Born Free Stage 3 Silicone Nipples- 6 Pack

Born Free Stage 3 Silicone Nipples- 6 Pack

Born Free Fast Flow Nipples, recommended for babies of 6 months plus. It also operates as a Medium Flow nipple with some thicker types of formula.

Main features

  • Fast flow
  • BPA Free
  • 6+ months
  • For use with Born Free Classic, Glass and Deco bottle systems

Verified reviews


Good for rice cereal

I was starting to put rice cereal in my sons formula so I bought the Y-cut nipples, however I still had to use scissors to cut them a bit longer or else the food didn’t come out. I suppose you could just cut regular nipples into Y-cut without having to buy them.

Jimmie Kamrar, IA

I love it

I feel like my child doesn’t have to suck it hard to drink out from his bottle. Will buy more.

Chrystal Star City, IN

No issues/problems

Does the job. Period. Done. As advertised. Gets home in time. Fits baby’s mouth. Feeds baby. What else can I say?

Imogene Lakeview, AR

Faster flow for a faster finish

I really like the fast flow nipples. It was taking my son forever to finish 5 ounces and now its all in his suckle. At first he couldn’t keep up with the flow but after about a week he’s now fine and has no problems. I’m really satisfied with all my born free products. Love the ventilated bottle system…would recommend this product anytime.

Cynthia Pinehurst, NC

they work, they are a better price, but I wish I didn’t have to keep buy them

someday someone might make a nipple that stands up to a chewing little monster with teeth. when that day comes, I will give you 5 stars, but I’ve spent >$100 replace nipples!but at least through this route I’ve avoided spending >$110 on nipples…

Rosemary Stanley, VA

Nothing special

Baby has several different nipples and this one is about middle of the pack.Oddly enough, the 3 for 3$ bottles at the local store were the best. Not enough margin for Amazon?

Erin Emerado, ND

We love Born Free bottles!!!

We tried many different brands of bottles with our baby, and Born Free lets him drink quickly while avoiding air in his tummy that can lead to throwing up! Friends of ours use Dr. Brown’s and their baby is throwing up and choking for 30 minutes after each feeding. But we’ve never had a problem once we started using Born Free – I highly recommend them!!!

Suzette Ramah, NM