Breathable Mesh Crib Liner by BreathableBaby 2014 – Purple Stitch

Breathable Mesh Crib Liner by BreathableBaby 2014 – Purple Stitch


Main features

  • Polyester
  • Imported
  • Pediatrician Evaluated & Recommended
  • Helps Prevent Suffocation, Carbon Dioxide, & Arms & Legs Stuck
  • Adjustable Fasteners for Secure Fit
  • Tucks Down the Side of Mattress to Keep Baby from Getting Stuck under Bumper
  • Hypoallergenic

Verified reviews


My baby hates it

I bought it because I thought the polka dots can stimulate my baby’s vision. But I guess it’s too much and he couldn’t fall asleep when I put on the bumper. Eventually I still use the plain white one.

Lori Cornish, UT

It works and we are happy

Easy to put on, but a little weak in the "pretty" department. I personally don’t give a hoot either way, but my wife says it isn’t pretty, and wants one of those frilly fluffy ones. It does it’s job, but when the baby rolls into it, there is no give for face planting into the bars, so do your baby a favor, do your wife a favor, and do yourself a favor and just spend the money on something frilly and fluffy and do the while baby year thing.

Dora Asheville, NC

A little baggy, unsafe

I ended up giving this bumper to a friend because it did not work well in my crib. I have a baby relax crib and the sides are solid wood, not slats. The bumper was too loose for this type of crib, creating a potentially unsafe situation where my little one could get her arms caught up underneath it and between the slats. My friend, however, used it in her crib (slats all around) and it fits snug and looks great.

Theresa Cantrall, IL

GREAT product!

I have to say I am so happy with this purchase! We had been swaddling our baby but when he started being able to roll over we had to stop swaddling him at night. This soon became a huge problem because he would get his arms stuck in the slats of the crib at night and wake himself up. I didn’t want to use a typical baby bumper because I was worried about him getting his face pressed against it and smothering. So I found this–the breathable baby mesh crib liner. It works just like a baby bumper but when he gets his face pressed against it (which he has done already while sleeping) he is able to breathe. And I am able to sleep without worrying about him. This product is genius!

Rose Outlook, WA

Useful but only for a short time

I got this because my baby was getting his legs stuck in his crib bars while he slept. Although he hasn’t gotten his legs stuck while I’ve been using this crib liner, he has been able to stick his feet outside the crib bars by slipping them below this liner. I installed the liner exactly as the directions describe so this is not due to user error on my part. Once my son is able to pull up, I will have to stop using this liner because I can easily see how he could get really hurt by climbing onto it and then falling out of his crib. Honestly, I don’t know why they don’t just make cribs with smaller spaces in between the bars.

Debra Jarrettsville, MD


This is perfect for little babies who like to stick their hands/feet out and get stuck. I like that there is no risk of smothering with this product.

Melba Summit Station, OH

Bought for catching the pacifier.

It does just that – catches the pacifier so I am not on my hands and knees hunting for it in the middle of the night when it has fallen out. We have two cribs of different styles – fits both great!

Tabitha Mount Blanchard, OH

Must have!

When my baby started rolling around in the crib around three months, I was up ALL night terrified about him getting his little arms and legs stuck between the slats of his crib – and banging his head wide open on the hard edges of the crib. I reached out to a Mommy group that I belong to, and pleaded for advice. The overwhelming recommendation? A mesh crib liner. Within minutes, I ordered it online.Upon receiving the item, I threw it into the wash and then installed it on the crib which was pretty easy. I wasn’t concerned with how it looked, although I must say it’s not an eye sore. The liner really is breathable, unlike the decorative bumpers you will buy to jazz up a nursery, so that was a definite plus. After using it the first night, I wondered how I went so long without this product to begin with. It has been a saving grace by protecting my baby and offering us a peaceful night’s sleep knowing he wouldn’t get "trapped" or hurt during the night while he’s wriggling around.I recommend that ALL new moms invest in this product. So worth it!

Kristie Grafton, WV

Love it very much

so pretty! Fits perfect. Matches all the decor I have since there are so many different colored dots. My baby loved to stare at the dots. also it is a nice bright color not pastel. Very happy.

Jane Sherrodsville, OH

Pretty good liner

This crib liner is pretty good. I deducted a star because the ties used to tie the liner to the crib slats are not very long and I can’t get them really tight. They slip down a bit and so the top of the crib slats are exposed. I have to keep pulling them up or retightening. Not too big a deal, still prevents my baby from getting her arms and legs stuck in between the slats. Easy to install with Velcro.

Cathy Rio Grande City, TX

Polka dots keep baby curious

Very nice alternate to the standard crib bumpers. I originally thought the fabric was literally only thin mesh but it’s mesh plus something soft in between. It still is breathable, which I tested for myself. Not sure if I’m slow but it took a pretty long time for me to install it. I started off incorrectly by assuming the design was on the outside. It would have been nice if the design were on the outside or even on both sides. Baby loves to stare at the dots.

