Born Free Twin Pack Wide Neck Bottles, 5 Ounce

Born Free Twin Pack Wide Neck Bottles, 5 Ounce

A baby’s health is of paramount importance, which is why these Born Free bottles are simple and safe. With exceptionally durable, BPA, phthalate, and PVC-free plastic construction, and an anti-colic air vent, these bottles are practical and innovative. The mission at Born Free is to maintain baby’s health everywhere with their smart and simple innovations. Each twin-pack includes two vented 5 oz. bottles, each with a nipple and cover.

Main features

  • Born Free 5oz. Baby Bottle- Free of the hormone disrupting chemical – Bispehnol-A.
  • Revolutionary venting system which helps reduce colic (gas, spit up) symptoms and helps reduce middle ear infections
  • Each dishwasher safer (top rack) bottle comes with high grade Stage 1 nipple and travel cover for the nipple

Verified reviews


Safe but imperfect…and expensive.

I wanted bpa (bisphenol a) free bottles for my daughter born last October, and at the time, Born Free (BF) were all I found. Fortunately, there are now more options: […] But back to BF.Pros:–Bpa free plastic, plus a glass option.–Silicone nipples are “modern”. By this I mean they have a wide base at the bottom of the long nipple (like Avent). As opposed to the Evenflo glass bottles, which still have what I call the “1950’s” nipple that our parents used (i.e., short stubby nipple without a “base” of any kind to mimic the breast, by contrast).Cons:–The anti-gas “vent”: I find this totally worthless. I tried Avent, Adiri, First Years, and Evenflo, to name a few. However by the time I was set to try Dr. Browns, I decided that bpa free trumped everything else, so I went with Born Free and bought a full contingent of these bottles. The Born Free system works no better than Avent (whose bottles don’t have a “system” (meaning there are no special inserts or vents)), and less well than the First Years Breastflow bottle (I loved this bottle – very little gas. Wish they had safe plastic!). I don’t mind cleaning extra parts if that’s what it takes to get bpa free and anti-gas, but boy, you better not make me clean an extra part that provides no material benefit. BTW, the instructions say to make sure the vent is “open.” Folks, the vent consists of a vertical slit in what I’ll call the “mini-nipple” of the interior silicone vent. If anyone knows how to “open” a slit, I’d be real interested to hear it.–Cleaning brushes: while one does not need to purchase the BF bottle brush (Munchkin’s is more than adequate – better even – at $3 or so), I’ve found the nipple brush is very useful. Munchkin’s bottle/nipple brush consists of stiff bristles. While this is fine for silicone nipples, BF’s specialized vent has the aforementioned “mini-nipple” which is very delicate. I’ve always been afraid that even gentle brushing with the bristle brush would tear the slit (the silicone is very thin here). Thus, if one wants BF’s soft foam nipple brush (which does indeed work well), one will pony up $14.99 list for not only the nipple brush, but also the bottle brush. They are not sold separately. They are made of cheap foam with plastic handles – that’s IT! – and they wear out quickly. Outrageous to all intelligent parents out there. The cost of producing these has to be infinitesimal. Why gouge the consumer for brushes to clean BF’s bottles? Insulting and greedy, and counterproductive to generating brand loyalty.–Price: more on the subject of greed. While I am eternally grateful to the man who brought these to market (thus putting pressure on other mfgrs to compete), I am grossly offended by Born Free’s pricing structure. Let’s consider the fact that the only competitive advantage these initially had (as there are now competitive alternatives; again, see link above) was 1) bpa free plastics and 2) a glass bottle with a modern, wide-base nipple. Passing on to the consumer the cost of creating a bpa free bottle is one thing, but when one considers that the other components are no different from other manufacturers (glass is glass – cheap! – and silicone nipples are a dime a dozen), the price structure is insulting to parents’ intelligence. For example, on the Born Free website (all my comments are based on list price – you can often get them cheaper on Amazon, for example, but it is the manufacturer’s suggested retail that I’m analyzing here), a two pack of 9 oz plastic bottles is the same price as a two pack of glass 9 oz bottles – $19.99. Glass bottles and silicone nipples (with a worthless vent, don’t forget). Contrast this with Evenflo’s 8 oz glass bottle three pack for $4.99. These come with rubber nipples, so add back in 3 replacement Evenflo silicone nipples at $3.50 (highest Amazon price I saw, for four nipples) and you are at $8.49: less than half the price for one more bottle and two extra nipples. Why, I ask myself? Because of the vent? The wide neck? Neither is the company’s top-marketing point, rather, the bpa-free plastic is. In fact, the BF glass bottles should cost LESS than the corresponding BF bpa-free plastic bottles. It just makes sense. And as other reviewers have noted, the replacement silicone nipples (all bottles come with stage 1 nipples; eventually, you need stage 2, 3…) are more expensive than the corresponding silicone nipples of comparable brands. Here again, there is NO COMPETITIVE DIFFERENCE in these silicone nipples. The fact that they are slightly different in diameter from, say, Avent only makes one think you need to buy BF (having now read other reviewers, I’ll try Dr. Browns when we get to stage 3). List price for two BF nipples (regardless of flow) is $6.99. A four pack is $12.99. Woo hoo. OUTRAGEOUS! And the $15 bottle brushes? As per above – puh-lease.–Lack of replacement glass bottle bases – let’s face it, these break. It would be REALLY NICE to be able to purchase just the glass base, without the vent, nipple and cap, for a discounted price, as a service to their customers.The bottom line: there are other options now from MAM (the UltiVent) and Nuby by Luv n’ Care. I also see that Dr. Browns now offers glass. In the breast pumping arena, all Medela’s parts and containers (which convert to bottles with, unfortunately, 1950’s nipples) are also bpa free. Thus, when we need more 9 oz bottles, I won’t be buying BF again on principle, which is too bad, as they pioneered the bpa offering (or at least the marketing thereof), and normally that would be enough to buy my loyalty.

