Brica Cover Guard Car Seat Travel Tote, Gray

Brica Cover Guard Car Seat Travel Tote, Gray

Brica Cover Guard Car Seat Travel Tote, Gray (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Main features

  • Durable, water-resistant fabric helps protect car seat from dirt and water damage
  • Extra-long zipper makes it easy to load and unload car seat
  • Pull handles and wheels allow for easy maneuvering over any surface
  • Adjustable, detachable shoulder straps for easy toting
  • Outer storage pocket holds shoulder straps when not in use

Verified reviews


Easy to use and a great price

I have two this style now. They are easy to attach to our large suitcases and roll until they are checked. I also like that there is extra room in the seat to stuff coats, blankets or any larger items that may be hard to squeeze into a suitcase. The car seat has always been well protected during our travels.

Cristina Ferrum, VA

Worked well for our transatlantic trip, but not perfect

This bag worked very well for transporting our daughter’s Britax Roundabout during a recent trip from DC to Aberdeen Scotland with a connection in Paris. The material seemed sturdy enough when we unpacked it and our seat fit just fine, with room for blankets or heavy coats too as an added bonus. Upon arrival in Aberdeen I noticed the bag had a couple of cuts/tears, but was in otherwise good condition. The carseat remained clean and unscathed.A couple of things:- The straps are unpadded. Not a big deal for us as we just loaded all of our luggage on a cart when we got to the airport and when we arrived in our destination. We didn’t need to lug the carseat around. However, if you’re gatechecking and have to carry this through an airport it wouldn’t be a comfortable thing to carry.-Might seem like a small problem, but the information/tag holder doesn’t close. It’s just an open plastic slot with a blank card which could easily fall out. Would be nice if it had a closure of some sort, velcro, button, something. I ended up using a diaper pin and that worked fine. Not a big deal if you use an additional luggage tag.-Never tried rolling our carseat but the wheels seemed rather flimsy.

Ina Le Sueur, MN

Satisfactory for the price

Purchased this to protect our new car seat when flying. unfortunately, this was too small and i had to return it. i would recommend to others foregoing purchasing a protector for their car seat UNLESS you expect to travel a lot. the airline will wrap your seat.if this fits snugly on your seat, i would expect that it would not hold up for very long. it seemed as if it could easily rip.

Mable Big Springs, WV

Not sure about others

I traveled by myself a couple months ago with my baby (9 months old). I needed to bring his carseat, and since we had 2 long layovers I brought his stroller for him to lay in so he could sleep. This product was a life saver. I gate checked my car seat so that meant carrying it around the airports. I was able to roll it when I needed to (getting off the plane) with no problem and I’m 5’6″ tall. It wasn’t hard to roll and it turned pretty easily for me. It didn’t get damaged. The material is actually kind of thick. I also carried this on my back once my baby was in his stroller without a problem. Yes, it’s not going to make your bulky seat less bulky, so be careful putting it on and turning around that you don’t hit anyone. I didn’t have any problems with my shoulders, but I’m used to carrying 30lbs in a bag on my back, so this wasn’t anything to me. I can see if you’re not used to it how it’ll hurt your shoulders. I have a britax marathon 70 and found it pretty easy to put the seat inside by myself, just get the base in there first and the rest you just have to pull the sides up and around the carseat. I will definitely be using this for future travel.

Sara Bay Village, OH

So far, so good

I have used this travel tote on 2 roundtrip trips between LA and San Francisco. So far, it’s held up and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by it’s usefulness. I have a Graco Sungride 35 and I normally travel without the base. The carseat fits easily inside the tote with lots of room to spare (read: you can put a package of diapers, wipes, blankets, etc. inside and have it checked for free!) inside. When I put my carseat inside, it does not look anything like the picture though.I normally check the carseat in at the front gate, I only use it for car rides and don’t have a snap n’go. I haven’t used the back-pack-like straps yet, I just pull/drag the bag by the top handles. I stored the straps inside the side pocket of the tote. The wheels are somewhat helpful, the bag still ends up dragging a little.Even though it’s not a perfect fit and the wheels don’t work perfectly, I’m still happy that it provides some protection to the carseat. It hasn’t torn yet and that’s what matters.

Ashlee Vilas, CO

Returned today

I pulled this out of the box and without unrolling it, I could see two spots where ti was discolored and worn-looking. My first thought is that someone used it once, saw how it was wearing, and sent it back. If that is not the case and this happened just from folding and packaging, then I would not trust this to hold up when being tossed around with a car seat in it. It looks like my toddler could rip it. We decided to spend a little more on the JL Childress ultimate bag (the padded one) after seeing the quality of their stroller bag. That one arrives today. If the quality is anything like the stroller bag, it will be well worth the few extra dollars. This Brica bag is cheap, but it is also cheaply made. In good news, Amazon could not have been better about the return and getting me the new one before our upcoming trip. Excellent customer service, but a crummy bag.

Kay Bushnell, FL

This worked for us!

I have a Chicco Keyfit 30 and am able to get this into the bag with a bit of maneuvering. It takes some time to fit the car seat and the base into this bag but it does work.The bag held up for our flights without and tears or rips. It was also easy to carry as a backpack but not comfortable. Remember, you are carrying a giant car seat on your back with no padding. It’s not comfortable but easier to carry it on your back than in your hand with all the other stuff you have to carry. The straps and stitching aren’t industrial, so don’t load the bag up and then get frustrated that it ripped under all the weight.The wheels on the bag are ok. Not great but not horrible. I wouldn’t recommend pulling it on wheels for long distances but for short distances like from your gate seat to the plane.This is a pretty good purchase for us. It kept the car seat dry and clean and made traveling easier for us.

Chelsea Osawatomie, KS

very convinient and versitile

We just took a trip by plane and had to check in our son’s carseat. My husband loved this tote! It was easy for him to put the carseat in, carry the carseat or roll it. I had to roll it at one point while carrying my one year old son and it was very easy for me to handle. Overall great value for the price!

Jeanne Carlton, WA

good product

wheels are helpful. size is not big enough for our large booster seat chair. it seems pretty durable though over a couple trips now.

Dina Pinetops, NC