BreathableBaby Breathable Bumper for Portable and Cradle Cribs, White

BreathableBaby Breathable Bumper for Portable and Cradle Cribs, White

Recommended and Evaluated by Leading Pediatricians The Award winning, patented, BreathableBaby Breathable Mesh Liner reduces the risks of suffocation, re breathing carbon dioxide, entanglement and climbing. BreathableBaby’s exclusive fabric with A.C.T. Air Channel Technology, promotes airflow and helps maintain air access. Soft and padded, keeps little limbs safely inside the crib. Hypoallergenic. Machine washable and fast drying. Perfect little liner for baby’s first crib. One size fits both Portable and Cradle Cribs. Satin trim finish. Solid colors coordinate with any bedding set. Reduces the risks of suffocation, re breathing carbon dioxide, entanglement and climbing. Soft and padded, keeps little limbs safely inside. Contains one panel 9.5″ high, 125″ long. Easy wrap design covers all slats and corners. Attaches easily with textured fasteners, no dangerous ties. Safety evaluated. Machine washable, fast drying. Hypoallergenic. Patented. Recommended Age: newborns. Use our standard Breathable Mesh Liner when out of Portable or Cradle crib.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • One size fits both portable and cradle cribs
  • Satin trim finish, solid colors coordinate with any bedding set
  • Reduces the risks of suffocation, re breathing carbon dioxide
  • Soft and padded, keeps little limbs safely inside
  • Easy wrap design covers all slats and corners, attaches easily with textured fasteners

Verified reviews


DO NOT BUY THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

So, my daughter slept in a mini crib in our room. Once she started rolling over her arms and legs would get stuck in the slats and she would wake up crying. Since I had another Breathable Baby full size bumper that I loved, I was sure that I would love this. We measured the crib and ordered this and IT DID NOT FIT! It left a 2 1/2 inch gap! Now I know some reviews say people found a way to deal with that gap but I returned it! I didn’t pay for it to have a 2 1/2 inch gap!

Sydney Stickney, SD

great item

Bought this for our mini crib. It fits perfectly, and has an adjustible velcro closure to help make it snug. Yes, it does only have two ties for securing the bumper. However, you thread the corners in such a way that each corner of the crib serves as a secure point for the bumper too. It is mesh and breathable, but also offers a small bit of cushion. I love that it keeps baby’s arms and legs from getting through crib slats, yet is breathable and safe.

Kathi Nara Visa, NM

Very happy with these bumpers!

I have the Dream On Me 3-in-1 Convertible Wood Crib in White and I bought the pink bumpers (Wife and I are having a girl). The bumpers fit so perfect on this crib! Does not slide down and fits so secure! I am VERY satisfied with this product, it looks great on the crib and the pink bumpers match so well with the pink and purple star print mattress sheet we bought. This is just a great, baby safe product with GREAT material and for the price of $20, doesn’t look anywhere cheap as you think it would be.

Claudia Story, WY

Perfect for the Davinci mini-crib.

People said these don’t fit the mini-crib but it does if you put it on right. You must run it on the inside of the corners. My son sleeps much better now that he can snuggle up to the bumper when before he knock his head into the rails. And the mesh is thin so I don’t worry about him not being able to breath.

Hollie Leggett, TX

A must have!

After reading so many warnings and horror stories about bumpers, I took down my cute matching crib bumper set. I was too afraid that my baby would get stuck and suffocate with the plush bumper, but then was it was off, I was afraid my baby would hit her head and get hurt. I left the crib bumper-less for a a few days, but then saw her foot constantly getting stuck through the crib slats.I originally registered for this breathable bumper, but did not have a mini crib at the time. I purchased this and love it.The pink color is gorgeous against a white crib and it does the job. It’s completely breathable even if you push your face right up against it (trust me, I tried). This makes me feel good knowing that my baby can still breathe. It also offers some soft cushioning against the wood, so that makes me feel better too. I wish that is didn’t sag down as much and it should probably have more ties, but I am happy with this purchase and also purchased the full crib size version too.