Beatrice Squaw Valley, CA

BPA Free but poor design. Better BPA-free options if you look

My wife bought a bunch because they were (for a time) the only BPA-free bottles she found (frankly didn’t look that hard)They are decent bottles yes, but there is this extra pair of pieces which you have to assemble. I don’t see that they do anything for reducing swallowed air or anything else, but they’re fidgety and just extra pieces to clean.It might not sound so bad but it more than doubles the amount of work to fill a bottle, and at 3 AM when you have a screaming baby, you don’t want to be diddling around with the extra pieces.BE WARNED – Replacement nipples are $7.50 a pair and they last only a month or two before they need to be replaced (The holes enlarge and let too much flow out) There are MUCH CHEAPER and simpler / better designed bottles out there – you just have to look.The sippy cups are another story entirely. They are a disaster.

Alta Clear Lake, WI

please read- there is a trick to venting these bottles…

I was searching for a bottle that didn’t leak (all of my Avent and Breast Flow leaked terribly). These bottles are fantastic – as long as you figure out the venting trick (it’s so silly that they just don’t tell you this). The “venting system” has a little, rubbery insert that goes under the nipple and protrudes into the bottle. this protuberance as an air venting slit that keeps the nipple from collapsing. this slit needs to be facing towards the ceiling when you are feeding baby. I’m guessing it’s because the air your baby is causing isn’t forceful enough to really push the bubbles out- but if you let the bubbles RISE, as they do naturally, you will see a continuous stream of bubbles popping up inside the bottle as your baby drinks. it’s really no big deal. when i make a bottle, i always make sure this little slit is situated where the words on the bottle are. if you don’t place the slit anywhere particular, you can always twist the bottle while baby is drinking – you will eventually see little girl is a voracious eater. she will take down an entire 9 oz bottle without coming off the nipple once- as long as that slit is where it’s supposed to be. these bottles DO NO LEAK (i have three i bought at separate times). It’s so ridiculous that no one tells you to twist the bottle if it’s not venting. fantastic product- if you don’t mind the price.

