Born Free Sterilizer

Born Free Sterilizer

Born Free BornFree Microwave Sterilizer

Main features

  • The BornFree Microwave Sterilizer fits all types of bottles which can be sterilized including all parts in approximately 4 minutes.
  • There are special grips which make opening and removing the sterilizer from the microwave easier.

Verified reviews


Not good for other bottles

I received this sterilizer as a gift from my registry. I intended to use BornFree bottles exclusively, but little did I know that my baby would not be a fan. He prefers the Dr. Brown bottles because the smaller nipple is easier to fit in his mouth. Well, the larger (taller) Dr. Brown bottles are too tall for this sterilizer. Therefore, I am going to try a more universal sterilizer, such as the Munchkin or First Years one. Also, I use a Medela pump, and the 4 oz Medela bottles always tip over in this sterilizer. I’m not sure it will be better with a different sterilizer though. Overall, unless you are strictly using BornFree bottles, I would suggest checking out another sterilizer. (Also the other sterilizers I am considering, the First Years and Munchkin ones, are cheaper. The price on this one is quite high.)

Mona Yabucoa, PR

Born Free Sterilizer

Delivery was timely and will be a real asset when my grandson is born. I have spoken with several people that have this product and say they wouldn’t be without one.

Adrian Palmer, PR

nothing to it just a piece of fancy tupperware

I’m not trying to knock this item,It serves its purpose its sturdy and is a nice shape.just wanted to stress that there is no cute fluffy stuff here lol its a tough peice of plastic with a little nob at the tip to lift the lid,Has a tray inside of it you can lift the items out with in blue with several litte compartments.I guess it could have been made cuter,would it have killed them to put some little picture or something ha!like the baby bullet u know? Now that’s clever marketing with the happy face containers.Anyway its functional ,it holds 4 bottles and the accessories for them,Holds small and lrg bottles 4 of either size and also can be used for pump items .I would recommend this fancy tupperware 🙂

Angeline Forreston, TX


I didn’t get one of these before I had my baby. However, when breastfeeding didn’t work out and I was exclusively bottle-feeding, we were constantly boiling water to sterilize the bottles. We knew we had to get something that would make things easier–and take less time! This is a lifesaver!

Phoebe Rocky Ford, CO

Kinda wish I didn’t buy it

So this item works, does the job, etc, but it’s large and hard to store. You could make your own steamer at home to do the same job with just a bowl and a lid that you have laying around your kitchen. Unless you want your bottles piling up in the sink or sitting around your house, you have to have this out on your counter holding the bottles and it takes a lot of room. It also only holds four bottles, so I have to use it twice a day and it barely fits in a smaller microwave. If you are dead set on getting this then knock yourself out. It does what it is suppose to, but if you don’t want to deal with a space issue and have a microwave safe bowl at home, just use that instead.

Myra Hubbard, OH