Born Free Twister Brushes

Born Free Twister Brushes

Born Free Twister Brush Set

Main features

  • Easy twist handle and soft sponge make cleaning faster
  • Reduce risk of scratching bottles or cups

Verified reviews



I was frantic trying to find this brush at the cheapest price when my baby first came home. Little did I know that my regular XOX sponge (round sponge attached to a soap-dispensing handle) would fit just fine inside my Born Free bottles, and my finger worked just fine washing the nipple. I paid somewhere around $8-10 for this brush, and I don’t think that I have pulled it out to use it more than twice in a year. It seems to be good quality, but over all, not worth the price…

Kaitlyn Linn Grove, IN

Works Splendidly.

Our baby is now a little over two months old and we’re finally getting a routine down. One of the things that needs constant attention is the care of feeding bottles, nipples and associated items. When we first started, a friend gave us a bottle brush of unknown origin. That was shortly replaced by a Munchkins bottle and nipple brush and we used it for over a month. My wife, in particular, was always dissatisfied with it and complained, particularly with regard to the smaller brush. So, we finally switched to the Born Free Twister Brush set.The Born Free set was a big improvement and works much better all around. Perhaps I should indicate that we use Born Free and Avent bottles, both of which have a larger diameter and a larger nipple and you may not get the same results with smaller diameter bottles/nipples. With our bottles, the big Twister brush just couldn’t work any better. The smaller brush, intended for nipples, is far superior to the Munchkins nipple brush. Right at the moment, we’d regard the switch to the Born Free as a good move. I’d take the comments of some reviewers regarding the durability of the brushes as serious questions in-as-much as the Born Free set is more expensive, but our use so far has not indicated durability as a problem.Gary Peterson

Sylvia Richardton, ND

My Favorite Brushes!

These are my favorite brushes. I use them to clean our BornFree glass bottles and Comotomo bottles. However, they do not work as well with Dr. Brown’s or other bottles with standard nipples because these brushes will be too big for standard bottles and nipples. I prefer the sponge over regular brushes so these are ideal for me. I will buy more in the future when it’s time to replace them.

Constance Elwood, KS

My favorite brushes for bottles and more

I was complaining how other brushes(I used to use Munchkin brush)seem to scratch the nipple even though they say it’s soft, and my friend recommended this to me. This quickly became my favorite and I was not stressed out anymore when I wash baby bottles.Some reviewers say this does not last long, but I replace it every two months for hygiene reason anyways.Highly recommended if you get stressed out about the other scratchy brushes.

Nikki Ward, AR

The Cost of Being Lazy

Summary:1. It works but2. Falls apart easily3. OverpricedI bought the expensive Born Free glass bottles and thought I’d get the ‘matching’ expensive Born Free brushes. There’s really no point other than it was a moment of laziness on my part. There’s nothing special about the design. There isn’t even a stand so I have to put these two brushes in a cup. The yellow sponges wear away very fast and you’ll need to replace them sooner than expected. I’m moving on to the Oxo Tot brush set next. It costs less and at least comes with a stand.

Muriel Leechburg, PA

Horrible – stick to regular brushes …

These are fine if you clean one bottle a day. They just can’t hold up to regular use. The nipple brush is OK – but it goes pretty quick too. The bottle brush just simply wouldn’t get the bottles clean. Spend the money on a munchkin bottle brush ….

Elise Stockport, IA

Expensive but worth it

I love this 2-pack of bottle sponges. I use another brand of bottle (not “Born Free” wide mouth) and actually trim the large sponge down on the sides to more easily fit into a standard size bottle. The twisting action makes it quick and easy to clean. I like the little brush for nipples. Only problem is the sponge can get ripped where the plastic clamps around it. Wish they’d sell replacement sponges – but then they’d only get $2 instead of $10. The large sponge will last me about 1 year until it is so ripped up and raggedy I need another.

Maribel South Bethlehem, NY

Outrageously overpriced and cheaply made

While one does not need to purchase the BF bottle brush (Munchkin’s is more than adequate – better even – at $3 or so), I’ve found the nipple brush is very useful. Munchkin’s bottle/nipple brush Munchkin Bottle Nipple Brush -1 Piececonsists of stiff bristles. While this is fine for silicone nipples, BF’s specialized vent has the aforementioned “mini-nipple” which is very delicate. I’ve always been afraid that even gentle brushing with the bristle brush would tear the slit (the silicone is very thin here). Thus, if one wants BF’s soft foam nipple brush (which does indeed work well), one will pony up $14.99 list for not only the nipple brush, but also the bottle brush. They are not sold separately. They are made of cheap foam with plastic handles – that’s IT! – and they wear out quickly. Outrageous to all intelligent parents out there. The cost of producing these has to be infinitesimal. Why gouge the consumer for brushes to clean BF’s bottles? Insulting and greedy, and counterproductive to generating brand loyalty.

Rosalinda Wellington, IL



Angelina Atlantic, VA