Breast Milk Freezer Pack, 2.7 oz

Breast Milk Freezer Pack, 2.7 oz

“For collection, refrigeration and/or freezing. Guaranteed sterile & ready-to-use Bulk pack of 12 containers for easy storage in freezer or fridge. Works with all Medela breast pumps for pumping directly into the container. Special FDA grade plastic designed to retain breast milk’s beneficial properties *All Medela bottles & breast pump kits are 100% Bisphenol-A (BPA) Free.”

Main features

  • Safe for collection, feeding, refrigeration, and/or freezing of breastmilk.
  • Compatible with all Medela breastpumps for pumping directly into the container.
  • Bulk pack of 12 containers for easy storage in freezer or fridge.
  • Special FDA gradeBisphenol-A (BPA) free plastic, designed to retain breastmilk beneficial properties

Verified reviews


Not for Freestyle Users–Falsely Advertised

When this package arrived, I was very disappointed to see “not for use with Single Deluxe or Freestyle breast pumps” written in very small print on the front of the package. I assumed that because the product was made by Medela and claimed to be “compatible with ALL Medela breast pumps,” it would be compatible with my Medela Freestyle Breast pump.

Kerri Brooklyn, KY

Very convenient for pumping, take less space than 150ml bottles

I like these bottles for pumping at work, they are more convenient than the regular 150ml (5ounce) bottles. First of all, I almost never can (and never have time) to pump a full 5-ounce bottle from each breast. These bottles come in 2.5-ounce and are perfect for pumping just the right amount in 5-10 minutes. And besides, my 4-month old almost never takes more than 2.5 ounces at each feeding, so 5-ounce bottles just don’t make sense. I wish the storage bags could come in 2.5 ounce size, too.

Wilda Hanover, WI

So much better than bags

I agree with the other moms that these are a little small, but if your newborn doesn’t drink a whole four ounces at a time, it is great to be able to thaw only two ounces at a time. The good thing about these is that you can pump directly into them and freeze them. There is no need to transfer to a storage baggie thing and there is little or no chance that they will leak. When I was considering what to get, I kept reading about moms who pumped milk and then kept it in storage bags only to have it leak when thawed. Given the amount of time it takes to pump milk, to loose it to leaking bags is terrible. I only bought 12 of these and that was plenty – I am not a full-time working mom, so it was only to use sometimes when I was at school or working a few days in a row. If you work full time, you may want to buy two sets or even bigger ones. It is annoying to have to switch bottles several times while pumping.

Ester Sterling Heights, MI

Smells terrible after multiple washings

These have a horrible plastic smell after 2 hand washings, 2 sterilizations, and a run through the dishwasher. I wouldn’t store my own beverages in them let alone my baby’s milk. None of my other Medela products smell this bad, I don’t know why these bottles do.

Opal Victor, CA

Holds less than advertised

It claims it holds 5oz…however, when I went to pour 5oz of milk (per the Medela bottle) it overflowed! I was NOT happy. I returned these and purchased Nuk bags which work much better, are a lot cheaper and hold much more. Very disappointed in this product!

Gabrielle Leesburg, NJ

You’re better off using freezer bags

The average baby who nurses 8 times a day needs at least 3 ounces of milk per feeding, but these only hold about 2.7 ounces each. You’d need at least 9 bottles to store a full day’s supply of milk. If you just want to store small amounts of milk for occasional use, these might be fine, but if you’re trying to build up a good-size supply, you’re better off using the plastic storage bags instead. The bags are way less expensive, and when stored flat, they take up a lot less room in your freezer. I pump into bottles, then pour the milk into the bags to freeze.

Felicia Palmdale, FL

Great for Supplemental Milk Supply

These containers are great BECAUSE OF the size. First of all, they are perfectly sized for newborns. And, once your baby gets a little older, and requires more milk, these 2.5 oz. containers are the perfect supplement to combine with a 5oz storage bag when thawing to make a bottle. Other reviewers claim these containers are “awkward,” but I would suggest not pumping directly into them. If you own a Medela pump, or the like, simply pump into the 5oz container that comes with the pump and transfer into the smaller storage container(s) for freezing.I always make sure my mother in law/nanny has 12 frozen Medela (2.5 oz) containers of milk at her place (in deep freeze) in case my baby needs a “snack” if I am running late to pick him up after work.Oh, and they are BPA-free. Bonus.I highly recommend these.

