BRICA Baby In-Sight Magical Firefly Auto Mirror for in Car Safety

BRICA Baby In-Sight Magical Firefly Auto Mirror for in Car Safety

Bring the magic of fireflies to your travels and keep your little one happy with the Baby In Sight Magical Firefly Mirror. Choose the entertaining mode and your baby is introduced to shapes as patterns of light dance behind the mirror in time to the lively songs. Long day and a tired baby. Switch to soothing mode and let your child drift off to sleep as relaxing music plays and the lights softly twinkle as they fade in and out. Crash tested and simple to install, this magical mirror provides entertainment for baby and peace of mind for you, no matter where your day takes you. To operate the BRICA Baby In-Sight Magical Firefly Auto Mirror, first remove the white demo tab from the back of the mirror and discard it. Next, the 3 “AA” batteries that are included with the mirror should be replaced with 3 new “AA” alkaline batteries, as they are included for in store demonstration only. Finally, double check to ensure that the remote contains the necessary CR2032 coin cell battery and that the + sign on the battery is facing up. To utilize the mirror, press the Power button on the front of the mirror. The Power Indicator light will appear on the surface of the mirror. The Power button must be pressed in order to operate the remote control and mirror features. If the Power Indicator light displays, the remote may be utilized to select either the soothing mode, or entertainment mode. After about 12 minutes, soothing mode or entertainment mode will automatically stop. To restart the mirror, press the selected mode button on the remote a second time. To help conserve battery life, the mirror automatically shuts off after 1 hour of inactivity, so if you forget to shut them mirror off when you go in the house, no problem! To reactivate the mirror, simply press the Power button again. To manually shut off the mirror, press and hold the Power button for 3 seconds, or until the Power Indicator light turns off.

Main features

  • Plastic, Nylon, Polyester
  • Made in USA and Imported
  • Choreographed LED lights that light up in fun shapes and patterns in entertaining mode and gently fade on and off in soothing mode
  • Remote lets you control the music, lights and volume from the driver’s seat
  • Shatter resistant clear sight mirror for superior reflection and a distortion free image
  • Auto shutoff to conserve battery life
  • Choose entertaining or soothing mode with up to 24 minutes of music available

Verified reviews


Random Cell battery not included. This is stupid. And clip required!

Give me a break. Is the cost savings worth it for this company to not include a random CELL battery.I get it when a product skips the AA battery assuming you have some at home. A little annoying but Ok.But require the customer to have on hand a random Cr2032?”Please buy this product online and then drive to target to get a cell battery”. Kinda defeats the purpose.Oh and it is unusable without the remote.I hate stupid corporate decisionsUpdate: The required remote doesn’t fit on our visor! So we lose it when we really need it. And without it the device won’t do anything. And what is worse, you have to press the button on the mirror for the remote to work. So if your baby starts crying a) you have to find the dawn remote and b) hope you turned On the device when you put the kid in. Both unlikely. Very frustrating.

Maggie Silver Lake, KS

Make sure to have your batteries on hand

My daughter is 14 months old soon to be 15 and we currently have theFisher-Price Precious Planet Baby View Mirrorwhich doesn’t do anything but enable me to look at her while driving and for her to look at herself. Did not cost as much as this and does its job.I wanted something to use in our second vehicle and was thrilled when this was offered through Vine. Was super excited to get it and upon opening it worked in Try-Me mode. Once I pulled the tab for regular play for some reason it stopped working. Not only was that disappointing but I then came to realize as well that the remote does not include any batteries. Would have been easy if it needed regular AA or AAA batteries but no this one needed a cell battery. Unfortunately I didn’t read the product description but only the technical details that Amazon provided which stated that it only required 2 AA batteries. That is not true as the mirror itself needs 3 AA.WORD OF CAUTION: MIRROR WILL NOT WORK WITHOUT REMOTE.A quick trip to Target got me the batteries I needed and once set up in my minivan it was a total charm. My daughter loved that this one plays music and lights up with some starry looking lights while it plays music. The mirror is also much larger than our previous Fisher-Price model so she can see more of herself and I can see much clearly as well. The songs are nothing I’ve ever heard before and are all original music and my baby loves the entertaining uptempo ones. I decided to install this in our 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan and installation was a breeze. Nothing too complicated. You don’t even need the instructions.The remote once the battery is installed is a nice touch but there is no on or off button. You have to turn the mirror on by hand so be sure to do that once you install your son/daughter into his/her car seat or you’ll be driving without the music. There is also a volume control on the remote so you can turn the music down when it starts getting too annoying for you. The mode of play soothing/upbeat is also controlled using the remote. The mirror runs for about 10 minutes before the music stops and you get to restart again using the remote. There is an auto shut off feature as well.The reason I took off a star is that the remote cannot turn on or off the mirror and the fact that it did not come with a battery so you can use it right out of the box. AA or AAA battery for the remote would have been a lot more convenient to get as well since most people have those in their homes already for most toys.

