BRICA Baby In-Sight Auto Mirror for in Car Safety

BRICA Baby In-Sight Auto Mirror for in Car Safety

It’s the little moments that make traveling together better. With the Baby In-Sight Mirror, connecting in the car is as easy as a glance in the rear-view mirror. The shatter-resistant Clear-Sight surface gives you and your baby a distortion-free view of each other and the Soft-Touch frame looks great in any car interior. Amid life’s hustle and bustle it is always a plus when you can add a little fun and peace of mind to your journey.

Main features

  • Extra-large convex mirror for a wide-angle view of your baby
  • Clear-Sight Mirror for superior reflection and a distortion-free image
  • Soft-Touch Frame is lightweight and energy-absorbing
  • Multiple attachment options fit most vehicles
  • Crash-tested, shatter-resistant mirror for added safety

Verified reviews


Mirror, mirror in the car…

As a new mom, I have to admit, the first car trips with Baby are pretty scary. I find myself paying ridiculous attention to my driving skills and doing all I can to make sure something doesn’t happen. Therefore, this is a great little gadget for to at least assure me my daughter is okay until I can otherwise assuage my paranoia.Though initially worried about getting my rear view mirror and the Brica mirror to match up, I found it wasn’t a big deal at all, in large part due to the nice big size of this mirror. Slight adjustments, all routine in driving, as well as a good positioning of the Brica mirror make for an ideal reflection and I think most people will quickly find what positions work for them. I also like how easy it is to attach the mirror and how versatile are the attachment options. The attachment itself seems quite secure and I have not experience any initial mirror slippage.This is a handy little mirror that worked better than I anticipated, and I believe it will work great for those parents who want to see Baby.

Mona Farmington, WA

Best car mirror I have found

This is by far one of the higher quality car mirrors. We are currently on baby number 3 and decided to take a chance on this mirror. The previous ones I had fell apart quickly due to my other kids messing with them or simply looked dirty and dingy. This one is easy to clean and has a thicker fabric surrounding the mirror part so you can use a wet cloth to get stains out. Additionally, the BEST feature is the latch at the back of the mirror. This keeps it in place if you have to brake hard or if you are in a crash. I also find it helps keep the mirror snug and in place while I’m driving. I don’t have to stop and readjust so that I can see my daughter. I highly recommend this mirror. It is high quality and I love how well it stays in place.

Dorothea Avon, MS

Nice product

This mirror does exactly what it says it will. Installation was easy. The mirror seems nice and secure. It makes seeing baby via rearview mirror while driving possible. It is definitely a stress reliever. I’m using this with baby #4 and I like the reassurance of seeing his little face. Much improved from similar products I tried with my older kids. Baby also seems intrigued by his reflection and it has helped lessen his crying bouts while buckled in the dreaded carseat or “baby seat of torture” as my family has nicknamed it.I wish the reflection was a little clearer, but I’m not sure if that is even possible without using a real mirror which would be way too heavy for car use. All in all a nice product and one I’d recommend for all parents who have little ones riding rear facing.

Bridget Pocola, OK

Nice, crisp image

The mirror itself has a really nice, crisp image, unlike others that we’ve had that were blurry. The way it fastens to the headrest is a bit odd, though. It doesn’t really sit snugly against the headrest, but more hangs from it. I thought it would flop all over the place, but so far, surprisingly, it stays in place really well. I can see the baby from the front seat and he can see himself and he is most amused by himself. I would recommend this product.

Gertrude Old Washington, OH

Baby In Sight…Kinda

As a new mom, the idea of being able to see my daughter’s face even though she’s rear facing, is comforting. The mirror itself is large and shatter resistant. I liked that there are 4 ways you can attach it depending on your car. I attached mine to the headrest in the backseat and I can see most of her face, but only from the chin up.I’m giving this 4 stars because no matter how tight I tried to make it or how I tried to attach it, I could never get it snug enough around the headrest to where it won’t slide from side to side as I drive and make turns. As a result, I have to keep readjusting it which is a pain and I can’t get a centered view of my baby, so if she leans her head too far to one side, I can only see half of her face, which isn’t very helpful. Overall, it’s a well made product but I’m disappointed that no amount of readjusting is giving me a proper and centered view of her. But, it also has the added bonus of amusing the baby since she loves looking at her reflection.

Ethel Rural Ridge, PA

Doesn’t work

We struggled with this thing for nearly a month before giving up. It absolutely can not be positioned in our car in any way that will allow either the driver or the passenger to see the baby. It also has a distressing tendency to fall down.

