Boy’s 3 Button 5 Piece Suit with Shirt, Vest, and Tie

Boy’s 3 Button 5 Piece Suit with Shirt, Vest, and Tie


Main features

  • Infant, Toddler, Boy’s suit [See size chart for best fitting]
  • 5-Piece: 3 pocket Jacket, Vest, Pant, Long-Sleeved Shirt, Coordinating Patterned Tie
  • 3-button jacket, 4-button vest with adjustable strap on back, zipper tie for perfect fitting and easy on/off. (Infant: 2-button jacket, 3-button vest)
  • Pants have double pleats on front, pockets, and a waistband with an elastic back, single button front, and beltloops (Infant: full elastic waistband)
  • Basic White button-down long-sleeved shirt is 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton. Machine wash. Suit is 100% Polyester. Handwash/dryclean.

Verified reviews


Oddly Sized

I ordered this in a size 2T for my 23 month old son to wear to a funeral (he normally wears a 18 month pant and a 24 month shirt). He looked adorable but the pants were too long and the shirt was too short and could barely be tucked in. I wasn’t sure we were going to get the tie around my son’s neck either, it was a tight fit.

Bonnie Barium Springs, NC

very cute

It’s 100% polyester, but it’s cute as can be. My 4 year old is wearing for a wedding as he’s the ring bearer so we didn’t want to spend too much since he’ll have it on for about 6 hours. Perfect for our needs!

Lacy Kaysville, UT

My little man looks so grown-up and handsome!

I found this suit on another website but once I saw it here for the same price I ordered it, 3 days later it was shipped, and I got it 2 days after that, thank you Amazon!As previous reviewers mentioned the jacket is nice and thick and feels very suit-like. The shoulders have a little pad to them without actual shoulder pads attached. The vest was nearly as good quality. The pants are nice and soft inside, have little creases just like grown-up pants, it has a stretchy back too with useable belt loops. Lastly, as others have mentioned, the dress shirt is a little thin but it is the last layer so who cares I say. The jacket and pants also have real pockets too. I love the tie and it is so easy to use, just took a few seconds to figure out. :)A note on the sizing, I didn’t see a chart or anything to help you figure it out (maybe I missed a link, though). The maker of this suit is Lito. The website I first saw the suit was isabellasfate (dot) com. They have a nice detailed measurement chart including jacket chest, waist, outseam, sleeve, and shoulder. It explains how to take the measurements and adding inches where needed to come up with the appropriate size for your child.My son is 24 months (60th percentile for height and 40th for weight) yet he needed a Large (12-18 month) suit. It fit PERFECT, but we might leave the top bottom of the dress shirt undone ( a wee bit tight) and just have the tie cover it up. AND the tie went over his head fine and his head measures in the 80th percentile. 🙂

Therese Georgetown, MN

Very nice but measure child before ordering

Great quality for price. Definitely measure your child using the sizing guide in the images. My child generally wears a 3 or 4T top and a 3T pant so I was leaning towards a 3T but based on the measurements the sleeves would have been way short. I’m glad I measured and the 4T fit great. He made a very handsome ring bearer in this suit.

Rosalia Hunter, KS

everything fit differently

I bought two of these suites for my nephew and my son to wear to my wedding. One for a two year old and the other 6. I only opened up the one for my son who is two years old. I ordered a size 3T as my son is on the larger side. The pants fit him perfectly, length and waist and I was happy with them. The shirt was ever so slightly tight and would have only fit him for the event (which I would have excepted) The vest was too short and way too wide at the bottom and it made the end bow out. The jacket was WAY too large in the shoulders. It doesnt make sense to me that everything would fit so differently. The shirt, vest and jacket should have been in sync whether it was too big or too small but each item incorrectly fit my son in a different way.I was apprehensive to fit the kids on something that I ordered online, but took the chance and was confirmed in my initial thought to find one tangible in my area.suits for kids are hard to find. mens suits get altered and its usually true that some part of a kids suit wont fit either. I think that you should have the shirt, vest and jacket fit and then either hem, alter or buy additional pants which is what I did for both kids. I found what I was looking for at macys and sears and it took the stress off to do it in person.the ones that I bought at macys were marked down and were the same price and the quality was much better, so I dont think that I would recommend the suit at all.

Jacqueline Seal Cove, ME

Looks awesome on my little man.

This suit is adorable and fits my two-year-old perfectly! He is 30 pounds and average height. The white shirt is quite thin, but looks fine with the vest and jacket over. The zip tie is so easy and stays on well. Great for church!

Monique Dubois, ID