Louella Edmonds, WA

A few flaws, but almost perfect

First off, let me start by covering some gripes I am having with some reviewers.Batteries, AA or CR2032…go get batteries. Not everyone has ANY type of battery, and when you need something, you have to go BUY it. You know, I once looked at a product that I wanted to buy, and it needed an 18650 battery…I bought the item and the battery. This is what you call a non standard battery.A reviewer chose this item and turned the extra features of this item into negative features. I don’t get this. This is like…black and white television. Along comes color televisions and remotes. The color feature is given a negative rating but you picked the item because of what it is. It has a remote, BUT you don’t really need it for plain functionality, but it still gets slammed for this. And on top of that, a new model might come out that features built in TUNERS, which you pick it up for and give it a negative rating for having this extra feature you chose it for.Some of these reviews are a little mind boggling. but, to each their own.I can understand some having a negative view on this not working without the remote, or that you need to turn the base mirror on in order for you to use it with the remote, but when you look at what it’s designed for, you can’t really knock it, at least I think. A parent needs to make a trip to the store and what’s to keep their baby happy on the trip, they turn it on, keep tabs on their baby, and distract their baby when certain sounds begin. This isn’t meant as a baby gym, so can’t knock it there.I only deduct a star, because the items don’t have built in solar chargers for keeping these things charged up and ready to go. Great product nonetheless and one I thought was almost ingenious. After so many years of having just plain ole mirrors, someone decides to add a little tech to it.

Linda Asherton, TX

GREAT idea but not executed well

My 5-mo old son hated traveling in the car, so I thought a splurge on this great new car mirror would make car trips more tolerable. However, I am going to have to return it. Twice my son has fallen asleep in the car and this loud tinny music has started playing (on it’s own – no remote use) and has woken him up, and I cannot handle the drawbacks of the mirror for the few times that it has actually entertained him (only by the lights at night). I am surprised to read all the very positive reviews from the “Amazon Vine program”, given the design flaws of this mirror. I actually purchased the product and am not at all satisfied.Overall, it’s a fantastic idea. They just missed the mark with some poor features.Features that are necessary for me to recommend this product to anyone:1. The lowest volume setting should be much lower. It is entirely too loud for little baby ears.2. The remote should turn the mirror on. All the remote does is a) turn the volume up/down b) activate music and c) switch from “slow music” (quite loud and not very relaxing) to more lively music.3. The driver should be able to turn off the mirror once baby goes to sleep. (Given the volume and as the driver cannot listen to the radio on long drives because it continues to play)Features that would be nice:1. Include the remote battery with it. (CR battery)2. Higher quality sound – less tinny music.Features that I like:1. The mirror to see baby is high quality.2. It is simple to attach and take off.

Antoinette Deer Creek, MN

Confused by the product name

When I read the product name ‘Baby In-Sight’ I mistakenly thought it was a mirror to SEE the baby. After all it’s in Car Safety. My bad. It’s so the baby can see itself. Watching my two year old daughter would have been nice but she’s a little old to be mesmerized by her own image. I have another daughter on the way so I’ll be able to do a better review once I can use it with her.

