Brica Deluxe Kick Mats, 2 Count

Brica Deluxe Kick Mats, 2 Count

Brica Deluxe Kick Mats (2 pk) You may not be able to keep your little ones from kicking the back seat, but you can keep their dirty feet from ruining your car’s upholstery with these Deluxe Kick Mats. The Grime Guard fabric is easy to clean and protects against the inevitable water and dirt that comes with active kids. At ten percent larger than our previous model, you can be sure that your seats get maximum coverage and protection. Your errands, trips and travels just go more smoothly when you can relax knowing your seats are protected from restless little feet.

Main features

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  • Extra large size for maximum coverage; 10% larger than our previous version
  • Adjustable upper and lower buckle attachments
  • Fits most minivan, SUV and sedan seats
  • Elastic strap securely fastens kick mats to the seat back for a universal fit with a tailored look
  • Grime guard fabric protects against moisture and dirt

Verified reviews


Great coverage – keeps my seat backs clean

I used to have theBrica 2 Pack Kick Mats, Blackbut there were portions on the sides and on the top that weren’t covered on my seat back. Somehow, my 4 year old always managed to get her muddy feet on these exposed sections and get my seat backs dirty. These new kick mats have a lot more coverage and the top strap is more adjustable than on the other kick mats. On the other mats, the velcro didn’t cover enough of the strap to allow me to attach the mat higher (because I really didn’t need coverage on the very bottom of the seat where her feet don’t reach). With these I can adjust the top strap all the way up to cover the entire back of the seat near the top.

Robin Hawley, PA

The Pitter Patter Of Little Feet …

… is a wonderful thing – unless that pitter patter is on the back of your car’s front seats. “Brica 2 Count Deluxe Kick Mats” can help prevent the damage and soiling that occurs when your little one cannot resist the temptation of trying to touch the seat directly ahead. The 2 count package is an added bonus – one can either protect both front seat backs or have a spare for future use.”Brica 2 Count Deluxe Kick Mats” measure approximately 18 inches by 23 inches when flat. This size covers the entire back, from the top edge to where the seatback joins the seat base, of a Toyota Highlander. A plastic brace helps keep the kick mat laying flat against the seat back. The edges are nicely finished using polyester binding.The bottom strap just fits around the bottom of the Highlander’s seat which measures approximately 52 inches around. The shorter side of the strap is elastic; I anticipate it will deteriorate fairly quickly in the south Texas heat because it is fully stretched out.The top strap, which is a woven material, fits easily around the headrest posts. However, it would have been nice if the buckle had been placed on the body of the kick mat. As the Brica Kick Mat is constructed, the woven straps meet under the headrest. This causes a slight gap between the seat back and the headrest. The manufacturer should consider moving the female end of the buckle onto the kick mat, just below the edge binding. This would allow the headrest to sit flush with the seat back.If you want to protect the backs of your car’s front seats, “Brica 2 Count Deluxe Kick Mats” are an excellent choice. They are well constructed; cover the main portion of the seat back; and are reasonably priced.

Valerie Oneida, AR

Pretty good…

This is definitely doing the job, but I’m not sure about its sturdiness. The material seems like it will last a while but it’s pretty thin. Our little guy loves to kick and kick and kick, so hopefully it can at least last several months. Not bad for the price, though.

Kristen Warda, TX

Well worth the price.

I just installed 2 of these kick mats in my Nissan Altima and they fit perfectly and the best feature is the top strap, insted of velcro (that never well, and were easy to attach. I also like that they are washable. A definite must for families with little ones riding in the back seats if you want to keep the seats clean. Inexpernsive and recommended!

Janna Banks, OR

Work very well. Kids can kick the back of the seat with impunity

These do what they need to do. And they look better than the ones we had previously. Now all I have to contend with is the feeling of the kicks on the seat–not the dirt. Great. I recommend them.

Shauna Boyce, VA

Just OK

I like these, but they should be better in a number of ways. First, they are larger than most I saw when shopping…but still don’t cover as much as I would like. Oh, and we drive a Corolla…so the seats aren’t exactly, huge by any means. The material seems fine and more than good enough to do the job. Haven’t washed them yet…but don’t see any issues with that either. They also don’t stay tucked into our seats…YRMV.Would have also liked to have seen a few color choices: grey, beige at least to match most interiors. Overall, they work and look like they will hold up. Just think they could have been better for little price change from the manufacturer. That being said, I don’t know if there is a better choice out there…especially for the money.

