Born Free Trainer Cup, Colors may vary

Born Free Trainer Cup, Colors may vary

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Main features

  • ActiveFlow Venting Technology lets child control liquid flow
  • Teething-friendly soft spout eases transition from bottle to cup
  • All handles, collars, nipples and spouts are completely interchangeable between any Born Free bottle or cup
  • Colors may vary, you will receive one of the following colors: Yellow, pink, blue, orange or green
  • Top rack dishwasher safe

Verified reviews


Threw mine away …

My trainer cup came in the Born Free Gift Box that had theBorn Free 9-Ounce Wide Neck BornFree Bottles Twin Pack,Born Free BPA Free Wide Neck Bottles – 5-Ounce Twin Pack, etc. I love the other bottles but the blue trainer cup didn’t work for me.Before I opened the Born Free Trainer cup, I already purchased theGerber Soft Spout Two-Handle Spill-Proof Cup – 2 Pk. I liked the taste of the water and the spout had water coming out at a good rate. My daughter was ok with it too.I then opened the Born Free Trainer cup and my daughter hated it. I tasted the water and it was horrible. There was a strong plastic smell to it.My husband put me through a blind taste test and compared the Gerber vs. Born Free. As soon as I tasted the Born Free I had to spit out the water because it tasted so horribly. I’m glad I didn’t put any juice into the bottle yet otherwise it would have masked the horrible taste.So before you give your baby this trainer bottle, taste test it with water first.I did keep the sippy spout and the handle and placed it on the 9 ounce Born Free bottle. The sippy spout flowed way to slow. It didn’t spill, but nothing much came out of it either. At the moment, the only part I’m using out of the trainer cup is just the handle. My daughter is holding the 9 ounce born free bottle by herself now thanks to that handle.But all things considered the Born Free blue trainer cup was a HUGE disappointment. I threw away all 3 bottles that I owned.

Kirsten Clarks, LA

The spout is not big enough

If you are using this as a trainer cup, to move your child to the sippy, do not buy. The spout is too small. I like the THINK BABY bottle much more. I wish they would have made the spout larger.

Francesca Big Falls, MN

Doesn’t have US measurements.

I have been using Born Free bottles since my son was born. I love them, and now I purchased a couple of the trainer cups for him so start transitioning. The one disappointment that I have is that the measurements along the side are not like the ones on the bottles. They only have UK ounces (although it just says “fl oz” and doesn’t indicate which standard it is, but I compared to the measurements on the bottles, and it’s clearly the UK version), and mL measurements, and no US fluid ounces. Not a huge issue, as the difference is pretty minimal.Also, I now have a green and PINK trainer cup for my son. That is just a bummer of the ordering system that Amazon has. So if you are buying for specific gender, just beware that you might not get the “appropriate color”.

Anita Chantilly, VA

leaks & that annoying “vent”

We’ve been using the Born Free bottles for the past few months and they’ve worked our really well – except, as I’d read in another review elsewhere, I don’t know if I see a point to that vent insert. It’s pretty annoying. I tried simply not using the vent, but then the bottles seemed to leak.SO, because I’ve used Born Free for some time now, I thought I’d give the born free sippy cup trainer a try. And because I’d read the reviews about leakage, I decided to also buy the Think Baby Sippy Cup Trainer, as well, to compare the two.I used Think Baby first and LOVED it. No leaks at all. AND no annoying vent insert to deal with, either. Then I tried the Born Free trainer after, and it leaked IMMEDIATELY. I double checked to make sure everything was screwed on tightly, tried again, and the thing still leaks.I was going to give this bottle 2 stars, to be nice & because I’ve used the bottles for so long, but… ARGH! That stupid vent insert.Seeing as these cups aren’t exactly cheap, I’m going to return this one and get a few more of the Think Baby cups.

Patricia Crofton, MD

Impossible to get fluid out

This spout was extremely hard for me to sip any liquid out of so I didn’t even try it with my 6 month old baby. Only way to get anything out of it is to squeeze spout very hard & suck at the same time. Returning.

Sherri Broadway, NJ

Not all are created equal

Ordered a few of these for thicker juices, etc. Had bought one from Baby’s R Us and it was great so I figured I would get some more. You can’t order a specific color, so yup I got pink for my boy . . .go figure. I ordered 3 bottles one was pink, yellow and green. The nipples varried one was soft, but others were hard. My son chewed them and destroyed them in no time.