Gabriela Jewell, IA

Light Show for Baby

This mirror is not only adorable, it is also a good safety device. Although you need a CR2032 battery and have to buy one as this mirror does not include the battery, it is still a good product. It’s cute and is a bonus light show that will entertain the baby and you can watch your baby’s face when you drive. It has that added bonus feature.

Robin Rhoadesville, VA

Kids Like It … But.

My child loves this mirror. She can look at herself and it plays music/lights when turned on. My biggest problem with this item is that to get it turned on you must hit a button on the mirror first. While driving this is next to impossible. So, I have to load her into the car, hit the button and then turn it on from the front of the car while I’m driving. Not well designed for turning on while driving.

Beryl Chatham, MI

Mirror is great and clear!

This is a nice mirror. My son can see himself without it being distorted. The lights are really cool and the music is not annoying. It seems very soothing. My son hasn’t quite gotten into it yet, but he’s also very young. Only 4 months old. I’m thinking he’ll really like when he gets a little bigger. He hates riding in the car seat but the older he gets the more he tolerates it. I can see him perfectly through this mirror from the driver’s seat. And he does like looking at himself in the mirror. The remote works but you have to lean back a lot and point it straight at the mirror. And you first have to turn the power on on the mirror itself. There’s a button in the front that you have to push before the remote will work. I wish you could do it all from the remote. Still a great purchase.

Celina Elm Hall, MI

Edited review since my son now loves it

I have a 14 month old who’s not a big fan of the car. Unfortunately, despite being very cute this mirror didn’t help us out much. On first look, the mirror is just adorable and I was surprised that he didn’t even take note of the change from a plain black mirror to this one. We used both the entertaining music and the soothing music on a recent 3 hour long trip with varying results. The soothing music is okay but sounds a bit metallic and tinny. We also discovered that the volume isn’t fully adjustable in that it only can be turned down so low and we found it still a bit loud. The energetic music is just irritating. The sound quality once again is a big drawback and we were pretty sick of it and he was uninterested. The lights are cute but since we traveled during full daylight they didn’t draw any attention. The last drawback is that when I went around a sharp corner the mirror would slide to the left or right meaning I couldn’t see my son in the carseat any longer. Our old mirror never did that so this was a surprise and may be a weight issue due to the batteries and inner components which our old one didn’t have. If the sliding issues only happens once in a while then I may keep it just for the cuteness factor but if it happens regularly then it’ll be returned.I’m editing this about a month later to say that my son has decided he really enjoys this mirror. The music grates on me and my husband but he wants it turned on every morning on the way to day care and he says goodbye to it as we’re getting him out of the car. He bops his head around to the music and seems genuinely entertained. It does still slide around a bit more than the old mirror but it’s manageable. Still wish it would also turn down just a bit more but my son likes it so we’ll deal!

Zelma New Enterprise, PA

Unnecessary extras

The mirror is great for viewing a backwards facing baby with some extras that are nice but really not necessary. The mirror really didn’t interest our 5 month old anymore than the regular mirror we have in our other car. Also, the only other issue I have is, like other mirrors we’ve tried, this one does not stay up in our older bench seating car. Just like the others I got it rigged up but as soon as the car turned or stopped a little hard the mirror fell.

Candy Woodsville, NH

Absolutely one of the best things to have purchased for my baby.