Mable Belmont, VT

Doesn’t stay put

I have leather headrests in my car and this product slipped all over the place. It never stayed put while driving. I also hated the installation design and directions. You can only loop it around one way (over/under) and it is just slippery on the leather. There isn’t a way to stabilize this mirror. I returned it and am trying one by britax back seat mirror that has way more features and costs the same on amazon.

Lauren Millville, CA

Great product for keeping tabs on the little one…

When we came home with our son 2 1/2 years ago, we decided to *not* purchase a mirror as so many of them were terribly made. Most of the reflections from them were warped and the material was flimsy.The Brica Baby Mirror has a clear reflection, is sturdily made, and is great for keeping tabs with your child. We recently gave birth to a second child (a few weeks ago) and so it’s been great to be able to look in the rearview to check to see why she’s crying (i.e. is her hat around her eyes? Is her blanket too high? Is there no discernable reason why she’s crying?). The mirror straps in as tightly as you’d want it to be, it’s easy to remove, and easy to adjust. Altogether, I really like the product!

Candace Duluth, MN

Great for little babies

I ordered this for my almost one year old. It is really nice for me, but it annoys my son. He wants to be able to play with it and he can’t reach it. If I had it when he was a baby it would have been great.

Letitia Jacobs, KY

Middle seat is out

I installed this mirror on the middle seat headrest but was unable to adjust it to where I could see baby in her rear seat facing carseat. It also distorted my ability to see out of back window. The mirror itself is great! Large area, durable, etc. Had to return it.

Marquita Shasta Lake, CA

3.5 stars – Would like it better if it didn’t need adjustment so much

I had a mirror like this for my first baby, 16 years ago and I really didn’t like it, so I never bothered with one for my other babies. This mirror looked promising, because it was much bigger, and the reflection is much clearer, so I wanted to give this a try.First, this mirror is large, much larger than other mirrors like this I have seen. The reflection is very clear, which is unusual for shatter resistant mirrors. I also like the foam, “squishy” frame to the mirror. When properly adjusted/installed it is easy to see my baby while she is riding in her car seatThere are multiple ways to install this mirror, including using the tether anchor, or velcroing it around a headrest. I drive a Toyota Sienna, and I installed this mirror to the headrest of the captain’s chair directly behind the driver’s seat. The installation directions are printed on the package itself, so if I want to keep the directions I have to hang on to the box this mirror came in. It would be nice if the directions were also printed on a pamphlet that could be slipped into a slot on the back of the mirror, so you wouldn’t have to keep the whole box. Installation was easy enough, but the mirror would not stay put. I have to lean the seat forward to put my twins in their car seats in the back row, and every time I have to lean the seat up I end up having to readjust the mirror. The mirror also moves around if one of my other babies kicks the back of the seat it is attached to. This is quite annoying, especially if it shifts while I am driving. I find myself having to readjust the mirror every time I put the baby in the car, and if I’m lucky, it will stay put until we reach our destination. Just a note, the mirror doesn’t have to be “bumped” to shift out of position, a simple curve in the road will mess it up.All in all, I like the size of this mirror, and the clarity of the view. I am not thrilled with the stability issue, and I dislike having to reset the mirror in the correct place every time I put the baby seat in the car. This would easily be a five star product if it would just stay put on the headrest. I plan to continue using the mirror, because I like being able to see her while I’m driving, but I will be on the lookout for a more secure model.

Audra Northfork, WV

Great baby mirror

Our son loves that he can see himself in this mirror and my wife loves that she can keep and eye on our baby while driving. The mirror size is perfect size, it is about the size of a normal headrest so it doesn’t block any rear view while driving.

Alisa Whitewater, KS

Hard time getting this to work

The Brica Baby In-Sight Auto mirror didn’t work for me. First off, there was no easy way to hook this up to the middle of the backseat which doesn’t have a head rest to strap this to. I had to jury rig the product which was a pain. Second, it had no angle adjustment on it which means unless your baby is sitting much higher up then average, you can’ easily angle the mirror down to see what you need to see.Otherwise the mirror itself does have good reflection quality for a plastic mirror and the product is light so you don’t have to worry about it detaching and causing an injury.

Tessa Mount Royal, NJ

Peace of mind on the road

Great mirror. I feel confident that this is secure in the event of an accident. Large enough that I have no problem seeing my baby. Would buy again

Rosalinda Lucien, OK

Love it!

Love it! I can see my baby in the backseat just fine.

Adrienne Indianola, PA

great mirror, but didn’t work for my car.

This is a nice mirror, but none of the adaptions worked for our car. I had to return it to Amazon.

Renae Parker, ID


Love that it’s an actual mirror. It’s not distorted. You can see everything clearly. Excited about this and can’t wait to actually put it to use!!

