BRICA Bath Kneeler

BRICA Bath Kneeler

The BRICA Bath Kneeler provides welcome relief for tired knees at bath time. Constructed of durable, water-resistant material, the kneeling pad can also be hung on a towel bar to dry and store out of the way. The textured undersurface keeps the kneeler in place even when things get splashy.

Main features

  • PVC Vinyl
  • Imported
  • Ergonomic design provides cushioned support for knees and legs
  • Easy-grip handle helps to pick up bath kneeler from wet floor for drying and storage
  • Hangs on towel bar or shower rod for drying and storage
  • Textured bottom panel is durable and water-resistant, suitable for all floor surfaces
  • Easy to Clean

Verified reviews


Overpriced baby items

Although cute, the small size of this kneeler may make it impractical for taller/larger adults. I found another kneeler, but it had extra pockets and straps and doodads that I just didn’t need. Not to mention, baby products are usually so overpriced! I did a search for "gardening mats" on Amazon and found some simple, large foam pads that were much more cost-efficient as well. I bought one that was green with a slender profile so that it could be easily tucked under my toddler’s bathroom sink. Best part, it only cost five bucks! It is only a plain green color though, so not a cutesy baby item…

Tracie Medford, NY

The Target one is better

We have a Target kneeler for my older son’s bathroom and bought this for my younger son because Target was sold out. It’s ok, but doesn’t have as much give. I do however think it’ll last longer.

Katharine Macfarlan, WV

Saves my knees!

Perfect for bath time and saves your knees from bruising. It may not be wide enough for some people so check the size measurements.

Heidi Bandy, VA

Wished it was a little bigger

I bought this for my husband who was in pain just using a towel. It serves its purpose but I just wish it was little bigger.

Monika Fayette, IA

love it

I was skeptical when I first opened the package because it looked too thin, but was pleasantly surprised when I used it! I used to use a thick towel, folded over several times to kneel on to bathe my kids, but this little kneeler is so much more comfortable. So glad I bought it!

Celia Byhalia, MS

Does the trick.

Simple but does the trick. You could probably use a pillow or a couple towels and achieve the same effect but I like this is waterproof, small, and I can store in the bathroom without looking strange. It is firm but again, plenty supportive on the hardwoods in our bathroom.

Hilda Justice, IL

Knee saver

Works to keep knees from pain, while bathing tots. Stores easily, matches our bathroom. Very happy to have this item available when needed.

Madeline Loon Lake, WA

Does its job!

It is exactly what I needed for my knees! It is slim for storing purposes. I can just lean it against the tub when I’m done, and it’s out of the way.

Denice Hawthorne, CA

Great kneeler

I have arthritis in my knees, a baby on the way, and I live in an apartment complex with a laundry room, so sometimes I will have to hand wash things in the tub, and this will just get more frequent once the baby arrives. This kneeler is great, my knees don’t hurt after washing loads of afghans, baby toys, and fancy dresses. I know some kneelers are more cloth-like, but this one is definitely waterproof on top, so be careful that you don’t accidentally step on it when you are barefoot and it is wet as it is VERY slippery due to the material on top, I am a clumsy person and this haoppened once.

Sheri Milltown, IN

Incredibly thick! Great for knees

Was thinking about trying to be cheap and getting a garden kneeler, but they’re nowhere near as thick as this baby. This thing definitely makes bath time go smoothly. No knee or back pain afterwards.

Dionne La Fayette, NY

smaller than I thought

No complaints other than this is smaller than I thought. Probably wouldn’t have kept it in hindsight but no major complaints.

Erin Neffs, OH

Just what we needed.

Perfect little cushion for mom and dad knees. It’s not cutesy but definitely sweet, which I like. Keeps knees from hurting. Recommended for baby bathers!

Charlene Newton, MS

Better Than Nothing

I have used a towel to kneel on that works as good as this. However it is handy and certainly better than nothing.

Marie Elk Grove Village, IL


Works great for bath tub kneeler, holds up for myself and my husband. Comfortable to lean on compared to another we have.

Fran Hargill, TX

Great for tired knees!

This product is great to use when bathing a baby or small child. It’s similar to those kneelers used for gardening. The only suggestion I have would be to have an option for suction cups to dry the kneeler if there’s no towel rack handy.

Pearl Calumet City, IL

Used every day

We kneel on this thing and it provides the support that is needed. Fits perfectly along the bottom of our tub, provides memory foam support.

Sally Doss, TX


I like it a lot. It’s definitely more comfortable than kneeling on the hard tile next to the tub. The only thing is that it can be slippery when wet, or sticky if your knees get sweaty. But it cleans well and does the job!

Janelle Lacassine, LA

Wish we had this sooner.

This is so comfy and beats putting our knees on a folded towel. Very squishy and does not seem to be losing squish with added use. Get it!

Kathryn Cicero, IL

Pretty cushy!

There is not much to this kneeler. It is one piece and has a nice velcro strap to hang it up to dry if it gets wet. It is plastic coated so it shouldn’t get too wet. It is a little stiff, but I think after a few uses will loosen up. There is a cute little owl in the corner of the mat.

Robbie Hadley, MA

Not wide enough lengthwise

This serves its purpose, but I think it should’ve been a little more wide lengthwise and that my knees slide of it if they’re to close to the edge. Two thing that I do like are that there is enough cushion so that my knees didn’t hurt when I was kneeling over the tub bathing the baby and that I can hang it from the towel bar in our bathroom.

Janet Reagan, TX

Saves my knees big time.

3 months later and this thing is still saving my knees. Love it. It’s very easy to wipe clean and looks so cute. I’m definitely happy with this purchase.

Meredith Bucyrus, KS

Comfortable on your knees

I wish I would have known about this bath kneeler when my first two kids were little. It gives a lot of cushion for your knees. It’s also easy to clean and has a strap on it so you can hang it to dry or for storage.

Shelley Catoosa, OK

whew, a knee saver

Saves my knees during bath time 🙂

Rena Bedford, VA

a bit hard

Wishing I had tried that whale one that always pops up at the top of my search! This does the trick – it’s better than the floor. But it’s still pretty hard…

Bridget Ionia, MO

Must have!

If you’re going to bathe your baby in the bathtub, this is a must have. My husband thought I was crazy when I registered for this, but now we use it every time we bathe our baby. It has a little velcro hook that can be used to hang it up when not in use.Bottom line: The bathroom floor is hard, this keeps your knees happy 🙂

Cynthia Hopkins Park, IL


Save your knees and get this! Works great, easy to clean, easy to story, easy everything. I use it nightly.

Nannie Nordheim, TX

Serves its Purpose

I was using a folded towel to kneel down on while bathing my son…but wanted something I didn’t have to throw in the wash after every use, so I purchased the BRICA bath kneeler. I’m pleased with my purchase as it serves its purpose and provides a soft surface for me to kneel on during bathtime. When we are done, I simply wipe it down and hang it on my towel rack.

Bridgett Wayne, NJ

A relief!!!

Good quality kneeler! Its firm but comfortable and, obviuosly, waterproof. It would be a 5-star if it would be a little bigger.

Wanda Hondo, TX

cute color

I love the quality. I have not used it yet but I’m sure I will love it when I give a bath my little boy.

Fern Edgartown, MA


This is a nice one. Previously I used to have lot of knee pains when I bathe my son. right now its very comfortable and no knee pains at all. Its very soft and the latch in the back makes me hold it in the bathroom. very nice.

Barbara Pratt, KS