BRICA Deluxe High Chair Cover

BRICA Deluxe High Chair Cover

When you’re eating out, putting your toddler in a dirty high chair can be enough to ruin your appetite. Make sure your child always has a clean, comfy place to sit at the table with the Deluxe High Chair Cover. The soft, padded fabric provides a little extra cushion as it protects against contact with dirt and germs. Light and durable, the machine washable cover folds into the built in pouch so you’re ready whenever the family gets hungry. And with soft fabric loop attachments for toys or drink tethers, and a handy pocket for your wipes, you can make any restaurant feel just a little more like home.

Main features

  • Soft, padded fabric is comfortable and prevents contact with dirt and germs
  • Handy pocket for wipes case (wipes case not included)
  • Machine washable
  • Easily folds into compact built in pouch
  • Loop attachments for drink tethers or child’s favorite toys

Verified reviews


A must have!

This is a must have for when you travel or simply go out to eat! Restaurant highchairs can be gross so you can just put this on and feel better about sitting your little one down. Stores easily and can be thrown in the washer as needed.

Lenore Istachatta, FL

One screaming flaw

All of the high chairs that we have encountered (that’s all over New York, New Jersey, and Puerto Rico so far) have LAP belts. This means that the straps come out of the bottom, up the side of the seat, and over the lap of the child. However, this High Chair cover has the strap holes in the back panel. I will have to have holes cut on the side panels because when my son gets bigger the lap belt will be too short if I they have to go up through the back.

Karen Strongstown, PA

Not totally necessary, but I’m glad we have it

I don’t think this cover protects from anything that a good old fashioned baby wipe couldn’t do just as well, but that said, as far as covers go, this one is nice. It folds up into its own pouch, the colors are neutral and kid-friendly, without being overly cartoony, and it is reasonably priced.Would make a nice baby shower gift.

Lillian New Site, MS

Super cover

Finally, a small, easy to fold and unfold, highchair cover! This is great for use at restaurants to cover up the grimy, never cleaned high chairs. It’s small enough to stick in your diaper bag when folded and unfolds and velcros very easily over the highchair. At first I thought the little toy attachment straps were useless, but they do make sense since you can just attach a toy or two and the little one can’t repeatedly throw it onto the dirty floor. I was afraid that once I unfolded it the first time I would never get it back into itself, but I was able to on my first try – it really does just fold right back up into itself. I am very satisfied with this purchase. It was money well spent.

Jerri Easton, MO


Lightweight. Easy to stuff into its sewn-on velcro pocket. Machine washable. Nice color. Two rear slits for the high chair’s seat belt to pass through. The slits are a little narrow, so some struggling with seat belt may occur. But, I use this cover every time that we are eating at a restaurant (2-3 times a week). This goes well with a disposable placemat. Clean chair and clean tabletop!

Lorrie Roxbury, ME

Must have!

This is a great product that all parents should have. It folds up very nicely and is easy to set up. It’s nice to know that when my daughter drops food in her lap that I can give it back her verses discarding it. And once you start using this cover you will realize how disgusting restaurant high chair are, and how they are often stored upside down on the floor. Gross!

Lea Kaumakani, HI

works well

This is the perfect cover for a restaurant high chair. I like the small size but we struggle to get it back in its pouch every time. Still worth it.

Maryellen Fairmount, GA

Great and easy to use

We have 2 different high chair covers but use this the most because it just folds right up. It does the job without a problem and we love it. We never leave home without it. Actually its permanently in our car.

Sheena Kellerton, IA

Love this.

fits every high chair we have come across except one! Keeps other kids germs away from my kiddo! Love this, easy to fold up, easy to get out and on.

Iris Santa Cruz, NM

exactly what I was looking for

This is really perfect for covering restaurant high chairs, which for some reason – even in the nicest cleanest restaurants can be so gross!

Dena Bangor, WI

Very convenient and easy to put away and clean up

Just make access to straps on the back longer…it’s hard to get the straps in and out of the little holes on the back.

Teresa Cleveland, OH

barrier from the nasty

Restaurant height chairs are usually nasty/dirty/gross. This gives you a barrier between the nasty and the baby/toddler. Packs down to tiny. Toy loops are great too.

Melisa North Bend, WA

Great for high chairs

I bought this for my 6 month old son, so that he could start sitting up in high chairs. It sets up and is put away very easily. We’ve washed it lots of times and it seems to hold up well. I would recommend this to my mommy friends. We’ve been using this for 3 months now with no problems.We use ours with the shopping cart too, but it doesn’t fit all that well. It’s good enough for me, but it’s pretty clear that it’s not intended to be used that way.My only (tiny) complaint is that the holes for straps to go though are small, so it seems like I have to fight to push buckles through there every time I set it up. Minor complaint, but something they could improve upon, I think.

Socorro Palmer, IL

Highchair cover

I saw this item being used in a restaurant by a family with a baby. I have often cringed at the grimy looking highchairs in restaurants and bought this cover for my grandchildren, when they came to stay and we would eat out. This cover fits really well and attaches nicely with a security strap. Toys can be hung from the front loops for babies enjoyment.

Jolene Lansing, WV

Highly recommended

This high chair cover is great! We use it all the time. Easy to put on and after practicing a couple of times it’s easy to put away (I had my husband ‘teach’ me).

Claire Parrish, AL