Brandy Saint Lawrence, SD

Great wide angle design

My wife just gave birth to twins four weeks ago. A friend gave us a single auto mirror, but I wanted a second one for our second child. It made this review that much easier, as they are different brands.I prefer this mirror. It has a slightly convex design to it, which I noticed right away as my child seemed ‘larger’ in the center of the mirror and the peripheral view seemed a bit wider.My only question about the design is… why is the frame so bulky? It’s not unattractive, but its got a large padded frame around it. I can’t imagine the babies reaching it and playing with it, and I’ve removed it for adult passengers (otherwise it would have a headgrease mark in the center.) Not a knock on how the mirror works, but it seems like overkill. Overall, my favorite of the auto mirrors I’ve looked for in the past six months.

May Dallas, WV

Great for driving with baby

The Brica Baby-in-sight-mirror is a very handy product. Our one year old does not really like riding in the car so we could not take him anywhere unless both of us were there and one person was riding in the back with him. (Well- we could at the cost of him screaming the entire time.) Not only does this product allow us to see him when we drive, it calms him down as he can see his reflection as well and gives him something to focus on. The mirror was easy to install, but the only quibble we have is that it works itself free so it has to be readjusted on a regular basis. The mirrored surface does not seem to be glass but a highly shined plastic, which is fine as you do not have to worry about glass shattering, however it might not last a long time but we just need it until the baby is old/big enough to turn the car seat around. Overall, a good product that definitely fills a need for a baby.

Bethany Hampton, SC

Works for us in a car with no backseat headrests

This mirror works for us in a Ford Focus with no backseat headrests. It attaches to the carseat latch (which we are not using with the infant car seat) and the latch securely holds it in place. We are happy to be able to see our 4 month old as we drive – the mirror is clear and large. Works for us!

Beatriz Baldwinville, MA

Amazing Baby Mirror!!!

BUY THIS MIRROR! My husband and I bought the Jeep Auto mirror and it was SO distorted that we couldn’t tell if he was awake or asleep, happy or sad… It was simply awful. This product had a crisp, clear view and is a breeze to attach to the headrest. It may as well be an actual mirror, the reflection is just that good. Definitely buy this product!!!!

Sonia Maupin, OR

A must-have

I love this mirror. It allows me to see my baby when she is rear-facing, and she likes to look at herself while we are riding. She can see me from her mirror and it helps us avoid a fussy ride! The one con I have for it is that it HAS to be on a headrest. It comes with a bendable arm to anchor it onto seat backs that don’t have headrests (our back center seat does not) but it kept falling off, even though we installed it exactly according to the directions. We’ve since moved the baby to the side seat, and it works perfectly on the headrest.

Janie Candler, FL

Great Idea and Good price

This item works well and allows you to see your little one. This is a great buy for any parent driving around their child.

Roseann Canton, MO

You NEED Detachable Headrests in Backseat to Affix Mirror

This only works if you have detachable headrests in the backseat! Also, keep in mind where the child will be when you are putting this in place. If you have a detachable headrest for the middle seat, you’re golden. Neither of our cars had any means to attach this, so it ended up being a "returned" item.However, I will grant it 3 stars, because the clarity & design (other than lack of attachments for most cars) were very good.

Marissa East Orange, NJ

Not a great fit

I like the idea of this mirror, but it doesn’t fit very well. I’ve tried all of the included attachment options, and currently have a mix of them plus a small towel wedged in between the mirror and headrest to keep it in place.

Deena Mount Pocono, PA

Great product and reasonable price

Great mirror. It serves just right for my suv. The price and product are appropriate. We love it! You will too

Freda Lacona, IA

Decent mirror

I like the size of the mirror, however I find it takes a few tries to hook it on to the seat, and it occasionally falls off when I bump it gently with the seat or my toddler plays with it. Overall though, once in place it is a great way to keep an eye on our infant.

Trisha Mooringsport, LA

Nice product – easy install

Having an infant sit in tyhe backseat while you drive can cause much anxiety. THey cry and you can do nothing… But with a backseat mirro you can at least try to assure your infant you are around and allow for them to see you (and vice-versa). With Baby in-sight auto mirror by Brica, you receive an easy to install mirror which is pretty sturdy. My only gripe is they printed the instructions on the box, which means you have to keep the box should you want to employ the alternate mounting of the mirro (for the center seat).all in all 4/5 stars

Berta Waianae, HI


Its a good mirror that allows me to see my little girl and the back seat while i drive! 😀

Sasha Livermore, ME

Clip does NOT attach to my tether anchor

Have an older vehicle (2005) and the clip does NOT fit the tether anchor in my car. I’m not sure if this would fit a newer vehicle, but this will not work for us (no rear headrests, doesn’t fit the tether anchor as shown in the instructions). Disappointing.

Elinor Pyrites, NY