Dessie Lacona, IA

our favorite sippy cup on the market – love their bottles too!

This is my son’s favorite sippy cup and mine too. Of course, its one of the more expensive that he prefers.

Casandra Revere, MN

Works very well for us!

I’m going to go ahead and say that we love these sippy cups — they work great for us. We have been Born Free fans since the very beginning of bottle use. So it was a natural transition for us to use the sippys. All the parts are interchangeable with the bottles — except the lids; if you use one of the bottle lids for the sippy, you’ll have leakage into the bottle cap, if the bottle is getting tossed around in your bag or whatever. The flow is good for a bigger kiddo — it would have been way to fast for my kiddo at 6, or even 9, months. But now, at 16 months (we started using them at a year), they are all I really like to use. They don’t leak when being used for us, ever. A winner in my book!

Lesa Weaverville, NC

Baby did not like it.

Aside from having too many parts to wash, the spout is hard for my baby to suck. He hates it. But when I gave him the thinkababy sippy, he drank all his milk.

Katrina Marathon, OH

Great Trainning cup

At first I bought Drinking cup with hard sprout. It leaked badly. So I decided to get training sprout and was pleased with results. No leaking and sprout is not too soft. Amazing, my baby is compleately off the bottle, thanks to Born Free Trainning Cup.

Josefa Virgil, KS

Really works as a training cup

By the time our baby was 11 months we owned 10 different brand & style sippy cups, with him equally hating them all the same as we tried to get him to wean off the bottle. Finally when he was 12 months I bought the trainer nipples to try out in his born free bottle. Which BTW you can buy just the “trainer” nipple spouts if you already own the born free bottles, and they fit perfectly the same with no leakage. Also I like that they dont have any sort of stopper inside because some sippy cups that are “leak proof” its only because they are practically impossible to drink out of!! Also there is “trainer” spouts and then there is “drinking cup” spouts. They are different…. There trainer ones are softer and more pliable with no flow restriction, the “drinking cup” spout I believe is a harder plastic spout and a slower flow/harder to get the liquids out of.When the spouts arrived in the mail the first couple times he took a few sips then tossed it, but we kept trying. Over a couple weeks he drank from it easily with no issues. After we tried to re-introduce any soft spout sippy cups we have. And what do you know, now he LOVES his sippy’s. Mainly this trainer one, NUK trainer cup/active cup, and Nuby soft spout the most. I would highly recommend giving this a try especially if you are not having any luck with the regular plastic hard spout sippy cups. This week we plan to ditch the bottles 100% and switch over to all sippy’s, he just turned 13 months.

Sherri Cardington, OH


My 9 month old does not care for this sippy cup. I had heard that it was a great cup to use when transitioning from a bottle to a sippy cup, but he won’t drink out of it.

Nell Rake, IA


Yes, I bought the training cups and not the drinking cups. I have correctly fitted all parts together and these cups still leak! I must be looking for an elusive cup that doesn’t seem to exist. A sippy cup that won’t leak milk onto my carpet. If your child drops his/her sippy cup the contents will dripple onto your floor–if you’re okay with this then by all means buy these. I hated them. I cannot chase my daughter around with a carpet cleaner everytime she drinks from her cup. Yes, I have also just made her sit at her high chair and drink it but at the end of the meal there was more milk on the floor and high chair than in her mouth. Waste of money!

Janna Bruce, MS

TRAINER cup works! No leaks!!!

Like the other reviewers, make sure you are buying the trainer cup, not the sippy cup and you won’t have leak/spill issues! We bought this for our 4 month old in hopes that she would drink breast milk from this cup since she is now refusing an occasional bottle. She drinks from this easily and likes that she can hold it. Its allowed my husband and I to have a date night again!

Jimmie Hoffman Estates, IL

Love this sippy cup!!

This sippy cup is great!! It has a cover so the top stays germ free when in your bag. It is so easy for baby to drink out of too. Most cups I have tried, the baby needs to suck to get a drink out and that’s not how cups work! This is easy and not leaky.

