BreathableBaby Breathable Mesh Crib Liner, White

BreathableBaby Breathable Mesh Crib Liner, White

Recommended and Tested by Leading Pediatricians The Award Winning, Patented, BreathableBaby Breathable Mesh Liner reduces the risks of suffocation, entanglement and climbing. Made with exclusive fabric with A.C.T. Air Channel Technology that promotes airflow and helps maintain air access. Soft and padded, keeps little limbs safely inside the crib. Hypoallergenic. Machine washable and fast drying. Adjustable to fit Standard 4 sided Slatted Cribs, Solid Back, Solid Front, and Solid End Cribs. Solid colors coordinate with any bedding set. Satin trim finish. Soft and padded, keeps little limbs safely inside. Contains one short panel for front railing and one long panel for wrapping other 3 sides of the crib, both 11″ high. Easy wrap design; adjustable to fit cribs with slatted ends. Attaches easily with textured fasteners, no dangerous ties. Collapses to impede climbing. Safety evaluated. Tucks below mattress for extra protection. Machine washable, fast drying. Portable and durable. Hypoallergenic, poly mesh fabric. Patented. Recommended Age: Birth 3 years.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Reduces the risks of suffocation, entanglement and climbing
  • Soft and padded, keeps little limbs safely inside
  • Easy wrap design; adjustable to fit cribs with slatted ends, attaches easily with hook and loop fasteners
  • Collapses to prevent climbing, patented and safety evaluated
  • Solid colors coordinate with any bedding set, award winning product
  • Easy wrap design; adjustable to fit cribs with slatted ends, attaches easily with hook and loop fasteners, no dangerous ties
  • Collapses to prevent climbing, patented and safety evaluated
  • Solid colors coordinate with any bedding set, award winning product

Verified reviews


Good idea, Bad bumper

When I was pregnant and shopping for the nursery, I was torn between what type of bumper to buy. One one hand I liked the softness of the Carter’s brand bumper, but I liked the “breathable” bumper because my daughter was born in the beginning of summer and I wanted her to stay as cool as possible; so I bought the breathable bumper. When I put it on the crib, it looked very nice and while my daughter was little and imobile, it was very useful. As soon as she began to roll around, about 4 months, I would wake in the night to screams…her litttle arms and legs would get caught in the spacing of the crib, up and over the bumper! She would roll and turn while sleeping and apparently her limbs would lift over the bumper and the bumper would crumble under the light pressure of a babies arm. I have since bought the Carter’s brand bumper and I am happy. It stands up to her limbs and no more limbs get caught. Great idea, but bumper needs work.

Rebecca Kings Mountain, NC

Decent product but doesn’t fit quite right and leaves 2 gaps

Bought this bumper for my baby’s crib which does not have a drop rail. It is designed for cribs with a drop rail and so it comes in two pieces – one piece for the moveable side of the crib (the one that drops), and a larger piece that covers the other 3 sides. So it leaves 2 gaps because the pieces don’t come together completely. This makes it easier to drop one side of a drop-sidecrib but is pointless if you don’t have this feature and looks funny. Also, baby is always losing his pacifier out of these gaps. I was disappointed that it looks like one piece in the picture and doesn’t show the gap or mention that it is a two-piece bumper. I ended up buying a new bumper and using this for the crib at grandma’s house. I would have returned it if it weren’t for the shipping cost. As for the breathability – the mesh seems to be good quality, just don’t let the grabby side of the velcro attachments touch the mesh or it pulls and damages the mesh. The fit was somewhat loose on my crib and hard to adjust it to be tight. I am not terribly impressed – I wish it was tighter and also wish it was one solid bumper.

