Brica Day and Night Light Musical Mirror, Gray

Brica Day and Night Light Musical Mirror, Gray

The Brica Day and Night Light Musical Mirror allows you to safely see your baby while traveling no matter whether it is daylight or dark. This mirror was designed with parents and grandparents who travel day and/or night. This large, convex mirror allows for that great wide-angle viewing of your rear facing infant. At night you are still able to see your infant because of the remote controlled ‘night light’ shining down on the mirror and baby. When the remote is pressed the light will gradually intensify, illuminate, then fade back out so as not to disturb sleeping baby. This mirror has soothing melodies activated by the remote to help calm baby when riding.Remote activates night light or soothing musical melodiesFour attachment options securely fit most vehiclesGentle night light will not disturb sleeping baby (light fades automatically)Parent operated remote controlled night light so driver can see baby at nightSoothing music helps calm baby

Main features

  • Remote activates night light or soothing musical melodies
  • Four attachment options securely fit most vehicles
  • Gentle night light will not disturb sleeping baby (light fades automatically)
  • Parent operated remote controlled night light so driver can see baby at night
  • Soothing music helps calm baby

Verified reviews


NOTE: Light does not stay on

I loved the idea of this mirror because our daughter hates riding in the car at night – she screams the whole time. I was excited at the idea of a little “night light” on the mirror so I could see her and it wouldn’t be dark in the car. I was not aware that the light faded off after 10 seconds – which defeated the whole purpose of getting it. If the light stayed on, then I would give it 5 stars.

Effie Parker, CO

Trust me…You don’t need this…

As a first time parent, I convinced myself that I needed the mirror with the remote control light and music. Let me save you 10 bucks. You don’t need the light and the mirror, just get a basic mirror.If you’re truly using this at night and you’re like most people, you’re probably looking through the rear view mirror into the mirror in the back seat. However, the light is so dim that you can’t even see the baby. If you’re sitting next to the baby in the backseat, the light might be fine, but it is not sufficient from the front seat.I used the lullabies maybe three times. It was a nice feature, but I rarely used it. The main limitation for the lullabies was the lack of convenience of the remote. The remote is actually quite big…it was bigger than my garage door opener. However, the clip on the back of the remote was very narrow, so it didn’t clip to my sun visor. So then the remote ended up in the middle console. It was too big to fit in the drawer, so I tossed it in the cup holder. This was wasting space, so it ended up in the pocket of the door and was never to be heard of again.It seems like a great idea, but isn’t very practical. My friends told me this, but of course I didn’t listen 😉 A basic mirror is just fine!

Adela Princeton, NC

LoveD it at first

What a relief for myself as a first time mom and helicopter mom to be able to see baby in back seat. to those who complain of light- it is very dim but good enough to see is my baby quiet because he is choking or just playing with the tag on a toy.Update: 10/11I have recently changed car seats which moved my son back just an few inches from the mirror. It has now become difficult to see him in the mirror at night. 🙁 will try and devise a way to move it closer to him.

Marguerite Osgood, OH

Doesnt work

Opened the package. Put in the batteries. And nothing. No lights no music. No anything. Just a nice mirror. Will be returning.

Anne New Germany, MN

It’s alright.

The mirror is fine, but the batteries die so quickly that I never use the music/light. When I do try to use it.. the light is so dim I still can’t see anything! I got it as a gift.. but I wouldn’t buy it.

Leta Supai, AZ

Good purchase

I like this mirror. It is wide and covers a large area. It is also adjustable in many ways on the headrest so that you can make sure to see your baby. My only complaint is that the batteries in the remote ran out really quickly, even though I never used it. The one time I really needed it to turn on the light, the remote was already dead and needed new batteries.

Denice Santa Maria, CA


Definitely has a better view than the mirror I had for my first baby, I can see her clearly, the remote fits securely on my visor and has good range, and the music and light is a great distraction that does the trick. However, the light doesn’t stay on long enough to get a good look and it could be a bit brighter.But overall I love it 🙂

Raquel Hustler, WI

Bought 2

These mirrors are great although the music could be a little louder as we can barely hear it from teh front seat of the car, so not sure how much baby can really hear it.