I absolutely love this product. It was a lot more than I was looking to spend on a baby car mirror, but it was totally worth the money spent. After reading the reviews, I was more than prepared to receive the mirror. I waited a couple of months before posting a review so that it would be as informative as possible more a parent who is looking but is hesitant towards forking out $35.00 for “just a mirror.” I started using this product for my child at six months, and she is now 8 months.
• The installation: Extremely easy, did not require instruction manual. The straps go around the headrest and is adjustable. I like the fact that there is flexible metal in the wrap around on the back so that it mostly stays put as soon as you have it set the way you like it. I had a hard time figuring out how low/high to set the mirror so that I could see my baby from the rear view mirror, but found that for the most part, what I can see of her when sitting next to her carseat setting it up is what I’ll see in the rear view mirror. Setting it too high (on the headrest) can actually block some view of your back window. Also, having it too high will reflect the front view of the road onto the baby mirror, which might cause a moment of confusion as it would seem like what is actually behind you is in front of you…but most people might not have that problem..I’m an Asian woman, so the less confusion, the better for myself, and everyone on the road. 🙂
• The batteries: The mirror itself comes with batteries, but the remote control does not. You need to purchase them in order to use the product for all of its capabilities (unless you only want the mirror part, in which case, you can opt for a different product 🙂 ). The battery needed is a CR2032. Yes, AAA would have been more convenient for everyone, but it is made flat to fit on your visor with it closed…with AAA, it wouldn’t quite work. I should also mention that I started using the mirror with the music when my baby was around 6 months, and she is now 8 months, and the batteries have not died, after about ~1.5-2 hours of music per week. However, I have noticed the music is not as loud and strong. (I had to change the batteries after 2 months of usage).
• The music/sound options: There is a sleepy mode and an awake/happy mode. The happy music is obviously more upbeat and the sleepy music is more mellow. Each plays for about 10 minutes, and stops, but you can always play it again since the remote is easily accessible. There have been times when my baby was noticeably tired, and fell asleep AS SOON as I turned on the music..and I LOVE this about this product! It actually works! It definitely stops her whining when she’s unhappy, also. There is also a volume control that I believe has 2 3 different volume options.
• The lights: The lights are actually pretty darn bright at night, so bright that sometimes I wish there was an adjustment option because I feel like my baby has to look away sometimes. There are colorful dancing lights around the fireflies, little lights emitting from the fireflies themselves, and on the mirror. The Dancing lights on the mirror blink on and off with the music. The are advertised as certain shapes. And although they do dance around in those shapes, they don’t ever appear all together in a certain shape, so you can’t really tell that it’s a square, a circle, diamond, ect. They’re just little white lights. (The circle actually does blink on together, but it’s not something I would consider educational).
• The mirror: I initially got this mirror because I really wanted to be able to see my baby during night time rides because that’s when she’s usually unhappy, but the lights do not shine bright enough for the reflection to show in the rear view, so if that is your only intention, I don’t think there is any product out there right now that can satisfy that. Although I cannot see her at night, and she cannot see me, if still pleases her when I turn on the lights and music for a little while, so it serves its purpose for me.
• Sturdiness: I took this mirror down for my daughter to just hold and play with rather than just look at it. And she absolutely loved it! She kissed the mirror (she is now 9 months), and played with it wonderfully.The only con is that the only stinkin way to turn the music and lights on is with the remote control (but you can turn the music and lights off by clicking the power button on the mirror just once. And for those who do not read instructions, like myself, you can turn the mirror off by holding down the power button for about five seconds). So if you lose it, :/ you’ll have to settle for the mirror..just being a mirror :)I hope this helped. This is the longest review I have ever written, but I feel like it was worth it for this product. I hope you make the purchase and enjoy it just as much as I do! 🙂

Viola Garfield, KY

Good car mirror, but has some mirror issues

The Brica Baby In-Sight Auto Mirror, Magical Firefly is a good product. The mirror has a little bit of a learning curve. It worked great when I played around with the mirror while in the box using Try-me mode. After removing the mirror from the package and pulling the Try-me mode tab it took me a while to figure out that you need the remote to move the mirror into a music mode. Unfortunately the Birca Baby In-Sight Auto Mirror doesn’t come with the required CR2032 battery for the remote. Another issue with the mirror is that the remote can’t turn on the mirror. You need to turn on the mirror after putting your child in the car. After the mirror is turned on the remote is required for any mode or volume changes. The initial installation of the mirror in our car was easy. It did take a little trial and error to get it adjusted correctly so my 5 month old son could see himself in the mirror.I wish they would add a power button to the remote and spend the extra 10 cents and included a battery for the remote. But, overall the I like the mirror as long as you don’t lose the remote and you turn on the mirror before you start driving you will be fine.