Millie Irvington, NJ

~*~*~Much safter than regular bumpers, peace of mind~*~*~

After a couple of times looking into my daughters cribs and finding them sleeping with their face smooshed righ up against their traditional bumper and almost having a heart attack while picking them up to make sure they were still breathing, I decided to take off their bumpers.Their cribs are slatted all the way around and I soon learned that no bumper was just as unsafe as having one. Both of my girls got their arms & legs stuck ALL the time. Since I was so worried about them getting stuck I came in their room at every little peep and was sleeping on egg shells.Thankfully I did because one night my daughter started crying and I rushed in to find her with her right arm sticking out the side of the crib and she was FACE DOWN and unable to push herself up off of her face with only her left arm because her right arm was stuck outside of the slat and could not push against anything. That was something I never wanted to happen again and thankfully I was going into their room at every little peep. Both of my daughters ended up doing that again the next day while my husband was at work. So I decided once my husband got home we were going to the store and buying some right away.They were very easy to put on and fit our cribs great. There are a few spaces were there is a gap but they are in the corners and not where my daughters would get their arms stuck while sleeping.FINALLY my daughters were not getting their arms or legs stuck! I also did come in a few times to find them sleeping with their faces smooshed right up against this mesh bumper but I didn’t almost have a heart attack like with the regular bumper because I had tested it out myself and saw how easily it is to breathe through.I also like that if my daughters try to stand on these to get themselves out, it crumbles and they are not able to get out. And even though these are breathable they are still soft, my daughters have hit their heads a few times and it didn’t hurt.After having these I was finally able to get a good nights sleep. If I had to do it all over again I would have ONLY purchased these and not a regular bumper. Hospitals tell you not to have a bumper in your babys crib and just because a regular bumper might match your bedding & be “really cute” that isn’t worth risking your babys safety.

Louisa Bartlett, KS

Just Doesn’t Stay Up

After reading all the baby books that warn against crib bumpers (potential suffocation, etc.), I eventually opted for the BreathableBaby kind. I knew before purchasing it that it wouldn’t soften any blows caused from my baby turning over and bumping his head, but I did expect it to fit and stay on my baby’s crib properly. As to fit, the length of the two bumper panels were slightly too small to fit around the entire crib, but I made it work since my baby’s crib is up against the wall and therefore I didn’t need use of both panels anyway. No such problem solving, however, managed to keep the bumper from sliding down the crib slats. Outfitted with only two center ties (one on each panel), the bumper simply does not adequately stay up. It was forever sliding down (even without the help of my infant son who, yes, constantly touched at it and sucked on the fabric). Since I got the bumper ONLY to keep my son’s legs from getting out of the crib slats and stuck, I found a better solution: I make sure my son’s always wearing a sleep sack (sleep sacks come in various weights for year-round wearing), which prevents feet from going through slats in the first place. The bumper was attractive enough; just not functional.

Corrine Eddyville, IA

Easy Install, love the design!!!

I love this product! My daughter loves to toss her binky and this helped keep it in. Her little legs always ended up using the standard bumper as a foot rest with her foot hanging out of the slats and this has stopped that so far. She loves to scoot right up to the corner of the crib too and with this bumper I do not worry as much about suffocation. It looks good and was easy to install. We have a slatted crip that does not have a up and down front rail. We lower the mattress as she gets bigger. I attached the long piece bumper to the short piece to make it go all the way around with no gaps and it works great. I would recomend this to all. If you are worried about length, there is enough velcro to stretch or tighten to your desired length.

Kathi Henrietta, NY

Attractive and works great

I hesitated to buy these bumpers after reading the reviews here, but I’m glad that I took a chance and bought them! Some of the reviews made it sound like the bumpers would collapse at the slightest touch and then remain collapsed and have to be adjusted frequently, but I haven’t found this to be the case. As long as the bumpers are put on correctly – i.e. TIGHTLY, with the panels overlapping as per the instructions – this is not a problem at all. I am delighted at how these bumpers look and work.As for the look, my son’s room features chocolate brown, light blue and some yellow, and these bumpers look great with the velour chocolate brown sheet in his crib – they’re a really nice shade of light blue.As for the function, make sure the edge of the bumper is just below the top of mattress; this will help keep the bumpers in place, as well as prevent little hands and feet from getting under the bumper. You should also make sure to install these tightly when you velcro them around the crib rails; this will allow the bumpers to spring back into position quickly after little legs and arms push down on them.I like that my baby can see through the bumper a little and look around his room as he likes when he wakes up in the morning. Now that he’s standing, of course, he usually looks over the bumper instead of through it, but at least I know he can stand there safely, unable to use the bumpers to try to climb out.The only thing I don’t like about this product is that changing the sheets tends to pull it out of place, as the mattress fits VERY tightly in the crib and rubs against the railing coming out and when it’s being put back in. But this is a problem I would have with any bumper given how tightly the mattress fits into the crib. Overall, I love these bumpers!