Jewell Shelbyville, MI

I like it a lot!

I bought it for a Delta portable crib and it was a perfect fit. It has a mesh and a little cushion, I bought the blue bumper and it looks beautiful.

Frances Nashua, MT

Fits Delta Portable Crib Perfectly

I purchased this bumper for a Delta portable crib. It fits perfect but you have to follow the directions exactly. Not sure if you have to use the two ribbon ties and if so how…

Lorena Danforth, ME

Pleased with this bumper

I like having a bumper in our crib for our baby, due to the risk of him hitting his head on the sides or getting his arms/legs trapped. I chose this one due to the fact that it is "breathable"- I put it up against my mouth & nose, and it truly does allow air flow!! I feel much safer using this bumper instead of a "normal" bumper!

Mallory Amherstdale, WV

Similiar to what’s on her crib at home

Using this for the portable crib used by our granddaughter when she visits. This is the same style she has on her crib at home so knew how to put it on. Fits nice and snug.

Gayle Tower, MI

Love it…except the closure

This is an awesome product and I am very glad I got it for the portable crib we use when our grandchildren are here for visits and I baby sit them, too! The only thing I dislike about this liner is the fact that it has Velcro on it that can snag the mesh fabric. The Velcro also is difficult to line up at the top and bottom of the liner to make it stay on the bed. Snaps would have been much better and easier as they can’t "cling" to everything they touch. I love the color, the height it covers along the walls of the bed, and I definitely LOVE that I don’t have to pick up toys and pacifiers anymore! It fits snugly around the mattress so that these things don’t fall out onto the floor. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a liner for a portable crib, but I would definitely also warn them about the frustration I felt in trying to match up the ends and Velcro them together! We have been using this product for 2-3 months.

Chasity Mansfield, MA

Exactly what we needed!

At around 7 months my little one began thrusting her limbs through the slats of her crib in her sleep. My husband was terrified she would move in her sleep and hurt herself, so we purchased these for her crib since they are breathable and thin. They provide a small amount of cushion, but since blocking the slats was our main goal, they are perfect! Super easy to install, I did it in about 5 minutes. They have to be threaded in front of (inside of the crib) the corner rails to fit, and if you don’t do that correctly they will seem short. We have a DaVinci mini crib and these fit the size exactly.

Tiffany Almont, CO

Exactly what we needed for the little crib at Meema’s.

Fit perfectly and did not crowd the little crib at Meema’s. easy to put on and beautiful! We love it.

Jeanine Lambert, MT


Great product to keep baby’s fingers and toes out of the cradle slats and also protect him if he gets too close to the wood. It also makes the cradle feel much cozier in my opinion.

Marietta Pioneer, LA

love it, fits DaVinci mini rocking crib fine!

I wanted something that would prevent little legs from getting stuck between railings as well as keep extra pacifiers in the crib for the munchkin to find at night.The bumper is light, non-smelly, and most importantly breathable. The mesh allows the air in but keeps little arms and legs inside.I attached it to my DaVinci minirocking crib, wrapping the bumper on the INSIDE of the crib. It fit just fine, in fact, looks like there is enough fabric to try and wrap it outside the crib too. I slid it low, almost to the bottom of the mattress – so far no sagging of the fabric anywhere around the crib.Have not washed it yet, will report back about the bumpers integrity after few washes.

Morgan Grantsville, WV

Keeps those fidgety limbs contained!

I love this bumper! I purchased this for our Alma mini crib. My son liked to thrust his limbs through the bars, then protest loudly when he couldn’t extract them. It completely solved the problem.

Nelda Huntsville, AL


Am I the only one that thinks this looked cheap? It is truly breathable and fit our mini crib OK. Didn’t like the satin trim especially bc the bumper has Velcro which will eventually snag it. It needs more ties as it will eventually hang as it stretches out/breaks in.

Danielle Ralls, TX

Five Stars

Perfect fit for the Davinci mini cribs.

