BRICA Day & Night Light Musical Auto Mirror for in Car Safety, Grey

BRICA Day & Night Light Musical Auto Mirror for in Car Safety, Grey

Make the most of the little everyday moments—even in the car. This distortion-free musical mirror keeps you and your baby connected while you drive thanks to the shatter-resistant Clear-Sight surface. And with the handy remote control you can check on your sleeping baby, turn on a comforting nightlight, or choose from five soothing melodies if things get fussy. Crash-tested for safety, this fun, practical mirror provides more smiles per mile—for both of you.

Main features

  • Slide Power, Low/High Volume switch on back of mirror from “OFF” to desired volume to activate mirror .
  • Remote activated music and lights you can control from the driver’s seat
  • Dual-mode LED lighting system provides a comforting nightlight that fades after 10 minutes and a brighter safety check light that fades in 10 seconds
  • Shatter-resistant Clear-Sight Mirror for superior reflection and a distortion-free image
  • Soft-Touch Frame is lightweight and energy absorbing
  • Multiple attachment options fit most vehicles

Verified reviews


A must own product for your newborn

As a new parent, there are a lot of things you buy or receive as gifts when you have a baby – these are one of those few things you cannot live without. As we all know, the first 2 years, baby must be turned facing the seat back in their car seat – this way you can see baby and communicate, keeping a watchful eye (this made me feel so much better as a new mom, otherwise I would have been stopping every half mile to get out and check on my new baby). Buy this item! be sure it has LED – those are the best backseat baby mirrors!

Alyson Blooming Glen, PA

love love!

AMAZING MIRROR!The light isnt really bright but it is an awesome mirror! My son loves it, I love it. Great buy!

Holly Mc Kenney, VA

Useful tool for parents

This mirror with a light and music is a great concept but there’s one slight problem: the remotes and mirrors are all on the same frequency. That means if you have more than one (think: twins!) then you might be a little annoyed when you try to turn one on and they both go on or when you turn one off the other turns on. Otherwise, it’s a great product that’s very useful.

Susan Decatur, MS


This product was a total bust for us. It does not stay put in either of our cars (Equinox & Prius). If it could be installed properly, it would be perfect.

Raquel Coeburn, VA

Used for 1.5 years and counting

We bought this mirror about a year and half ago because we mostly travel at night and we needed a way to see our LO in the dark car.The headrest attachment has two cloth parts with wire lining ( I suppose so it holds the shape) with useless velcro on one end, appears to be for connecting it to the other cloth piece. It also has an adjustable clasp. You loosen it, clasp it, get the mirror in position, then tighten the hell out of it so the mirror can’t move.The mirror itself is a little blurry, but they all seem to be, and ours has become scuffed from use (I assume from being taken down and moved around. I used it on a trip this weekend and was able to see him clear enough.The light is bright enough not to wake a sleeping baby when its shined right in their face. You think the light is too soft at first but when you turn it on in darkness all of a sudden your trying to turn it off for fear that it may be too much. I haven’t had LO woken up by it yet, but I just wanted to emphasize that for all the reviewers that say the light isn’t bright enough. At least the one I have works well. The light is turned on by the remote and fairly quickly, sometimes too quickly, turns off. It can also be turned off by pressing the light button on the remote again.The music is decent, its a chime-y, baby sounding, classical selection of maybe 3 or 4 songs. You can move through the possible selections or skip the ones you don’t like by pressing the music button. My son loves it, it doesn’t bother me at all.I would recommend turning the back of the mirror off when not in use, and if it’s not going to be used for a while, taking the batteries out all together is a good idea. We had the battery acid leak out after a period of prolonged nonuse (in summer heat in south Texas). I feel like we’re constantly changing the batteries in the mirror (3AA). The remote takes 2AAA and seems to run out much slower. Whenever we have trouble with it turning on, or the music staying on, we change the batteries, and it goes back to functioning normally.Finally, a toddler may be able to keep themselves occupied at any time of the day with the remote. My LO (2 yrs) will spend the majority of the time in the car pressing the buttons, turning the light on and changing the music.

