Born Free Trainer Cup Spouts- Twin Pack, Colors May Vary

Born Free Trainer Cup Spouts- Twin Pack, Colors May Vary

Soft trainer cups spouts, assorted colors- blue green yellow and orangeBorn frees products are totally free of polycarbonate which contains bisphenol-a (bpa), today 90-95% of baby bottles on the market contain bpa. Researchers across the globe have linked bpa to increased risk for prostate and breast cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity, alteration of sexual maturation, developmental disorders, and reduction in male sperm count.

Main features

  • Comes with two extra soft trainer cups spouts
  • Twin pack
  • Colors may vary, you will receive 1 of the following colors: blue, yellow or green
  • Colors may vary, you will receive one of the following colors: blue, yellow or green

Verified reviews


Expensive & poorly designed – LOTS of better BPA free options now

We had to get some of these for the bottles.Like: 1) Removable handles, 2) BPA FreeDislike: 1) Ridiculously expensive, 2) Fidgety extra parts that do nothing except require cleaning and slow you down when you try to fill it. 3) LEAKS! – No valve except the hole in the cup spout. 4) No valve except in the cup spout. Our daughter chewed on one and the hole got a LOT bigger and leaks like crazy now – you can buy replacements for $7 for a pair.My wife bought a bunch of these and matching bottles in the big BPA scare last year. Now there are MANY better and much cheaper options. I recommend anyone investigate those first

Brittney Limaville, OH

Waste of money

These spouts are too hard for my 13 mo to drink out of. It takes too much effort to get liquid out. I would not recommend them. Update: After a few more months of trying these, my 17mo will drink out of them but they leak if he turns the bottle upside down. I use the nuk sippy cup with the soft silicon spout. those have not leaked yet.

Madeleine Fort Lawn, SC

My son is not a fan of these spouts…

I would recommend getting the drink cup spouts instead. The holes are much to small in these spouts, rendering them useless.

Darlene Seco, KY

Good in between nipple but somewhat superfluous.

We tried these for a few weeks when it looked like our son was ready to move on from the standard bottle. The theory being that we could use our current bottle system and go from these to the green nipple to make full sippy cups. The flow was simply not good enough and the green ones flowed to fast. In the end we just broke down and bought sippy cups with diaphragms (which really aren’t that expensive)and put these in storage.Kind of a cool idea to utilize your existing bottle system but ultimately not a great substitute.

Lilia Cornettsville, KY

Good idea, lousy execution

I really wanted to like these. I wanted to extend my investment in my Born Free bottles so I got these “trainer” spouts. When they came, one of the spouts didn’t have much of a hole at all in it – I would need to take an x-acto knife to it to make it usable. I tried the other one that looked like it would work, and my daughter happily sucked away at it for 10 minutes. The only problem was that she didn’t get a drop out of the bottle. It’s impossible to get any liquid through – it’s basically a glorified pacifier. I didn’t bother to send it back because it’s more trouble than it’s worth, but I don’t recommend them to anyone else.

Edna Mc Donald, NM

Interchangeable with Klean Kanteen Sippy Cups!