Antionette Richeyville, PA

Nipple collapsing issue

Like the bottle that it is bisphenol A free and it looks and feel like the Dr. Brown wide neck bottles we have been using. However, we had repeated issues with nipples collapsing, which frustrates both baby and mom. We contacted Born Free about the issue, and they were very responsive. We tried their suggestions to remedy the issue (made sure the vent system is assembled correctly), however, the nipple collapsing issue still occurs periodically. I think the vent system on some of our bottles are just defective. I gave up trying to make the Born Free vent work, and just replaced the Born Free vent with the Dr. Brown parts, and it has been working great after that.

Hillary Brackettville, TX

Great bottles

When I first tried these out I had my doubts that they would work out okay (I had been using Avent and have used Dr Brown in the past). They take a little more time to put together than the Avent and babies don’t like to wait when they’re hungry! However once I got a system down (I put the two vent pieces together and the nipple/collar/cap together in advance and store them in separate bins where I prepare the bottles) I came to really like them. I instantly got less burps than with the Avent and the Dr Brown and they don’t leak like the Avent.They’ve gone through the drop test onto a hardwood floor just fine and they quickly passed the most important test: my son took to them right away. He seems to find the shape easy enough to hold now and then. I also like that the caps are easier to center on the nipple than the Avent.One warning: I tried out the “6 month+ Y Flow” nipples but my son vetoed them instantly. I unwisely had bought a number of nipples which (for now) he won’t use. I get a little use out them with my two year old who takes the occasional bottle.Other than that I’m sold – a better bottle than what I had been using (minus a little ramp time getting used to them) and of course they are BPA free.

Aida Phoenix, NY

Leaking from the first try

These bottles were my emergency ones as I planned on breastfeeding. Unfortunately due to health problems I had to temporarily switch to bottle. It was a great disappointment when the bottles simply didn’t work, as my precious breast milk started leaking away when the bottle was turned up side down and back! We thought, perhaps a faulty one came our way and gave a try to the second from the two-pack. Same result: more breast milk lost. Luckily, a friend of mine had given me her Dr. Brown’s a while ago. We are using them now.

Lynn Wedderburn, OR

Mediocre bottle

Been comparing Avent, Nuby, Medela, Adiri, etc. for our little baby.Nothing wrong with this bottle, but nothing outstanding either.Likes:- Glass. Nice and easy to clean and worry free for me (vs. plastic, even BPA free plastic)Dislikes:- So many finicky pieces for no obvious reason. It has that silly slow flow valve, which is 2 piece, requires cleaning and doesn’t seem to work any better than the other bottles- The flow rate is medium, even for the new born. It’s not the fastest, but I would like slower, to mimic breast flow.- Glad to see the volume markings have changed. On the set I have, it is merely part of the glass, no print, and it is very difficult to read if milk has run up the side or if condensation occurs.Would get again if they could have a less complicated system. The Avent bottles work better and are simpler.

