BRICA Cover Guard Car Seat Travel Tote

BRICA Cover Guard Car Seat Travel Tote

Traveling with your car seat is easier than ever with this combination car seat cover and travel tote. Just smoothly roll it behind you or use the adjustable padded shoulder straps to carry it like a backpack—no more lugging or stooping! The innovative design even keeps grimy wheels off your back. What’s more, the extra-, extra-large Stuff ‘n Go Compartment (did we mention this is big?) fills the void at the center of the seat, making every inch of space available for packing. And with durable fabric, reinforced stitching, a Travel Guard panel, and tough wheels, you can rest assured that everything will arrive at your destination safe and sound. Fits nearly all convertible and forward-facing car seats including large models such as Britax Advocate 70, Boulevard 70, Marathon 70; Evenflo Momentum 65 DLX; Graco Nautilus 3-in-1, MyRide 65; Safety 1st Complete Air 65; Eddie Bauer Deluxe 3-in-1; Sunshine Kids Radian XT. Other smaller (and previous generation) seats not listed also fit

Main features

  • Polyester
  • Imported
  • Can be worn as a backpack or rolled behind you like a suitcase
  • Durable, water resistant fabric protects seat from dirt and moisture damage
  • Extra-large zipper opens wide, making it easy to load and unload car seats
  • Fully lined Stuff ‘n Go Compartment gives you extra space for packing
  • Comfort-Grip handles on top and side panels for easy maneuvering

Verified reviews


Traveler MUST HAVE

We travel very frequently with our one year old – she has an EvenFlo Symphony 65 LX. It only fits just right, but it fits without strain on the zipper. There is a ton of room in the front compartment/zipper for any extra things you have to pack (and check) at the last minute. The wheels are easy to use, the backpack make it even easier! I can’t imagine traveling without it!

Marcella Golden Eagle, IL

Gets the job done for when you travel

I can state that our Peg Perego newborn/infant rear-facing child seat fits this as well as a larger Britax Pavilion G63 front/rear facing convertible child seat. Now that we have two young-ones, we’ll purchase a second one of these Brica Cover Guard car seat travel totes.First, I had never seen/heard of these before and thought, wow that makes so much sense. We are “relatively” new parents with 2 young-ones both under the age of 2. I know we would remember to pack an umbrella stroller, but duhh, we’ll need the car seats too! Though we haven’t air-travelled yet, we are excited to have this to protect these really expensive car seats.Testing the travel tote in “backpack-mode” I felt it was a bit clumsy if you had to turn around, as-in, you have this gigantic backpack that will near knock down anyone in its path as you turn. With the smaller Peg Perego newborn/infant car seat, it would flop around inside like a bag full of water sloshing around as you walked. A better design (and the reason for 4 stars) is if it had internal straps to strap down smaller car seats tighter.With the larger Britax convertible car seat, I had to pinch and pull a few times to get it to zipper-up. It’s a tight fit, but it fits well. With the tighter fit, it didn’t slosh around as I walked since it was zippered in so snugly.The wheels on this tote work very well for both car seats.This is a good buy if you will be travelling by air a lot and your destination doesn’t rent car seats (why take the chance they will remember to reserve your car seat and if their car seat meets all current Federal safety standards?).We paid a lot of money for both the Peg Perego and Britax car seats and they deserve to be protected with something like this when travelling.

Rosa East Wakefield, NH

Makes traveling with little ones easier.

