid and reduces the risk of ear infections. Suitable for 9+ months and contain 290ml. Born Free’s baby feeding prodiucts are totally free of polycarbonate which contains bisphenol-a (BPA), today 90-95% of baby bottles on the market contain bpa. researchers across the globe have linked bpa to increased risk for prostate and breast cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity, alteration of sexual maturation, developmental disorders, and reduction in male sperm count. born frees feeding system utilizes a proprietary venting system which helps reduce the risk of middle-ear infection, colic, gas build-up and spit up. The drinking cup has a free flowing spout.

Main features

  • 9 ounce. drinking cup made from Bisphenol-A free plastic
  • Provides free liquid flow that helps reduce colic symptoms and ear infections
  • Dishwasher safe, comes with soft, easy-flow spout
  • Includes one 9-ounce. drinking cup, spout, and travel cover
  • Colors may vary, you will receive one of the following colors: Yellow, pink, blue or green

Verified reviews



Like: 1) Removable handles, 2) BPA FreeDislike: 1) Ridiculously expensive, 2) Fidgety extra parts that do nothing except require cleaning and slow you down when you try to fill it. 3) LEAKS! – No valve except the hole in the cup spout. 4) No valve except in the cup spout. Our daughter chewed on one and the hole got a LOT bigger and leaks like crazy now – you can buy replacements for $7 for a pair.My wife bought a bunch of these and matching bottles in the big BPA scare last year. Now there are MANY better and much cheaper options. I recommend anyone investigate those first.

Ebony Waldo, WI

Peace of Mind

I feel much safer giving this cup to my 18 month old. I like that it is BPA free, and I am glad there is a company out there that is dedicated to keeping our little ones safe. The cup does leak without the cap on, but I like that your child does not have to suck hard to get a drink. I can’t say that my daughter is the biggest fan of the spout, but I am hoping hse will adjust to it. It is rather pricey, but I would recommend Born Free products to my friends.

Dollie Mc Shan, AL


My daughter loves this cup for one distinct reason: She can fling water around on every surface in the house and then slurp it up! I love that it’s BPA free and it’s easy to drink from, but it just leaks too much. Another cool feature is that you can have the handles on, or not.

Taylor Pelican Rapids, MN

Could not get rid of plastic taste

I ordered this sippy cup for my daughter because it was BPA free. It now sits in our cupboard, not used because I could never get the plastic taste out of it.I would also caution parents with babies who are just starting to use sippy cups that this is not a great one to start with. While it may be effective in preventing spills, it also is hard for newbies to get fluids out because they have to suck so hard and they are not used to doing that.

Cecilia Monhegan, ME

People, people– research prior!

Okay, here is the biggest problem I see with 80% of the negative reviews– this cup is SUPPOSED to “leak.” In no uncertain terms, the product is billed as “free-flowing.” Which, to me, and I think my English teachers would all agree, means drip, drip, drip. If you are looking for a leak-free sipper, keep looking. If you are angry that the sipper leaks, I would suggest that you read the full product description before you buy. These sippers are basically identical in appearance to the Born Free TRAINER cup, which does not leak. As an aside, I will also offer up this bit of information– it takes nothing short of a commercial vacuum to get liquid out of those spouts, but my son is very fond of the shape, hence I bought one of these, and everyone is more or less pleased.The reason these get one star reduction is that the cost of the cup is highway robbery– if, like me, you have invested a small fortune in sippers, trying to find one your child will accept, $10+ is really too much. Yes, you can purchase the replacement spouts, but here I will let you in on another bit of interesting information– the collar and spout do not make the fantastic seal that they do when you buy the pre-packaged cup– why?!? I do not mind leaking from the spout tip, where liquid is supposed to come from, but around the collar is unacceptable. My other minor complaint is that the handles are cheaply made– they are quite flimsy and after a few uses/washes, they “spin” around the sipper as they please. When baby picks up the sipper with one hand (which they will eventually do), the sipper may come crashing down at their face. Ah yes, it is only a light bottle filled with a few oz. of liquid, but it’s enough to make even the bravest toddler cry for their mommy.Note: Unless your child has a VERY strong suck, I would recommend bypassing the trainer spout and going directly to these– yes, they will leak, but baby won’t get blue in the face from sucking or throw it down in disgust (because they aren’t able to get anything out).

Clarissa Robinson, KS

sippy cup

I love this sippy cup. My 18 month old uses it for all liquids with the 9 month+ nipple and my 6 month old uses it with the slower (6 month nipple). Both do well with it and have little leakage.

Faith North Pownal, VT

Interchangeable with Klean Kanteen!

