BRICA Deluxe Snack Pod Stroller Drink and Snack Holder, Gray

BRICA Deluxe Snack Pod Stroller Drink and Snack Holder, Gray

When you’re off and running, snacks can mean the difference between a happy child and total meltdown. Keep juice, crackers, or cereal in reach, off the floor, and out of the seat cushions with this spill-resistant snack and drink holder. The Quick-Attach clamp fits most stroller frames, car seats, and shopping carts in seconds and clean up is as easy as popping it in the dishwasher. Everyone is just happier when you can add a little comfort to your outing.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Push and turn release is easy for you but not for the little ones
  • Detachable tray and snack cup are dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup; BPA free
  • Easy access snack cup lid helps prevent spills
  • Self adjusting drink holder securely accommodates many drink sizes
  • Can attach to almost any shape, tube, rail, or seat.

Verified reviews


Not good for our britax carseat

It did not work well for our Britax car seat. It wouldn’t stay in place. I tried it on our city mini stroller and worked better on that. Although, it’s not for the child anymore… More for the adults!

Bertie Vina, AL

Doesn’t work on strollers w/o horizontal bar

It can only fit on horizontal bars or side of the car seat. It doesn’t work on strollers that don’t have a long, horizontal handle bar or food tray. I really can’t imagine how it fit on the stroller as the 3rd picture shows. No way! The cup holder tilt to whatever angle your “bar/frame” is. I bought it, opened, and put it away. What a waste.

Mariana Fisherville, KY

Why all the good reviews?

1. It does not screw on tight enough to my stroller.2. The blue snack cup just sits loosely in the gray holder. Therefore, whenever you stick your hand in to get something, it pulls the whole cup out of the holder. I was hoping everything would be attached so my kid could not throw/drop the snack cup.

Patsy Maria Stein, OH

Just bought a second one!

We have a Recaro Pro Sport car seat, which does not have a built-in cup holder. This fits great. It screws on tightly and my 3 year old cannot get it off. He loves using it for his toys, too, when it’s not snack time! My only complaint is that your regular snack trap cups (with handles) won’t fit. You have to use the one it comes with, which is fine. I just wish it either came with another cup or you could buy them separately.My littlest just graduated to his big boy car seat, so I just bought another one for him. Certainly does its job.

Hazel Lenoir City, TN

well made overall but the clamp not strong enough

The design is good and material used looks of high quality. My son loves the snack bowl so much and tries to grab it out of the pod all the time. However the clamp is not as strong as it’s supposed to be. I tried to tighten it over the side bar of our Chicco Ct0.6 stroller and it would be easily knocked out of position. I imagine it would work better on a horizontally positioned bar as seen on some stroller models. I will bear with it since I still like the overall quality, but need to watch out for spill accidents.

Trisha Newtown Square, PA

I have several seats and it works great on them all

Yes, it WILL fit your car seat. I have several seats and it works great on them all. If you’re looking for a cup holder because your toddler is handing you their cup while your driving or firing their cup of milk into the back seat, this is the one!

Rose Ferrum, VA

Handy gadget

It’s not FULLY universal so it won’t hold great on anything and everything but it’s still pretty impressive. I prefer this to built in car seat cup holders cause I can wash it when it gets gross. It’s easy enough to get on and off, but you have to push and turn so a small child won’t be able to adjust it very easily. (Some consider that good, others consider that bad.) Overall, pleased and will buy again.

Ashleigh Waucoma, IA

Very helpful!

I am using this in theMutsy Mutsy Easyrider Umbrella Stroller, Black, and it works great! The cup holder is big enough to hold big sippy cups, and it has silicone flaps to help hold smaller cups too. The little snack cup is great! 2.5yr old took it out to eat, and put it back when he was done. I affixed a little Velcro to the bottom of the snack cup to keep it from coming out if a hand got stuck in, and that has worked beautifully!With the stroller, it did have to get fixed onto a slanted bar, not a big problem, but it wasn’t as secure as if it were on a horizontal bar. It would be nice if the clasp could rotate to give you the best fit. But for the price it can’t be beat!

Lana Alden, MI

Perfect pod!

This is a great snack pod that can fit onto almost any stroller. A snack cup on one side and a drink on the other and your kids are ready to go.

Marlene Eureka, NV

Works great with Britax B-Ready

Not sure how people don’t find this thing amazing, it’s been working great for us. The clamp tightens down really well on the B-Ready strollers lap bar. And it’s a great height for our son to access his beverage and snack. We love it!

Jessie Cummings, KS

Perfect Fit

We have an Evenflo carseat and this fits perfectly on the arm. My son was super excited to have a cup holder *and* a snack holder (although mostly it holds his sunglasses…). Seems very sturdy and as if it will hold up for a long time.

Gilda Arcadia, CA

great product

fit’s the Phil & Ted’s navigator stroller perfectly will be great for those long walke…water for Mommy and snakcs for baby

Virgie Duncannon, PA

Works well, clamps to all our strollers

This little cup and snack holder works well and meets all expectations so far. It survived a trip to Hawaii and daily use here. It’s not the quickest to remove if you need to fold the stroller, but it’s stable.

