Born Free – Gift Set

Born Free – Gift Set

The BornFreeTM Gift Set includes: 3x 5oz bottles with level 1 nipples, 1x 9oz Bottle with level 1 nipples, 1x Trainer cup, 1x Package level 2 nipples.

Main features

  • Includes: 3x 5oz bottles with level 1 nipples, 1x 9oz Bottle with level 1 nipples, 1x Trainer cup, 1x Package level 2 nipples.
  • 100% Bisphenol-A Free plastic
  • Helps eliminate colic symptoms
  • Ages: 0+

Verified reviews


wrong item

The set i received was not what i ordered. There’s no training cup and it is green. If i wanted the “go green” gift set I would have ordered it. Awful.

Debora Randolph, AL

Great bottles once you’re used to them

When I first tried these out I had my doubts that they would work out okay (I had been using Avent and have used Dr Brown in the past). They take a little more time to put together than the Avent and babies don’t like to wait when they’re hungry! However once I got a system down (I put the two vent pieces together and the nipple/collar/cap together in advance and store them in separate bins where I prepare the bottles) I came to really like them. I instantly got less burps than with the Avent and the Dr Brown and they don’t leak like the Avent.They’ve gone through the drop test onto a hardwood floor just fine and they quickly passed the most important test: my son took to them right away.One warning: I tried out the “6 month+ Y Flow” nipples but my son vetoed them instantly. I unwisely had bought a number of nipples which (for now) he won’t use. I get a little use out them with my two year old who takes the occasional bottle.Other than that I’m sold – a better bottle than what I had been using (minus a little ramp time getting used to them) and of course they are BPA free.

Rene Buffalo, WV

Great bottles

I have been very happy with these bottles so far. They do not leak at all. Also, my baby is breastfed and has no problem with any nipple confusion with these bottles. They also feel sturdy and well-made in your hand.

Vicki Clovis, NM


I bought these bottles as I wanted BPA free and also something that may help in reducing the possibility of colic/gasiness in my infant.For the last 3, we have dealt with a very gassy (and screaming) infant all while using these bottles. We are now on our 3rd formula and she the gas has been greatly reduced; however this was due to the formula not the bottles. As others have mentioned, there are more parts to clean & put together than usual (which I was fine with if they were good bottles that also helped with gas issues). Unfortunately, they have issues with nipple collapse and leaks. In addition, the newborn flow of the nipple in this set seems to be too fast for my newborn as she choked every time she ate. I thought this was “normal” until I bought another slow flow rate bottle and found she does not choke with a different bottle/nipple.Note on the gas: We did try all the other basic remedies to reduce gas (i.e.: holding baby upright while feeding, holding her upright for 20 minutes after feeding, burping, feeding in a calm environment, etc)

Gussie Cooke City, MT

Finally what I needed

After a whole year of trial and error, I finally got these bottles, oh what a joy! No air like in others, no bubbles, and very easy to clean. I have used them for the past 4 years with both of my kids, the only thing that you would need to change is the rubber insert ( not sure what it’s called) and the nipple, just try to be gentle with these when washing. If you see there’s a leak, it means it’s time to change these. 5 stars…

Haley Bergoo, WV

Great for reducing gas

We used plain Gerber bottles for our first baby and they worked fine. Our second child (1 month old) was fine with the regular bottles at first but over the past three days he started gulping, choking, sucking too hard and getting extremely frustrated. He would burp up to 10 times for three ounces of breastmilk. In desperation I pulled out the single Born Free bottle that I received as a sample two years ago and never used because of all the parts and it worked like a charm. No more choking, getting soaked, frustration and only one or two burps for a whole meal.

Helene Rocky Mount, VA