Breezy Mesh Backpack baby carrier

Breezy Mesh Backpack baby carrier

Backpack style carrier is better for carrying a heavier baby for longer period of time.It’s a very useful gear for a trip to the store or family outing. Front carrying position is good for smaller baby and back carrying works better for bigger ones.Staying close to your baby promotes bonding and helps parents multitask better.

Main features

  • Ergonomic design that fits babies from sitting up stage to 40lbs. Lumbar belt and shoulder straps distribute load to shoulders and hip,make baby carrying fun and easy breezy.
  • The back panel features a large 2-layer zip pockets. The inside pocket opens up to expose the mesh back for ventilation.It’s a practical feature if you have a sweaty sleeper.The 3-dimensional mesh material is strong and supportive.There is also a 3rd pocket on the surface for easy accessed items like rattle, cell phone etc.
  • Removable head hood provides necessary support for the sleepy head.
  • 100% cotton twill surface that’s soft and absorbent for you and baby.This model features gender neutral black body and mocha color hood.
  • Uni-size design with adjustable shoulder straps , lumbar support and chest strap that can accommodate a wide range of sizes.Great for mom and dad to share.Elastic strap at the tip if the webbing to roll up the excessive length so it won’t dangle unsightly.

Verified reviews


very poor design

Returned this right away. Very difficult to use and the size was much much too small.Cons- unable to load baby without a 2nd adult- No room for baby if the wearer is greater than L size T-shirtPros- Price?

Shana Depauville, NY

Finally A Comfortable Well Made Affordable Baby Carrier

I have only had this carrier for a couple of days and I am in love with it. I will update this post in another month and write about durability, etc. but for now lets just say that I will be spreading the word to all the moms in my community about this family owned business and hope I can help them grow. I have owned many different types of carriers, and would have to say this is most comparable to an Ergo. The material however is much softer. It is not made of canvas, but rather cotton and mesh. Regardless this does not compromise the sturdiness or functionality of the carrier. LOVE the pockets and the fact that the pockets zip down to reveal breathable mesh fabric for hot summer days. I have been looking and looking for something like this and thrilled to find it. Very easy to put on and take off. Love the hood and the fact that it snaps off. Also very pleased to discover that I can already put my four and a half month old in this carrier quite comfortably without having to use any inserts, whereas with the ergo I really could not have done this until she was a bit older (six to seven months). Highly recommend.

Bessie Paxton, MA

A find

This pack was exactly what we needed. It is lightweight and breathable. My 10 month old loves it. We haven’t used the hood but it’s been warm. I flip it around to use as a front pack as well but the straps a bit less comfortable that way. For the price, this pack is a find.

Bertha Princeton, LA


I am not much of a baby wearer except when they are really small but we purchased this for a trip to the BVI for our 2 year old or 1 year old. We didn’t end up using it for either because the stroller and/or car seat we had was sufficient for the places we went. I did try it on with my 2 year old who was about 30 pounds at the time. It works and she didn’t seem too heavy although it was a little awkward for me and I would definately want someone to help me get her in and out.

Neva Scio, OH

Great backpack and very comfortable. Highly recommend.

This works great but you need some help getting her back there. A little tricky but being a guy, I didn’t want to risk it. 🙂 Once she’s in it is very comfortable and she actually fell asleep in it!

Janice Sigourney, IA