Interchangeable with Klean Kanteen!I was about to give up trying to transition my 13 month-old son to a sippy cup, off the bottle. At 12 months, we’d tried and failed miserably, but we at least made a small step: I found that he would take his milk in his Klean Kanteen sippy cup (love them!) if I took the sippy spout off and inserted a Phillips Avent nipple. He would only do the slow flow nipples, as we’d only ever used slow flow nipples (I nursed/provided expressed milk exclusively for 12 months). Once he was taking the Avent slow flow nipple off the KK cup, I hoped we could eventually transition to a sippy spout. I was happy with KK because he liked them for water–he had no problems using the sippy spout, either the white younger version (Avent) or the green older version (also Avent). He also did well with water and the KK sports cap, as he loved sharing from my KK bottle, too.I tried all sorts of options for him with the sippy cup transition for milk–open cup, sports cap, Avent spouts (both kinds) on the KK, other sippy spouts, and various straws. He refused it all. I would not give in to him, but he’d simply boycott the milk and go without, just eating more and sooner at meal times. After three days where he was seriously down on his milk (we still did nipples for bedtime), I knew we either had to give in and accept that he wasn’t ready to transition and wait a bit longer. I was about to give up when a friend had the Born Free trainer cup with the soft spout. I could see that it was similar to a nipple, but at least it was a step in the right direction. I immediately ordered a Born Free cup to try.Immediately, my son took the Born Free spout…wonderful news! But also good news was that I discovered that the Born Free spout is interchangeable with the Klean Kanteen sippy cup! Just like the Avent nipples and spouts are interchangeable, the Born Free spout fits snugly and without leaking! This was great news as I didn’t need to buy entirely new cups, just a few Born Free spouts to change out with the Avent nipples and spouts.I really love the Klean Kanteen sippy cup because it is so versatile–you can use the Avent nipples, same as you would use for Avent nipples. You can also use the Avent sippy spouts, as well as the Klean Kanteen sports caps or the regular, secure close Klean Kanteen lid. You have options that grow with your child, so as his needs change, you can just change the top, and because its stainless steel, it should last awhile, especially if your child is like mine and loves to toss the cup around. The Klean Kanteen sippy cup hasn’t leaked for me, either with the spouts (Avent and Born Free) or nipples. The sports cap does leak. Sometimes, with the sippy spout, a drop or two of liquid will spill out of the air gap, but it’s minimal. And if whatever was drawn up into the valve isn’t cleared (drank), then that will spill out.I looked for other reviews of the Born Free spout, to see if it was interchangeable, but I couldn’t find any other reviews on this. Either Klean Kanteen must have a deal with Avent, or it hasn’t been tried, or at least it hasn’t been reported. This is one happy customer though, for Born Free spouts AND the Klean Kanteen sippy cups.For cleaning the Klean Kanteen Avent sippy spouts, you have to remove the clear no-spill valve and the two black rings for a thorough clean. This seems simpler to me than the valve system in the Born Free cups, but you don’t need that valve system if you use the Born Free spout in the Klean Kanteen, and it’s still no-spill. I haven’t tried the Born Free nipples, so I don’t know if they’re interchangeable with the Klean Kanteen, but maybe, if they are interchangeable with the Born Free Trainer cups.The steel cup is heavier, but my son has no problem feeding himself, and he hasn’t had any problem for many months now. The smaller neck is easy for him to hold, and he manages just fine.I wish I’d known about the interchangeability of Klean Kanteen and Avent earlier…I would have invested in Avent bottles instead of Medela (which I liked fine, but I like double use) or the Dr. Brown (which I hated for all the parts). Or Born Free, for that matter, assuming the nipples are interchangeable. I like versatility and quality, which I seem to find here, not to mention something that works for finally making the transition from bottle to sippy and ditching the bottle!

Claire Vista, MO

Very pleased

I have owned my sippys for about a year now and just love them. We first used them to transition from the bottle which was plain easy with the soft spouts. The handles made it easy for my son to hold and the lids helped me not have a wet diaper bag.We have washed all parts in the dishwasher many, many, many times and not one piece has failed. Yes, the top drips a little. But it was worth it for my piece of mind to switch to a non-BPA sippy. In truth, in my 6 years of parenting, I have found only 2 that have not leaked.I recommend these for piece of mind.

Nelda Atwood, CO

Good option

I bought this cup for my son because of the non-leaching plastic. He already has a Klean Kanteen sippy cup (which works great!), but I decided to give the Born Free drinking cup a try. The cup is easy to clean and easy for a small child to hold. After reading the reviews, I knew that I was purchasing a “drinking cup” which can leak, instead of the Born Free sippy cup version with a non-leaking spout. I thought it might teach my 14 month-old how to handle a cup more carefully, and in many ways it has helped him learn that he needs to keep the cup upright. My only complaint about this cup is that after a couple days of use (and some biting on the soft spout) the flow hole became larger causing MUCH more spillage than when the cup was brand new. We now have to be VERY careful that this cup is kept upright at all times or the result is a large puddle on the floor or wet spot on my son’s clothes. Overall, it’s a good option for a safe toddler cup, and it’s less expensive than the Klean Kanteen or the Sigg.

Julia Gladstone, ND

Best sippy cup ever!

My son is almost 7 months old & I just started him on sippy cups. He had absolutely no problems transistioning from bottle to Born Free cups. The handles are very easy to grasp, and the soft spout is a good transition. Plus, they’re BPA free!

Jewel Shandon, OH

Spouts are too hard!

My baby is easy going, but he HATED the born free sippy cup spouts. Compared to other sippy cups, the spout is much harder. Texture is completely different from bottle nipples. This model may work for an older baby or sippy cup loving baby, but it’s not suitable for a transition from a milk bottle to sippy cup.

Sheila Crumrod, AR

Perfect transition cup!

My son started to use these cups at 4 months, and had bought them ever since! they are perfect and the price made it even better!

Jean Richmond, IN