First, let me get the lecture about flying with car seat-bound kids. You should purchase a ticket for everyone who’s on the flight (i.e., no lap babies), and kids young enough to use infant-bucket or convertible seats should use a car seat on the plane for safety reasons.That being said, not everyone can travel like that because they can’t afford another ticket for the infant, some international airlines have restrictions on installing car seats on the planes, some smaller planes are too small, etc… So, the next best option is to take your car seat since the availability of proper car seat restraint at your destination may mortify you. (If you’re thinking about purchasing a car seat bag, you’re already safety-conscious.)This bag is big. So far, this bag can fit a Britax Marathon, Britax Roundabout and Combi Coccoro. It’s definitely too big for the Coccoro because it , but the purpose is to fit as many types of car seats as possible, so bigger the better. I wish I had some forward facing-only highback boosters to test, but I can’t say for sure that they’ll fit. I can give you the measurements though:- Bottom depth: 17″ plus 2 1/2″ taken up by the wheels. Given that most convertible seats have a base, I don’t think the wheels will get in the way.- Height of the seat/bottom part: 5″ plus 3″ taken up by the wheels. This is for the part of the seat where the knees would be.- Width: 19″. The bag is not rigid, so if your car seat flares out at the shoulders or head, the bag can accommodate that as long as the car seat isn’t very tall. Imagine an unstretched rubber band. I don’t know how to explain it better.- Height of the bag: 29″. This is the seatback, the tallest part of the seat.This is fairly sturdy as far as I can tell, and it’s comfortable to pull and carry on the back. The front pouch can fit a lot of stuff. if you’re checking this bag, I’d recommend that you carry a huge plastic bag (like a black trash bag) to put over this bag because it’s not made with fabrics used for suitcases. The fabric is more like a sturdy school backpack. Some reviewers have complained about how baggage handlers ruined the bag because they didn’t know how to pull it correctly, so that outer plastic bag will most likely make the baggage handlers lift the entire bag instead.Besides the back straps which is very lightly padded, there is no padding. You might think this is a negative, but given that extra padding would make this bag more expensive and cost-prohibitive, I prefer to have a lower-cost bag that I can “pad” myself. If this is to be gate-checked with the car seat, I would wrap the car seat in big bubble wraps or use plastic air pillows to pad the car seat for added protection. If this is to be checked at the counter, put your clothes and other items that can be used as padding. Even if you’re not checking a car seat, this bag will make carrying the car seat through the airport much easier.Good luck flying with your kid(s).

Clarissa Spring Park, MN

fits Recaro ProRide

Its a tight fit but it gets inmake sure your seat is not reclinedextra space fit 2 adult winter coats, 1 large sweater, hats, gloves, baby coat

Sandra Crab Orchard, KY

Very happy with car seat travel tote

This is my second car seat cover. I bought a cheaper one on amazon that ripped after the first use. I bought this one because it had wheels and a backpack strap. Usually, the back pack strap is the most useful since it keeps our hands free to push the stroller or other bags. However, when I was pregnant, I couldn’t put the carseat back pack on my back and the wheels were super easy to use and convenient. When I was traveling alone with my daughter, I could pull the car seat and push the stroller at the same time!

Renee Olney, IL

Not very durable

I got this for my grandson’s Graco car seat, and it fit good, but I can see that this is not durable at all, and I would hesitate to bring this through the airport luggage department. It almost ripped just while putting the car seat inside of it, so I don’t think this will work in any situation where there would be any kind of reckless tossing. I wouldn’t recommend this cover at all.

Estella Dallas, PA

Great Travel Bag

We’ve travelled a few times with car seats, and have previous but them in simple cloth bags, or just trash bags. Generally the airline makes you sign a waiver that they are not responsible for damage when you travel that way.This bag is still soft sided, so the risk for damage is still there, although the fabric appears to be quite durable, and it also gives you a couple of additional things, namely wheels and the backpack straps. This means instead of having to drag/carry/lug the carseat around, you can throw it on your back, or use the handle and wheels to easily move it around. It also gives you a large pocket which you can put all kinds of additional things, basically filling up the seat area.It’s not a hard case which will protect the seat a lot more, but it protects it more than a normal bag since it’s slightly structured, and has some stiffer sides. It’s relatively cheap and offers a nice convenience in the airport. It’s also great for storage (keeps it dust free, etc) at home if it has to sit waiting for another kid (just remember car seats do expire).

Socorro Millsap, TX

Good Option

Having traveled with car seats previously, we’ve found the experience to be awkward, dirty and an unavoidable hassle. We’ve just used a plastic bag for protection and hoped for the best! Nice to have this cover/tote as a result. If you’re traveling with multiple kids, the back strap feature is nice to be able to use. If you’re not quite so encumbered, it’s got decent wheels for rolling. The bag is nice and big, so I can’t imagine that you’d run into trouble fitting any sort of sized car seat in here.I think the fabric could be a bit more durable and tough. Some question in my mind about how long it’ll last, knowing that travel/baggage handling isn’t all that gentle typically…hoping I’m wrong!

Alba Kearny, AZ

Great travel case!

We ordered this for our Christmas travels (flying) because it was the first time we had to travel with the large car seat (instead of the basket carrier). I was worried that it wouldn’t be the right size but it was fantastic! It fit our Evenflo carseat (it’s really big) and we still had room to shove our coats in so we didn’t have to take them on the plane. FYI, it doesn’t seem to protect very well since it’s soft-sided, so we had the airline put FRAGILE stickers on it to make sure it wasn’t tossed around. It arrived both destinations in good shape. Highly recommend.