Candice Campbell, MO


The idea of this is great….but this looks terrible installed on our crib. Our daughters crib has very wide slats, and because of this the ties barely tie all the way around to secure it, so they aren’t cute bows, they are short ugly knots. Additionally, this just looks terrible — it comes in two pieces so you would think that half on one side and half on the other — well, I dont know if it the wide slats, but it just doesn’t work. Plus, as someone else mentioned, it still leaves two holes somewhere. This is being returned. Someday one of us will come up with something better and retire off the earnings.

Matilda Burghill, OH

Great bumper for its purpose!

Let me just start off by saying that if you are looking for a bumper to cushion your baby from the crib rails, this is not the product to buy. You want something plushy, and this isn’t it. While that was a (very minor) concern of mine when my son was younger, I decided I’d rather he bump his head than possibly suffocate. Some people feel comfortable with soft crib bumpers, which is fine (to each his own), but I’m not one of them. I therefore went bumper-less for the first few months of my son’s life. He didn’t move around in the crib anyway when he was really young, so it wasn’t a big deal.By the time my son was able to roll over, however, he soon became able to stick his arms and legs through the crib rails and get stuck. It happened a few times during naps, and my son would scream bloody murder until my husband or I freed him. I imagine it was uncomfortable to have turned back over only to have your leg not follow you. I decided to buy this breathable mesh bumper to prevent his being able to do that without increasing his risk of suffocation.This bumper has done its job! It does collapse under weight, so now at 10 months old he is more than able to put his limbs through the crib rails over the bumper and rest them. However he is now agile enough to free himself, so it’s a non-issue.The fact that the bumper collapses under weight is, in my mind, a plus, since I’ve heard of kids who use the bumper as a stepstool, so to speak, to help them climb out of their cribs. This one will not allow that. Not to say it prevents your child from climbing out of his or her crib, but if s/he does, it won’t be due to this bumper.Overall, this bumper is really more of a safety and comfort tool than anything else. If you are buying it for those purposes, it will not disappoint you.As far as crib type, I have a crib with two solid ends (the long sides have rails, but the short sides do not), and I was able to use this bumper. (I had a really hard time finding one that I could use with that type of crib.) It basically doubles back on itself on the long sides, since it’s two long pieces. It took me a couple of tries to figure out exactly how to do it, but all in all I was able to get it set up and ready to go in less than 10 minutes.I am definitely happy with this purchase and have recommended it to other moms and moms-to-be! The Amazon price was also better than I could find anywhere else, plus they ship same-day, and I got it in two days for free with my Prime membership.

Dianne Gallup, NM

Its ok, not really necessary

I got this as a gift from my registry since apparently after I had my last baby they decided regular bumpers arent safe. This is a good idea, but we never really use it. It doesnt seem to fit right in the crib we have (not drop down) but would have fit better I think in our former drop down crib.

Hillary Littlefield, AZ

No good!

The bumper was a bit difficult to install. It did not seem to fit our crib correctly. The velcro along the ends was not long enough. This caused a loose fit all over. We are not really thrilled about this product. I would recommend something else.

Etta Atwood, CO

Its okay.

I did not like the way it comes for assembly. It comes in two separate strips and it leaves a gap on one of the bars. It is a nice idea to protect the baby from suffocating but it is not an ideal design. I also wish the instructions were illustrated better and better worded. My daughter has not slept with it in her crib yet because we just put it in today… but we will see how it goes.

Selma Deep River, IA

Doesn’t Fit…

I had heard a lot of good things about this bumper and REALLY wanted it to work out. I did not want to use a standard bumper and thought this would be perfect since it is boasted as suffocation risk tested…Well, we received it in the mail today, eagerly put it on the crib and it doesn’t fit, in any way shape or form. Not only did it fit extremely awkwardly around the posts, it left odd gaps, but the main thing was it wasn’t even long enough to go around the whole thing. This is a really good idea for a safe bumper, but it just was not practical and clearly doesn’t fit all cribs.