Sabrina Allen, OK

Big enough, sturdy, protective, easy to install.

This sure beats hanging towels are using t-shirts to protect the seats from grimy feet. Ignoring the rounded corners, it’s 17 1/2″ across and 22 1/2″ long. You can also use this to protect the backseat for rear-facing kids. The woven straps are clips, so it stays on very well. As you can see from the product’s picture, the seat needs to have a headrest for the top strap to go around.I used to make the kids take off their shoes in wet or snowy weathers, but that got impractical because I was in a hurry to load everyone in. I no longer have to worry about the seats getting dirty or wetness seeping through my towel/t-shirt fabric system. It’s not a necessity but does what it’s designed to do well.

Concetta Belen, NM


These mats have really saved my seats. It seems like my 2 year old is a little soccer player the way that he kicks my seat! This will really save the look of my seats and I’ll be really glad that I bought them when it comes time to trade in my car for something new.

Rosa Shelton, CT

Great size, but…

These are one of those items where you say why the heck didn’t I think of this? These are generously sized kick mats. They are super easy to install and the security straps are elastic. I highly doubt that they won’t fit any car. I loved the coverage. They literally covered the entire seatbacks of my small SUV. But, the material is very thin. that’s why I give it 4 stars.

Shelby Horseshoe Bend, AR

Great coverage

I own a Subaru Forester and those cover the entire back surface of the front seats. They were very easy to install and lay flat against the seat. A five-star product. A pocket would have been nice but on the other hand, they always end up full of wrappers and other garbage…

Dessie Oakdale, NY

love them!

I love this mats, they look very nice in our van and they are made of great quality materials, good design, durable. would highly recommend.

Latoya Redding, CA

Great Mats

I used for 8 years a kick mat made from sunshine kids now that I got this Brica mats I can see the differences on quality and deluxe design, very easy to install and excellent coverage, I highly recommend this mats.

Coleen Deatsville, AL

Keeps the mud away

These kick mats perfectly keep the mud off on those popular spots the kids like to put their feet. Being in western Washington, very important!

Nettie Minersville, PA

Deluxe is RIGHT

I had a set of Kiddopotumus kick mats, but they didn’t cover my entire seat back. Installed these and viola! Full coverage!Also, I appreciate the buckle snap on the base elastic piece, though I needed to knot the end of the elastic so it wouldn’t slip out of the buckle.Big improvement.

Ester Roanoke, VA

They’re a go for 2013 Mazda CX-9

Fits fine in my 2013 Mazda CX9. Pretty much perfectly covers the seatback, like it was made for it. Bottom strap goes underneath the rear seatback so it isn’t in your low back, although it does stay stretched around the butt-area. Nothing that you can feel, but the extra stretch when you sit on it may cause the band to deteriorate over time. Will update if that ever happens. The top does pooch out a bit under the headrest at first, but if you tighten the strap it becomes taught so the kid can’t easily throw things in there or try to get a foot stuck. Not the thickest/hardest material, so if you’re looking for something really rigid or board-thick, look elsewhere. Fits my needs, so I’m happy I got them, would get them again, & would recommend to others.

Marlene Severance, NY

A Must for Parents with Forward-Facing Car Seats

I purchased these when my toddler transitioned into a forward-facing position in his car seat. I have gray leather seats, and this keeps his dirty shoes from destroyed the backs of my seats. They are easy to install, just a couple of clips at the top and bottom to keep them in place.

Margaret Elizabethtown, IN

Durable and does the job

I wish I knew this product existed sooner. My daughter loves to kick the front seat with her shoes on and it drives me crazy. I got tired of scolding her so I decided to research some products. I was hesitant to buy this because i’m not familiar with Brica but i’m glad I got it. It blends in nicely with our black interior. It has a plastic backing and I think it will be very durable. We have a Mazda 5 and it fits perfectly on the front sets. Now my daughter can kick the seat and I don’t care!