Sharon Chester, NY


I initially bought these after reading multiple parenting books, thinking there was a “magic” bottle that would make life easier for me and my baby. I ended up spending about seventeen dollars for a two pack of these; then the price dropped abruptly to twelve dollars (!!!) and I bought four more packs (one of which was the five ounce size). Since then I’ve tried a few other kinds of bottles. This is how I think they compare:1. Born Free Wide Neck Five OunceShould have just gotten the nine ounce size. Once you put four ounces of breastmilk or formula in these, it seems pretty full. I’d say five ounces is a stretch. I’ll probably bring these out again once it’s time to begin juices. See below for the rest of my comments on the Born Free bottles.2. Born Free Wide Neck Nine OunceFirst of all, these are obviously pricey. The venting apparatus is a little bit of a pain to assemble and disassemble when washing; it all adds up to five parts (bottle, nipple, collar, silicone venting piece, plastic venting piece). That is a lot when you are trying to put together a bottle in your sleep in the middle of the night. The wide neck does make it easy to add powdered formula, though. I also think the flow on the stage one nipples is just right. These have not leaked yet (three months of daily use). I wish the ounce markings began at one ounce instead of two. And having the US and UK markings so close together can result in some confusion (again, especially in the middle of the night). I agree with another reviewer who said the larger diameter limits how many bottles you can stow in a bag. Of course, it’s great that these are BPA free…but I am finding that the vast majority of the bottles on the market are, so I don’t know if these are worth the markup. Lastly, I haven’t noticed a difference in fussiness, gas or spit up with these. Maybe these symptoms would be worse without the venting system? Again, most bottles on the market now seem to have some sort of vent built in, and many of them claim to prevent fussiness based on “clinical trials.”2. Playtex Ventaire, Standard, Slow FlowI got these for just under five dollars each at Target. They have a unique venting system at the bottom of the bottle and an angled design to make it easier to feed your baby in a semi-recumbent position. While this also has five parts (nipple, collar, bottle, silicone venting piece, bottom of bottle), somehow it seems easier to put together.3. Playtex Nurser, Ten Ounces, Medium FlowI use these when I am adding a little bit of rice cereal flakes to the bottle. They are easy to put together and of course the drop in liners reduce the need for clean-up (but increase the amount of environmental waste!). If you do get these, be aware that store-brand liners are available for substantially less than the Playtex brand.4. Nuk Orthodontic Trendline, Medium FlowI use these when adding rice cereal also. I bought three of these for about twelve dollars at Target. I have actually found these to be the least complicated in putting them together (nipple, collar, bottle). There is a venting system in the nipple. The shape of the nipple is supposed to be more “life-like,” but I’m not sure that my baby cares. She’ll take any of the bottles I’ve listed here.Bottom line: if I had to buy more, I would go with the Nuk bottles or the Playtex Ventaire. They seem to be a better overall value and easier to use than the others. None of the bottles seems to be superior to the other in terms of reducing fussiness. None of them have leaked yet. All of them wash up well in the top rack of the dishwasher. All of them are BPA free. I do regret spending so much on the Born Free bottles. Hope this is helpful!

Betsy Niota, IL

What’s everyone else’s problem!?!

I don’t know what the people who are complaining about them leaking and the nipple collapsing are doing to their bottles but mine are all just fine and I’ve been using them for 3 months now. I highly recommend this bottle, it’s easy to clean, easy to put back together and vents the air great!

Johanna Liverpool, NY

Great bottles

Our 3-month-old has been using these bottles since he was one month old. The bottles don’t leak at all and they don’t cause gas. I can only guess that the ones who had leaking problems don’t know how to screw a bottle cap on.At least one reviewer (maybe it was on the larger bottles; I read through those reviews too) seems to think the bubbles rising through the milk as the baby eats the milk is a bad sign. They apparently didn’t go through any physics classes on their way to their G.E.D. If there weren’t bubbles then a vacuum would develop behind the milk making it harder and harder to suck the milk out. So the bubbles are entirely necessary to equalize the pressure inside the bottle with the outside.We plan to buy the larger bottles when he gets older and I might change my opinion then, based on what I’m seeing in the reviews about the nipples that allow more flow. But for our newborn, these bottles have been great.

Marquita Menlo, WA


i thought they were glass when i ordered them.if you want plastic, disregard my rating bec i did not use them

Terri Gradyville, KY

I love these bottles!!

I have tried just about every bottle on the market, hoping to find one that my breastfeeding baby would accept. Finally, I happened upon this one. I love it, and so does my son! The vent system keeps the baby from having to let go of the nipple every so often to keep it from collapsing. And no matter what, this bottle doesn’t leak! Furthermore, I really like knowing that there are no chemicals leaching from the plastic into my baby’s milk. And my son likes the nipple much better than the firmer Avent nipple. A great product!