Evelyn Metuchen, NJ

Lots of bottles

The bottles themselves are very good, i had no problems with leaking. Although the caps are thin plastic and breaks easily. My baby ate small amounts for 2 months so it was soo easy for me to just pack up his milk and take them with me. But if your baby eats 3 oz or more these bottles make no sense, just save your money and buy the bigger bottles 5 oz or 8 oz.

Celeste Des Allemands, LA

A Must Have for Pumping Moms

I’ve used this set since I started pumping when my baby was 2 months old and it’s had several different uses every day since.When I was still on maternity leave I would pump in between or after feedings and these were the perfect size (they hold about 2.5 oz). I would pump and then put them in the refrigerator to freeze later in my Playtex drop in liners. After I began to ramp up with pumping and when I went back to work I bought some cheap gerber bottles (5 and 10 oz sizes) and used the lids that came with these interchangeably. My baby is nearly 6 months and I still use these almost every day when pumping at work. Even thought I have the Playtex nurser kit, I prefer to pump 6 oz into a gerber bottle using these lids. The smaller containers work for holding food and dry rice cereal.If you used a “regular” nipple (I use Playtex dropins) you could just screw it directly onto these containers. I never froze directly in them, but they were still invaluable to my freezing process.The lids screw on tight so traveling with them is very easy and no spills.I use a medela pump so of course there were no compatibility issues.I highly recommend these!

Maxine Williamsburg, MA


I love these storage bottles! I bought two packs, one pack i froze the milk in the bottles and the second pack i use to pump into and dump the contents out into breast milk storage bags; since the storage bags are cheaper and take up less room in my freezer. These are a must for any pumping mother.

Beth Zalma, MO


These work for storing milk in the fridge and as a travel case for formula powder but do not work well for freezing breast milk. The base of the container cracked and broke each time we took it out of freezer to defrost. They say that it can be frozen but didnt work for us. Search for "snappies" these are awesome containers!

Althea Dundalk, MD

Perfect size, no leaks!

I use these with my Medela pump in style advanced with no issues whatsoever. I love them better then the bags, they are easier to store in my opinion, they don’t leak, easy to thaw, easy to heat in a bottle warmer. They are the perfect 2 oz size for my newborn baby who takes between 2-4 oz per feeding. I have bought 2 boxes to keep me going for a while.

Monica Ingomar, PA

Just what I wanted

I was sick of using bags and wanted something that would fit in the bottle warmer for my babysitters if they needed to get some milk from the freezer. My only 2 complaints are:1. I wish they were slightly bigger as my baby eats 3 oz and these hold just under that.2. It would be nice if the lids had a place to write a date on as I prefer to write it there than on the bottles themselves (to be fair, there is a place on the bottle to write name and date – my preference is to write on the lid).My baby does drink out of these on occasion, and seems to have less gas when he does, so that’s a plus!

Melba Aptos, CA

Much better than bags!

We much prefer these over bags. We have had several bags that have leaked on us, no matter how careful we are with closure, and never have these storage bottles leaked. My husband has requested that the bags be sent to daycare and he keep the bottles! He has mentioned that after defrosting, the transfer from bag to bottle is much less delicate and leads to more spillage. I am about to order more of these bottles, so I can eliminate the use of bags entirely. I also like that they are reusable and I’m not throwing away lots of plastic storage bags. The small size is nice, and allows us to more precisely control our breast milk supply for less waste, which is nice because I am not a super-producer of milk. Oh! And I have an Ameda pump and while I mostly use the Ameda bottles with it, these fit on to my pump as well.

Priscilla Mantorville, MN


I love these! What a great invention! They fit really well onto my Medela Swing breast pump. I refridgerate and freeze in these containers, and I can put the nipple right on the top. There are no need for bottles with these.

Avis Swan, IA

Perfect size!

These have been a lifesaver! So much easier than the bags. I love that I can just warm it up and put a standard sized nipple right on top. The spot to put the date is nice as well.

Cassandra Stockport, IA

Concerned over # 7 plastic

The other plastic Madela products that I own (breast pump attachments and bottles) use a # 5 plastic but these bottles use #7, which has been identified as potentially harmful. The Natural Resources Defense Council and other organizations recommend avoiding using plastic bottles labeled with 3, 6, and 7 ([…] I ended up getting rid of these bottles after using them.