Libby Iron River, WI

not what i thought it would be

I purchased this since my baby is moving around more in her crib. This is thinner than what I thought it would be, compared to the thick crib bumper that came with the crib set. It is easy to install with strong velcro on the ends. However, I am wishing that I bought the other brand breathable crib bumper… this thin mesh that the BreathableBaby bumper is made of slides easily down the crib slats. I have found my baby with an arm or a leg between the crib slats, pushing the mesh bumper down, even with the bumper tied and “velcroed” as tight as possible. The thin material also does not protect her from bumping her head against the sides of the crib… which is mainly what a crib bumper is for. She still rolls over and hits her head on the sides of the crib, waking herself up and crying! I am buying the other Summer Infant breathable bumper. This one was a waste of money. I can’t return it because I tossed the packaging… Im going to try to convert it into something that can baby proof something in my house.

Ann Nixon, TX

Didn’t fit on the crib

This didn’t really fit around the crib that we have. It didn’t reach all the way around. So we used it for less than a month and then stopped.

Charlotte Playa Del Rey, CA


Holds up great through years of use. Love that I can see my little one through it. Feel safe even when baby makes his way to the edge of the crib that he won’t suffocate with this.

Abbie Fort Necessity, LA


I purchased a similar bumper for my first son that worked great but wasn’t as attractive as this one so for our second child I purchased this bumper and it is AWFUL! It does NOT fit the crib well at ALL and there is no way that it would be able to hold up – it easily slips down! Would NEVER buy again!!!! AWFUL!!!!!

Martina Milroy, IN

Depends on the baby, but overall nice product

How much you will like these bumpers depends what you want them to do and how much your baby moves. I got these bumpers when my daughter was about 6 months old. I had previously purchased a bedding set that came with traditional padded bumpers. For the first 4-5 months or so, she didn’t really move all that much, so the bumpers didn’t really serve any purpose. But once she started really moving around the crib at night I ran into two opposing problems. Sometimes she would end up with her face in the bumper, which would scare the heck out of me so I took the bumpers off. But then she would get her arms and legs stuck through the slats of the crib. So I would put the bumpers back on, but end up worrying about smothering.I was looking for something that would solve these problems and the breathable bumpers did the trick. I no longer worried about airflow or smothering, and her arms and legs were kept inside the crib. I’ve been happy enough with these bumpers, but they are a little difficult to get on tightly. And they are easily collapsible, so baby can throw an arm or leg over top of one, if they are so coordinated or lucky. These are definitely not going to keep baby from whacking a head against a side, so if that is your problem, these bumpers won’t help- they are not padded.I think these are a good buy for people in my situation- baby likes to stick limbs through the slats, but you worry about airflow. They work best when installed perfectly, which can be difficult. But they have worked well for me.

Angel Lakemont, NY


I bought this bumper for my newborn as I was concerned about suffocation from regular bumpers. It worked great while the baby did not move around much, that is, the first two months. However once she started moving around the crib her hands and feet keep getting caught between the bars of the crib,both during playtime and at night. It constantly keeps sliding down from her kicking or pushing at it and it needs to be constantly adjusted. Now that she is six months old and I am not concerned about suffocation as she has good control of her head and can easily move herself around, I just bought a different bumper. Will review it once I have used it for a while.

Minnie Novinger, MO

Breathable Crib Bumper

Pros- Item arrived on time and packaged accoringly. Our baby isn’t due until March 2012 so I can’t rate how well it works or concerns/cons about the item. Will update in a couple months.

Marsha Chelan Falls, WA

Wished it worked!

I wanted so badly for this to be the end all, be all. But, after putting it together, I realize it wasn’t long enough to cover the entire crib. And we have standard crib. That was disappointing. Then, we realized that this bumper provides little to no padding for if your baby hits her head against it which is inevitable when they’re learning to sit or even, when they’re learning to roll and wiggle up and down the crib. It’s unfortunate, but I’m thinking about buying a regular crib bumper. Sometimes good ole traditional items are still the best!

Margo West Wardsboro, VT

Fits great

I love these breathable crib liners. They keep little arms and legs inside the crib and is not a hazard to my baby. The way they are designed they can be used on any crib style. My girls have very different cribs one I used all the way around and the second one I only needed the sides and front because the back was solid.

Eunice Summit Point, WV

Perfect for baby before he or she can sit up and play.