Miranda Chester, MA

Comes In Handy

She’s a little uneasy being in her carseat at night in the dark, and this certainly comes in handy. She’s really into the different lights and sounds and soothes her right to sleep. The remote could work a little better since it seems that you have to point it at the device at times rather than keep it on your visor and just press the buttons. I would add some animal-type features in the form of the lights on the mirror.

Deana Shepherd, TX

Save your ears — and your money!

Great in theory – terrible in execution. I can’t believe all of the positive reviews this thing has. Did anyone else turn it on?? Even the “soothing” music on the lowest volume is tinny, piercing and shrill — I couldn’t turn it off fast enough. And the option doesn’t exist to just have the “firefly” lights blink without this horrible excuse for music. This one’s going back PRONTO.

Jewel Slayton, MN

Absolutely love this

There aren’t many (I didn’t find any others) that have a remote control from the front. The lights and music are great. I can’t wait to start using it. The mirror is nice and big and easy to install.

Selena Lottsburg, VA

this mirror has everything

This Brica mirror has everything one could ever want or need in a auto mirror. First, you can fasten it to your seat in a variety of ways using the included clips, just figure out what works best for your car. Second, it is as visually appealing as any toy you could give your child that would inevitably be flung across the backseat. This stays put, plays 12 minutes of playful songs and 12 minutes of soothing songs, and even has a little light show. Third, it comes with a freaking remote control! Clip it on your visor for easy access to change between Entertaining and Soothing mode, and even adjust the volume. The mirror itself is durable and slightly magnified. This is truly a product you never knew you needed until you have a baby, then it becomes a life saver. It is crash tested, comes with AA batteries that are easily changeable, and has an automatic shut off. Great shower gift!

Kenya Berry, KY

A must for cranky back seat drivers

I originally had the plain regular mirror, it was small and boring. When my daughter was 2 months I decided to get this one. It is great! The mirror is big and clear! My daughter is 6 months and still loves it.

Selina Hingham, MA

This works!

I’m not a fan of baby toys that light up, flash, play loud music, etc. I’m sort of the wooden toy lady. But when my daughter decided at 2 wks old, that she was no longer happy to be in her car seat, I didn’t know what to do. It was such a change from my son, who immediately fell asleep once he was strapped into his seat. I waited it out…I sang, I prayed, I played music I thought she responded to…and then came four months. It still hadn’t changed but a little. And then six months, and then seven, and though things had gotten a bit better, it seemed as though WHEN she got upset, she really got worked up.A friend said that this mirror had been working wonders with her son, so I thought I’d give it a try. Why didn’t I get it earlier?! This is so much more useful than her plain black mirror–and though I like things to be simple, not in primary colors, and plainly designed, I’m willing to keep this thing in the car, because she loves staring at it. Not only that, but she has fallen asleep with it on, quite a handful of times. The battery died last night, and boy, the difference….it made me realize that I needed to write this review for all the parents out there who are driving with a racing heart, because they are trying to keep their little hub happy. Give this a try! While it may not keep them content 100% of the time, I’m going to say that it’s been effective about 95% of the time. Worth every last cent!

Terrie Ridgedale, MO

Not a must, but works well

This is a pretty good rear view mirror.Pros: It’s easy to attach and adjust so that you can see your kids, as opposed to other cheaper models that have to be modified so that they point in the right direction. The volume can be adjusted, and it has lights to catch your kids attention that come from within the mirror, so they want to look into it. It has more upbeat songs as well as soothing ones, and neither are annoying. The remote works pretty well and has a little clip so you can keep it on your visor next to your garage door opener. Over all I really like this, and it makes keeping an eye on my kids easier.Cons: You have to provide the initial batteries, which isn’t terrible, however the remote does require a special battery that we had to pick up at the store so we couldn’t use it right away. Also, it goes through batteries pretty quickly. I had to replace the batteries in the mirror after a few weeks of use, and we did not use it constantly.Over all this is a good “extra” product to keep an eye on your kids that are in rear facing seats, but not a must.

Blanca Georgetown, IL

Cute for the car or crib!

Our baby is now a front-facer, so she didn’t get the chance to use this product in the car. Instead, we put it in the crib and she LOVES looking at herself as she falls asleep.Our only problem: It’s useless without the remote and the remote requires an overpriced battery. Why not just make it a AAA battery like everything else?