Juanita Lummi Island, WA

Excellent Bottles

We have used these bottles since our daughter was born due to the fact that they don’t contain Bisphenol-A (BPA). They are fantastic bottles.Here’s a tip. You can use the Dr. Brown nipples with them as they are the same… and much cheaper (good for when you need to move to stage 2 and 3).

Kasey Paige, TX

Born Free is no longer the only player in BPA-free bottles

For our first kid back in mid 2007, we succumbed to the BPA paranoia and dumped our beloved Avent (Polycarbonate) bottles for these expensive Born Free BPA-free Polyether Sulphone bottles. And they have served us faithfully for two years (our 2 year old is still using them). But I curse every time I have to wash the bottles, with their two extra complicated parts (compared to the Avent bottles). In Sept 2009, we had our second child, and we went back to Avent. Since every other maker of bottles has a line of BPA-free bottles, we no longer have to accept such a complicated bottle with so many extra parts. So this time around, we went straight back to Avent’s new Polypropylene (PPE) BPA-free bottles. No more Born Free for us! (But becareful with Avent…don’t buy the honey-colored PES BPA-free bottles, which come in the yellow-color box. These PES bottles leak! Buy the PPE Avent BPA-free bottles, which are cloudy in appearance and come in the blue-colored box).

Marisol Saint Martin, MN

love it, love it, love it.

I have tried probably all the bottles available on the market, cause my son had collicks. And these are the best out there. I recommend these bottles to all my friend- moms. This design allows for easy cleaning,unlike Dr. Brown, where u have to have different brushes. My son is 20 months now, and still uses them.

Louise Burlington, WV

best bottle ever!!

easy to clean, perfect for breastfed kids, have tried several bottles and finally decided on this one. will ry stage 3 nipples soon as my kid just turned 10 month old.

Reyna Orange City, FL

Very bad silicone nipples

The bottles and their system are good but the problem with this product is the silicone nipples! TOO long and it is difficult for the baby to eat.

Tamara Essex, MT

Great bottles for colicky babies

These bottles are as good as you can get for babies with colic. I must have tried 12 different bottles and spent a lot of money and in the end and these were the best. The only draw-back is my baby outgrew it at 5 months. I looked for medium flow but don’t think they make them or I’d up-size! Now my baby outgrew it but I’m saving them for baby number 2!

Ashlee Concord, IL

love them

I love these bottles. They are very easy to clean and not like the dr brown’s ones. My son also loves them. He is now 14 months old and we are still using them.

Alana Hoboken, NJ

A safe alternative to Dr. Brown’s

I purchased the Born Free Bottles after reading that the Dr. Brown’s bottles I was using had BPA in them that could cause neurological problems in infants. My daughter was 14 months and I was trying to get her off the bottle (without success) so I kept putting off the purchase. I finally bought 2 of the bottles and I am glad I did. It took her a day or 2 to get used to the wide mouth nipple. If your baby is used to a regular nipple they do have to adjust to a different way of sucking with these. I purchased the Born Free over a glass bottle because I wanted a bottle that would reduce the amount of air she got. This does a fairly good good, not as good as the Dr. Brown’s (that is why 4 not 5 stars). She still sucks some air when she swallows. It is not recommended to put this in the dishwasher so you have to hand wash them with a gentle soap. I use 7th generation soap. You can still use a bottle warmer though. Overall, a good bottle, decent colic reducer, peace of mind that it is not made of harmful plastics.

Shana Fillmore, UT

Great BPA free bottles

I ordered these bottles to replace my Dr. Brown’s bottles when my daughter was about 5 months because they were BPA free. I was worried that she wouldn’t take the new bottles well because they were a different size and shape but she didn’t hesitate at all.We have had no problems with these bottles. She is now 11 months and they have held up great.The one thing that I didn’t like about the Dr. Brown’s bottles I originally had was all of the different parts. While the Born Free bottles have just as many parts to wash, you do not need a special small brush for these like you do with the Dr. Brown’s bottles which I like.

