Bowron BabyCare Shorn Lambskin

Bowron BabyCare Shorn Lambskin

Perfect for anywhere you need to add some comfort for your little one, this lambskin from Bowron is a great way to make Tummy Time a little more enticing. Easy to care for and a great way to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer the lambskin is highly durable and can go anywhere form the nursery floor to the carseat, swing or other area where your baby plays. The lambskin varries in dimensions from 35-41″ long and approximatley 19″ wide. Pile hight is 1.4″ on average.

Main features

  • Size: 32″x35″
  • Pile Height 1.6
  • Achieves the high requirements for washability and resistance against bacteria
  • Individually sanitized

Verified reviews



In regard to what some have posted about toxins in sheepskins–this Bowron product is safe. See below.From: […]”G L Bowron & Co uses a combination synthetic tannage process for all its shortwool (SWW) and longwool (LWW) Sheepskin production, including Babycare products.The tanning process for Babycare products includes the use of Chromium III, which is a non toxic and non carcinogenic chemical.All Bowron Sheepskins are free of chemicals specified in the Oko-tex Standard 100, which include:(1) Pesticides (PCP/TeCP) (Pentachlorophenols, Tetrachlorophenols)(2) Organic Tin compounds(3) Azo Dyestuffs(4) Extractable Heavy Metals (Chrome VI, Antimony, Arsenic, Lead, Cadmium, Cobalt, Copper, Nickel, Mercury)Although the wool on Bowron Sheepskins is bleached during processing, it is done so with hydrogen peroxide–no chlorinated chemicals are used at any stage of the tanning process.”From […]”Proven and loved by millions of babies around the world.In the crib or playpen, or on-the-go in stroller or car.Clinically tested in hospital and laboratory research to betotally safe and secure to calm and comfort your baby.”This is considered one of the safest baby sheepskins in the world, which is why it is so popular. The natural color is a tell-tale sign. Stay away from snow white sheepskins–this means that they have been bleached and excessively treated.

Danielle Watertown, MA

Research before buying for baby!!

When I bought this for my baby I already knew about New Zealand’s efforts to reduce SIDS and the link between SIDS and mattress off-gassing, but I did NOT know that a significant number of the New Zealand “Cot Death” study deaths OCCURED ON SHEEPSKIN! Apparently, putting infants to sleep on sheepskin has long been a common practice in New Zealand, which also had a very high rate of SIDS (triggering the research which uncovered the off-gassing connection)! From what I can tell, it seems that regardless of how sheepskin is processed, it contains phosphorous (risking creation of phosphine nerve gasses in crib environment). The other risk factors are frequent presence of arsenic and antimony in sheepskins, though I don’t know if processing methods can increase or reduce that. Bottom line: while the research overall regarding sheepskins specifically and SIDS is conflicted, in my opinion there is no need to take this risk with your precious baby! I especially want to warn others against making the mistake that I did, which was to assume that this product would be safe because it is not synthetic. So, if you are considering buying this for baby, do some research first. Personally, I deeply regret that I put this on top of my baby’s organic crib mattress! It is now removed, and I will give it to much older members of the household who have coveted it (and do not have sensitive, still-developing nervous systems). By the way, I do not mean to imply that parents should not also be concerned about mattress off-gassing, which is also a clear high risk to be aware of. ** Finally, I want to clarify that I gave this product one star because it is marketed for babies, which I believe is highly irresponsible. As a lambskin for any other use it is quite nice.

Lena Bajadero, PR

Total rip off. Probably fake reviews.

There’s no nice way of saying it– this lambskin was a total rip off. The merchant is crooked and probably inflating these reviews.It is marked “free shipping,” but the seller charged me over DOUBLE (we’re talking three figures here) the item’s cost to ship it. Since it was bundled with a mattress and crib, I had no way of knowing the exorbitant shipping was from the lambskin until after I paid, and it was marked as shipped immediately, so I couldn’t request a cancellation. THEN it took over 2 weeks to arrive. (Incidentally, the 40 pound crib, also shipped Fed Ex, took 7 days.Next, the lambskin is small! Pay attention to the measurements they list and NOT the pictures. They show a large infant with plenty of room. There is NO way the lambskin I received would comfortably accommodate anything larger than a 3 month old. To give you an idea, It is just large enough to line an infant car seat or stroller. It lines about 3/4 of our MINI crib, not including the useless chunk of head fleece, which is just wide enough to pad the head of an infant, if they’re not moving around. It’s nowhere near big enough to put on the floor to let the baby play, and a toddler would be sleeping only on half of it.And, while the fleece has no sheep smell, it DOES have a faint chemical smell, which I’m not impressed with. I’d rather smell the sheep.So, in summary, we were fraudulently charged three figures to ship a tiny, one pound fleece that (once washed and used a bit ) will probably shrink to a size suitable for lining the bottom of a stroller or car seat. Ridiculous. Save your money and order from a company like Holy Lamb Organics… I’ve got a bed pillow and nursing pillow from them, and they’re GREAT… as long as you don’t mind smelling the sheep. (You can read my review for their pillow from several years ago to see I’m not working for or being paid by them). I thought I was saving money by buying this one, but ended up paying more. Lesson learned.

