BRICA Better Fit UV-Guardian Roller Shade

BRICA Better Fit UV-Guardian Roller Shade

The UV guardian roller shade lets your little passenger take in the view without the harsh glare. The opti-view mesh blocks over 85% of harmful UV rays, while protecting your baby’s delicate skin. With adjustable clip attachments, it’s super easy to have a perfect fit on nearly any window shape.

Main features

  • Opti-view mesh blocks glare, and over 90% of harmful UV rays, but not view
  • Two attachment options-attach to top of window using adjustable clip attachment or mount to bottom window sill using suction cups
  • Clip attachment adjusts height and pivots for perfect fit on most window; Sleek design blends in with any vehicle interior
  • One push release button for easy roll up
  • Extra-large coverage 17.0″ x 18.75″ (43.2 cm x 47.6 cm)

Verified reviews


works well

The shade was easy to install on the window glass and the window still rolled up and sealed securely. After installation, it was simply a matter of pulling the shade down to the desired length. And rollup is a quick one (yellow) button push on the side, at the top end of the shade.

Ola Santa Rosa, TX

I don’t think I’d be happy with any of these types of products

It works ok if you use the tabs. I wouldn’t want to use the suction cups on the top part because I don’t want to take a chance of it falling on a baby.It feels cheap, but that’s not my main concern.After receiving this product, I read the claims that it "helps block" UV A/B rays. Well that could mean nothing. It’s doesn’t claim to completely block it or what percentage of them. It’s all in the wording…So I spent a week researching options, and my solution is to get a clear film 3M makes that blocks (blocks 99.9% of UV). It would cost a lot more and has to be professionally installed but it’ll block UV and heat.I don’t trust this to do anything.

Rebekah Oakmont, PA

Cheaply made but works

At first I was pleased to get this roller shade to provide back-seat shade for the little dude behind me. While installing this was fairly easy (the upper part clips over the glass and closing the window provides top pressure), keeping this shade off the window for noise-free driving is not. It’s not a loud noise, but any other open window in the window can create a breeze that will get the material moving. It is non-pliable material. This shade is best meant for small windows with little curvature as well. It only covers 17" across. The release button is at the top, so a child can not inadvertently release it. The shade part actually does keep the sun off a small child, though. However, for windows without any tinting, this is better than nothing at all.

Shannon Hendricks, MN

Works great for me, YMMV

I guess it depends on your car. It’s 17" long, so of course you may have issues for smaller windows, and you shouldn’t get this shade, period.If your windows are bigger, however …Does it feel cheap? For $10.99, I’d say … no. It feels pretty good. And a shade shouldn’t feel too hefty, in case you need to use the suction cups.The clips adjust to different heights, so it should fit many larger windows.What about safety? The visibility out of this thing is pretty good. Most if not all retractable car shades are a fabric mesh, since there’s design constraints around rolling it up. This one includes a button to roll it up, and it works great – I tried hanging it at different angles and it never failed to roll up neatly.Does it roll up with too much force and so constitute a danger? Didn’t seem that way to me, as the lower bar and shade weight and rollup force are quite small, but you may have different ideas about what is dangerous. At no time did the rollup force seem worrisome to me.All in all, for the price, it’s a product that succeeds in its goals – a lightweight, removable shade with automatic rollup – for its price point.

Tania Parshall, CO

Works as a sunshade although somewhat tricky to mount.

For UV protection, maybe not. For sunshade, maybe yes. It all depends on how well it fits your vehicle’s window.If your vehicle’s window doesn’t close in a straight horizontal line, this may not fit very well. But if it does fit, it is a good sunshade.For our vehicle, I could not use the clip option because it wouldn’t seal the window close. So I mounted it with the suction cup. I was doubting that it would hold but to my surprise the suction cup really holds and this has not fallen after placing and removing it for 3+ weeks. I generally have bad experience with suction cups so I will see how well it holds.So far, it’s a mix bag. It appears to be good quality but I don’t know how long it will last. I will update the review if this break within 6 months of use.I recommend it for sunshade if it fits your vehicle’s window. If you really need UV protection, I recommend UV film over your window instead of this.

Juliette Youngsville, LA

Not so much!

These hang over the window, which was great for us. On the other hand that is their ONLY upside. They do not compensate nearly enough for the slant in the top of the window so they actually are just as misaligned on the bottom as traditional ones. The worst part though is that they RATTLE! I have to put something under it to keep it quiet otherwise it drives me nuts while driving.

Julianne East Otis, MA

Not too impressed

We have carseats in two cars, so have been through our fair share of window shades. None have ever been great.Unfortunately, the shade didn’t cover the backseat windows well, and it tended to let in a lot of the sunlight on each side.With the shade in place, you can’t roll the window down, which is something we might normally do if we were sitting in the car waiting (to create a breeze, rather than running the car and the a/c).We used this for a few weeks, then decided it was too much of a hassle.

Penny Fort Spring, WV

Hate it!