I was about to give up trying to transition my 13 month-old son to a sippy cup, off the bottle. At 12 months, we’d tried and failed miserably, but we at least made a small step: I found that he would take his milk in his Klean Kanteen sippy cup (love them!) if I took the sippy spout off and inserted a Phillips Avent nipple. He would only do the slow flow nipples, as we’d only ever used slow flow nipples (I nursed/provided expressed milk exclusively for 12 months). Once he was taking the Avent slow flow nipple off the KK cup, I hoped we could eventually transition to a sippy spout. I was happy with KK because he liked them for water–he had no problems using the sippy spout, either the white younger version (Avent) or the green older version (also Avent). He also did well with water and the KK sports cap, as he loved sharing from my KK bottle, too.I tried all sorts of options for him with the sippy cup transition for milk–open cup, sports cap, Avent spouts (both kinds) on the KK, other sippy spouts, and various straws. He refused it all. I would not give in to him, but he’d simply boycott the milk and go without, just eating more and sooner at meal times. After three days where he was seriously down on his milk (we still did nipples for bedtime), I knew we either had to give in and accept that he wasn’t ready to transition and wait a bit longer. I was about to give up when a friend had the Born Free trainer cup with the soft spout. I could see that it was similar to a nipple, but at least it was a step in the right direction. I immediately ordered a Born Free cup to try.Immediately, my son took the Born Free spout…wonderful news! But also good news was that I discovered that the Born Free spout is interchangeable with the Klean Kanteen sippy cup! Just like the Avent nipples and spouts are interchangeable, the Born Free spout fits snugly and without leaking! This was great news as I didn’t need to buy entirely new cups, just a few Born Free spouts to change out with the Avent nipples and spouts.I really love the Klean Kanteen sippy cup because it is so versatile–you can use the Avent nipples, same as you would use for Avent nipples. You can also use the Avent sippy spouts, as well as the Klean Kanteen sports caps or the regular, secure close Klean Kanteen lid. You have options that grow with your child, so as his needs change, you can just change the top, and because its stainless steel, it should last awhile, especially if your child is like mine and loves to toss the cup around. The Klean Kanteen sippy cup hasn’t leaked for me, either with the spouts (Avent and Born Free) or nipples. The sports cap does leak. Sometimes, with the sippy spout, a drop or two of liquid will spill out of the air gap, but it’s minimal. And if whatever was drawn up into the valve isn’t cleared (drank), then that will spill out.I looked for other reviews of the Born Free spout, to see if it was interchangeable, but I couldn’t find any other reviews on this. Either Klean Kanteen must have a deal with Avent, or it hasn’t been tried, or at least it hasn’t been reported. This is one happy customer though, for Born Free spouts AND the Klean Kanteen sippy cups.For cleaning the Klean Kanteen Avent sippy spouts, you have to remove the clear no-spill valve and the two black rings for a thorough clean. This seems simpler to me than the valve system in the Born Free cups, but you don’t need that valve system if you use the Born Free spout in the Klean Kanteen, and it’s still no-spill. I haven’t tried the Born Free nipples, so I don’t know if they’re interchangeable with the Klean Kanteen, but maybe, if they are interchangeable with the Born Free Trainer cups.The steel cup is heavier, but my son has no problem feeding himself, and he hasn’t had any problem for many months now. The smaller neck is easy for him to hold, and he manages just fine.I wish I’d known about the interchangeability of Klean Kanteen and Avent earlier…I would have invested in Avent bottles instead of Medela (which I liked fine, but I like double use) or the Dr. Brown (which I hated for all the parts). Or Born Free, for that matter, assuming the nipples are interchangeable. I like versatility and quality, which I seem to find here, not to mention something that works for finally making the transition from bottle to sippy and ditching the bottle!

Valarie Wellington, IL

Works great with Born Free bottles

These soft-spout nipples work great with the Born Free bottles – it’s nice that you can purchase just the spouts to use with the bottles you already have without having to purchase a whole different sippy cup.I wasn’t aware until after I purchased these that the spouts are available in a harder and softer plastic – these are the softer plastic ones, which are great for a beginner just learning to transition from a bottle to a sippy cup.

Saundra Cleveland, TN

Works well

I bought these spouts to be used with my Born free milk bottles. I gave up on my Nuk sippy cup coz it was leaking big time. I had to always have a cloth under my baby’s chin each time he took a sip from Nuk’s sippy cup. After I used born free’s training spouts it was great. No more leaks. The only thing I think might be an issue is the fact that the spouts are kind of firm. I find that my baby takes a little more effort in trying to get the liquid out. Though I can see that he is drinking though it would be better if the spout was softer and less of an effort for the baby. I have yet to purchase the handles to fully turn my milk bottle into a sippy cup. I would recommend. Added plus is it adds more usage to the born free bottles.

Terra Medicine Lodge, KS

Durable spouts

For a long time, my son did not like this, but he finally decided to use it when he turned 1. These spouts were durable, and they lasted until he was done with a trainer cup. These spouts are made of relatively hard and thick plastic.

Maxine Helen, MD