Breast Pump Kit for Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breastpump. Includes 2 Tubing, 2 Breastshields

Breast Pump Kit for Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breastpump. Includes 2 Tubing, 2 Breastshields

It is well known that using the correct breastshield size is important for your pumping comfort and optimal milk supply. We include two 25 mm breast shields that will be more comfortable and suitable for the majority of breast feeding mothers. Other sizes are available from Maymom for purchase. Our design of valve allows your precious milk to flow easier into the bottle. The tubing set will fit Medela Pump in Style Original (sold before 2004) and Pump in Style Advanced sold after July 2006. Maymom breastshields can be connected with Medela storage bottles and other standard-szied bottles like Gerber, Playtex and Ameda bottles. They are 100% compatible with Medela valve, Medela tubing and Medela membrane.

Main features

  • Contains 4 valves, 6 membranes, 2 pump in style tubing and two 25-mm (medium) one-piece breastshields; Other sizes of breastshields for purchase – 19, 21, 24, 27, 29, 30, 36 mm.
  • US FDA registered medical device (No. D192499); Complies with US FDA standards for containers that contact food and class II medical device. Products are by US FDA inspected. Test reports are online for your reference;
  • BPA free; Retail packaging in a strong corrugated box; Sealed by the manufacturer.
  • Bottles are not included. You can use any Medela storage bottles or other inexpensive standard sized bottles (e.g. Gerber bottles, Playtex bottle, Ameda bottles) available from your local drug/grocery/dept stores.
  • 4 years of experience in making high quality breast pump accessories for Medela Pumps; 100% compatibility with Medela pump accessories like Medela valves, Medela membranes and Medela tubing.

Verified reviews


Thank you Maymom!!

I have to say, when I had my third child recently and dug out the old breast pump only to find it needed all new accessories, I was SO dismayed to run to my local big box shop and find that the Medela brand flanges were almost $20. JUST for the flanges!! They are just pieces of plastic! I was so turned off and annoyed, but I felt I had no choice and paid the fee anyway…But then I got home and out of curiosity I searched Amazon and found that Maymom apparently has their own line of Medela suitable accessories! Imagine my delight at finding the cost of Maymom’s accessories are being sold at a FRACTION of the cost of the Medela equivalents. I purchased this kit right away and happily returned the Medela product to the store.See, I knew a piece of plastic shouldn’t cost that much! So I must say that I am so grateful that Maymom is here and offering an alternative because Medela’s prices, I tell you, feel downright criminal. I’ve been using the Maymom accessories with my Medela pump for 6 weeks now, without a hitch, and they work perfectly. Absolutely no complaints, and I definitely recommend.

Brenda Ethel, LA

all in one piece

Please note that the breastshields and valves are one piece here, rather than 2 pieces in the Medela set. This only matters if you are planning to use this product with a hands free pumping bra. You can’t get the valve through the hole in the bra.Other than that, this product is great. It works exactly as well as the Medela set that I have.

Mamie Long Eddy, NY

Not the original medela

if you want original medela parts, go to Target or Babys r us. These are not the original though they do a decent job.

Verna Mass City, MI

Great package with everything you need

This is exactly what I needed. Everything fits perfectly with my Medela pump. The breast shields are easy to clean. Works just as well as my Medela stuff at half the price. Definitely woudl recommend buying this kit to anyone.

Lori Mc Indoe Falls, VT

If you are used to medelas shield/flange sizes be careful when ordering these-size up maybe?

I purchased the standard size shields/flanges from maymom and they are smaller than medelas standard shields/flanges. I did not have good results with these shields/flanges and I do not use them. All other parts that come in the kit are satisfactory, but I feel that you are really paying for the shields/flanges when you order this kit.

Kelly Morann, PA

What a blessing!!

Money has been so tight for us that the thought of replacing all of the parts/tubing for child #2 seemed impossible. I would go to Target or WM and it was almost $10 a piece! Thank GOD for this package!! I was able to get all new everything for my up coming baby at a price I could afford! My pump is running like new again. It fits my pump perfectly.

Esmeralda Ora, IN

glad to have found this

These seemed like a great deal. I bought two sets to have extras, so I wouldn’t just be washing the pump parts all day long. They worked great for a few weeks until one of the suction parts stopped working. I don’t know if that was a fluke or not, but I am still glad I bought them.

Beverley Willard, MO

Fits Perfectly!

I accidentally left my Medela parts boiling while I took a bath and what do you know… by the time I got out, all the water had boiled away and the plastic pieces were beginning to melt. Mom brain… I was worried about the expense of replacing them but this kit was perfect and not too pricy. I would definitely purchase this again.

