Bottle, Glass 9 oz

Bottle, Glass 9 oz

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  • Description: BOTTLE,GLASS 9 OZ Quantity: 3 Size: 9 OZ Brand: BORN FREE

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Best bottle ever!

Great bottle. I got the ones suggested by Best Baby Products (Consumer Reports book): Evenflo Classic, Dr. Brown’s and BornFree, all of them are great but BornFree is better. The only bad thing is that you can’t get the glass ones in stores.

Kitty Menlo, WA

Good bottles

These bottles are durable, and I don’t have to worry about any chemicals leeching into the milk or formula. I’ve even dropped a couple of these a few times, and they haven’t broken.

Jaime West Union, MN

Great Customer Service!!

My son is 4 months old now. I nursed him the first 7 weeks. When I returned to work, I pumped and our nanny bottle feed him during the day and I nurse him when I’m at home. At first, we used Dr. Brown’s bottles because it was recommended by our lactation consultant. However, he did not latch well and I noticed that he had difficulty switching back and forth between me and the bottles.When I talked to a friend of mine who also breast-feeds her baby, she gave me a BornFree glass bottle to try out and said that her son really likes it. My son had not problem latching on and I noticed that he can easily switch back and fourth between me and the bottle. We decided to switch to Born Free so I bought 3 more of these. However, our nanny noticed that at times the milk seems to come out a little to fast for him and he was taking breaks during feeding. We soon found out that these bottles actually came with #2 nipples, although the description said they came with #1. When I realized this, I contacted Born Free and got a promptly respond (forgot the name of the person). The person sent me 4 new #1 nipples for free! I was very pleased with them.After a little while, one day our nanny said that one of the glass bottles broke in the bottle warmer. I contacted Born Free again and sent them the picture of the broken bottle. The person there (George) explained to me that these bottles are more delicate so don’t expose them to extreme temperature changes. He was very polite over the email and agreed to send me a replacement. I told our nanny about not exposing the bottles to extreme temperature and she admitted that she sometimes warms up the bottle warmer first and then put the glass bottle in (from the fridge), which may explained why that one broke. Again, I’m very pleased again with their customer service.I would recommend buying the brushes at the same time. It makes it very easy to clean the bottles and the nipples.

Hollie Norma, NJ

Love these bottles!

We bought the Born Free glass bottles after much research. I knew that I absolutely wanted to use glass over plastic, as glass is non-porous and non-reactive, and I am concerned about the levels of chemicals that our children are consuming through the leaching of plastics–even “safe” ones. The bottles arrived (we bought both the 9oz. and theWide Neck Glass Bottle 5 Ounces). I boiled them to sanitize, and we introduced bottles at 5 weeks. Baby took to them right away, without a problem, and four months later is still able to switch between bottle and breast very easily. The bottles come fully apart and are easy to clean, and he has never had a problem with gas or colic or ear infections related to the bottle. I even froze breast milk in them for a little while when I ran out of storage bags. These were a great purchase.

Leona Brownsville, VT

Awesome bottles

Great, durable bottles that work very well. They seem to reduce air bubbles therefore reducing gas. They have many parts to wash, but it is totally worth it if it is keeping the gas away from my little guy.

Josefa Durham, PA

Would give 5 stars if there were less parts!

Great bottle! I feel much safer using a glass bottle over plastic anyday. My baby appears to like these bottles over the smaller plastic bottles I was using before.

Agnes Buckhead, GA

Love, love, love Born Free

I chose to use glass over plastic to avoid the chemicals in plastic. We love Born Free. They have taken multiple drops to the floor and remained perfect. We also tried Dr. Brown’s glass and they were horrible, more than one broke when we were stirring them (we had to stir rice cereal into his bottles due to severe acid reflux). They are easy to clean, easy to put together, baby can easily feed himself (i.e. not too heavy). We love them. We used them with pumped breastmilk, worked great. I also used to pump directly into them (to store in fridge for use), by purchasing a little adaptor to account for the wider-mouth of the born free bottles. Love!

Jessica Woodlyn, PA

My first and last bottle

I bought these glass bottles because of the BPA concern and the gas prevention system. I think they are great, I didn’t have to look for any other. The glass is really sturdy and can take many falls on the ground, no breaking yet. I don’t think you need to hassle with bottle sleeves either. Be sure to get extra nipples, especially for level 1, since in time the hole may open wider to release too much milk.

Sasha Hannibal, WI

Great bottles

I was looking for glass bottles for a breastfed baby and these fit the bill. I am very happy with my purchase.

Rose Sand Lake, NY