Tiffany Voth, TX

We really like it!

After reading reviews of multiple mirrors, I added this one to my registry and got it. It is so nice to be able to see my baby whether I’m driving (in the rearview mirror) or by looking back from the passenger seat. And he likes looking at the mirror too! The light, though at times makes him squinch his eyes at night, is wonderful to be able to check on him. The music sounds different than most baby music, but on several occasions we have turned it on and it has calmed him. And the remote works well from our sun visor.I will say that it probably wouldn’t hook onto your back seat without a headrest there, but I haven’t checked into that, because we do have one.

Lashonda Saline, MI

great features

This mirror has such great features (the light and remote), I cannot wait to use it for my Baby! I purchased it for my husband’s car (I plan on re-using my Daughter’s), but I may change my mind after seeing how classy it looks.

Rosalyn Athol, NY

Battery Power not cool!

My little girl loves it, but I did notice the battery died pretty quickly and it is a pain to unscrew the battery compartment, so I haven’t used it in almost three months because of that….

Caroline Smithville, OK

Love this

Our daughter screams at the top of her lungs while in her rear facing car seat. I’m talking – ear piercing, don’t want to go anywhere, etc. type of screaming. This is the perfect distraction for her. The product itself is made of great materials. We have had another mirror in the car for some time now (no music or lights). The quality between the two is world aparts. This new Brica mirror feels and looks like it will last quite sometime. We are very pleased.

Ola Elwin, IL

Nice and large

This is a great, large mirror. The light and the music with the remote is a really nice touch. Only wish the light didn’t go off automatically after 10 seconds…maybe an option for it to stay on all the time would be better.

Monika Knoxville, IA

Light is brilliant, music is awful

I love the light feature on this, it’s not too bright and doesn’t wake up my baby when I put it on but I can still see it. The music however is awful. I’ve never heard such dreadful clunky music. Not at all soothing, don’t plan to use it to put your baby/child to sleep!

Anna Rothville, MO

Good distraction for baby!

Generally I think the price wasn’t horrible. The light isn’t super bright however in the very dark it gives me a good idea of where my lil guy is and that he’s ok in the at. The music isn’t amazing but it does the trick and combined distracts my lil guy it HAS worked to calm him down. I also like the remote with it tht I can really use from a good distance. Overall great for use. The reason for four stars is that I have to out one of my stretchy headbands or rubber band to keep it in place on the headrest and need to make sure it’s in place. But I think that’s most mirrors which is why four stars. Generally good product f you want a few extra gadgets on the mirror particularly the light.

Anita Roseland, NJ

Great idea, not the best design

I like the idea of this mirror but the design isn’t great.Pros- Large mirror- Remote for music and light- Light for nighttime viewing- Easy installationCons- The unit is very large and blocks most of the view in my rear window- The angle of the light to the mirror is such that it provides more of a glare on the mirror instead of helping me check on my little one in their carseat.

Lorena Nellis, WV

It’s ok, but not great

I bought this while pregnant and as it is a mirror its not a great option. I have an SUV and put my son’s car seat in the middle seat of the second row and it does not have a head rest and the string is not long enough to connect it so I had to rig it to stay put, although it has to be fixed quite often (the instructions say you can buy an additional connector, but said nothing on the packaging). with it being in the middle of the second row it completely consumes my rear view mirror making it impossible to see directly behind me, which I can live with but its a pain. The music is super creepy and sounds like it came right out of a horror movie, so I can’t stand to play it. The light is just the right amount of light for me to see him without waking him up but only stays on for about 5 sec. not enough time to find a paci and get it in or allow him to focus on the mirror. Would not purchase this again knowing what I know.

Marylou Simpson, WV

Four Stars

love how big the mirror is

Marina Animas, NM

Music sounds tinny but my baby loves it!