Alberta Sullivan, IN

great bottle

these bottles are qreat to give your infant milk and small amounts of cereal in the flow is slow so your baby cannot drink to fast

Katharine Cooper Landing, AK

Sucky Nipples

I like that the bottles are BPA Free – I feel good about using them to feed my baby. But I don’t like dealing with the extra vent parts – it’s just more parts to wash. I tried using the bottles without putting the vent in and the nipples just collapse – so you have to use the vents. But overall I like these bottles.

Marietta Whiterocks, UT

Best bottles!

My baby took to the Born Free bottles immediately when she was 8 weeks old, although she was exclusively nursed to that point. They are not as complicated as they seem and come with illustrated instructions. I feel very comforted knowing she is eating well while I’m at work. These bottles are wonderful and worth every penny.

Nelda Brownsville, IN

Good design, BPA free.

I used these bottles for both my kids. They are easy to clean and seem very durable. These bottles survived frequent drops and many cycles through the dishwasher. Other than the slight discoloration, the bottles are still as good as new.

June Carroll, IA

One word…..excellent!

I used to have Dr. Browns bottles until the whole thing came out about how toxic and un-safe the plastics with BPA that most baby bottles are made out of. Naturally of course looking for another option, I found these. They are almost exactly the same as Dr. Browns bottles. The only difference is that you don’t have that long tube hang down the middle (it’s a small one, about 1/4″). I have glass for at home (and by the way for some reason easier to clean than the plastic) and these plastic ones for out and about. If for not any other reason, buy these because they don’t contain BPA!

Molly Darlington, MO

Switched from Dr. Brown’s, love Born Free!

We tried Born Free bottles after becoming frustrated with Dr. Brown’s due to constant leaking, and we’ll never go back. I love EVERYTHING about these bottles – they never leak, less parts to mess with, the wider nipple base was better for my son, they’re super-durable, they fit in the Avent sterilizer, a 9-oz. bottle is more convenient than 8-oz when you have an enthusiastic eater, and the wider shape is easier to keep hold of. Love love love these bottles – well worth the price.

Gayla Canyon City, OR

Great Bottles – pain to dry though

I love these bottles. I was using medella bottles for the first 4 months, but then my son started spitting up because he was collapsing medella nipple and getting too much air in(i tried all flow rates, but it did not help). The Born Free nipples are great and the amount of food that my son spits up decreased in a few days. These bottles do seem to work as promissed. The only complain that i have is that it takes forever to dry these bottles. I wash them in the evening around 10-11pm, and at 6 am these bottles are still wet.These bottles are light brown/yellow collor and not white. Just as FYI to people who may care about it.

Earnestine Bayard, IA

other bottles have same benefits but are better-my first ever review on amazon

I have never reviewed before on Amazon but felt that I needed to review this product b/c I am really unhappy with the quality and what you get for the high price. Please take this into consideration.I wanted BPA free bottles and decided to register for these. At first they seemed okay but then they started to leak. I already threw one bottle out and realized that the others are leaking too. At first I thought the actual bottle was leaking but now I believe it is the seal between the screw on part, vent, and bottle and I do make sure everything is tight. I am tired of the rings around the bottle when I pick it up. I have to clean my coffee table and desk after using this bottle and am not happy that formula is getting on the wood surface.For the price of the bottle, I shouldn’t have to put something under it before setting it on the table or use another brand’s nipple. I am going to try Playtex. They are BPA free and cheaper even though you have to buy the liner-they are BPA free too.

Antoinette Centreville, MS

my baby loves these!

My baby loves this bottle. He took to it immediately and never took to the medela bottles. I’m curious about the glass bottle…with all the plastic reviews these days…I feel good about using this one – free of BPA, but wonder how the glass bottles would be.

Liz Ambler, PA