Breast Pump Kit for Medela Pump in Style Pumps; Include 2 Breast Shields

Breast Pump Kit for Medela Pump in Style Pumps; Include 2 Breast Shields

This value pack includes one retail pack of the best selling tubing for Medela Pump in Style Advanced sold after July 2006 and Pump in Style Original sold prior to 2004 and other pump parts (25 mm breastshield x2, valve x 2, membrane x 4). The one-piece design breastshield is easier to clean, fewer pieces to keep, and less chance of loosing suction power. Our design of valve allows easier flow of milk into the bottle due to the steeper slope. The one-piece breastshield can replace Medela’s Personal Fit 24 mm breastshield and connector. No need to buy other pieces. Maymom breastshields can also work with Medela valves/membranes. Maymom breastshields can connect to Medela bottles as well as other standard-sized bottles like Ameda, Gerber, Nuk.

Main features

  • Value Pack of 2 Tubes, 2 Valves, 4 Membranes, 25 mm Breastshield (comparable to Medela Personal Fit 24 mm or the standard one comes with your pump) x2
  • Retail poly-bag packed; sealed by the manufacturer
  • Breastshield is comparable to Medela standard 24 mm (M) breastshield, but most breast feeding mothers will find ours (25mm) more comfortable; Tubes are designed for Pump in Style Pump sold after July 2006.
  • US FDA registered medical device (No. D192499); Complies with US FDA standards for containers that contact food and class II medical device. Test reports are online for your reference;

Verified reviews


Perfect parts for medela pump in style

I bought this kit so that I could have backup parts and so I dont have to wash parts as often. I find myself using these sheilds more than the original medela brand sheilds that came with the pump. They are high quality and very comfortable. I was worried the sheilds would be difficult to use with the double pumping bra because they’re one peice instead of two however they fit through perfectly fine with no trouble. I also like that the membranes can be used with the medela brand valves and vice versa. I was also worried the sheilds would be harder to clean but they’re not. Obviously you must rinse them right after you use them so that milk doesn’t dry in the middle of them. Highly reccomend these, there’s really no point in spending the extra money on the medela brand.

Sherrie Pierce, ID

Buy Medela Product instead

I bought this set when I returned to work so I wouldn’t have to worry about washing my medela pieces every single day.First of all, these pieces are NOT interchangeable with the medela pieces. I would throw them all into my bag and just grab a set of flanges, valves and membranes and start pumping. After a couple days of doing this, and my output decreasing dramatically, I finally realized the yellow valves are NOT the same size as the medela valves and should not be used with the medela flanges. The valves are slightly larger for this set. Nowhere in the packaging that came with this set stated not to interchange with Medela pieces. I only wish I had figured this out sooner–my production went down 2/3’s from ineffective pumping and caused me unnecessary grief and anxiety when trying to figure out what was going on. I was honestly crying after pumping because I felt like my body was letting my baby down.My second problem with this set also involves the valves. The instructions state the valves have to be put on in a certain position (unlike the Medela pieces). So now I’m all paranoid about my production and constantly looking down to make sure breast milk is flowing and that I put the valves on correctly. And as most pumping women know, constantly checking and monitoring and worrying about how much breast milk is coming out, only helps to decrease it.Do to me buying this "extra set" to make my life easier, I am now frantically trying to get my milk supply back up to where it was before and am probably going to have to start my lo on formula. Hopefully my review will help other women from making the same mistake I did.

Leanna Union Center, SD

Great buy!

These fit my pump the way they are supposed to and everything came packaged and I am confident it is all sterile and ready to use.

Muriel Rodney, MI

Love it!

I purchased this as an extra set to have on hand so I didn’t have to wash after every pumping. I haven’t used the tubing yet but the valves are great! I like them even better than the medela two piece ones. Easy to clean and less parts to remember. They do slide into a hands free pumping bra with ease through the holes and medela parts and these are interchangeable. Would purchase again.

Letha Macomb, MI

I really love this item

I love the one piece design (much better then the original two part one) and the size is perfect for me. Because this is designed a bit differently then the original too, I feel like I worry about the milk getting in the tubes less. You will still get moisture build up, but that’s expected and I just let it blow off after every pump. I really love this item.

Katie Union Grove, AL

Exactly what I needed

I was fortunate to have been given an expensive breast pump. I am very glad to have been able to find these replacement parts so I can use the pump; they work great.

Ilene Mills, NM

Fits Medela perfectly, built well, love that it comes with spare parts…

Works exactly as it should. I like this 1 piece version better than the 2 piece versions because the 2 piece seems to wear near the bottom of the flanges to where they fall off while mid-pump! I’ve since dumped all my 2 piece Medela kits and replaced them with these 1 piece Maymoms..Only 4 starts because though they are built well and I use mine 3-5x a day for 4 mos or so now, I just got a little chip in one of the yellow attachment parts.. but because I bought 2 sets I’m just replacing it with another spare, even though it is still functional. Just afraid it may chip more and drop into the breast milk without me noticing.. think it was a defective part and that this product is still great and at a great value.

Vicky Rossiter, PA

works just fine

was worried that is not a medela brand but works just fine with the medela pump and nice to not have different parts to put together

Kitty Widen, WV


I use these with my Medela pump and they work great. I have no seen any difference with these compared to the original Mededla ones.

Ramona Irondale, MO

Five Stars

Works great and definitely a lot cheaper than the name brand!

Lynda Sharon, TN

Great product

Had all the parts I needed to use my Medela breast pump. Everything fit perfectly and was easy to clean. Great product.

Cherie Lumber Bridge, NC

Cheaper than the name brand replacement parts

You get more for your money and these are easier to clean than the originals. I find them to be just as good if not better than the originals. Less parts to clean or lose.

Ashleigh Crittenden, NY

Do Buy

I cleaned these cup in hot water with my bottle brush and after examining the cup the hot water melted the cups. Ended up trashin them and purchasing medela. MEDELA is the way to go for breast cups. The medela bottle should be left on the shelf. They don’t hold up.

Bridget Tinnie, NM