Boutique Baby Teddy Bear 13PCS CRIB BEDDING SET By GEENNY Designs

Boutique Baby Teddy Bear 13PCS CRIB BEDDING SET By GEENNY Designs

Product Description This listing is for a 13 pcs beautiful GEENNY brand new Crib set with all the bundle you will need. This set is made to fit all standard cribs and toddler beds. The whole set comes with 10-pcs set plus 3 New Wall Art Decor Hangings, which comes out as this total 13-pcs bundle. The set is made by Geenny Designs, well known as Nursery series products Designs. All bundled pieces are in brand new zippered, handled carrying bag. These are the real beautiful new styles with retail price over $130.00. The following is the standard feature table list: # Crib Quilt (36 x 45″) # Crib Bumper (10 x 158″) # Fitted Crib Sheet (28 x 52″) # 2 Window Valances (16 x 58″) # Crib Skirt (28 x 52″) # Diaper Stacker # Toy Bag (14 x 20″) # 2 Decorative Accent Pillows (10 x 10″) # 3 Wall Art Decor Hangings

Main features

  • 13-piece set includes: one comforter, one bumper, one fitted sheet, one skirt, two window valances, one diaper stacker, one toy bag and two throw pillows, three wall art decor hangings
  • Brown Cute Teddy Bear Theme
  • Sew-On Pattern, NOT PRINT PATTERN
  • Additional matching accessories such as, Musical Mobile, Lamp Shade and Extra Window Valance available
  • Machine Wash

Verified reviews


SUPER CUTE!!! Unbelivable price! BUY this one 🙂

I have just opened a box with this comforter set (I got it though my baby registry) and it’s a 100 times cuter then I anticipated. Wow!~ for the price, it’s unbelievable.I think by now I looked at every crib comforter set out there (online and in store) and nothing would match this great value.* It’s a sewed on pattern, not printed one* You get not only very EXPENSIVE LOOKING comf set, but also 2 window valances (normally around $22 /ea), 3 pc wall art, toy bag and diaper stacker.Didn’t use it yet or wash it, but it looks like it will be ok.Just spent around $300 on similar set of stuff on a huge sale. I’m keeping both. I am having a girl, so first is pink butterfly set and this one will be for a change.I liked it so much, I just added a mobile and lamp shade to my baby registry! Can’t be happier. Would have given 10 stars if I could.

Letitia Patch Grove, WI

Beautiful, complete

I purchased it to an almost done room, I only needed the comforter and blanket, and got everything else because there was no alternative that I liked. The diaper stacker and the toy bag were a great adicional item for me, because I didn’t have any of them. The two throw pillows are beautiful too, I wasn’t going to get any but again, this came along with the set.In the end, the only things I am not going to use, are window valances and the skirt. The first one, because I already had installed another set of curtains, and the second one because my crib’s design doesn’t allow me to put one on.So, I was going to get a comforter and blanked, and winded up with a whole room set… and the room looks awsome!!I would definitely recomend it for anyone who has a baby and doesn’l like to get everything in blue or pink as I do. Besides, my first baby is a girl and her room is almost completely fixed for the second baby, wheher it is a girl or a boy.

Nina House, NM

Very nice product!

I received the product in good condition few days ago. I did not wash it yet and I did not really use it since my baby is not born yet, but I believe that the quality of the product is good and it will last. I love this color and pattern. Bears are cute. I will have a boy, but it would work for a girl also. I ordered also the lamp shade. It looks great.I am happy I found something beautiful in my price range. I do not think that the expensive set with bears from Babies Ur Ss is better quality.

Lucy Shelbiana, KY

Excellent quality, supercute design

This bedding set is hands down one I fell in love with the minute I saw it. We’re having a little boy in October and are getting his nursery ready (teddy bear themed), and this was the perfect match for his crib. The quality is great and the little bears are simply adorable! It arrived exactly as pictured, in a plastic zip-bag that holds all 13 pieces. Shipping was fast as well, it arrived after only 3 workdays.The price is great, considering that you’d pay at least half as much for a cheap 4-piece bedding set, and this one already has half the nursery decoration included in it. We’ll round it off with a Wall Decal and a piece or two teddy bear artwork from DeviantArt and then we’ll be ready for the arrival of our little prince!

Noelle Jasonville, IN

Love it

Good quality, fits the crib perfectly, lovely colors and pattern. Great buy for the price, higly recommend it!

Leonor Sidney, NE