This shade is garbage. Within two days of installing it in my car, the shade stopped retracting so now the canvas just hangs loosely like a piece of junk. It also rattles like crazy while I’m driving. I have another style of Brica shade on the other back window and have had none of these problems. I wish I could return this shade but I threw the receipt away (bought it from Target). Waste of money.

Cecile Sweet Water, AL

A great sun shade

After trying a few of the cling on sun shades that always fell off the car windows, I bought the Brica Better Fit, and it works great! It fits my van window to give my daughter the shade she needs. It is very easy to roll up and put back in place without any issues.

Melinda Summer Lake, OR

A little small, work ok

If you are looking for an inexpensive guardian, you might be willing to put up with this product – which is not entirely bad. Here is a brief summary:Cons:- the hangers are kind of thick, felt like it wasn’t that great on the car window and its frame.- It’s simple, and kind of square. So if you have a wider window (like I do) this only covers about 60-70% of it. so depending on the curve sun will still hit the child on the face.- Big yellow button on top right, you hit it and it scrolls it up, and easy tug to put suction… Well, baby now gladly plays with both (sigh)- it has plenty of holes so the claim of UV protection is vague at best.Pros:- Inexpensive- Easy to install- Despite the all plastic material that feels cheaply made, it has stood well so far to my daughter’s constant pulling and scrolling and playing with the yellow button. If she manages to break it in the coming months I’ll downgrade to 1 or 2 star, but for now, it’s barely a 3 star product.Summary- If you have a car with square windows on the back, and the child seat is in the middle of the back seat, this could be an ok option.If you have wider windows, want something to block more light, better construction, or not as easy for baby to play with, look elsewhere.

Vicky Fountain, CO

Excellent shade

This shade does exactly what you would expect it to do. The suction cups are quite effective and hold tightly. The window clips work well, even on my window with a curved top. I like that it has a push button close rather than a pull and release. It’s a little bulky but nice looking as a result. Handy to have in the car if you take long drives as my kiddos can really be miserable back there when the sun is beating in. Good product.

Brittney Nice, CA

This product is satisfactory

This is easy to apply and have a perfect fit; in fact it covers much of the window. It is equipped with two attachment options. Either you can attach to top of rear car window using adjustable clip attachment or you can mount on window using suction cups. Unlike other brands these suction cups are good and holds steadily without falling. The mesh blocks heavy sunlight but also gives a reasonable view from rear view mirror when you are watching the traffic on side of the car. It is a sleek design that blends in with my Toyota Corolla. There is a One-Push release button on top of the roller shade screen for easy roll up of the screen. It has an extra-large coverage of 17.0″ x 18.75″ and it is easy to apply and easy to remove. It is a good product and I am satisfied. I recommend this to anyone looking for an easy to apply car-shade. The four star ratings reflect my overall satisfaction.

Glenda Hamburg, AR

Taken off on the first day.

We used to have Britax sunshades to keep on the two middle windows, but they’ve lost their clinginess this past year. My wife drives our daughter to daycare in the mornings, and the route has the sun shining directly onto their faces, so we needed replacements immediately.I installed this one on the left window just to test it out. The clips on the top are somewhat thin, and I thought they’d break off eventually. However, I did like that this shade covered more of the window than our previous Britax ones did.When I closed the door after successfully installing the shade, though, I heard the plastic clatter against the window. I thought it was the window at first, so I immediately removed the shade and reapplied it. Sure enough, it made the same noise. I found out that it was the plastic bar that was hitting against the window when I closed it, but thought it wouldn’t be a big issue.When I came home from work, I noticed the shade was on the floor of the car. I asked my wife later if she didn’t like it–“No.” Apparently the clatter against the window keeps occurring whenever driving, and the noise became annoying. My wife had a guest in the car that day, and she too commented on how annoying that noise was.So, unfortunately, while the shade does cover a bit more, we’re going to have to rely on the tinting already installed on our windows for adequate sun block rather than suffer the clanging noise.

Zelda Gouldsboro, ME

Cheap, bulky, and breaks easily

You attach this shade to a window by either the tabs (open window, hook the plastic tabs onto top of window, close the window) or by the suction cups. Pull down on the shade. Push the plastic button on the right side of the housing to roll the shade back up.Pros:1. It does block a lot of the sun.2. Easy to install and use3. You can still see out the window with it on.Cons:1. Bulky and cheap feeling – plastic everything and I’d be afraid of what kind of missile it becomes in an accident.2. When you push the release button, you have to help it roll up otherwise, it has a tendency to get all askew as it rolls up.3. Breaks. I like to drive with my window down and found out the the wind comes in my car, tugs on the shade and made it hyperextend itself. Now it cannot retract at all.If I really needed shade in my car, I would rather use those ultra-light pop open sun shade things. They are super light and wouldn’t be a danger in case of an accident, there’s nothing to really fail on them, they work better than this over-engineered piece of junk.Not recommended at all.

Maryanne Tutwiler, MS