BreathableBaby CribShield Full Coverage Mesh Liner, White

BreathableBaby CribShield Full Coverage Mesh Liner, White

The CribShield full coverage mesh liner is simply safer and smarter. The newly redesigned, award winning CribShield reduces risk of suffocation and entanglement. Combines innovation with safety to offer everyone a better night’s sleep. Soft, breathable mesh panels keep baby’s arms and legs safely inside. The CribShield Full Coverage Mesh Liner is used after the bumper has been removed from the crib at 9 months or when baby can sit up unaided or pull to a standing position. Use when mattress is at lowest level only. Fits standard slatted and convertible cribs.

Main features

  • Polyester
  • Imported
  • Helps prevent rebreathing carbon dioxide and keeps arms and legs from getting stuck in the crib slats
  • Easy wrap design; Adjustable fasteners for a secure fit; No gaps in corners
  • 2 breathable fabrics for full coverage protection
  • Easy-view liner; Built-in comfort mesh
  • Pediatrician evaluated and recommended.
  • The Cribshield Full Coverage Mesh Liner fits 4-sided slatted cribs including standard cribs, high-back cribs, convertible cribs and sleigh cribs.

Verified reviews


Just what we needed!

My daughter was waking us up nonstop getting her arms and legs caught in the slats of her crib. Seeing as she could pull herself up the regular Breathable Bumper could no longer be used, as she could use it as a step. This shield is great! Safely stops her arms and legs from going through and can not be used as a step!

Consuelo Fisherville, KY

Front side too tall but otherwise good

I ordered this because my child, age 7 months, crawls backwards and always gets his foot caught. This is made of two large panels. The long side which weaves through the back of my crib (standard one from Target bought in 2013) fits fine and is tight and my son hardly notices it is there. The short side which weaves through the front is a little short and could use some more tie-straps on the sides. The big problem is that the front horizontal bar that you lean over is lower than the back bar (much like what is pictured for the product photo) so the result is that the vertical height of the mesh is too tall for this shorter side. It creates a sag in the front side and is not tight. My son’s eyes were drawn to this immediately and he obviously wanted to grab it since he could pinch it due to the sag. My solution was to fold the front panel in order to make it shorter and I put the folded part under the mattress. It’s not perfect but it removes most of the sag. I really thought the creators of this would have thought of that. They assume the front height is the same as the back, and it just isn’t for a very common crib.

Reyna Sandoval, IL

Completely worth it

My 10 month old daughter is famous for rolling around EVERY inch of her crib while she sleeps. Every nap and every night would end with a cranky, too tired baby who’s limbs were stuck in-between crib rails. Since she was too old (able to sit up, and so close to being able to pull herself up at the time) for the regular size mesh bumpers, I opted for the full-coverage liner. We love it.It took my husband and myself about a half hour (or more) to install, and we ended up having to watch a YouTube video. It’s possible that we’re just really terrible at reading directions, but it wasn’t the easiest. Nevertheless, it was completely worth the trouble. We did end up having to lower the crib mattress to the lowest setting for the bumper to even fit, and it still bunches up a tad because the front and back pieces of the crib are higher than the sides. My daughter DOES now know how to use them to pull herself up to stand, but she hasn’t attempted to use them to climb out of the crib. I dread that day!Overall, I absolutely love these bumpers. They keep my little angel’s limbs inside where they belong. I totally recommend.

Margaret Winnisquam, NH

keeps baby contained

My daughter was getting her legs stuck between the slats of our crib while sleeping. I bought this to alleviate that, and it works great! The install took a few tries – the directions/pictures are not great. My biggest problem is my daughter yanking it down while trying to pull herself up and pulling it off on one side while playing in her room… still, these are minor problems, and might be avoidable if your crib is different than mine.

Norma Waterproof, LA

Child pulls on it to help him stand up.

Bought this after my son turned 9 months old. We were graduating from the other breathable baby crib shield. My son now pulls this one down to help him stand up. Afraid before too long, he is gonna pull this thing down and try to escape the crib. I wish there was a way to secure it so it’s not a safety hazard.

