Brica 2 Pack Kick Mats, Gray

Brica 2 Pack Kick Mats, Gray

Brica 2 Pack Kick Mats – GrayBrica Kick Mats fit on back of front seats to protect upholstery from dirty shoes and scuff marks. Mats are machine washable and easy to install. It comes in packs of 2, one for each seat. Features include: •Helps protect upholstery from dirty hand and feet scuff marks •Adjustable attachment fits securely around head restraint •Elastic strap secures bottom of kick mat to vehicle seat •Comes in a pack of 2 •Machine washable fabric

Main features

  • Helps protect upholstery from dirty hand and feet scuff marks
  • Adjustable attachment fits securely around head restraint
  • Elastic strap secures bottom of kick mat to vehicle seat
  • Comes in a pack of 2
  • Machine washable fabric

Verified reviews


Do what they are supposed to do

I purchased these when we transferred baby from the infant car seat to her convertible car seat. In the new car seat, her feet now extended out beyond the car seat to touch the seat she was facing (we still have her rear facing, as recommended). While these mats were made to fit over the back of a front row seat, I didn’t see why they couldn’t be turned around to cover the front while baby was still rear facing. I currently have them covering the front of my back seat to protect from shoe marks while Little One is rear-facing.The mats themselves are made out of a material akin to reusable shopping bags (and if I had the time, I might have repurposed a couple of my old ones for just this purpose), so they aren’t the thickest things in the world, but for what I use them for, its plenty. I’d like them a little wider, but they aren’t much narrower than any others I found out there, so that’s just a general complaint, not one specific to this product. I did have to shorten the top strap a little bit more than the velcro allowed (as I needed the mat to sit higher on the seat), but a safety pin did the trick just fine. I had a difficult time pulling the elastic band over the seat (ended up not using it), but the strap was designed for a front bucket seat, not a 2nd row captain’s chair, so I suspect its a result of my slightly unconventional use of the product. Overall, I think these were an excellent value and have performed excellently in our car (a Highlander).

Abbie Senoia, GA

barely large enough

Due to a lack of options I ordered these kick mats, hoping they’d work and fit. After going through many reviews,it didn’t seem like there was one really good one. These weren’t reviewed yet and seemed identical to the ones by Fisher Price, but a few bucks cheaper, so I decided to give them a try: The fit on the front seats of our Mazda 5 is tight but ok, however they do NOT cover the entire back of the seat. There’s a strip on each side of the seat back that is left uncovered. If you have a bigger car with larger seats, it’s probably going to be cover even less of that seat. They way they have to go onto the seat makes them go down very low, so the bottom seat part is well covered, leaving another strip at the top (in addition to the side strips) uncovered as well. In order to truly protect the seats, one would probably have to buy slip covers for those seats …

Lara Springfield, OR

Can be used for rear or forward facing kids

These mats are great. I wanted them to protect my seats from snow and salt in the winter. They’re also great in warmer months to protect from rain and mud. They are super easy to put on the seat. I don’t think you get a very tight fit on top if you just use the velcro on the mat. I just tied the straps together tightly. The are designed to go on the back of a front seat for a forward facing child but I use them for a rear facing child. They are not thick at all and do not go under the child safety seat so they do not compromise the child safety seat install.

Kerry Chaseley, ND

Works Great

This works just as described and is not as much of an eyesore as other I have seen. Seems durable enough to withstand what my toddler will throw at it.

Sabrina Drayden, MD

Fine for what it is – Decent Value – Not Entirely Thought Through

Low Quality Fabric folks — the kind used for "sand/beach" mats. Perforated stuff that is sometimes used in disposable materials. Feels like it might have some cardboard backing in between to make it feel like its a little sturdier.Fairly narrow – doesn’t even cover the whole of my seats in the ’12 honda civic (!!) – and that’s a pretty small car.The most frustrating part is the the attachment system is 2 straps that velcro at the top around the headrest bars. This would make sense except they only put velcro on the very ends of the straps so the whole protector sags way too far down leaving the top of the back of the seat exposed (think 4" by default). In both vehicles — (ford freestyle too) — we had to tie the little straps in a knot very tightly to get the thing to sit high enough to be effective and to sit anywhere near where it’s pictured. If not, there’s no way to get it to function as its designed.It’s ok – and you get 2 for the price. Just be ready to retrofit it once they come. (and you’ll probably be replacing it pretty quick because these things don’t seem durable at all).

Graciela De Land, IL

Would buy over and over!

I have these in both our cars and my MIL’s car since she takes our son places often. I really like that the Velcro straps can be stretched a bit to wrap around for a secure fit that covers the ENTIRE back of the seat. My son’s feet reach the top of the seat and it seems that a lot of other covers don’t go all the way up the back of the seat.These will not cover the entire seat back in most vehicles unless you double wrap the straps around the head rest bars to pull it up and a bit tighter. I used that method and it worked great for me in a 2011 Santa Fe, 2008 Accord and a 2010 Prius!Highly recommend, especially for the price.

Olivia Templeville, MD

Actually lies flat against the seat!

I purchased this item at a local store out of desperation. My children had destroyed my previous seat covers and the seat cover I had just ordered was junk. I am pleasantly surprised with these covers. I love that the cover fits snuggly to the bottom of my car seat–my old covers drooped even when the strap was tightened to the max. I also like that the top of the cover is velcro. When my oldest child pulls on it, it just pulls the velcro apart instead of tearing the cover (this happened to my old cover). It covers most of my seat. I was hesitant to purchase the gray cover (my seats are black but gray was the only color available) but I don’t mind the color contrast. All in all, I am very pleased with this item and would purchase again.

Kristi Mountain View, OK

Exactly as intended

These fit an Audi Q5’s seats well. They work as intended, keeps the mud off my seats. The Velcro is a little long up top so I’ve got a bit of overlap but it’s fine. Been using our current pair for about 2 years and they are still in good working condition, though much dirtier. I’m about to buy another set for our other family vehicle.

Mary Shelly, MN

Thin but does the trick

Our 2 boys kept kicking the back of our seats, and with a new car, it was driving us crazy. So I decided to get these and I think they should do just fine. I just installed them today, but I don’t see any issues with them. I love that they came in a pack of 2. They’re pretty thin material, just like the outer lining of a suitcase, so durable. Nothing fansy, they should do the trick. If you’re looking for something with padding, this won’t be the kick mat for you.

Natasha Byron, MN

Cheap, but works!

These are really affordable, and they are nothing fancy, but they do the trick to protect the seats from dirty shoes.

Patricia Baskin, LA

3.5 year old son.

3.5 year old son, muddy sneakers and yes i bought this when his feet can reach my seat.I am very happy with these kickmats because my car seat stays clean and the colour blends in with my apholstery so I love it. You can wipe clean or dust clean the kickmats. No regrets.

Georgina Beaver, OK