Margret Heisson, WA

Great Deal for Drink and Snack Holder, Snack Cup Holder won’t work with Munchkin Snack Catcher

Great because you can put it just about anywhere with the tension mounted knob. The price is quite decent for what it is. I took off one star because baby’s favorite Munchkin snack catcher does not fit in the snack cup holder. Watching her try to stuff her double handled snack cup in the snack cup holder is frustrating. She doesn’t like the blue snack holder that comes with the package; the plastic is too rigid and occasionally scrapes her delicate baby fingers. If only they improved the lid of the snack cup, then I’d be running to the store to get multiple snack cups to go with this holder.

Dorothea Lodgepole, NE

Must-have if you have little ones.

Fits on our stroller, our push tricycle, and car seat. A very versatile, very convenient attachment if you have little ones. Keeps snacks and drinks handy.

Myrtle Bartley, NE

Almost great… but not quite

This is almost a great product. The snack cup works well, the grippies on the cup holder are just grippy enough that they hold the cup in place w/ out preventing my 2 year old from using it. I love the orange release buttons on the cup holder that allow you to separate it from the base too! The problem is the attachment mechanism. It doesn’t get tight enough and/or isn’t "sticky" enough, i.e. there isn’t enough friction so no matter how hard I try to tighten it it still slides around on my daughter’s carseat. I tried attaching it over and under the fabric and it doesn’t seem to matter it eventually wiggles (or my daughter wiggles it) completely sideways.

Gabriela Robertsville, OH

Needs better directions

While this looks like it will work wonderfully, especially on our Quinny Zapp, the instructions are extremely unclear on how to open up the mechanism that will hold it on the stroller frame. I can tighten it no problem, but figuring out how to get it open wide enough to install is a trial and error process.

April Parowan, UT

Works well

The attaching mechanism works well but can slip off at times. It would be nice if it had a tilt/leveling function to clamp it onto diagonal or not-quite-straight surface and then level out the snack pod. We are making good use of it on the stroller and in the car seat since we have it but I may opt for the actual uppababy snack tray (triple the price) for my stroller if I had to choose again.

Freida Brownfield, TX

Great concept.

I was excited to give this snack pod a try, but it didn’t take my 2 yr old little boy to figure out that he could pry this off his car seat. He has a Britax car seat and it seemed to fit snug, but now I cannot get the thing to stay on. I’ll try this with baby #2, hopefully she will not be so destructive. Worth keeping around to see if it works better with her.

Elma Middleport, OH

I like the old version better, but still good

This is the newer version of the one we had for 3 years, I gave that one 5 stars. I do not like the new tension twist mechanism, I know they did it so kids couldn’t unscrew it, but it also means it is not as quick to secure. I don’t use the quick-release tabs because I have to take the whole thing off to fold up my stroller correctly. I still love the ease and rigidity of it, I use one too without cups in it t hold my drink and iPhone on walks.

Socorro Hesperia, CA

ok but keeps falling off

this cup holder does an ok job as long as it stays on the seat. but it’s constantly getting pushed off with getting our daughter in and out of her seat etc which is annoying. if i can find a better holder i will get it but assuming i can’t this does a decent enough job.

Sophie Chappaqua, NY

Good holder

The holder is pretty good. It doesn’t stay on very tight. My 22mo old likes to pull it off and throw it on the floor. I am hoping when he is older and I can use it once he understands not to remove it.

Diana Channelview, TX


I bought this to go on a tricycle that didn’t have a cup holder. I keep it in my car trunk because I also use it on the stroller too

Jewel Turner, OR

Tilts on round bars

The clamp that attaches to the stroller has rubber pads which compress a little when used, but not enough to keep the holder stable on round bars. A little weight or bump will tilt it if installed on round bars; actual use by a kid makes it a pretty haphazard thing to use. The cups themselves are disappointing too: The blue cup sits loosely in the shallow side so it’s easy to knock out (or for the kid to take out) and its guard(?) pops off with any use whatsoever; the deeper cup for drinks has little flaps that, once shoved downwards (in use), pretty much stay down and therefore are useless. Maybe mine is just defective, but it’s more than just one problem so I doubt it.However, if you have a stroller with square bars, ditch the blue cup thing (or at least the top unless it happens to work for you), and use cups that fit pretty snugly, it will work for you. I rate it at two stars because it is sturdy as well as easy/quick to put on and take off as a complete unit and in only removing the cups.

Inez Roaring Branch, PA

Great for a Maclaren Twin Triumph

I purchased 2 of these to put on either side of my maclaren twin triumph for an upcoming trip to Disney World. Great product and they fit very securely. Only minus is that I have to remove them to fold up the stroller properly – no big deal.

Lakeisha Ridgely, MD

Great, but …

Great snack tray….the cup holder holds the cup nicely, so the baby learns really fast he/she just needs to pull a little stronger to get it out… it attaches to basically any stroller and it’s super easy, super fast to attach…the material is great quality too…the only thing i would like is for the snack cup to be somewhat “attached” to the tray…so when my baby puts her hands in it to grab a snack she can get her hand out without bringing the cup with her lol … so for us, the snack cup works better without the lid…. no biggie…in the end this was a great purchase and we’re really satisfied with it.

Dianna Philippi, WV