Deloris Plantersville, AL

Big mirror!

This is a cute mirror, bigger than the one I was previously using. Which is nice because I can see more of my son. My son’s car seat is installed in the middle seat of my car, which doesn’t have a headrest to put this mirror on. But I used the latch anchor and hooked it into that. The hook on the mirror was a bit to large to fit on the loop of the anchor but if I put the hook upside down it worked for me.The mirror plays four upbeat song and four lullaby songs depending on what button you press on the remote. While the songs are playing little dots light up on the mirror, the sides of the mirrors light up and the two fireflies in the front light up as well. You can raise or lower the volume on the remote as well. And, if you want to stop listening to the music just press whatever one you are listening to. So if you are listening to the lullaby button, press it again and it will stop playing. You do have to press the power button on the mirror in order to use the remote.The mirror comes with 3 AA batteries that are already installed in the mirror for demo purposes. Then you have to buy a CR2032 battery for the remote, which would have been nice if it came with that battery instead of the AA because I had the AA batteries at home. Usually whenever I buy something with one of those small cell batteries it is already included. So it was odd it wasn’t included with this.Putting the remote of my sun visor it is easy to press the buttons and it starts up. My son giggled at it and screamed at it and called it dada. In the morning when I take him to daycare, it is still dark out, so I thought I would play the lullaby one for him. But I think it irritated him. Usually on the drive to daycare he is quiet and/or falling asleep. But with his on he was making noise and it wasn’t putting him to sleep one bit, I think it was a bit distracting with the lights.Overall, it does entertain him a bit. But I like it because it is a bigger mirror to see him. What I don’t like is that it doesn’t come with the CR2032 battery and you have to press the power button on the mirror for it to initially start. Not good if you forget to press it and you are already driving around and want to play it for your child.

Marietta Mongaup Valley, NY

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…!

Sad I don’t have time to write a long, passionate love letter to this mirror toy, because it certainly deserves one. We drove from California to Virginia with a 4 month old, and the only reason we did not steer over the nearest cliff is because this thing kept him enthralled for a week of long hours of driving. THANK YOU. Want to buy twenty more and hang them around my house just because.

Rhea Neotsu, OR

Entertaining mirror

We love this! It keeps my newborn and preschooler distracted while we head out and when they start getting fussy. My only complaint is that you can’t start the mirror without the remote. It would be good if you could start the music/lights from the actual mirror. Otherwise it does exactly what I purchased it for!

Rosalind Eastville, VA

Thank goodness for this mirror!

My 4 month old son hates to ride, especially at night when he can’t see anything. During the day, he is content to look out the window but at night when it’s dark, he panics! We tried everything, the glow worm, the glow seahorse… the only thing that kind of worked was turning on the light over him. That distracted us so I decided to buy this. I bought mine at Target (exact same product) and it came with the batteries in the mirror and the remote. So I didn’t have an issue there. I agree with the other reviews that the remote should be able to turn the mirror on and off, but other than that this mirror is wonderful. My 8 year old son even said "I’m a little jealous of his mirror, that thing is cool" hahaha. It’s pretty and soon as we installed it, his little eyes went straight to it like woooooow!A word of advice though… Do not do what I did and try to install it too tightly like you would a carseat. I pulled the strap as hard as I could to get it tight so it wouldn’t slide off the headrest and the little cloth tether tore right off the back of the mirror. I just sat there and stared at it. With some sewing skills I was able to fix my mistake, but the back is not made to be strapped in by the hulk… or any OCD momma for that matter.

Graciela Alexandria, VA


My grandson loves watching the lights in this, looking at himself, and listening to the music. The safest place in the back seat keeps him from being able to see us and he does not like being ignored, but this mirror keeps him entertained so riding in the car is not a problem.The power on the mirror needs to be turned on before the remote works, but we do that as we are putting him in the seat so that isn’t a problem once you get use to remembering it.