Rhonda Keisterville, PA

great kick mats

These completely cover the back seats of both a 2004 Honda Accord and a 2013 Toyota Rav 4. It seems like they would work well on many makes and models. They are made of a semi-stiff canvas type material that is washable. There is also a rigid plastic piece along the top few inches of the mat which prevents it from flopping over and exposing the seat fabric to shoes. They are easy to install using just two clips: one that around the headrest and one around the bottom of the seat back.

Kasey Nicoma Park, OK


These fit perfectly in our VW Golfs. We got a set for each car. Nice and good quality material and protects the car well.

Juliette Aydlett, NC

Good kickmats

These were purchased to replace a set of Prince Lionhearts that were 2 years old. The old one’s were shedding rubber on the floor of my car, from the constant abrasion from my children’s shoes. This material seems like it will last longer, although I like the velcro strap on the seat cushion strap that the old one’s had — these have a strap with a fastex buckle. The straps are just long enough (RAV4), and were difficult to get on and adjust correctly with absolutely no slack left in the strap. I will update as time goes on.

Yesenia Limestone, NY

Works nice on F-150, Escape

Just a quick review to say these fit both of our vehicles – a 2010 Ford Escape and a 2012 F150 (with the captains seats).They cover the back of the seats very nicely.For my truck, I just tucked the bottom elastic into the “crack” between the back and the bottom of the seat. That way the elastic is hidden and it holds the cover tight.

Estela Ophelia, VA

Kick Mats

Great mats! They completely cover the back of the front seats (except the headrests) in my 2013 Pathfinder. My kids have gotten mud on them and I’ve simply wiped them off. The elastic straps on the bottom wrap around the front of the front seats and are visible. I wish the mats came in a tan or camel color to match my car seats, but not a huge deal.

Willie Mount Calm, TX


These fit perfectly on the back of the front seats of my VOLVO XC 90. I will be purchasing more for the 2nd row. Very easy to install and the elastic stretches nicely around the base. Finally a seat cover that works on huge Volvo seats

Ladonna Harpster, OH


These worked perfect for our 2011 Highlander. It fits behind the front seats snug and I don’t even notice the snaps anymore. I like how it’s sleek and wipes off easy with water. No pockets is nice so we don’t accumulate junk and saggy straps. I’ll be buying it again!

Leonor Perks, IL

Protects from children’s shoes

These protectors are easy to install. They act as shields to protect the back side of the car’s seat that is in front of a child sitting in the rear seat of the car. We use them with our Britax Frontier 90 Booster Car Seat. They work well. They attach with lightweight, thin elastic straps. A passenger sitting in the front seat of the car does not notice the elastic straps. The only fault I find is that the lower elastic strap should be a little longer. We must have it fully extended without any slack to spare in order to get it around the front seat of our Subaru Forester.

Kaitlyn Duck River, TN

Best I could find

These seem better than any others I could find, but I sure wish they could cover the back of the headrest too! Other than that, I am very pleased with these. Good coverage and the strap that goes around the seat isn’t noticeable on my black seats, nor can I feel it when I’m sitting in the seat.

Marisol Reading, MA

Very good

Very resistant. I bought this set to put one in each card and I don’t know why I didn’t buy them sooner. Good quality and texture. Do not look cheap and does the job.

Yvette Melstone, MT

Perfect protection for seats

Currently I have the carseat facing backward, so I put one of these on the front of my rear seat to keep my son from kicking the seat and I have the other behind my drivers seat. They stay in place well and serve the purpose. The only drawback is, as others commented, that it covers up the built-in pocket on the backside of the front seats. Oh well…. keeping the leather seat clean is worth that sacrifice.

Courtney Justiceburg, TX

Must Have

These are a must have as soon as you flip your toddler’s car seat around. Protects the back of your seats and is super easy to clean. Easy to slip over your seat and the cords that attach it are much sturdier and another brand that I have tried. Also a bonus is that it is a 2 pack, two for one car or one for each car! These have def. saved the back of my seats!

Edythe Beaufort, MO

Small but it worked

They worked to protect the back of my seats in my new 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid. They are small, but seemed to cover enough of the leather to protect against feet from a baby car seat. If you have bigger seats then what is in an Accord, I would reconsider getting a larger set.

Gwen Homer, MI