BRICA ComforTemp Infant Bather

BRICA ComforTemp Infant Bather

Non-slip, stable design allows you to bathe your little one on the counter or in the bath tub with peace of mind.  The clean and warm water reservoir keeps your baby comfortable with radiant heat and direct water contact for continuous comfort. High side walls and ultra-soft basin safely cradles baby. The softplus design includes premium soft features ensuring a happier bathing experience for you and your little one. Separates into two parts for easy cleaning; BPA/phthalate free

Main features

  • Polypropylene, Plastic
  • Made in US
  • Versatile bathing options; Use on counter top or in bath tub; Non-slip, stable design
  • High, secure side walls and non-slip feet help ensure baby stays in place
  • Extra-soft headrest area for maximum comfort; Soft, non-slip material securely positions and cradles baby
  • ComforTemp: warm water reservoir keeps temperature comfortable via radiant heat and direct water contact
  • Fresh water mode-keeps bath water at safe level and comfortable temperature while allowing for fresh stream of water to be added; Rinse mode-removable drain plug immediately directs water away from baby

Verified reviews


Great for warm temperatures for sponge bathing ~~

Love this option to bathe baby. I always found the water-holding bathers awkward and heavy.What I love about this one:very stable on the counter (for ages 0-3 months)water flows into the sink out the edgenice slope for babyHandsome appearanceEasy-to-cleanSoft material for babyReally perfect for sponge-bathing before umbilical cord heals/falls offWhat I don’t love: (THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT)That baby can become chilled by not being submerged in the waterRecommend:Ensure the room is nice and toastykeep a refreshed warmed/wet washcloth on baby’s core to help keep baby warmed**If your kitchen sink is larger than 28"x16", you could also set this in the sink.

Kimberlee Standard, IL

Looks Great!

Haven’t got to use it yet but it seems much more comfortable and user friendly than the foam sink insert thing we were using which didn’t fit in any of our sinks and didn’t offer enough support. This looks like it will be very supportive and easy to use. I can’t wait!

Claudia Monponsett, MA

Perfect for summer bathing and co-bathing with sibbling

As people have mentioned before, this doesn’t really keep baby that warm if you use it beside the sink. The reservoir is a neat idea that doesn’t really pan out in real life. The bather is too big to fit into the sink so the only other alternative is to put it in the tub, which is actually how I originally intended to use it anyway.I have a five year old and this makes it so I can bathe both children together. The non-slip silicone surface holds baby securely so I don’t worry about her slipping below the surface, and the non-slip feet holds the entire tub in place despite my five year old’s bath antics. The tub is also easy to drain and clean afterward.Overall I’ve been quite pleased with it for use in the bath tub.

Malinda Haverford, PA

Beautiful and really comfy.

I love the color and the materials. With the water on it baby doesn’t slip. The only thing that I think it needs is a hole or something for keep it hang while not in use.

Alejandra Shawnee, WY

Very Limited Life Span

Let me start by saying the idea that you will use this with your baby up to 6 months is laughable. The fact that this is a bather and not an infant tub is probably an important distinction. This will not actually submerge your baby. It’s just a nice, convenient way to sponge bathe a newborn. When your baby still has his umbilical cord and you aren’t supposed to submerge them, this works great. The problem is, that is a really brief life span for a baby item that really isn’t needed. Stick with a normal baby tub that has a removable sling. It may not be as convenient as this bather for the first few weeks of baby’s life, but at least you won’t be tossing it out well before he is three months old.

Eve Eagle, AK

Good in Right Conditions

It is currently March here in Philadelphia and the weather is freezing. I have the heat on in my house but regardless, it is not warm enough to be using this bather with my little guy. My son is 2 months old and I gave him a bath in this and he was shivering the entire time. The bottom holds a bit of water and the “radiant” heat from that water, along with the silicone mat, is suppose to keep him warm, but it did not. He enjoys taking a bath in a standard infant tub as I can soak his whole body in warm water. You cannot do that with this one.Just imagine you as an adult sitting in your bathtub with the warm water barely covering a bit of your butt cheeks and then slowly pouring warm water over yourself a little at a time. You will feel nice and warm when the water hits you, but then instantly feel cold again as you reach for the next cup of water. That is literally how an infant will feel in this.It does have a nice soft backing, and I wish I had this when he was only allowed sponge baths while his umbilical cord was still attached. It also has a smaller footprint than a standard infant tub so if you were short on space, this might be a better alternative. It has a nice design and feels sturdy for its size.However, for a 12 pound baby who can take a bath in an infant tub, this did not work. His feet stuck out past the drain and was hanging outside the tub. When pouring water over his feet, I got water all over the counter top. I never have to worry about that while he is inside an infant tub.You will also need a bucket for your water so this is not the only thing that will sit on your counter top, unless you are constantly turning the faucet on and off.It is rated for up to 6 months, but at months 3 to 6, you have to place it INSIDE a bath tub because they might kick or roll out of it while on the counter top. If you have lower back problems, it might be tough to do.If it was Summer right now, and 100 degrees, I probably would not have mind it so much and neither would my son. It is just too cold to use in the winter time for an infant unless your house is very warm. No matter how high I set my heat, getting out of the shower wet is still too cold and that is how I think my son feels when I was using this.If you can only sponge bath your little one, then this is great. For me, I am going to stick with my infant tub that I can fill with water for now.

