Born Free – Glass Gift Set

Born Free – Glass Gift Set

The BornFree? Vented Glass Bottles Gift Set includes: * 3x 5oz. Glass Bottles * 2x 9oz. Glass Bottle * 1x Twin Pack Level 2 nipples

Main features

  • Includes: 3x 5oz Glass Bottles, 2x 9oz Glass Bottle, 2x Level 2 Nipples.
  • 100% Bisphenol-A Free
  • Helps eliminate colic symptoms
  • Ages: 0+

Verified reviews


Bottle shattered in front of my daughter and cut her!

My 10 month old daughter had her normal bottle this afternoon. We’ve been using both the glass and plastic Born-free bottles exclusively since she was six months with no previous problems. This afternoon, she grabbed ahold of the bottle by the nipple and gave it a good thunk on the floor. The entire bottle shattered into tiny shards right in front of her! Fortunately her caretaker was quick enough to get her out of the way but not before a piece of glass cut her foot. I am so angry, something much worse could have happened. I filed a report on this brand of glass bottle with the National Consumer Safety Commission.

Mercedes Wardsboro, VT

Excellent bottles

I cannot say enough about these bottles. We tried several glass bottles, including Dr. Brown’s and Evenflo, before landing on Born Free. The latter two leaked and my husband and I would often find ourselves mopping up milk stains anywhere we fed our son. Additionally, the Born Free Bottle parts are easy to disassemble and clean. Dr. Brown’s bottles are VERY tough to clean even with the mini brush they give for cleaning the venting tubes.The one thing we are most impressed with are the accessories that are available with the Born Free bottles. We added training handles, a sippy spout, and a silky slipper cover and our baby’s bottle is a sippy cup. Even though it is pricey, when you consider that we can rearrange the parts of the bottle to become the sippy cups, we would have spent the same amount of money, and in my opinion the Born Free Bottles are a superior quality to the rest. You can’t take a Toyota and say it’s the same quality as a BMW…it just isn’t. 🙂

Robyn Bethel Springs, TN

best bottles

I like that the glass bottles do not scratch or stain or retain any odor from dishwashing detergent. We used these like crazy yet they are still as good as new and can be used for our next baby. They are a lot easier to warm up as well. We loved these bottles! They have even been dropped on our wood floors several times but we’ve never broken one yet. We also got some plastic born bottles as well and although we prefer the glass, they were nice to have. We’ve used Dr. Brown (and had a terrible problem with leaking) and weren’t a big fan of those bottles.

Sandra Eminence, KY

great bottles!

We love these bottles. Our son is mostly breastfed, but we use these for pumped milk. He had no problem at all going from breast to bottle and back to breast. The glass is high quality that doesn’t crack when dropped and the design is very easy to hold. I was afraid that glass would be too heavy, but it isn’t. I feel good giving my son a bottle I know isn’t made from chemical plastics.

Katheryn Riverdale, MI

Pricey, not perfect but gets the job done.

These bottles are on the more expensive side at an average of $10/bottle. The current price of $75 for 5 in a set box from the 3rd party seller is ridiculous.As for the performance of the bottles, overall they were just ok. It wasn’t so troublesome that it led me to seek alternatives.The bottles do LEAK a little. I would say 95% of the time they were fine and didn’t leak. However, the venting system is designed to let air in. If air can get in, milk can get out. How much leaks depends on how close you attach the silicon valve to the white bottle cap. At the top of the valve stem, you will see three lines from the center to the outer edge to let air in. If you tighten the collar too tight to the glass bottle, the hard glass of the bottle will penetrate and break through the plastic collars. So do not OVER TIGHTEN the collars to prevent leaking. The leaking isn’t so bad. No more than your baby drool or spit up.So despite all these minor issues, I would probably go with Born Free again since I haven’t researched other glass alternatives. They’re ok and get the job done. Born Free got their marketing dollars worth.

Carissa Lafox, IL