Cassandra Emmett, KS

A bit expensive.

These are nice but you can get much cheaper and larger bags from toys r us.

Bethany Springfield, SC

Works great with pump

Nice way to store milk. I had production obstacles so these were great because I didn’t have to worry about bags leaking with my precious milk. Great peace of mind.

Madeline New Concord, KY

Have been very useful

I’ve really gotten a lot of use out of these. They are easier to pour from than bags and the small amounts really are perfect for newborns. Also I don’t have to worry about a bag busting. They are a little hard to store in the freezer, they take up more room than the bags, but over all, less mess. I am also a big fan of all things reusable.

Laverne Daisetta, TX

Must have 12-24 for a nursing pumping mom; still useful for toddler

Totally useful. They fit the breast pump, the caps, and the nipples, so they can be used for pumping, storing, or feeding. They freeze perfectly (just leave a little room at the top for expansion when frozen). Also this slim size was easy for the baby to hold (shape and weight), so she could hold it herself when she was old enough and wanted to. The slim size also easily fit in a cooler, vs. the bulky wide bottles. The small volume means less waste. I’d rather bring 3 mini bottles than 1 giant one, because it minimized waste and also let me wash the finished ones that much faster. Perfect in the dishwasher. Use a basket (or even a produce net knotted @ both ends, free!) to keep the lids safe in the dishwasher. They have not stained even though we eat a lot of tomato-based foods and they share the dishwasher. Now that I am no longer pumping, I use them to freeze extra whole milk when I get it on sale, so we have spare milk handy (even though we pour it into a cup now). Also useful for carrying a small supply of toddler snacks in the purse or diaper bag; screw on caps stay on better. I got by with one set of 12, but a second set would have been essential if we were not already running the dishwasher daily. Also this was eligible under my Health Care Flexible Spending Account (as are all breast pumps, pump parts, and milk storage); regular bottles are not! I used way fewer disposable milk storage bags after I found these storage bottles.

Eleanor Berea, OH

Great Buy!

These are great little storage containers. Love that you can just put a nipple on them and use them as a bottle for newborns! They are easy to clean and do fine in the dishwasher.

Winnie Dresden, KS


My daughter uses these all the time! At this price, you couldn’t ask for anything better! She has used the storage bags, but these are less messy when pouring milk outhey aer easy for her to pump directly into. Definitly a great buy!!!

Lara Chaska, MN

great product

i use it with medela pump in style..easy to fit on the pump.. and vry easy to clean and store..if u want u can use the medela nipple on it and use it to feed to ..however i just use them to store and nevr to feed.

Yvonne Central Islip, NY

work well, but smell terrible.

these do the job, but still smell very chemically after multiple washes/boils. i know they are bpa free but they are still plastic and off-gassing something i’m not sure i want my baby having.

Juana Shreveport, LA

great value and high quality plastics

At first, we wondered why we would ever need 12 bottles, but after pumping, we saw that it was a good packaging choice by Medela. These are easy to carry out and easy to store. They’re also easier to wrangle when you’re first learning to bottlefeed a baby with your other arm full. These are compatible with the Medela nipple collars for the larger Medela bottles.

Josephine Pease, MN

Love them but bulky

I really like this bottles especially because you can freeze them and they are reusable. The size is about right since most breastfed kids will eat around 3oz per feeding for a long time. The only problem when compared to the plastic liner bags is that these are very bulky and can occupy half of your freezer very quickly if you’re trying to build up a month’s supply stock. If you are hoping to keep a month’s supply or less frozen they are a great alternative, otherwise probably the plastic liner bags are easier to handle.

Eva Cannelton, IN

Research Homework Guru

WOrks great as storage in frig or freezer. Can even put feeding nipple onto to save from using a different bottle when in a bind.

Jackie Lester, AL

So much better than the bags.

A few of these came with the breast pump I bought and I love them, mostly for storage purposes. It’s just so easy to line them all up neatly in the freezer.I’m done pumping now, so I kept all of these little containers and my kids play with them. They are great for sand tables and water play. We even took a few to the beach and my daughter used them for collecting tiny seashells.

Ana Fairfax, CA

the BEST for the early days of pumping/storing/feeding

the BEST for the early days of pumping/storing/feeding… saves precious milk by reducing number of transfers (bottle to bag to bottle)…

Elaine Dexter, MO