Bottle Cooler Bag and Ice Packs for Breastmilk Storage. Can Fit Into Medela Pump-in-style Carry Bag, and Can Hold Upto 5 Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags

Bottle Cooler Bag and Ice Packs for Breastmilk Storage. Can Fit Into Medela Pump-in-style Carry Bag, and Can Hold Upto 5 Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags

Breastmilk storage system to keep the milk cool while at work and commuting. Can fit into Medela pump-in-style breastpump’s carry tote. Also included a name tag at the back of bag to write down mother and baby’s contact information.

Main features

  • Can fit into Medela pump-in-style carry bag, and can hold upto 5 Lansinoh breastmilk storage bags.
  • Contain one storage bag (L*W*H = 6.69″*6.29″*5.11″) and three 5oz ice packs
  • 3 inside netbags to hold ice packs for better heat insolation
  • Store up to Four 5oz storage bottles and several storage bags
  • Carry Bag Materials: nylon, aluminum. Ice Pack Materials: nylon, PE, water, sudium polyacrylate, and nipacide

Verified reviews


The only decent option but the ice pack inserts are weird.

This is a good size bag but I don’t think it stays cold long enough. It’s your only decent option on amazon, though, so don’t be too sad. I’m searching for better inserts.

Vivian Georgetown, GA

I liked the cooler but…

I think this cooler has a lot of potential but like other reviews have mentioned, no matter how careful I was with the freezer packs they ended up bursting/falling apart, the gel got everywhere. I think the plastic the gel sits in is very flimsy and possibly got caught with the zipper. I now use regular Ice Packs in the cooler. I love the size, I like how at least 5-6 Regular Sized Medela Bottles fit in there. I don’t like that only four Tommy Tippee bottles fit in it though.

Toni Mount Hermon, LA

Wouldn’t recommend

This bag is nice but not large enough. Bmilk bags don’t fit nicely. I like to lay my bags flat so they freeze nice for storage. Another brand works much better, but you can’t purchase with out extra bottles. I don’t need all the bottles, just the bag. I wouldn’t recommend this

Lily High Shoals, NC

Love the cooler bag (with different ice pack)

This is my favorite breastmilk cooler bag. It is slightly bigger than the cooler bag that comes with theMedela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with On the Go Tote. It is also navy blue, so it doesn’t get confused with all the black cooler bags when you pump at work. It has the side panel to hold a name card (like the Medela one). The one down side is the ice packs that come with it. After a couple weeks of use and not much wear and tear, I noticed a leak in one of them. I threw them out and bought theMedela Ice Pack – Medela 87092to place inside this cooler bag. That ice pack fits perfectly, so now I’m happy with it overall.

Alice Maynardville, TN

Love it

This bag is so discreet and convenient. I didn’t personally use the mesh holders to contain the ice packs, I just slid the ice packs in, so I never had an issue with it getting caught in the zipper. The ice packs are pretty durable (I did lose one at about the 4 month mark, but the other 2 are still holding strong 8 months later). This bag is the perfect size for 4 medela 5 oz bottles or 8 of the 2.5 oz bottles. I also at times stores the lansinoh bags, and it held 6 of these bags perfect when filled with 5 oz of milk laying flat. I definitely recommend.

Carmen East Islip, NY

Great Cooler bag

I bought this cooler bag because I lost my cooler bag that went with my Medela pump in between kids. I do not use the cool packs that came with the bag, because I still have my Medela ice pack which fits perfectly in this bag with four Medela bottles and lids. This pack also fits nicely into the space in my Medela pump in style bag. I’m glad this company made this as I was unable to find another replacement for my cooler bag. works wonderfully and I actually things it keeps my milk colder than my original cooler bag from Medela.

Jamie Lookout Mountain, GA

Freezer pack burst

This product would have been a great solution to storing my breastmilk while at work. However, after only 2 days of usage, one of the freezer packs burst. I was able to replace it with a small frezzer pack I got at Target, but it is still disappointing that the product broke so soon.Otherwise, the pack works fine. It keeps milk cool during extended hours (8 am – 5:45 pm in my case). It holds the plastic storage bags well.

Nikki Huntsville, IL

Good cooler

I used it to go back to work. It’s spacious (can fit up to 6 breast milk bottles) and the ice packs do their job nicely.

Eugenia Ronda, NC


Love it. Keeps milk cold for at least 4 hours (I never tried longer times though quite possible that it will be cold even after much longer period). Looks stylish, very appropriate for workplace refrigerator, just like small lunchbox.

Angelica Milo, ME


Just the size cooler I was looking for. Will be perfect for small trips in the car and for when I go back to work.

Ida Newport, OH

works perfect for my Medela pump

I ruined my medela cooler bag, and this replacement is the exact right size. Fits perfect in the pump bag, and the ice pack fits perfect inside it as well. Would definitely recommend this if you have a medela pump and need an extra/replacement cooler bag.

Irene Rogersville, MO


Just what my daughter wanted. Like the three ice packs to put inside the handy pockets. Will get a lot of use.

Shawn Pettus, TX

Does what it is supposed to

We use this bag daily to transport breast milk for our baby. It works wells, fits 5-6 medela bottles perfectly with ice packs. It is small enough that it can go in our diaper bag.

Marian Walshville, IL

Fits perfect with Madela InStyle backpack pump

I bought this as a replacement for the cooler that originally comes with the madela backpack which was given to me by my sister. The ice packs definitely keep things cold and this is such a better value than the madela brand replacement. Extremely happy with this product.

Vickie Whiting, IA

I really like this product.

Item received promptly and exactly as pictured/described. Keeps milk nice and cold for at least 8hrs. I would recommend this product. I would buy from this seller again. Thank you so much!

Summer Thompsonville, NY

Great deal

This fits perfectly with my medela pump in style which is almsot 7 years old. The bag that came with it was very worn and cracked. This one is a great replacement.

Angela Climax, GA

a lifesaver for plane trips

I bought this bag for my baby/I/my husband’s first transcontinental flight from the west coast to east coast. The milk stayed cold during the entire 10-hour trip (including trip to the airport, layovers, etc). I had no problem with it – so glad we got it! It fits up to 4 standard medela milk bottles.

Shelby Willow Lake, SD

Great buy

It serves the purpose. have been using it since 4months now.I take it to work and store the expressed milk in it fits 4 bottles and also pumping accessories just fine.very light weight thin bag but no wear and tear so far.I lost my medela cooler bag so had to get this . so far haev no regrets

Darla Dover, FL

Wish I had 2

It’s cute, it works. It folds up so that I can put it inside my pump machine on the way to work. I then fill it with bottles and ice when I bring it home. Compact and functional. Inside has pockets. I use different ice packs from those that came with it. The ones that came with it broke open and leaked a strange substance after two uses. But ice packs are a dime a dozen.

Justina Birch Run, MI