Brica Clip-On Wipes Case, White/Green

Brica Clip-On Wipes Case, White/Green

Brica Clip-on Wipes Case clips or hangs almost anywhere. Tightly sealed lid helps retain moisture. Can accommodate most standard size wipes when folded. Includes 30 compact sized antimicrobial moist towelettes.Stores antimicrobial moist towelettesClips or hangs almost anywhereEasy to open and closeCan hold most standard sized wipesSealed lid keeps moisture in

Main features

  • Stores antimicrobial moist towelettes
  • Clips or hangs almost anywhere
  • Easy to open and close
  • Can hold most standard sized wipes
  • Sealed lid keeps moisture in

Verified reviews


Very handy

This wipe case is so convenient. You can clip it right on your diaper bag, stroller, or purse, and use a wipe when needed. The wipes are antibacterial, so when you’re out and your child drops a toy/pacifier, etc., you can be sure they are clean when you give them back. The only negative is that it can be hard to close.

Colette Santa Maria, CA

Its OK.

I wanted something quick, that would hold my wipes for easy access. I have a toddler that is one constant mess and always use wipes to clean up and got tired of digging for my wipes in my diaper bag. The clip doesn’t seem very sturdy and the case doesn’t close very well. Its also hard to get open. I was comparing it to the skip hop wipe case and wish I would have got that instead. I really like the skip hop products that I have and the only reason I got this one was because it is smaller.

Sara Modena, NY

Does not fit standard wipe sizes

I brought this to fit baby wipes for my diaper bag. This case is too short and requires that you buy their wipes which aren’t readily available. I returned the case.

Lilly Washingtonville, OH

crazy small wipes!

I thought it’s convenient and compact…. BUT BUT BUT you gotta see the size of the wipes!!!! I don’t think I will even bring it out to use at all. If your baby does poopy, you may end up using the entire case and your hands probably would get dirty. I don’t even want to test it out.

Corinne Cape Neddick, ME

its fine

I cant get than many wipes with that size but its ok for traveling that you was to go lighter you can carry these as emergency wipes

Willa Arcola, MO