BRICA Corner Bath Basket Toy Organizer

BRICA Corner Bath Basket Toy Organizer

The BRICA Corner Bath Basket is a fun and practical way to store children’s bath toys. Pivoting, suction lock suction cups securely attach the basket to any non-porous surface such as tile, fiberglass, or glass. The breathable mesh fabric allows water to drip out and air to flow through the items to prevent mold and mildew. Kids will love to put their bath toys away.

Main features

  • Push-lock suction cups securely mounts to tile walls and fiberglass tubs
  • Mesh fabric increases air flow so toys dry quicker
  • Adjustable suction cup arms swivel to avoid grout lines
  • Stay open corner mounted design stores bath toys out of the way
  • Encourages children to put away bath toys

Verified reviews


Works great. Looks Great.

I got this for the ever growing number of toys in the tub. I wanted something my 14mo old twins could reach in and get toys on their own without gettng all tangled up like the net like bags. I also wanted something open so I could easily throw the toys in when bath time was over.The suction cup arms swivel for a better fit….thank goodness otherwise I wouldn’t be able to use it.It fits right in the corner and isn’t obtrusive.Holds quite a few toys. Bigger than it looks.It has a mesh bottom for drainage so I make sure I hang it just above the ledge so it has air flow and can dry and won’t mold.The suction cups have hooks that I use to hang my girls bath scrubby.Sturdy construction. Heavy duty material.Overall, I am very, very happy with this product and would absolutely recommend to a friend.UPDATE: May 2013Still love this product. Which is why it saddens me that I can no longer use it. I recently moved and when I tried to put this in the shower/tub it wouldn’t stick. The suction cups work amazingly well on smooth surfaces like my old shower/tub. But unfortunately my new one is textured. Couldn’t get it to stick….and trust me I tried like the dickens. Now I have to find another one that will measure up.

Catherine Zanesville, OH

Suction cups do not hold

Our tiles have virtually no texture and the basket will not hold in place even if it’s empty. I am really disappointed.

Nona Mcconnell Afb, KS

Wouldn’t buy again

We’ve had this toy basket for almost a year now and it’s really not held up well at all. Though cute and able to fit in a convenient, out-of-the-way corner location, it’s simply not worth the money when it can’t hold up. We have used ours to hold only foam letters and numbers yet the seams are coming apart in two places. My kid is surprisingly careful with this basket (it barely fits in our tub corner so he quickly learned to be careful lest it fall out of place) and I’m certain he hasn’t caused the deterioration. I believe it is just not that well made. It’s a shame because we loved the idea! We will not be buying from this company again.

Lizzie Childs, MD

Love the color and the fact this goes in the …

Love the color and the fact this goes in the corner of the shower so it doesn’t take up too much room!!

Rochelle Glenwood, WA

Sticks most of the time

The first time I attached this organizer it stuck very well, but I attached it too high…so I had to lower it. Now it sticks most of the time. I like the look of the basket, and it has been very useful. I also like the hooks for hanging wash clothes.

Karla Huey, IL

Keeps tub neat

Had it for a few months now, no problems with it staying put on smooth, clean tile. Easy to toss toys in, netting allows toys to dry thoroughly to prevent mildew.

Ma Dallas, WI

BRICA COrner Bath Basket Toy Organizer

Wouldn’t stick to my tile AT ALL. Waste of money for me. Nice basket and good in theory but not if you have tile.

Billie Childress, TX

Had to return

I couldn’t use this b/c it will only stick to tile that is flat and smooth. I didn’t even realize my bathroom tile had texture until I tried to suction this on and it didn’t suction.

Nola Barberton, OH

Holds lots of toys!

This item is super cute and holds a ton of bath toys. Our tub is very, very rounded in the corner so I had trouble getting the suctions to stay at first but it’s been on our wall for over a week now and hasn’t come undone. What you see it what you get. I really loved the little hooks on the suction cups so we can hang scrubbies or wash clothes. Well worth the money!

Patricia La Vista, NE

Love it!

This is a super sturdy toy holder! We set it up and haven’t had any issues what so ever! As long as you install it correctly, and actually crank the hooks to make the suction cups have a super hold it works wonders. Haven’t had one that stayed for more than a couple days except this one. We have about 15 decent sized bath toys in it.

Julianne Mccammon, ID


We like this product so much that we went and bought a second one for grandmas house.It was seven dollars cheaper than the same product at BabiesRus.

James Benton, MS

Works Great

This is a great place to throw the toys after the bath. I love how the bottom has mesh netting that the water can drain through. Also has some hooks on the suction cups that you can hang bath sponges/poufs on. Sturdy.

Annabelle Rainbow, TX

Really impressed!

Ive ordered a few different types of corner baskets in the past and this one blows them away. I have a smooth tile so this works great for me (Other reviews said they had a texture on their tile so it would not work). You simply twist the handles and it sticks to the tiles and holds very strongly. I have two kids and they pull on it and it does not come off. It also holds a ton of bath toys and you can hang stuff off the handles – like puffs. The color is this really fresh bright green that looks wonderful with our all white bathroom- gives it a punch of color. Definitely recommend this – great color, great products, great price.