Therese Trezevant, TN

so helpful

I looked everywhere for a mirror before the baby was born and finally after she was 6 weeks old stumbled across this one. It is perfect if you position it correctly and hopefully you have a way to hook it up in the middle of the car. I haven’t quite figured out if she can see herself in it or not, but the music playing in mornings does appear to keep her content. The reflection looks fairly normal compared to alot of the non-breakable mirrors. Overall this was a nice affordable purchase to make life with a baby a little easier.

Debora Edison, CA

Baby Musical Mirror

My daughter purchased this for her newborn. It is convenient with the remote control to adjust the mirror and play the music. Definitely entertaining for the baby. Quality product and expedient delivery. Thank you.

Meredith Oakford, IL

Light is far too dull, but product is much better looking than others on the market

We bought this for a long 500 mile car ride we took with our twin girls and have been using it ever since. What sold me on this mirror was the good looks. Honestly, the others on the market are hideous looking — cheap and too plasticky looking. The cloth covered mirror made it look a bit less atrocious in our nice new car. I was disappointed in the brightness of the light. Even in extreme darkness, the amount of light it puts out isn’t even enough to barely make out your child’s face. There is absolutely no difference at all between having the light on and off. I was disappointed in this aspect, but expected it based upon the other reviews I read. In my opinion, it’s still the best option out there though, based upon looks and durability alone.

Gilda Manville, NJ

One of the best baby items for us

I was hesitant to buy this mirror based on the negative reviews, but decided to anyway because I liked the music and light features. Riding in the car with our newborn was awful- she hated it! This mirror helped to make the car rides much more bareable. The music, while a little annoying for adults, instantly soothed our baby and helped her to fall asleep. For that reason, we consider it one of our BEST baby purchases!

Karina Fort Loudon, PA

Great features

Love this mirror that I bought it as a gift as well as for myself. The light is dim, which is perfect so you don’t wake your baby. Would def recommend. One downside is that you can’t turn the power on from the remote, you have to do it on the mirror. Then you can control the light an music from the remote.

Maritza Mc Coy, TX

works, but drawbacks

it’s a mirror that plays music and lights up dimly to show the little one.BUT: the volume has three settings: off, on and still on, the volume adjustment does not work. Also, the clip on the remote doesn’t spread wide enough to clip onto my visor so it has to be stashed taking away from the utility of it all

Kaitlyn Sedgwick, KS

Light Doesn’t Work

The mirror is great and safe and I think she likes the music but the light doesnt work at all. It basically lights a dim light but unfortunately it gets her feet and not her face…Luckily she primarily falls asleep in the car but still. Save your money and just get a mirror.

Jeri Saint Peters, MO

It’s a mirror

It is a mirror, it does the job. The remote is a nice feature but the music is.. terrible. Sad and loud, kinda robotic and not soothing at all. Pros: The light, the remote. Con: The music (it is not really a con as you don’t have to turn the music on), it uses a lot of batteries (3 AA and 3 AAA).

Linda Brusly, LA

baby mirror

i wish it would stay centered. most of the time i can see the baby. the mirror doesnt fit our seat well. plus the light isnt bright enough.

Claudette Warriors Mark, PA

Serves its purpose

I love this mirror. It’s big and reflection isnt distorted, so i have a pretty good view of my baby when i can actually position the mirror right. It can be tricky getting the mirror on properly as my car doesnt come w headrests, other reviewers mentioned this but i wanted it anyway.The mirror also entertains my son. He is at the age where his reflection fascinates him. The music, while is not to my taste, does get him to quiet down SOMETIMES (it’s not a miracle worker).The light though…it doesnt hit his face, just his torso. I like tht it gently fades in and out but yes, it’s too dim.I struggle a little w the remote control. It’s a great function but i rly have to point correctly, eg sometimes i point the wrong end of the remote and it wont work.

Staci Riverside, IL