Rocio Summerville, SC

Great product for traveling with convertible car seats

We previously usedJL Childress Ultimate Car Seat Travel Bag, Blackfor traveling with convertible car seats. The bag is fine, but it’s bulky to carry as a backpack and you have no choice but to put it on your bag or carry it via a handle (and drag). One time we were delayed and tried to bring this into an airport bar/restaurant. While trying to get to our booth, everyone looked at us like we were insane, and kept asking “What is that on your back?! It’s huge!”The BRICA Cover Guard tote is preferable to me for two reasons. The first is obviously the wheels. Being able to wheel your bag from luggage claim or through the airport is so much easier than wearing the huge item on your back (which is very awkward and hard to navigate crowded spaces in the airport, if you do use your seat on the plane or gate check it). Also, this tote folds down when not in use. Both of these features make it a better product for us than the backpack bags. I really like it and anything that makes travel with a baby or toddler easier is well worth the small investment to do so. One other tip to my fellow travelers, don’t be afraid to put a few small items lightweight but bulky items in with the car seat when you check or gate check these like jackets, blankets, etc.

Freda Rociada, NM

Lasted 2 domestic air trips and then ripped

The material seems to be of good quality but ours only lasted for 2 trips and then had a rip and the zipper stopped functioning.

Andrea Derma, MS

Nice product

The attached wheels, and their placement, was a very good idea and makes this a far better option than our previous car seat “tote” which was essentially an oversized bag. The material on this seems to be of fairly decent build quality, but only time will tell how durable it proves to be after repeated use… If you plan on doing any travelling, which requires the need to transport a car seat, I think you could do a lot worse than this one. I judge it to be a worthwhile investment.

Margery Council Grove, KS

Great for checked Cat Seats

Love this! This will fit any infant car seat, no problem!! You have extra room for diapers/wipes or things that can get smushed in checked luggage. The wheels are really great and make it easy to pull to check-in.

Claudia Taylor Springs, IL

Looks nice, easy to carry, extra room

Worked very well. Wife insisted on trying to put it on her back which was cumbersome and silly looking. Rolls well though and is durable. Extra area to put some toys, car seat protector, etc.

Lilian Vincent, KY

Fits Britax Advocate 70

So far, I really like this car seat travel bag. It is big enough to fit our Britax Advocate 70 and kept it safe during our last flight. The backpack-type straps make it easy to carry while juggling a toddler and suitcases. The wheels being on the opposite side from where most companies put them really does make a huge difference in maneuverability.The bag itself was still in good shape after being tossed around by the airport staff. I know others have said theirs ripped or were damaged, but I’m guessing that it probably depends a lot on how the people moving your bag treat it. I’m hoping ours will continue to hold up to the abuse.

Penelope London, OH

Everyone had car seat carrier envy!

Wow! Never seen so many heads turn at the airport. Everyone had car seat carrier envy! My wife and I had two kids, two large bags, two car seats, and one double stroller. These things saved our lives!

Cynthia North Pole, AK

A little big but quality & functional

So I toted this from NY to FL, then FL to Italy. I placed my Sunshine Radian seat in it and checked this is as a ‘free’ bag on all flights. The build quality is great but at least for my car seat, this bag had too much extra room in it. It seems to made for very large non-mobile car seats. Use of the backpack straps is ok but it is still too bulky for that, hence use of the wheels is preferred…but there is no telescopic handle either.

Tabatha Goetzville, MI

Awkward and uncomfortable to carry.

We’ve done the lug the car seat through the airport routine a few times and it’s not a fun task. So I was intrigued by the concept of a car seat travel tote. This tote from Brica gives you the ability to carry the tote as a back pack or to pull it behind you since it has wheels on it. In my opinion, the only way to use this tote is by pulling it behind you utilizing the wheels. Wearing it as a backpack is very awkward and uncomfortable. The straps are set so close together that I cannot imagine anyone carrying this bag comfortably. I have a smaller frame and even I found it difficult to get the straps over my shoulders.I do question whether or not most seats will fit in this bag. The Britax Marathon 70 is a very snug fit. The Britax Roundabout Classic 55 has to be forced into the bag and even then you cannot close the zipper.The bag does boast a rather generous storage pocket. You could easily toss lots of baby essentials in the storage area.Personally, I think this travel tote is a non-essential item if you are actually using your child’s car seat on the plane. I suppose if you’re gate checking your seat then it might be of more importance.