Lorraine Granger, IA

Cute, big, and just occasionally annoying

This mirror was much bigger than I had originally anticipated (but I am quickly discovering that most baby things are significantly bigger than I would expect.) In any case, this is a cute little mirror set up with remote for car use (as other reviewers have noted, remember to pick up batteries if you want to use this right away) which offers fun and function in one. The song that plays is cute and not entirely annoying, but since I’m not one for noisy toys, I can only handle it in small doses. I appreciate the neutral coloring and easy install (if you have head rests in your car’s back seats… otherwise, installation is going to take a little bit more creativity and maybe some duct tape.) Overall, it’s a quality, clear looking mirror that does a job while looking cute for baby.

Heidi Bendena, KS

Helps to see your baby

My son seems to enjoy this mirror. The only downfall I don’t like is that you have to physically turn it on by the button on the mirror. This isn’t very convenient if you’re already driving. I wish there was a power button on the remote.

Briana Skelton, WV

Great purchase

This Auto mirror has been a life savor for us. The music is nice and the lights are nice too. The remote is a wonderful feature to have too. Came in handy when we get stuck in traffic. Our son loves this.

Angelique Navarre, OH

You must purchase battery for remote

I have a very basic mirror in my car for the baby, and I got this for the truck (since we take longer trips in that and our 16 month old is still rear facing happily). This was easy to set up and fairly easy to adjust on the truck headrest. In my sedan, it’s a bit harder because I have no real headrests back there (Mazda 6), but I tried and this would attach OK on the carseat latch (not being used bc we’re RF).The songs are def not enjoyable for baby AND adult, but are fun for baby. There’s a sleepyish one and a fun one, and lights dance on the mirror in accordance with each.Big annoyance? We haven’t yet tried the remote, because while it comes with batteries for the mirror part (which you can activate with a button), it doesn’t come with the watch battery for the remote.I think the fun features would be better for a younger baby or maybe a very fussy one who hates the car. If buying for an older baby, just get one of the cheap ones with no bells and whistles.

Shauna Clinton, MD

Cute Mirror, Annoying Remote, Weird Glare…Would Still Buy

I am rating this mirror 4 stars based on the fact that I knew the remote had issues. If I hadn’t, I would have been disappointed. As other reviewers have pointed out the remote does not turn the unit on and off; it only adjusts the music and volume. The remote has 4 buttons which are 1) Sleep music 2) Play music 3) Volume up and 4) Volume down. You must always turn it on at the mirror first, and then you can control the functions from the remote. I was considering it and the Baby Einstein Music and Discovery Mirror which did not have a remote at all, so I chose to have the weird remote rather than none at all.THE GOOD:This mirror is really cute. The colors and music are soft, and the little bugs are adorable. There is nothing annoying about the look or sound of this toy.The mirror part is large and you can see baby crystal clear during the day and when the mirror is turned off. At night when the lights are on there are issues (see below).THE IFFY:As others have stated the remote could use some tweaking. It is so weird that you cannot turn the music on and off from the remote. Typically my husband drives and I sit passenger, so if we need to turn it on/off at the base I simply unbuckle my seat belt turn it on and it’s not a big deal. Also other reviewers stated their remote did not come with a battery. Mine DID…so they must have addressed this issue. The battery is an unusual round flat battery so if it isn’t included, you will be making a special trip to the store.THE BAD:Despite reading a ton of reviews on this product I was surprised that no one mentioned the awful glare! There are lights that shine around the edge of the mirror, but also through the mirror. At night when the lights are shining through the mirror it creates this weird hazy glare and you cannot see your baby. After a certain time the music shuts off and the mirror goes into a standby mode, but a single light stays illuminated in the center of the mirror. So even when it goes into standby mode you still get this glare at night. During the day there is no problem with glare and you can see baby crystal clear. I wish there was a way to turn this off from the remote. But again the remote doesn’t do that, so you either have to pull over or unbuckle.Despite some quirks I would still buy this mirror for myself. For a gift? Probably not. My baby is not a good car rider, so I needed something to distract him! If the remote turned the mirror on/off I would probably give it another star.

Justina Ellisburg, NY