Lynne Rutland, VT

Super safe but lets baby get cold.

This seems to be designed with drowning prevention in mind, I guess. It eliminates any deep pool of water the baby might slip under when your back is turned for a few seconds. But, having lived in Upper Michigan most of my life, in the winter I would not want to have the baby’s wet skin exposed to air this way. It seems too chilly to me, unless you were inside a (moderately) warm sauna.This might be handy in warm summer weather, if you went on vacation in a travel trailer or motorhome without a bathtub. You could just hang this over the edge of the kitchen sink. But then you had better not turn your back and have the baby fall off the countertop.In any event, this is sized to be suitable only for a small infant. Your child would soon outgrow it.

Joanna Butlerville, IN

Good bathing option for infants.

We have been using this bather with our 6 week old daughter. Overall she likes it and does not get very fussy in it. The way it is designed, the water only touches her bottom/back area. I know other reviewers have said the exposed body gets cold easily, but that wasn’t an issue for us as we don’t keep our air temperature cold.We also like that the water comes out of the side. That way, you can put it at the edge of a sink. With other bathers we have seen, the water comes out of the middle, so you have to place it above the sink.I did notice when we flipped her over to wash her back, she would tend to slide down. But overall not a big issue.In summary, we think this is an effective bather for small babies.

Lilly Pahoa, HI

The practicality of the baby bathtub

There is SO MUCH that I like about this baby bathtub, and Brica has made several other baby products that I adore, but this one I have a love/hate relationship with. I love that it is soft and cushy plastic, better than the thin layer of foam typically felt on most baby bath tubs. I love that it is smaller than most baby bathtubs, easier to store and handle. I love that it has a great idea behind it, keeping water under baby while keeping newborns sturdy, safe, and secure.All that said, it’s not executed quite so perfectly as some other Brica products we’ve used. The unfortunate thing with SO MANY baby baths is that baby is sitting just above water. Thus they are wet, but not warm. The description for this baby bath says your baby can enjoy “radiant heat”, but um no. Unless the water is HOT, like over 120 degrees, which would scald baby, there is no such thing as “radiant heat”.I also dislike that this product is only suitable for a few short months. Okay, by a few, we mean 6 months. But here, my third child is ALREADY 8.5 months old and can’t really use this bath anymore because he’s too big for it. I like that this bath isn’t huge like the others, but babies and toddlers grow so fast that this bath is only helpful for a blink of the eye. They outgrow this one even quicker than the other baby baths.As a mother of three, let me let you in on a secret: baby bathtubs are nice, if you have the storage space, but you don’t really NEED one. Taking a bath with baby, or cleaning the kitchen sink works almost just as well. And babies don’t NEED many baths, they aren’t playing in dirt, and so quick sponge baths and wipe-downs at the changing table are typically how babies get clean. If I had to do motherhood all over, I’d stress less about the baby bathtubs. By 6 or 7 months, most babies are sitting up for themselves anyway and can handle a bath in a real bathroom tub, as long as you’re with them for every second of it.All that to say, I LIKE this tub in many ways, but I also just can’t say it’s the best or worth it. If having a really nice, secure, cushy bathtub for NEWBORNS is really important to you, then sure: this one is your tub.

Cornelia Custer, MT

Innovative concept but sort of weird in execution

So, this little bather is kind of cool. I love that it comes apart easily for cleaning, I love the sleek shape and design and the fact that it is cushy and slip-resistant (baby stays put and doesn’t slide around). BUT, and this is a bit but, it hardly holds any water. So baby basically has water sort of around their back but they are not covered at all. Baby gets too cold with this bather. I might use it with a little newborn and put a wet washcloth on their little body, but definitely not in cold weather and I wouldn’t keep them in for very long.

Chrystal Mingo Junction, OH

Good concept but not the best choice for parents with back problems.