This mirror works great! This mirror allows me to see my little guy from the drivers seat or passenger seat with ease. The music sounds awful to me but it distracts my little one and puts him to sleep quickly. The only negative is that the light is not bright at all and does not illuminate the back seat enough for me to see him in the dark. The remote works great and the music shuts itself off after about ten minutes. I would highly recommend this mirror to new parents. 🙂

Carlene Holly Springs, MS

Doesn’t hold up

We loved this at first, but after being in my car is some below freezing temps it stopped working…. both the music and the light.

Tara Lannon, WI


Since my daughter is in a rear facing car seat, I was concerned about not being able to see her but thank to this Brica I have felt at ease for the past 20 months being able to see her and the night light is a plus

Margret Saint Ignatius, MT

Love it

I have had many kinds and love this one. So easy to use when driving and I can see my baby so easily. She loves the music and the light!

Louise Sycamore, GA

Like the mirror and music!

I bought this mostly to have a mirror and later realized it came with the music and light bonus! I was excited to see this, but once i tried it out the light is completely useless! I was in the garage and I looked at my baby and turned on the light to see absolutely no difference. The music I actually like. Well my baby actually likes it so therefore so do I! My baby was crying non-stop and out of desperation one day I turned it on and she stopped crying and fell asleep! I was amazed and it has continued to work on her (now 6 months). The mirror itself is good, does what it is meant to do.

Alisha Joseph, OR

batteries suck

We got this particular mirror because we liked the idea of being able to see our baby and play a little music from the front seat for soothing. The light is super dim and lasts a very short amount of time so we found we had to press the light button several times to have enough time to really get a good look at her. Also, the batteries have lasted no time at all. My daughter is only 5 months old and we’ve used the “remote control” less than 10 times I’d say but the batteries have already completely died. Also, the remote will not fit on the sun visor of my car so it slides around loose in the front seat most of the time which isn’t very convenient.

Monica Woodhull, NY

Light is terrble..

The mirror, if you can get it positioned where you need it, is great. The light is never bright enough to see your child. The music isn’t so soothing for my baby either. I had to get creative to get this in a position to see my baby. The strap on the back is horrible. All you really need is the mirror.

Patrica Smithfield, NC

Two Stars

Don’t spend the extra $ on the light – It doesn’t do anything.

Mollie Warwick, MD

Doesn’t stay centered on the baby at all

This mirror moves all around and is impossible to keep centered on the baby. Most trips it doesn’t point at her, so what it is doing for us really. I will try to rig something to hold it in place, but I feel like it should come with a way to hold it in place, right?The light is extremely dim/unusable for any purpose. The music is obnoxious, so we mostly just use this mirror for looking at the ceiling of the car.

Leta Prattsville, AR

Baby mirror love it

My daughter got this with her daughter and it was really great my son will love it I know I do

Connie Goose Creek, SC

Does great in daylight

Works great in daylight but the light is nowhere near bright enough to even vaguely light up the baby at night or in the dark. Otherwise it’s a good product. They need to fix the light though.

Tracy Fort Davis, AL

Terrible design

This is the worst mirror ever. It doesn’t fit correctly. The baby looks like she’s a like away when you are able to see her. When you position it, during the ride it moves and you become unable to see the baby. The music sounds like something out of a horror movie. Do not buy this!

Morgan Morris, CT

Light/music didn’t work

This mirror has great reflection, but the light and music didn’t work. I havnt had a chance to return it but I want to and probably will.

Cherie Milan, OH

The mirror works.

So here’s the thing, the purpose of this is to allow you to see your little one in his/her rear facing car seat. It serves this purpose. The light is not effective. The music is abhorrent. It sounds like something from 20 years ago – there is no reason why a decent inexpensive speaker couldn’t have been put in the thing. It actually scares my baby when it’s on.

Eunice Newtown, CT

can ask for more!!

this one has been the best purchase ever, always in touch with my baby, and he loves the music, arrives on time and very good quality!

Janette Mayport, PA