I bought this because my son was sticking his leg through the side rail and getting it stuck. I love this bumper. Now that he is older, we lowered the mattress and he sits up and plays with the ties that are outside the crib. It doesn’t pose a safety risk and it may actually be good, because it keeps him entertained.

Zelda Bosworth, MO

Does the job

Had to get an additional bumper to put on the crib above our more squishy bumper because our 4 month old who rolls around all over the crib and without the squishy one on bottom would be whacking her head and body off the crib rails kept reaching with her long arms and legs and sticking them through the slats above the bumper and at 4 months old she really didn’t get the whole remove body part from slat before trying to roll over thing. We got this one and put it above the squishy bumper and just took safety pins on the outside to secure the top of the squishy bumper as with the breathable one on too there wasn’t enough space to be able to tie the top of the squishy one. It was fairly easy to install and looks pretty good and is enough to keep all arms and legs in the crib while still allowing for ventilation.

Charmaine Pine Grove, PA

New mom afraid of bumpers

As a new mom, everything I read said NO bumpers in baby’s crib! Well, after this baby arrived and a few months went by we wanted to put her in her crib. She is pretty mobile and we were worried about her chubby little limbs getting stuck inbetween the slats. I remember having read something about breathable mesh bumpers. My husband and I both agreed that this product would ease our concerns.I washed them as soon as I got them out of the package. The instructions for installation were a bit confusing at first and I realized a few days later that I had them installed incorrectly. Now they are up and running and baby is doing 360’s in the crib we haven’t had to worry about her getting stuck at all.

Patsy Lyons, OR

not really great

Didn’t sit in well with our crib at all and it just looks strange and it’s so thin that I don’t see the purpose really

Denice Pinon, NM


Very simply, this bumper is great for keeping legs and arms from getting stuck. However, it bunches up and slides down no matter how tight of a knot is tied. For that, I am disappointed.

Winifred Brunswick, NC

Safe and soft and gives peace of mind

It’s kind of funny how more and more things become “dangerous for baby” as time passes. When newly pregnant, I was looking at adorable crib bumpers, when a good friend informed me they’re now on that list because young babies can bury their faces in bumpers and asphyxiate themselves — yikes!Initially, i was upset that bumpers were now off limits. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise…These mesh bumpers solve the asphyxiation problem nicely while providing a soft surface between baby’s soft skull and crib bars. I tried putting them in during my third trimester, but couldn’t reach over my belly. Little did I know, I’d have no need for them for the first month of baby’s life because he slept elsewhere and wasn’t mobile so I could temporarily place him mid-crib and not worry about contact with the sides. By the time I needed the crib, I’d healed enough (and my tummy had deflated enough) to put the bumper in as instructed.The mesh bumpers are washable, which is necessary, because baby will spit up on them.The padding is not as thick as typical bumpers, however, it is padded enough for peace of mind… I’d say, it’s about as cushy as a typical sport sock.

Pauline Greenfield, CA


This bumper is so dope. You can put this up on the crib and it keeps all the Mickeys and Elmos from fallin’ out. It also helps your kids from stickin’ their limbs through the bars like a prisoner asking for more soups.

Elba Yatesboro, PA

Looks good

My daughter got her little foot stuck between the bars so I decided to get this because I did not want to spend $50 on decorative bumpers and wanted something with simple setup. I didn’t like the setup, it was not simple to me..but to be fair, I’m not great with setting mos things up. I liked the "breathability" but It doesn’t quite stay up. She’ll just let her foot rest right above it between the bars anyway. She hasn’t gotten her foot stuck since I’ve put in this bumper, but I also don’t feel like it’s prevented it from happening, either. I guess I’ll have to just wait and see. We’ve had it for about a month.

Michelle Deering, AK

Doesn’t fit as snug as described

I bought this product to ensure my baby doesn’t get her feet or arms stuck between the wooden panels of the crib because she moves around a lot and that in case she would end up facing it, she wouldn’t suffocate.So far it has served it’s purpose. The only thing I don’t like too much is that it doesn’t fit as snug as they described it in the video on how to install it properly. I had to improvise because my crib doesn’t quiet match the ones they described. Another thing I thought of is that when my child is old enough she would maybe be able to untie the strings used to fix the liner in place.This liner is fastened with a combination of attached strings and Velcro. I would recommend watching their videos before you purchase this product.

Nannie Enochs, TX