Jo Pulaski, NY

Colors Vary or Maybe Not

I ordered two and got two pink cups. I don’t worry about colors coordinating with gender but I think Amazon is setting themselves up for customers to abuse their return policy by not providing better customer service here with the lack of choice in the color.Not much to add here about the experience with these cups that hasn’t been said already. The design of the Born Free venting system for their bottles leaks 95% of the time for me, so I don’t expect any less with these since they use the same venting system.

Aisha Queens Village, NY


I just didn’t find this type of spout necessary for the baby’s transition from a bottle to a cup. It was actually really tough to suck through this spout, making the baby very frustrated. So with my first baby I went through about 5 different transition spouts only to discover that he needed to go straight to the spout cup! For my second baby I started giving her water in the cup at 6 months —she did just fine. This is the best cup I found:The First Years Spill Colors

Opal Liverpool, IL

my kiddo loves these

These are the sippy cup of choice in our household because:
• it’s truly spill proof
• parts are interchangeable with the other born free baby bottles
• soft spout is chew friendly, and if it gets too torn apart…
• spout is replaceableToo bad i couldn’t choice a color, because of course i received the one color i was hoping not to get (pink). But i got over it pretty quickly and i’m pretty sure my son doesn’t care.And just to clarify, since there seems to be much confusion among some of the reviewers- I am referring to the TRAINING cup with the soft spout (which i highly recommend), not the DRINKING cup which looks the same but has a hard spout.

Caroline Hyder, AK

A bit complicated

Ok so sippy cups are not rocket science, but this cup has a few too many parts to put together. It’s a lot to separate, clean and keep from getting lost in the cabinet. It also leaks a bit more than the others. It’s not a horrible leaker, but a bit more other brands I’ve tried.

Bernadette Claremont, IL

Worked fine for training

This was probably our best "training" cup. We tried a few. The training cup time is short, and we quickly moved onto a different sippy, but I was happy to have this one. Love that it had a soft spout and handles are key. I think the Born Free brand is great.

Felecia Poestenkill, NY

Great product!

We’ve gotten great use out of this trainer cup until my son hit about 20 months. Then he would squirt the milk out everywhere and use it as a teether, which caused it to leak. Up to that point it was great. Even the nutritionist we saw liked it because, she said it wouldn’t mess up their teeth and it flowed easily.

Sherrie Onemo, VA

best sippy cup we’ve tried, for a while…

Have you ever tried to drink from a normal sippy-cup? The little plastic valve-thing that keeps it from spilling everywhere makes it extremely difficult. I tested a few that we’ve ended up with, and i’m just astonished that any child can drink from them. Mine certainly can’t.This cup uses an entirely different method. First off, the spout is soft, which is great because my son chews on everything. He’s constantly teething. Second, he can actually drink more than three drops before giving up in frustration. Third, when he does drink an ounce or do in one go, when he takes his mouth off the spout, there’s not the great sucking sound of pressure equalizing. I’m not sure how the little plastic rings allow air to get in to replace the milk he drinks, but they work.I’m a little baffled by some of the low-star reviews for this product. There are two major categories of complaint: leaking, and difficulty drinking.The only way we’ve been able to get the cup to leak are as follows: leaving out the vent rings when assembling the cup, or mashing the spout into things while upside-down. Now that my son has chewed on them all extensively, some will let an occasional drip of milk out if you hold them upside-down, but not enough to damage the hardwood. (Also, the cap covers the opening in the spout, and i’ve never had the cup leak at all with the cap on, even sideways in the diaper bag.)As for difficulty drinking, it’s surely not as easy as drinking from a cup that isn’t concerned with leaks, but it’s so much better than standard sippy cups that the comparison is almost meaningless.—I feel a little silly editing this review two days after posting it, but i just ordered two more of these, and something changed. The two new ones leak generously. If you hold them upside-down, they downright dribble. Further, with the cap on, the spout isn’t stoppered, so the cap fills up with milk if it’s not upright. (The cap makes a tight seal, so the milk doesn’t leak everywhere. If you’re not paying attention and open the cap, though, you will make a mess.)They’re still much easier to drink out of than standard sippy cups, but i can’t toss these into a bag like i could the first few i ordered. I’m not sure what changed; they look identical to the older ones, but they’re not.

Joanna Swords Creek, VA