Peggy Laura, IL

exactly what it says…

parts seem to be good quality. Haven’t used it yet but I like the way it was packaged and I like the apparent quality of the materials used

Chris Greensboro, PA

Better than originals

I was so particular that we bought the originals that cost upwards of fifty dollars but so happy we gave this a try.Wife says these are are not any different and i like the fact that the one piece design is actually easier to clean in the sterilizer.

Mallory Parlier, CA

Works as well as Medella

Size up to account for swelling when pumping.

Maryellen Newville, AL

It’s what I needed.

Good supplement to my existing pump supplies. Everything included as described. I’ll buy again when I need to replace some older parts!

Sondra Saint Charles, AR

Good back ups!

I pump mild at work. it’s very nice to have these back ups in handy. They are quality made. .

Alissa Central Islip, NY

Great kit!

Everything was packaged nicely. The kit included everything I needed when I couldn’t find my lost parts for my pump. You wouldn’t even know that the parts are made by Maymom because they seem exactly like Medela. It was nice to get a 25cm size, too. I prefer the Maymom attachments to my original 24m Medela attachments.

Jillian Franklin, IL

Great for the money

I haven’t used this item yet because my baby isn’t here yet, however, I compared these items with the medella ones and they’re basically the same thing. I assume they will work just as well, but for a much cheaper price!

Rhea Bethany, CT

Works perfectly with Medela Pump In Style

Fits my Medela Pump in Style perfectly for half the price of the Medela brand. I was told to replace my parts about every 3 months and for this price, I can easily oblige.

Bette Miami, AZ

Great product!

My only negative is that unlike the Medela brand the breast shield does not detach. Otherwise, its a great buy!

Heather Manitou Springs, CO

Excellent buy.

works great with my medela pump in style advanced for a fraction of the cost. i like that the phlange is connected to the valve rather than separate like with the medela style. this is my set for work, which i use 3x a day 5x a week. Fantastic.

Kayla Springfield, SD

Breast pump kit

This kit has been so helpful. The parts fit perfectly with my Medella pump and they were very cost efficient!

Janette Olmstead, KY

Great replacement parts.

These were perfect to replace my worn out parts. Everything I needed plus extras. Highly recommend for medela freestyle pump

Monica Alligator, MS

Great deal

Good quality and great price. Much cheaper than the Medela brand and worked perfectly with my other medela pump and parts. The only difference is the screw part is a little smaller so the bottle is pretty snug when you screw it in. I didn’t mind this because there are some Ameda bottles I have that would fall off the medela Shields if I bumped them. These fit those slightly smaller bottle just fine without fear of them falling off.

Chris Hephzibah, GA

Easy shipping and product as described.

Good replacement kit. Works as described.

Alberta Farmingdale, ME

Works great

This pack is a great set to replace old accesories. I like the little case it comes with too. The shield is attached to the bottom part instead of being two pieces which I am really liking.

Katie Orrtanna, PA

Love it!

These are great. They are just once piece so its super easy to clean and fits just right on my medela pump. Will definitely be ordering from here again!

Lynnette Massena, IA

Great buy!

Fit my medela pump wonderfully! Great product to assist in your pumping journey. Will be ordering more to keep at work with my pump.

Gina Norwich, KS

Good product

I almost like this better than my medela set. Less pieces to clean and this comes in handy for use at work.

Doreen Fletcher, MO

Everything fit fine with my pump

Everything was as expected and fit fine with my pump! Note that the flanges are one piece, and the ones that come with the Medela Pump In Style are 2 pieces. No biggie, still worked as expected.

Rosalyn Fairview, IL

Great to have spare parts

It is great to have extra parts for my medela pump. I am always breaking or losing something so to have an entire set of extras is perfect for me. All of these parts were comparable with my medela in style pump

Naomi Danville, OH

Great product

This is a great product and wonderful alternative to costly Medela parts. I ordered this as replacement parts for my Medela double electric after pricing them next to each other the Maymom won. After using each brand I can say I can’t tell a difference in fit or pumping from Medela vs Maymom. I like that the connector and flang are one piece, it makes cleaning easier. On the other hand I wish Maymom made separate connectors for my pumpn pals flangs, that is the only reason I would purchase a Medela brand replacement part I will be ordering more Maymom for sure since the parts work just as well as Medela at a fraction of the cost it makes pumping much more affordable, especially for women who need multiple sizes of flangs. Great product at a great price.

Juanita Madison, VA

Just what I needed

This was a great buy for me. I just needed replacement tubing but it came with extras for a comparable price so I went ahead and got the extra replacements. Haven’t had any problems with any pieces since I got it 6 months ago. Tubing fit my "pump in style" perfectly.

Lela Salix, PA