Angelica Glendale, MA

Just what we needed

I purchased this liner for my 9-month-old daughter’s crib. We have never used bumpers, but I knew I needed to get something because she was constantly getting her legs/arms stuck in the crib slats. It wasn’t the easiest thing to install, but I am so happy with the way it turned out! It does exactly what I needed and I don’t have to worry about suffocation since the fabric is breathable. My daughter has actually slept better in the crib since we have installed this!

Eliza Harrisonburg, LA

good pruduct, would buy again, but…

I wish both panels were maybe a foot longer because as it is, I may have to buy another set to have a third panel.I can’t put this inside the corners like it says to because the things that connect the platform that holds the mattress connect to the crib in the corners – I would have had to take apart the crib, put this on, and put the crib back together while putting holes in the bumper to reattach the mattress platform. So I threaded it inside for the main parts and went outside on the corners instead,which is fine, except that it’s not long enough to go the whole way around. One corner post has an open slat hole on either side of the post. Also.the ribbons that tie it to the top could be longer, and there should be some at the ends by the Velcro to hold up that part. All in all, I’m happy, but there’s room for improvement.

Lori Erath, LA

Better then most

After reading the reviews i decided i would just rig this thing to work the way i want it to. Its hard to put on bc you have to pull to make it really tight. I can completely see how it would fall down easily especially if pulled on by a baby. in addition its not pleasing to the eyes bc it does make the crib look ugly. However, most bumpers really dont protect your child after a certain age. Unless i wanted to spend a bunch a money on other more expensive options that are not so much better. So i bought a rail protecter and this and tied them together to keep it from falling and tada. My babies crib is completely safe. It does make it harder to change my daughters sheets but after having her leg really stuck and i mean stuck (shes chunky) in the rail its worth it. I added my own little touches to the outside to make it look nicer. My point is every product is going to have flaws and can use some design improvements so sometimes as a mom we got to get the best items out there and get them to work the way we want them to. This design would be amazing if it had looped around the top of the rail to the front and then tied. so that way it would fall down.

Lea Butte Falls, OR

Nice product

This is a nice product. However, I returned the product because I ultimately did not need it. Quality and workmanship of materials was satisfactory.

Christie Hughsonville, NY

Should have bought this right away

I waited until my baby was 5 months until I bought this when I should have just bought it when she was a newborn. I actually refused to let her sleep in the crib because she kept getting her legs and arms stuck between the slats. I researched this and it is very common for babies to get limbs stuck between the slats and some babies even have broken bones from this.Anyways, the breathable bumper is alright, but my baby could still get her limbs up above it and get stuck. This shield is nice and high and definitely would work with a newborn. I recommend this product to everyone.

Jessie Clayton, NC

Not the Best Fit for My Crib, But Does the Job.

My 11 month old son kept getting his legs stuck in the slats of his crib. I didn’t know what else to do for him, so I ordered this product. While I can’t give it a bad review, because it IS doing what it was made for: keeping those arms and legs inside the crib; I’m not going to give it a great review either. There are a few things I don’t like about it. I have a crib that looks similar to the one in the product picture, but I can not get it to fit so neatly. It comes in two pieces, a long and a short. The long piece that goes along the sides and back of the crib fits fine, but the short panel for the front does not. It is bunched up at the ends and apparently too tall for the front of my crib. I think it is because of the base holding the mattress up (and yes, it is in the lowest position). Also, I would change the ties. They do not do a great job at holding up the product. The bottom tucks in along the sides of the mattress, and then the ties hold it up along the top. However, they are easily pulled down, and because they are made of a delicate satin, I am reluctant to pull them too tight. I think they would do a better job made of a tougher fabric, made longer (to fit over the top rail of the crib), and made with Velcro like the sides of the panels. I read a few reviews of babies being able to climb out of their cribs with this product, and I believe it. Luckily, my son is not climbing, but he can pull the sides down a little. I have had this product on the crib for several days now, and I haven’t had any real problems, so I guess it’s doing it’s job. There aren’t a lot of options out there for keeping limbs inside the crib. So, if you’re having that issue, like I was, I would recommend getting this product as a temporary solution.