I like that this bather offers a soft place that cradles baby, which is great for those early weeks when little ones are pretty squirmy and unpredictable in the baby tub. The bather has a nice sturdy base so it will be secure as you use it on a counter top. Our newest little one hasn’t arrived yet, but we played with this bather to see how it works, particularly the warm water resevoir and the overflow drain feature.I found that using this bather on the counter top may be an issue if you don’t have a flush or under the counter mount sink. My sink is a granite one that comes up about an inch above the counter top and the bump up seemed to affect the way the tub drained a bit. If we had a sink with a lower profile I don’t think it would be an issue.The drain over flow prevention feature will be great for rinsing the baby off at the end of the bath or in those moments when baby has a potty accident in the tub. However, both my husband and I think that the design of the bather could pose an issue with rinsing if the baby has a #2 accident while in this bather.What I really dislike about this bather is that it can only be used on the counter top for babies 0-3 months. After that it has to be used in a bath tub. I assume this is because 3+ month old infants tend to be a bit more able to wiggle their way out of things at that age and the tub on a counter could be a serious fall hazard.If you have back problems, bathing the baby in this bather in the tub could be really hard on your back. I have back problems and I prefer to bathe my infants in the kitchen sink until they’re able to sit up unassisted. So for this reason, I’m going to stick with using my old baby bath tub, The First Years Infant to Toddler bath tub, since it gives me the ability to sponge bathe a newborn, support an older infant on an incline and also gives us the option to wash the baby sitting up when he or she is able to sit up with assistance.This bather from Brica is nicely made, but I don’t think it’s the best option out there.

Louisa Seaview, VA

Limited usefulness

We had an 8+ pound newborn who quickly outgrew this tub. In addition, since the baby doesn’t sit in the tub of warm water (and we keep our house pretty cool in the winter) bathtime was pretty miserable. We took to turning up the heat and closing the bathroom door to warm up the area, so that bathtime was not so chilly, but there’s no good solution with this tub.Seems like a good idea, but now it’s just taking up space in a spare bedroom, as there wasn’t really any purpose of keeping it in the bathroom. May work better in the summer months, but we’ve already outgrown it. Oh well.

Jacquelyn Mc Sherrystown, PA

Only use in the Summer to warmer climates. Look elsewhere.

Pros: It’s cool looking, comes apart easily for cleaning, slip-resistant (baby stays put and doesn’t slide around). Looks like its designed with drowning prevention in mind. It eliminates any deep pool of water the baby might slip under when your back is turned for a few seconds. non-slid feet and spigot with a plus that works well when rinsing or running water into the tube.Cons: This tub is COLD in the winter. While using this tub with my niece she shivered the entire time. The bottom of this tube holds a bit of water and the "radiant" heat from that water, along with the silicone mat, is suppose to keep her warm, but it was a EPIC FAIL. If you have a baby that is over 8 pounds, you will not be able to use this tub. Your child will grow out of this tub pretty fast.

Janell Storrie, CA

BRICA ComforTemp Infant Bather

This unit is in two pieces for easy clean up -however i feel this is not really needed because honestly when does a baby bather get dirty anywayit is plastic with the colored seating area soft and not the hard slick plastic so the baby is more comfortable then if like one of those blue solid plastic unitsthe baby can sit in this one comfortably and you are not fighting the slipnslide effect of say other unitsbecause of the softer plastic on the colored partit also has non slide feet on it so if you have to use it on a countertop for some reason or kitchen sink areaor even in the bigger bath tub like what we used it for because it would not fit our kitchen sink all that welljust be sure that if you use on counter you have the drainage area facing the sinkso that the water goes into the sink and not all overthe "radiant heat" feature is probably more for say FL or CA places that stay warmer year aroundcertainly not for the midwest and winter months because if you buy this based on that featureyou will be let down think of a cup of hot water.. that is all the heat you will get from itnot really enough to keep an infant warm while bathingoverall the idea is a good one just needs some improvement to make it a great product

Leola Elverta, CA

Good for the first few months, but not ideal for older infants

This infant bather is a bit different from standard infant tubs that I’ve used in the past. The theory behind this one is that you fill the bottom resovoir with warm water and then set your infant on the silicone mat. Your infant is not really submerged in the water (other than just a little bit of water around their rear. You then can pour additional warm water to help rinse soap, etc. off of the baby. It sounds nice in theory, but my babies have always enjoyed splashing in the water, and I think the warm water surrounding them helps make it a more comfortable bathing experience. If your house is super warm it may not be an issue.I do like the compact size, but I think the infant can quickly outgrow this bather (it’s OK for countertop use from 0-3 months and then they recommend moving it to the bathtub from 3-6 months. If you have an especially long baby, they may outgrow it fairly quickly. I do like the compact size and I think the silicone is a nice, soft surface. It’s also easy to drain.I think it’s ideal for the first few weeks when they are tiny and need just a quick wash cloth bath, but it may not be the best choice for an older infant.

Freda Croghan, NY

Great for a first time mom

This bath is easy to use and clean. I love that you can put it on the counter and let it drain into the sink. It’s great for a quick clean up of baby. Stable and seems comfortable.

Carolina Clarkston, UT