Gale Mine Hill, NJ


So we got this and were very excited. Round one went sorta smooth. A little tricky to get our seat in, (Graco Smart Seat), but hey, it is a big seat and it was the first time. Flew to FL, and it made it, but had one hole. Fought to get it in without ripping it further to fly home, and to our dismay when it came out on the baggage carousel…more rips.Trip number two we decided since we hadn’t remembered to order another, to just get the seat in, and duct tape the rips…maybe it won’t rip more….Ha. On the way home, it was essentially our car seat, with some tattered fabric, wheels and some zippers…and a lot of duct tape. Hell to get open to install the car seat post trip.It is now in shreds in our basement awaiting a trip to the dump.Yes, our car seat is a big one, but hey, this is a large car seat carrier. And it simply is not up for the task. If you must get this, I suggest you bring some tape so you can fix it on the go.

Margot Fairfax, VA

Airline companies pull wrong…

This is the only bag that would fit our large car seat (recaro euro). It sits with tons of extra room where we put half of the stuff for the baby (blankets, burpies, bottles, etc…) It is really easy to wear or carry – and designed so you don’t hit yourself in the back of the leg when pulling. Problem is we checked this at the counter (first mistake) and they pulled it on the nonwheel side and it had two holes. We were still able to use it for the trip back without any issues and may be able to patch them. The airline company said they only can replace damaged luggage if they have a suitable replacement piece but they did carry any car seat covers.Oh well – it did it’s job and the cost was cheaper than renting a car seat and we knew it was a safe seat. Next time we will just gate check the seat so it doesnt get ripped.If you have a large car seat and wanted to have extra storage room in the bag this is the one for you.

Ramona Halls, TN

Bulky and awkward, but does its job – 3.5 stars

We used this to fly with our Chicco Keyfit 30 and base. I love that you can fit the base in with the car seat! We checked it, as most airlines will check car seats for free even if baby isn’t traveling with you.The backpack feature is extremely helpful when you also have a baby, luggage, your own carry on and/or purse, diaper bag, and stroller. Kids make traveling light very difficult! The only way this worked was to wear the car seat like a back pack. That meant free hands for all the other luggage & gear, but the straps are not that comfortable and the back is HUGE. You can’t turn or move without smacking into something – or someone. Whether we like it or not car seats are bulky so there’s not a lot you can do here.The wheels… Eh. I’m glad I read the reviews so we knew to flip it upside down to pull more smoothly. However, it’s still pretty awkward and not easy to steer or pull.Once the car seat (and base!) is in, you can use the interior for extra storage. That’s great for things you don’t need in the airport or in flight. However, if you need the car seat on either end of the flight (to or from the airport), be careful with what you store in there because you’ll have to take it out, take out the car seat, stuff the stored things back in the tote, and install the car seat. Because of that, I wouldn’t pack loose things. A small bag or reusable shopping tote works just fine.I think any car seat tote is going to have issues with bulk and maneuverability. Given that, I think this is a good choice and its worth spending a little more to get backpack straps and wheels. After all car seats aren’t small! But this isn’t something I will think “great- I get to use the car seat tote!” like I do with some of our other baby gear. Seriously- I love our stroller (UppaBaby Cruz) and fall in love with it again every time I pull it out! I hope Brica finds a way to make it a bit more comfortable but overall I would recommend this- especially considering other options for car seat totes. Personally I wouldn’t use a drawstring bag style of car seat tote because it’d be too awkward to carry in addition to the baby- let alone also the stroller and luggage.

Kelly Mc Indoe Falls, VT


[Good]It’s easily fits one of our Gracos.It does make it easier to carry the baby carrier, and you can put some extra items in it as well.[Bad]Limited use: I can’t really see much use for this aside from going long trips through the airport with this.It didn’t fit our larger Graco seat very well.[Verdict]It’s a useful product, but I would buy this from a brick and mortar store just in case, unless you’re very confident about your baby seat’s dimensions.

Myrtle Antioch, TN

Nice quality carrying case!