Tammy Mercury, NV

peace of mind

This is perfect for a crib that is at the bottom level. Our sons little arms and legs can’t get stuck in the slats thanks to this.

Tami Hoehne, CO

Not functional for our crib and cheaply made

First of all, it broke when we tried to tie it to the crib, so we returned it. But, even if it hadn’t broken, there is no way to keep the thing from sliding down the sides when baby pulls on it.

Lynnette Swink, CO


As a grand mother I had never seen these before, but my daughter-in-law showed me them and was very impressed with the price. The quality is great and fit without any problem. I love that you can see through it to check on the babies too!! Now when they sleep at Grammy’s I can peek! LOL

Deidra Guilderland Center, NY

good breathable bumper

Easy to install, does what it says. Doesn’t look too bad either. I like that it keeps pacifiers in and little feet from getting caught.

Frieda Lansing, WV

Love it

This is perfect for keeping our mobile little one’s arms and legs safely inside the crib. We didn’t use bumpers at all until our stander started getting limbs stuck from climbing attempts. She likes to play with the bows so double knot them. It was easy to install and has been working great for a few months now. Be careful when pulling the bumper taught. We used the back center bow as a starting point to pull it taught, and it pulled loose. Not a big deal, we fixed it but the bows are just for keeping it from moving once it’s attached.

Julianne Seaford, NY

Not for an active baby

I bought this item after using the regular Breathable Baby bumper when my baby (now 9 months) was an infant and loved that it, so I was excited to find this and bought it as soon as we lowered the level of her mattress. The problem with the product (and why I sent it back before I let her sleep in the crib with it) is that it is easy for her to pull down and I could see her easily untying the fasteners. They are a silky material which babies love, and mine would have just played with it until it came undone. Her crib is a sleigh bed style, so there was not enough length to the ties to wrab them around the top of the crib rail to secure it, but that still would not have stopped her from trying to untie them. I think for some cribs the design may work, it just did not work for my crib so I returned them.

Delia Riverhead, NY

Frustrated and might not work with my crib style

Giving 3 stars–this seems well made and was a true white–fairly tall (I think) for inside the crib but couldn’t get it installed correctly…I ordered this because my grandson who spends the night and naps at our vacation house has the habit of throwing his pacifiers out of the crib at times…I thought using mesh bumpers now that he is almost 2 might solve that problem.I have a crib with 3 slatted sides and slats and larger solid piece along the back…which would seem to be OK–since it is not a solid back…I got these and tried to install but maybe it is just my lack of detail/savy—couldn’t figure out the method.We are back at the house for summer and maybe I will try again with help from my husband or daughter who have better sense of following a diagram–because he is still throwing out the pacifiers…

Lynn Moscow, MI


I’ve owned this for about 3 months now and have moved the crib twice. It is impossible to get the bumper to sit flat and look nice unless the mattress support for the crib is at the LOWEST possible setting otherwise it bunches up. If I could go back I’d just get the thinner one that doesn’t cover the whole thing to begin with, but then I’m sure I’d end up with this one as my son is now standing. I’d buy both if you’re just now putting a small (younger than 6 months) infant in it then upgrade to this when you put the crib on the lowest setting.

Rosalinda Hamilton, AL

One side keeps slipping

I just found my baby with her leg sticking out of the front side and was prompted to leave this review.Another review mentioned the front side sag. I have the same problem, try as we might, that side just does not sit perfectly. We have a standard size crib. So then I looked at someone elses suggestion of tying to the top of the crib instead of the sides. That option does not work on my crib. I bought it because I do like the option of mesh. But once your baby grabs to things it is pretty useless. Our baby pulls it down all the time. The mechanics/direction of the knot never made make sense to me – why not just have top ties – it is so easy for a smooth cloth to slip off a smooth rail when tied sideways – the mesh is likely to go DOWN not sideways. Must be some reason to it but in any case, this was worthless. I may try to get some string and tie it UP.

Audrey Niland, CA