Silvia Bays, KY

So soft, easy to wash, great for baby & mommy!

I used this product while pregnant because I had to sleep on my side for extended periods. Without it I was so sore, my skin hurt, this made all the difference. Then when baby was born it went into his cosleeper and has been ever since, though we sometimes removed it temporarily so he could have it elsewhere. He loves it, sleeps on it always, and loves to try to eat it now that he’s in that phase. I was afraid to wash it for a long while, especially since a lot of the wool washes contained questionable ingredients that I didn’t want against my baby’s skin and in his lungs! I finally found the Imse Vimse wool wash and it works beautifully. It’s like new. Maybe better! I washed it on gentle, allowed it to spin then air dried and it’s amazing gorgeous, no combing or other work required. Regular detergent in the US not recommended due to alkalinity.Lovely product. I would buy one for everyone having a baby, really.

Dominique Flatwoods, WV

Thrilled with purchase .. but note that price fluctuates a lot & quality can vary from skin to skin

I am thrilled with this purchase. It seems like a very high quality item and has very soft pile, about 1.25″ thick. Baby loves it and just seems so comfortable on it. I primarily use it during playtime, when he’s awake. Before he could roll over I also used it for naptime as well, but now that he’s older I’m just using it when he’s awake (since research/recommendations are mixed, due to potential risk of baby rolling over and rebreathing air in the sheepskin .. and I just didn’t feel comfortable taking the risk). Still very worthwhile – provides a great surface for play, and also for changing clothing, etc. Baby can definitely go longer periods of time playing on his own without fussing when lying on this sheepskin.Note that because these items are one-of-a-kind (actual animal skins), the shape, color, density, and quality can vary quite a lot from skin to skin. Due to price drops, I ended up buying this item three different times, and some of the skins were a lot thicker/plusher than others. I was really glad in the end that I ordered multiple items because I was able to keep the best one and return the others. I’m sure the seller will hate me for recommending that, but if the item your receive does not live up to your expectations based on the other reviews, you might be happy if you were to reorder.PS: I mentioned that I reordered due to price drops. The price fluctuates on this item quite a lot, typically between $55 and $90, see below link for price history on camelcamelcamel dot com. If your need is not urgent, you can put a price watch on it, and pull the trigger when the price is at the lower end. That’ll save you the pain I had of seeing it available later for a lower price![…]PPS: I was so pleased with this item that I actually bought the Bowron Lambskin Strollerfleece Cover as well. (Some people indicated in their reviews that they used this same item being reviewed here in the carseat/stroller as well, but in my opinion it’s too large/heavy, and I wanted something that was specifically designed to accommodate the straps.) I don’t use it in the carseat (since it’s not supposed to be safe to put anything between baby and carseat that could compress in a crash), but I absolutely LOVE it for the stroller – keeps baby’s back from getting sweaty like it used to, and I’m sure it’s a lot more comfy to boot. I’m surprised that more people who buy this item don’t buy the companion Strollerfleece as well.

Deidra Clarkston, UT

Wonderfully soft

Beautiful, so soft, baby loves tummy time on his lamby. Haven’t washed it yet, but spot clean every time he spits up on it, which is very often.

Bettie Charenton, LA

reasonably priced, good quality

This is perfect for the price. Good size lambskin! I bought it because my daughter was loving the ones we saw at Costco, but I didn’t want to spend that much on it, especially since she is past the newborn stage. At ten months old, she loves feeling the texture, and likes to sit on it when she plays. I wish I had bought it sooner, so she could get the tactile stimulation as a newborn, but it’s still getting good use! I can see her using it to nap on and read books on as she gets older.

Matilda Cohutta, GA

Love it!

We bought this as a play mat for our new baby… but her big sister loved it so much that she "borrowed" it before her sister was born and has not slept without it since (almost 6 months ago). Highly recommend and will probably buy another.

Audra Heber, AZ


I had previously bout a long hair sheep skin rug but ended up returning it for this one. I like this shorn one much better- Seems safer for the baby.Great quality!

Felicia Rich Creek, VA

Soft and gentle, just like baby

This has come in so so handy. Cute little mat on which we can put down baby – either for a moment or for him to play on

Patti Kermit, WV

Just what I expected

We bought this for our newborn to practice tummy time. Also bought it for my new nephew 2 months older than ours. Good reports so far and our newborn seems to like it. Hates tummy time but it has nothing to do with the sheepskin.Remember to frequently shake out/beat the rug to manage the dust and hair that accumulates surprisingly quickly.

Callie American Falls, ID

Great, but needs care

I really love my sheepskin blanket. My son has been using it since he was born and is now 6 weeks old. He loves to rub his face in it and grab onto the fibers. However, it is not easy to clean and has very specific instructions. Unless you are willing to do some extra work to keep it up, it’s not a very worthwhile buy. If you are willing to do the work, it’s a fantastic blanket!!

Kate Dupont, IN

Love it

So soft and my baby loves being on. I haven’t found she sleeps any longer on it but its a great play time mat for tummy time etc…

Sheryl Millwood, GA

I got two and they were not the same

One looked trimmed and they other one more "wild", even though I’m pretty sure they were suppose to be the same. But a lovely piece of fur never the less!

Tameka Chinle, AZ