The BRICA Cover Guard Car Seat Travel Tote is built with some durable, high quality material, which was a surprise, considering the usual suapects would have gone cheap with the build to save some manufacturing costs. Not to say that the material was ultra high quality or anything but we were pleasantly surprised by the durability of the material.The handles and wheels all worked well and locations made sense. The handles were where they needed to be for easy hand placements to lug your car seat around, which… really, is nice.We had a lot of trouble fitting our Britax Roundabout 55 Convertible Car SeatBritax Roundabout 55 Convertible Car Seat, Onyxinto the BRICA Cover Guard Car Seat Travel Tote but then again… it may have been that we were still trying to figure the tote out. The Britax is bulky and clumsy though.Anyhow, the BRICA Cover Guard tote does secure the carseat well and there is also a little bit of storage space for baby clothes, bottles, toys and etc in the front seat itself. Pretty cool bonus, actually.Recommended if you will be doing some traveling!

Gussie Olmitz, KS

Worked great for us!

We used this bag to carry our daughter’s convertible car seat, which fit perfectly in the bag. We needed a car seat travel bag because we were planning on going on vacation and really just wanted something to give a little protection to the car seat from wear and tear of the travelling with it. Because we were renting a car at our destination we debated on just renting a car seat as well, but after reading reviews we had concerns about renting the car seat. This was our next solution to make things easier for travel to bring our own car seat with us. We stored some things in the empty space created in the bag which worked out perfectly since we were able to check it for free (careful though, I’ve heard some airlines check to make sure it’s only the car seat in the bag). Overall, this made life a little easier for traveling with an infant!

Paulette Earlington, KY

Perfectly fits Safety 1st Complete Air 65

We purchased this car seat travel tote for our trip to France. It perfectly fits our car seat, Safety 1st Complete Air 65. Our car seat arrived in perfect condition and it was easy to transport it by just rolling it.

Tia Lake View, NY

So far so good

Bought this item for traveling through the airport. We put our TrueFit carseat in it; fits in nicely. Even has some extra room to put in add’l luggage items in this tote. We only used it for one trip through the airport… so far has not fell apart yet but does show some signs of wear/tear. As other reviewers mentioned, if you need to use the wheel feature, just turn the bag upside down then drag.

Daisy Chesterfield, SC

Exceeded expectations

I read other reviews for this product that stated or implied lacking durability or quality, but I ordered it anyway. For our outbound flight, we only loaded our Safety First Elite convertible car seat and gate-checked the bag. For our return flight, we were overweight with a suitcase and the attendant suggested we put some items in the car seat tote. I was hesitant based on other reviews and the questionable durability, but did so. It was almost over-filled and quite heavy, and we checked it as luggage instead of gate-check due to the weight. I was nervous when we collected our luggage, but it amazingly impressed at how well it had held up. No signs of strain, lacking durability or problems whatsoever. Highly recommend this product, the rubber base seemed durable, the wheels were great for me, and my husband used the backpack straps to carry it. Quite versatile, protected the car seat, and held up to weight and strain. (I don’t plan to pack it so full with luggage in the future, but it was nice to know it was ok after needing to do so in a pinch)

Corina Raeford, NC

Good but not way to lock the case

I got this case to put my HUGE Symphony 65 DLX car seat which we have for my son. The car seat fits fine and I even have a tiny bit of room on top of the seat to store a couple of extra items (like the towels we use to make sure the seat in level in the car, etc.) However, with no way to lock the case we found it dangerous to put those extra items in there and instead had to pack them in our already stuffed suitcases. Given that I had to pay for this as a suitcase (our free baby item was the play yard) I wish I would have a way tot lock the case so that I can take advantage of the space and put some extra travel necessities along with the car seat. Oh, and the only other thing is that my husband who has very broad shoulders found the backpack straps too snug but we were able to pull it just fine with no issues.

Madge Radcliffe, IA

Great for travel

Our granddaughter’s mother is from Washington state – so she and the girls travel there often to visit her family and this cover guard has been a great help. If you’ve ever sat in your plane and looked out the window as they are either loading or unloading the plane with checked baggage, you can’t help but cringe as the items are being tossed around as though they are impervious to damage. This cover guard not only helps protect the car seat – but also helps to cram a few extra items in there like some stuff toys and empty water bottles. The wheels are a dream come true when storing or moving it along. The strap makes it easy to carry.

Reyna Lockport, LA

Durable and easy to use

The Brica Cover Guard is made of a durable canvas, and fits our largest car seat. The backpack straps are as well placed as possible given the cargo. It rolls easily with a nice handle. There is also a clever front pocket, to take advantage of the space where the child would sit. Overall, a great product.

Rosie Peace Valley, MO