Rebecca Cowden, IL

Toy basket

This product works great! It has been up in my bath tub for over a month now and the suction cups are still stuck and the water drains from it easily. I am very happy with this and would definitely recommend.

Olga Jud, ND

Truly does not work. On regular smooth tile.

This basket doesn’t stay on the tile empty, let alone with a few foam toys. We have regular smooth ceramic tile. We tried cleaning the tile, wetting the back of the suction cups, putting on dry etc. I wish I hadn’t thrown away the box because I really dislike this basket and can’t return it. A total waste of money.

Monique Mathews, AL

Like it but wouldn’t buy again

It’s a nice size but the suction cups don’t hold at all. Takes a lot to get it to stick.

Chris Eureka Springs, AR

This basket is no good

The suctions do not work. It falls off no matter where you try to stick it in the tub. I returned this product.

Patrice Marble, PA

havent used it wish i could

i bought this iteam without even thinking, the corners of my bathtubs are more like holes so i cant use it you need deep corners for this.

Marylou Devers, TX

sticks like it’s supposed to….

I’m giving a five star rating due to the fact the item does exactly what it’s supposed to do, sticks to the wall and allows water to drain from toys. I have the hardest time finding suction products that will actually stay put. So far this has surpassed my expectations.

Wendy Topsfield, ME

Keeps the toys organized and within reach

This sticks great to the sides of our bathtub. The walls are smooth, so there was no problem. Holds lots of toys. Green is my son’s current favorite color, so that was a bonus, too.

Amy Fouke, AR

Does not stay

The suction cups worked for about a week and then wouldn’t stick at all. We have a regular tiled shower and I was hoping this would work but it simply doesn’t stay. Now we use the Kidco bath storage basket and it works perfectly!

Meghan Cross Anchor, SC

Okay, so maybe it doesn’t stick to tile, but fiberglass…This thing is AWESOME!

We have been using some buckets we got from McDonald’s at Halloween for her bath toys for two years or more. We’ve finally had enough and I found this BRICA Corner Bath Basket. So, maybe it doesn’t work for textured tile as the other reviews suggest, but this is the PERFECT accessory for your fiberglass tub. Do not pass go, do not collect $200 dollars. Buy this and don’t worry about where to keep the ridiculous amount of toys anymore.Our favorite feature (which I didn’t really realize when I bought it) is the hooks for her various princess pouf sponge thingies. No more having guests fight the faucet and poufs just to take a shower!

Mattie Woodland Hills, CA


perfect perfect perfect! The toys are out of the way, but still easily accessible. Used a mesh bag type holder previously and the toys got tangled in it and narrow ones could fall though…not so with this basket. The bottom is mesh as well as the sides shown in the picture so everything drains and dries nicely.

Judi Jamaica Plain, MA

Nice Basket

This is a good basket. The suction cups are strong and hold nicely. I really like how the suction cups have a little spot to hold a washcloth. They could have been designed a little better (more area to hold the washcloth), but they are nice. It holds a good amount of toys and is nicely tucked away in the corner. We haven’t experienced any model yet, but we haven’t had it long. I will update on it’s longevity after a while, but until then, I would recommend this to everyone.

Henrietta Dedham, MA

Worth the money

I’m so happy I ended up getting this basket instead of one of the cheaper ones. I love that it fits in the corner– it allows the basket to be larger without taking up so much room in the tub. It stays up perfectly even when completely full.The packaging was perfect for giving as part of a gift. The box actually opens. I was able to put a few bath toys inside it before wrapping it up.

Elsa Clemson, SC

Serves its purpose

I don’t think it’s cute but I like the convenience of it fitting in the corner and it hasn’t fallen off the wall once.

Hilda Merrill, WI

Could be a little more suction-y.

I understand that suction cups are a little tricky. One of our cups seems to stick better than the others. As we get more bath toys it may cause a problem. So far though it hasn’t fell but slightly slips down at times. We are okay with that.

Delores Westfield, NC

Stays put!

We had trouble with other bath toy baskets staying put.This one is great!!! Suction cups are awesome.No mold issues. Easy to see toys and clean up bath toys now.Highly recommended.

Ernestine Mc Gaheysville, VA

EXACTLY what I wanted.

This product is phenomenal! The suction cups have stayed in place for 3+ months now for us, not budging at all once we placed it where we wanted it. Hang it a little higher than the actual corner of your tub (like an inch or two) for space for heavy toys to hang down and drain. The bottom of the basket is stretchy mesh, so excess water falls right through and drains into the tub. No mildew! Also, the front side of the suction cups have what can act as a hook (the white things). We hang our son’s Loofah from one of them. 🙂 This toy basket not only looks great, it does exactly what we were hoping it would. Worth every penny and more!

Michele Westmont, IL

Don’t work at described

I really wanted this basket to work, but it just kept falling down in the bath. I returned it immediately.

Roxanne Fedscreek, KY