Clara Ferris, TX

It’s ok – not great, not bad

It’s ok for the price, nothing earth shattering on the good or bad side. I would recommend it to a friend. Installation is not the easiest when working around the corners, instructions were a bit confusing, but overall an "ok" product for the price.

Minnie Orange Cove, CA

Peace of mind

This crib bumper is an excellent transition from infant bumpers. When the baby becomes very active in the crib and can potentially poke an arm or leg through the slats, it provides a good barrier to prevent this from occurring.

Willie Hillsdale, OK

Nice compromise for a bumper!

I know there are plenty of people who don’t think bumpers should be used at all, but I just found it necessary with my first child as she’d get her legs stuck between the crib bars and become hysterical over it. Once I found my twins having the same problem, I bought two of these, one for each. These are a nice compromise for those who feel some sort of bumper is useful for their babies but should give the peace of mind that there is no suffocation factor if the baby is not strong enough to roll or scoot away or turn his head from the side of the crib. I liked the print on this bumper and it works perfectly for a boys’ room. The only thing I dislike about these bumpers is that they come in two pieces and the configuration for securing the Velcro ends up looking a bit sloppy since there are basically four ends (two for each piece) that need to be secured. I think having just one piece would work just the same and could be universal to fit various crib types.

Mercedes Bronx, NY

Beautiful print!

We’ve installed this bumper but our baby hasn’t slept in her crib yet. I am terrified of SIDS so I was very happy to find this option for a crib bumper. The print is so beautiful and matched our nursery perfectly! I wish both sides of the bumper had the print on them because I think it looks silly with one white side and one decorated side! I was unable to find this print in our local baby stores (or on their websites) so I was very glad to find it on Amazon!

Chandra Lovingston, VA

Legal bumper

In an age where SIDS is the ultimate fear of any new parent, this is a life saver. I had decided to not use a bumper for fear of SIDS, but then my infant was able to roll side to side from birth and kept getting his teeny feet stuck between the slats when he started sleeping in his crib. This bumper does prevent the feet getting stuck and outs my mind at ease now that my baby rolls over and finds himself wedged against the bumper. It looks nice and simple and clean. It was kind of pain to get on and it slides down the sides of the crib every few days and needs to be hoisted back up. It does not stay put when putting the crib mattress back on after changing the sheets. These negatives are small compared to piece of mind. I’d recommend this for any new parent.

Madge Lake Villa, IL

Better than nothing! But will not protect baby banging against the crib.

Since the traditional bumpers a no go, this was one of the few alternatives. It provides no protection against a baby banging his/her head against the crib but at least she didn’t get her legs or arms caught in the slats! And no more looking for pacifiers she throws out of the crib!! I have this for my mini crib and I have the individual padded bumpers for the regular crib, the individual bumpers are very expensive but it is padded. So it does protect her head and the pacifiers can’t easily get thrown out. So if you don’t mind spending $100, check out the individual bumpers. Otherwise, this is a good alternative and much more reasonable.

Sonia Cache Junction, UT

Wish it had ties on the bottom

This is a great product and I would buy it again. I just wish it where there are ties at the top of the liner, that there would be ties along the bottom too. I think that it would help keep the liner in place better.

Alta Gallatin, MO

Breathable Baby Bumper Works

I bought this for my grandsons crib and my daughter loves it. She says it works very well and helps to keep my grandson from getting his feet caught between the crib slats.

Muriel Putney, GA

Beautiful, easy, and works well.

I uploaded 4 pictures of it. The color is beautiful and the instructions show how to use it on normal cribs, 3 sided/toddler bed and on a solid back crib. The thickness surprised me. It is less than 1/2 inch thick (after washing) and held up well. I hung to dry. It is very soft, and I held it pressed against my nose and mouth pretty hard and could breathe easily. I also held it loosely and could breathe well. It closes easily and is adjustable with velcro. It took less than 3 minutes to put on.Our little one still sleeps in one position, but I’m comfortable with this keeping her arms from getting stuck without her having an issue breathing.Pic 1) Corner view of how to "weave" the bumper. It is two pieces. One shorter that goes across the front, and one longer to go across both sides and back.Pic 2) Front side with 3 ties. This side is a light lavender. It is thin enough to leave it tucked in between the mattress and the crib. We left it like this so she can’t get "under" it.Pic 3) Texture, color and tie of front sidePic 4) Front side overlap and closure

Lenora Delphia, KY

Does the job

Fit our crib perfectly, and keep LO’s arms and legs out of the bars. I don’t really like the way it looks (pattern inside/plain white outside), but that’s my only complaint.

Araceli Sheridan, MO