Dianne Thorp, WA

Love these

We bought these to go in a mini-crib and are very happy with the purchase. They fit well and aren’t bulky.

Avis Mahnomen, MN

Good product

Watched the video on assembly and use and would highly recommend you do this so it fits correctly. Works as promised to protect baby from those hard, cold slats but breathable which is a plus in a portable crib.

Misty Henryton, MD


My baby’s feet were getting stuck in the cradle so we ordered this. It looks nice and it had mesh to allow her to breath. I know it isn’t recommended but I can’t see why not. She seemed fine.

Joy Kinsman, IL

Very nice

I put this on my daughter’s cradle. Easy assemble and I feel better knowing that it breaths. It’s also a safe barrier for my 18 month old son.

Dianne Mackinaw City, MI

breathable bumper

This breathable bumper was easy to install on our mini crib. It allowed for air circulation, which thick bumpers do not. It is also easy to see baby through it.

Frankie Butler, PA

Does not fit mini crib

I ordered this bumper for my Davinci Mini crib. However, it does not fit all the way around the bumper. It’s roughly a foot too short in length. Had to return this product

Shelly Dover Foxcroft, ME

They work as expected

I can’t give scientific proof that these work like they should, but several times I have found my baby sleeping with his face right up against the bumpers in his cradle and I am relieved to have these breathable bumpers. Maybe nothing would have happened with traditional bumpers, but I’m not going to use my baby to test that out. I’ll keep using these breathable bumpers.UPDATE 12/13/12:After 5 months of use, I can say that these bumpers work very well. We wrap our baby tightly in a blanket every night but he inevitably wiggles his arms out and has full range of movement to smack, scratch, and claw the bumpers. They stay put even with this “abuse” and don’t snag or sag.I would recommend these to anybody with a small cradle for their newborns. To see other baby products we recommend and products we hate, please read my other reviews and let me know if they are helpful.

Judi Uxbridge, MA

Good idea for safety, but not decorative.

This bumper is all-white, which is versatile but has no "style". The fit is not perfect in our handmade heirloom cradle, but we will use it because of its safety-conscious design. The velcro fasteners allow it to hug the sides, but it is a little too wide for the height of the cradle’s sides. I would have sewn one myself, but needed to see how the bumper-suffocation issue was managed with this one.

Josephine Summit, KY

Didn’t like it

Have a mini crib and tried to put it on and it was floppy and didn’t seem like a good idea. Choose not to use it and now it sits in the bottom of a bin somewhere.

Terra Votaw, TX

Not what I expected

This bumper does not fit snuggly enough. There are slight gaps around the portable crib. This item is going back.

Carole Salem, MA

Keeps her safe

We bought this to keep our baby from sticking her hands through the crib railings. The other alternative was a crib bumper, but those are said to pose a suffocation hazard.I tested this after installing it by putting my mouth against it and breathing through it. Completely breathable.The instructions make installation look harder than it is. Took just a minute to weave it through the crib railings and install it.

Sheree East Woodstock, CT

Awesome! Just install it correctly!

We love this bumper! No more arms and legs tangled in between the slats, but totally breathable. I wouldn’t have minded the mesh being a little more open (they added an additional layer for padding), but it’s OK as is and the extra padding is nice. The comments on falling in, and needing ties etc – if you get the right size! (note this one is portable crib size) and follow the instructions (since depending on the exact crib, you wrap inside or outside the corners, and that makes a big difference!) it fits perfectly. The sides don’t fall in as long as it’s snug a little lower than the mattress (which it should be installed that way) and the ties aren’t necessary at all if they are installed correctly anyway. So if you’re relying on the ties to hold it up, you’ve done something wrong in the first place. Don’t get worried though – instructions are clear and installation is easy. Just need a tad bit of common sense I guess.

Crystal Corral, ID

Just what we needed

We have a Davinci alfa portable rocking crib. This works perfectly, fits exactly as it should. Prevented baby from getting his arms and legs stuck and protected his head. The mesh is totally breathable and it’s surprisingly padded!

Graciela Rudyard, MI