Born Free Teether, Gum Brush, Silicone 1 EA

Born Free Teether, Gum Brush, Silicone 1 EA

Born Free Gum Brush Teether – Pink

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Awesome teether for babies!

I was looking for the Sophie giraffe teether at Goore’s but they were currently out of stock, but I wanted something that might have a similar feel to it for my son–the several wooden teethers he has don’t seem to soothe him very well. I was a little skeptical because of the strange shape and the fact that it’s all one color (we bought blue) so maybe not as stimulating or interesting. However our son loves it! If I put it next to a bunch of other very colorful and fun-looking teethers he will always reach for this one. I bought this for $10 and figured it would be okay if he didn’t like it, and I only wish I had bought it before I purchased several teethers that were almost twice as much and while cute they aren’t used much. If your baby doesn’t seem to like the harder teethers this may be one to try. It is very easy for even the littlest babies to hold, we’ve had this since he was 4 1/2 months and he had no problems grabbing it, and it’s a plus to have the tiny stimulating bristles to help keep their teeth clean when they do come in. Like the other reviewer I will say that it needs to be cleaned frequently because it will pick up lint and fuzz (and the occasional pet hair), but a quick rinse in water is usually all that’s needed and it’s so worth it to me to have something that will make our son happy. I recommend this teether to any mother with a teething baby.

Jacklyn Buffalo, IN

My 5.5 Month Old’s Favorite Teether

My son adored this teether.As soon as we opened it, it was an instant success. He would play with this for almost 30 mins at a time.You have the option of cooling it, but he enjoyed it just fine at room temperature. I think he found it so soothing because there are so many textures to be found on the teether. Though it looks like it’s made of hard plastic, it’s actually a very soft silicone.Unfortunately, this was recently dropped and lost while we were out on a walk. We’ll be ordering another directly!

Debora Mertzon, TX

The Best!

If I could give this 10 stars I would have! My little one have every sort of teether imaginable, including the ever popular sofie giraffe….which btw the does enjoy. However THIS is her fav chew toy. At first was was a little weirded out my the sensation of the bristle part…and now it’s always in her mouth, and she crys when she accidently drops. My only complaint is that stuff does stick to it…hair, fuzz etc… so it needs to be cleaned frequently. BUT thats so worth it considering it seems to really be helping her get through the painful teething process. One more note…Babies R Us has this for 9.99.

Josefa White Cloud, KS

Sooo glad I bought this!

My daughter is chewing on everything under the sun these days! Her toes, her fingers, her jammies, my shirt, my hair… everything except for her teething rings and sophie.I bought this tonight and within minutes of having it out of the box, she was chewing the heck out of it!! The drool was a’flowin’!Yaaay!!I left one star off because, let’s face it, there’s always room for improvement. 😉

Adele Bellows Falls, VT

I love this, but my son didn’t.

My son has been teething for what feels like forever, so I’ve purchased a pretty wide selection of teething toys.I really like the look and feel of this toy, but it doesn’t seem to be one that my son picks first. I think maybe it’s not firm enough for him to sink his teeth into. The bristles really do pick up anything and everything, so if you have pets (or you’re a heavy shedder) you’ll be washing this toy ALL.THE.TIME! Granted, toys like this are all about personal preference, so your baby may love it!

Ila Gooding, ID

Good teether once the little one got used to it!

This is the most used teether for my baby. Took her a bit to get used to the brush-like texture but she loved it after. If you are on a limited budget, buy a few good ones like this one instead of getting dozens of cheap ones.

Sybil Paloma, IL